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RE: Fl to Mo thoughts

US 60 across Missouri is a good road that is not very hilly. There are various ways up to US 60 if you want to avoid the mountains of Tennessee. There is always I-55, of course. I like US 45 from Mobile up to Jackson, Tennessee, a good road which avoids Memphis.
RoyF 01/18/21 08:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Social distancing

If we had a "like"button, I would click on it.
RoyF 01/16/21 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda 2000i tips and tricks for changing oil.

For adding the oil, I use a plastic syringe. You can find them at Amazon. I forget the exact size. I think mine is around 50 ml, which is about 1.5 ounces. With a syringe, you can put the oil in without spilling.
RoyF 01/15/21 07:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: That’s A Bunch Of Grass!

The truck may not be overloaded. Maybe somebody who knows about hay can tell us how much that load ought to weigh.
RoyF 01/12/21 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is 70 to old to travel with a RV

At 78, wife and I drove from Arkansas to Goose Bay, Labrador, and on to Newfoundland. The round trip was 11,000 miles. I'm now 81 and still going strong, but my 2008 F350 is showing signs of age with some of its sensors and accessories. I'm waiting on delivery of a 2021 F350 diesel, and am busy thinking about 2021 trips.
RoyF 01/09/21 02:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: US Hwy 412 across Arkansas & Oklahoma

Across Arkansas, US 412 is a scenic route and is in good condition. Some sections in the Ozarks have plenty of curves. It may take a couple of hours longer to cross the state compared to I-40, but I much prefer that to the bumber-to-bumper semi-truck traffic on I-40. We like Denton Ferry RV Park just west of Mountain Home, Ark. I see you are heading to Guymond, OK, about midway across the Oklahoma panhandle. A few years ago, traveling east out of New Mexico, we followed US 412 across the entire panhandle (with a side trip up to see Black Mesa) and across Oklahoma. I was amazed at the absolute flatness of the panhandle. I have seen some other places that were called "flat", but nothing that compares with the flatness of the panhandle. For history buffs, something interesting to look up is why the panhandle is a part of Oklahoma and not a part of Texas. For several years, it was a part of neither, and was called "No Man's Land."
RoyF 01/07/21 07:19am Roads and Routes
RE: Standard definition tv

Not having Direct TV, I can't help the OP with the question. But I want to put in a word about Dish: I have always had a good result with Dish customer service. They have been competent, and have stayed on the line with me for as long as it took.
RoyF 01/02/21 10:23am Technology Corner
RE: RV parks Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

We have stayed at Miami Everglades RV Resort. It's southwest of Miami and an easy drive into the city but in an area that is still rural.
RoyF 01/01/21 08:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

Mine have been there 10 years at least. I may have replaced one. I hang keys, but also some heavier things (flashlight, umbrella) with no problem. They are attached to wood near the door.
RoyF 12/31/20 09:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: SRW Tires

From the 2020 Ford-heavy-duty brochure, there is a ovelap in payloads for the F250 and F350. (These figures may be slightly different for 2021.) There are many GVWR choices: 9,900 up to 10,800 for the F250; 10,000 up to 12,400 for the SRW F350. Adding 4-wheel drive to either reduces the payload by 400 to 500 lbs. And, for some reason, adding a high-capacity towing package to the F250 reduces its payload. With so many variables (GVWR, regular or crew cab, short or long bed) there is considerable overlap between the highest F250 and the lowest SRW F350 payloads. For the crew-cab short-bed preferred by many RVers, the numbers for the F250 with tow package are 3,750 (4x2) or 3,320 lbs. (4x4). For a comparable SWR F350, the numbers vary from 3,650 (4x2) or 3,220 (4x4) up to 4,460 depending on the choice of GVWR. For a crew-cab long bed, the numbers for the F250 with tow package are 3,520 (4x2) or 3,040 (4x4). For a comparable SWR F350, the numbers vary from 2,990 (4x4 with lowest GVWR) up to 4,730. Bottom line: the SWR F350 payload for a given configuration is generally (but not always) about 500 lbs. greater than that of the F250. The payload depends highly on the configuration: GVWR, choice of engine, cab, and bed. For maximum payload, the F250 short-bed, regular cab and no tow-package can have payload up to 4,260 lbs. (4x2) or 3,820 (4x4). The SRW F350 short-bed, regular cab can have payload from 3,630 up to 4,960 lbs, depending on the choice of GVWR. To make a choice between F250 or SRW F350, it seems that one should first decide about the cab, the bed, 4x2 or 4x4, and the engine. Next, we need the required payload: hitch weight, weight of fuel, other things in the bed and back seat. Add a few hundred pounds for good measure. Only then can you make a choice. ps: my 2008 SRW F350 is showing signs of age (not with engine or transmission, but with various other things), so I am trading for a 2021 SWR F350: a special order to get exactly what I want, and hoping for delivery in February. That's why I have been looking so carefully at these numbers.
RoyF 12/29/20 10:36am Tow Vehicles
Starting engine with dead key fob

