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RE: Water pump issue

Another thing to check is the short hose line (if you have one) to be used for sucking anti-freeze into the system. If the cap on that line is loose then air can be sucked in.
RoyF 10/16/19 06:58am Tech Issues
RE: Leveling Jack Pads

My 12-inch long 4x4s have a big enough footprint and have lasted for 10+ years.
RoyF 10/04/19 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Hot Springs, AR to Tucson, AZ

They all work but some have nicer scenery. West of Dallas, I like Hwy 180 through Carlsbad to El Paso, with the wonderful view of Guadalupe Peak. The road is about as fast as the interstate with much less traffic. After El Paso, you will be on I-10.
RoyF 09/09/19 08:09am Roads and Routes
RE: Landing gear question

You definitely can damage the gears by overextending. I had to replace the gears on one leg because of it.
RoyF 09/03/19 12:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: broken springs

Agree with replacing all four. My original springs were rated 3,000 lbs; weignt on each wheel about 2,500 lbs. After breaking one spring, I replaced all with 4,000 lb springs. That was nine years ago and there have been no spring problem since the replacement.
RoyF 08/27/19 01:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Ordinary distilled white vinegar also will work.
RoyF 08/22/19 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Trans Labrador Highway

We drove from Quebec to Goose Bay to Blanc Sablon to Newfoundland to Nova Scotia last August. I can't remember exactly how much of Hwy 389 in Quebec was unpaved -- I think about 400 miles. It was not too bad if taken slowly. Actually, we needed to go slowly on the paved protion of 389, also! But we enjoyed the experience. From the Labrador border to Goose Bay, the road was good pavement. From Goose Bay to Red Bay (Labrador highway) was another story. I rate that road as horrible. Even taken slowly, I had some damage to both Fifth-wheel and truck from pounding. I would not want to repeat that trip. If I were to do it again, I would return from Goose Bay the way I went up (Quebec 389) and enter Newfoundland via the Nova Scotia ferry. That's a must longer trip to be sure, but the pounding from the Goose Bay-to-Red Bay road was just too hard on the equipment. I spend more than a week in St. John's getting the truck repaired, so the few extra days spent taking a longer road would not have been wasted, had we gone that way.
RoyF 08/09/19 08:02pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

Tow/haul mode keeps the clutch engaged during highway travel. In "normal" mode, the clutch is released whenever you take your foot off the gas (the vehicle "freewheels"). Could this releasing and re-engaging make any difference on wear-and-tear of the clutch when you are pulling a heavy load? I really don't know.
RoyF 08/05/19 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: annoying bird problem

Bird netting sounds like a good idea. You can get a roll, enough to last several years, in the garden department of Home Depot, Walmart, etc.
RoyF 08/05/19 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New GPS needed

I switched from TomTom to a Garmin Drive Smart. I like its 7-inch screen that allows a lot of information (street names, for example) that is easy to read. It gives an advance alert before a reduced speed limit or a school zone. It displays a "camera view" as you enter a freeway or interstate exit or onramp, showing which lane you should be in.
RoyF 08/03/19 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

The tow mode does not have much effect when towing on flat roads at crusing speeds. It makes the engine rev more when starting from a stop (which uses a bit more fuel), and it causes the transmission to downshift when you apply the brakes on a downhill grade. But you knew that, of course. I wonder, were you were towing with a tailwind? I have noticed a huge difference between towing into a wind and towing with the wind behind. I would not be suprised at the 3 mph difference if there was a good tailwind.
RoyF 08/02/19 07:39pm Towing
RE: I-40 West of Memphis

It's as bad, or worse: bumper to bumper truck traffic between Memphis and Little Rock. You might think about using US 64, which reconnects with I-40 at Conway, AR. That avoids the heavy truck traffic and also bypasses the Little Rock traffic.
RoyF 08/02/19 10:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway

