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RE: 7th Gen S650 2024 Mustang

U Can't go back. The new has little relation to the old other than name. Who needs 500+ horsepower to go 45 mph in town or 70 on open highway. U have to feed and insure those horses. What do they have to do with RVing. At both 45 and 70 mph, those horses are a lot easier to feed than an original Mustang...
RoyJ 09/16/22 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Also curious if they're all regional / local delivery fleets. Highly doubt OTR linehaul would buy them. Think in bus terms: City buses make excellent choice for EV; tons of them in Asia / Europe Linehaul coaches (Greyhound, touring, etc.) make for a poor choice. I do not know of any EV tour coach / scheduled linehaul.
RoyJ 09/01/22 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs. Ram vs. GM Diesel HP/TQ Ratings

If 6 speeds are somehow superior all Class 8 OTR trucks would be running them. In reality, maybe 1% run 6spd Allisons (mostly city/regional delivery).
RoyJ 07/15/22 12:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

Again, fuel burns (releasing energy), and lithium is part of a storage system. Apples to bananas. Lithium is rechargeable. Diesel isn't. Your example doesn't make logical sense. Not sure if I follow what you're saying. When comparing batteries to liquid fuel, the only meaningful comparison is energy density. The power density of liquid fuel is virtually unlimited. Example, you have big enough fuel injectors and oxygen (top fuel dragster), you can output 8000 hp from a 10 gallon tank. Not for long of course, but now we're talking about energy...
RoyJ 07/07/22 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

285/65r16C - Sprinter super single, 30.5" tall, 4300 lbs payload per tire. That's beyond the rear GAWR of any SRW pickup, and within earshot of a dually. But I'll have to agree with mkirsch, no one wants a big bad 1 ton pickup rolling on 30s so they won't market one. Works perfectly on a Euro van though. I slapped on 235/65r16C (Ford Transit tires) on my old 2nd gen cause it's not worth re-gearing an old truck. Dinky little 27.8", but easily exceed my axle capacities. Amazing mileage and braking, but little respect from local rednecks.
RoyJ 06/23/22 12:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

Personally if I had to commute 300 miles @ 90 mph, a pickup truck would be dead last of my list. Both my cars can cruise at that speed getting 30 mpg+, and out brake any of my trucks.
RoyJ 02/10/22 05:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

Need a budget to start. But as a rough guide: Any modern crossover with a RWD based chassis (Explorer, Grand Cherokee, etc.) can handle it with power to spare, thanks to 6/8/9/10 spd transmissions and tons of hp. For a budget setup, late-2000s Explorer with 4.6 V8, Grand cherokee 4.7/5.7, 4runner V8 (fortune in this market), Trailblazers/Envoys, Pathfinder (v6 or the rare V8).
RoyJ 02/09/22 11:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Front brakes

There's a reason that front brakes are never smaller or less capable and generally always larger with more stopping force than rear brakes on ALL vehicles. On LIGHT vehicles / trucks. Starting in Class 4 / 5, rear brakes starts to match or slightly exceed the fronts. Ram 5500s have 15.5" rear disks IIRC. Class 7 and above, single / tandem axle dumps, city buses, hwy coaches, tractors, all have significantly more rear braking power than the front. There's a point where weight transfer can't overcome the much heavier rear axle, especially with long wheelbases.
RoyJ 02/07/22 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian vs Tundra Tow Test

For reliability the horse was the clear winner in the horseless carriages’ early days. Right now, convincing RV'ers to go EV, is like convincing the farmer in 1905 to ditch his team and heavy wagon, for a hand assembled motor carriage to haul grain to the local mercantile. Wait a couple decades till the Model T truck is mass produced, and gas stations become common. We'll all naturally convert when the time is right. Just like farmers did when truck running costs naturally became lower than feed and vet bills.
RoyJ 02/07/22 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric Truck takes on the Ike Gauntlet