I've had a car with "keyless starting" for several years, but only today did I learn a way to start the engine when the key-fob battery goes dead. This is for a Chrysler 300, but it may apply to other makes. The following is from the owner's manual. NOTE: In case the ignition switch does not change with the push of a button, the RKE transmitter (Key Fob) may have a low or dead battery. In this situation a back up method can be used to operate the ignition switch. Put the nose side (side opposite of the emergency key) of the Key Fob against the ENGINE START/STOP button and push to operate the ignition switch. Maybe most people already know this, but there may be someone out there who is as ignorant as I am.
RoyF 12/26/20 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Easiest plumbing job I have ever done

I have replaced kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet in the RV by hand, and both were real pains. I'm slow, but a worker at Home Depot told me about a tool specially designed for those hard-to-get-to nuts. I just replaced a faucet at home and it was much, much easier with that tool. It was available in the faucet department.
RoyF 12/25/20 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Dog food scam

Here is what our Veterinarian told us about dog food: there are a few that are complete, balanced diets. He recommends Purina Pro Plan. He says that the cheaper brands are mostly junk food. He has seen dogs suffering from malnutrition when they get nothing but Old Roy. Here is an example of how they do it. The nutrition from corn is all in the pulp; the skin itself has almost no nutritional value. A food manufacturer can squeeze out the pulp to make corn syrup. The remaining skin goes into the cheap dog food, which is allowed to list "corn" as an ingredient. As for comparing dogs to wolves, they are not the same. Wolves are complete carnivores. Dogs, by living with humans, have developed the ability to digest vegetables. (Got that from a NOVA tv show.)
RoyF 12/23/20 09:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: Tire cover advice

I have vinyl over cloth wheel covers that are still good after 13 years. I am confident that they can protect tires from UV rays, given that an ordinary cloth T-shirt will protect skin from sunburn.
RoyF 12/18/20 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

On I-40, I recall no steep mountain grades between Nashville, TN, and Grand Canyon. There will be climbing, of course, to reach 8,000 feet. I have been to the Bay Area many times, but there were always a few long, steep climbs. Maybe someone from California can help.
RoyF 12/13/20 08:14am Roads and Routes
RE: hiding spare key IN cab of 2020 F-350 - truck gets confused?

I just conducted an experiment by wrapping the key fob in aluminum foil. It worked: "key not detected" when I tried the starter. The car is a 2014 Chrysler 300.
RoyF 12/12/20 06:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

Remembering radio in the old days, there was plenty to listen to! Amos, Andy, Jack Benny, detective shows, soaps, and what music: the NBC Symphony with Toscanni, the Met Opera on Saturday. I listened to The Breakfast Club, the Green Hornet, The Fat Man, This is Your FBI. I played cornet in the band and couldn't wait for the Cities Service Band of America on Friday night. (That's CITGO for the young folks.)
RoyF 12/11/20 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Propane tanks 10 years old, what is best choice ???

It's not a bad idea to have them checked for recertification. In 2018, one of mine was found to have a slow leak around the valve. The valve was replaced and and the tank recertified.
RoyF 12/05/20 04:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

How far can you travel on a broken leaf spring? In 2011, I first noticed my trailer leaning to one side in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. (I thought the campsite was just a bit off level.) I drove 850 miles to home with two camps along the way. Only when I got home did I notice a broken spring. (Was I just stupid? Yes, but then I was pretty new to RVing.) I upgraded all springs from 6000 lbs/axle to 7000 lbs/axle (actual axle weight is just under 5000 lbs) and have had no more spring problems. I don't know what bumps feel like in the trailer, but at least it has shocks.
RoyF 11/27/20 01:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drawer latches

For cabinet doors that are a pair swinging to the left and right with handles in the middle, I use a mini-bunge cord (about 12-inches) to secure the handles together. (These are handy for other things such as securing items in the refrigerator, so I keep a supply on hand.) For a cabinet door that is not one of a pair, I use a simple screen-door latch. Not elegant, but it is effective. I have had no problem with drawers and have no suggestion there. (My wife & I just finished our thanksgiving lunch of mushroom-tartlet appetizers, sweet-potato soup, baked oysters, and a medium-dry sherry. Not your usual thanksgiving fare, but we enjoyed it, just the two of us.)
RoyF 11/26/20 12:31pm General RVing Issues
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