We did the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive in 2017. We found RV campgrounds within easy distance of the Parkway and left the fifth-wheel in camp. We selected "base camps" roughly 100 miles apart On the parkway, we found that 50 miles one way and return was a about right for one day, since you want to stop frequently at viewpoints, and to spend time at some of points of interest. So we spent two nights at each basecamp. From mile zero of the Blue Ridge to the north end of the Skyline, we used four base camps. As to taking a trailer on the Parkway, you may find parking at some viewpoints to be limited or impossible with a trailer.
RoyF 07/27/19 04:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Camping in Nebraska

If you drop down to Nebraska Hwy 2 and take it east, you will have good scenery, good road, and there are some very nice and also inexpensive campgrounds in several towns along the way. We stayed at the city-run campground in Broken Bow, NE. There was no host -- leave the money in a dropbox.
RoyF 07/25/19 12:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sailun tires for the TV

The Sailun G that I used on my fifth-wheel for almost 60,000 miles was an LT tire but it was marked "for trailer use only". I never understood why.
RoyF 07/17/19 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

From the OP: the answers to above questions: (Q) Blowout happened how long after the pothole? (A) Immediately after hitting the pothole. (Q) What kind of tire? (A) Hankook LT 235/85 load range E. I had used those for a few years until one blew out in 2014. The newest (2013) Hankook was kept as my spare. I had recently swapped it and the Sailun because the Sailun was getting bald on the outer treads, and I hoped the Hankook was good for "one more trip". It may seem odd that I was running just one Sailun, but I didn't want to go far without a spare after the 2014 blowout in a rural part of Oklahoma. The only tire shop in the area had only one tire of the right size, a Sailun load G, so I bought the one.
RoyF 07/17/19 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
More tires again: Carlisle F and Sailun G

The Carlisle ST235/85R16 load range F has changed. There used to be five plies (plus three side plies) of which one was steel. Now there are seven plies (plus three side plies) of which two are steel. The maximum pressure has been increased from 80 to 95. I now have four of these on the fiver. One of my old tires was a Sailun G with a 2013 date stamp, retired with honor after almost 60,000 miles. It was always run at 80 psi because it was overkill for my weight (5000 lb per axle) and I was running my other tires at that pressure. I thought it was wearing evenly. But I lately noticed that the outer treads of the Sailun were wearing thin, a sign of underinflation. I should have used more air in the Sailun.
RoyF 07/15/19 08:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Missing camper found alive in White Mtns of Calif

It is certainly possible to get lost, even when hiking on trails. Here is one way to go wrong when hiking on unfamiliar trails: to fail to turn around frequently and to remember at how things should look on the way back. This is particularly important when passing a place where another trail comes in. It is very easy to take the wrong fork on the way back. Even a compass may not help in such a case. I think that is what may have happened in the Hawaii case. The facts are still out on this case.
RoyF 07/15/19 07:33pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Replacing dinette with free-standing table & chairs

Our dining table doesn't bounce around, but it is on carpet and our fifth-wheel has shock absorbers. To secure the chairs (and table), we turn the outside pair of them around so that their backs are tight against opposite sides of the table. A towel or light blanket is used to prevent wood from scratching against wood. A nylon strap running through the chair backs is pulled tight. Normally, we see no movement after a day's travel.
RoyF 07/13/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

I was going to replace that six-year-old tire right after one more little 900-mile trip. BAD MOVE. I hit a huge pothole on I-35 in northern Missouri. Three newer tires took the shock, but the fourth one (the six-year-old tire on the back axle of the trailer ) blew out. It's not just the tire -- it's always the collateral damage that hurts. The blowout took out most of the wiring to one of the slides. I have spent most of three days splicing wires and running to Home Depot. Four of the wires went to speakers in the surround-sound system, so there was the added fun of figuring out which wire went to which speaker. How I wish that I had replaced that tire BEFORE the trip.
RoyF 07/12/19 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
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