"For his use, the 95cc+ ported smoky stinky 2-stroke work wonders" That simply is a Barbra Streisand statement!!! Modern 2 stroke engines burn very clean. Especially if they use 100-1 AMZ/OIL 2 cycle oil like I do. Simply no smell or smoke. But hey if your vehicle doesn't emit them it must be clean and green right?????? Going way off topic, but - if your PORTED large CC saw is not smoking, you're running too lean. Especially production falling where you're burying your blade into 30+" wood all day long. Or milling. Every saw, and I mean EVERY, is tuned too lean from factory for good power and lifespan, due to EPA this and that. Stihl MS500i is the possible exception, being fuel injected.
RoyJ 02/03/22 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

I should've stated it this way: all things being equal, why not pick the truck with better fuel economy. Tundra vs F150 powerboost: both half tons, both 3.5ish V6 turbo, both hybrid, both 10 spd auto, similar tow rating, GCW, payload (not counting HD payload pkg), pretty equal IMO. Toyota may have better reliability historically, but this is a new powertrain, so until proven, it's only a perceived win over Ford.
RoyJ 02/02/22 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric Truck takes on the Ike Gauntlet

2 sides to the EV argument: 1) society as a whole should embrace this new and excellent technology, works great for 99% commuters; and 2) stop trying to convince THIS crowd, as RV towing is the very last target of the EV market. Electric chainsaws - great for the homeowner, camper, etc. Instant start, low noise, cuts enough to build a campfire. But, wouldn't convince a west coast production logger falling 40"+ old growth to switch any time soon. For his use, the 95cc+ ported smoky stinky 2-stroke work wonders. Both production falling and 20k 5th wheel towing through the Rockies are specialized markets, let traditional tech serve this market until new tech catches up in a decade or 2.
RoyJ 02/02/22 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Front brakes

The front brakes more under HEAVY braking. The proportioning valve assumes enough weight transfer has occurred and send more hydraulic pressure forward. Under light braking, most modern trucks/cars use the rears more. Now if the fronts are actually cold / lukewarm, there might be a problem. Have you tried hard (threshold of ABS) braking and then carefully feel the front for increased heat?
RoyJ 02/02/22 03:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

I'd say for the vast majority of truck buyers, from light duty to heavy duty (Class 8), fuel consumption is the number 1 priority. If that wasn't the case all OEMs would stick a supercharged big block crate engine and call it a day... Fuel economy is a very distant priority for me, and always has been. I buy trucks for performance and capability, first and foremost. I wouldn't say I don't care, but it's barely on my radar... and the same goes for most people I know. The last few trucks I've bought don't even provide EPA estimates, and I'm sure that goes for a lot of people's trucks on here. Most HD pickup diesels are already optimized for fuel economy, and fairly even across the 3. It's reasonable to use capability / comfort as the next metric. I use extreme examples to illustrate a point: If Ram modified a Hellcat/TRX engine for commercial duty (extensive cooling, etc.), shoved it in a 5500, and upped GCW to 50k lbs. Gets 1.7 mpg towing uphill. What's the take rate? I bet less than 5% would pick that over a lower performance Cummins.
RoyJ 02/02/22 03:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

I'd say for the vast majority of truck buyers, from light duty to heavy duty (Class 8), fuel consumption is the number 1 priority. If that wasn't the case all OEMs would stick a supercharged big block crate engine and call it a day...
RoyJ 02/01/22 12:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric Truck takes on the Ike Gauntlet

EVs are not JUST about saving the planet, it's saving the planet while not willing to give up our high performance luxury (i.e. having our cake and eat it). If we truly JUST want to save the planet - drive 3rd world country 50cc scooters, 3 cyl subcompacts. In Asia they have 350cc motorcycle powered tricycle trucks with 3 ton payload. But if governments forced that on us it'll be political career suicide. Thus the push for 500 - 1000 hp EVs to "save the planet". Volvo estimated 100k miles breakeven vs similar powered (high hp) IC SUV, this is cradle to grave, including mining for batteries. If we compared to a Toyota Yaris the break-even point may never come.
RoyJ 02/01/22 11:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looks like we got ourselves a Convoy

As a double vaxxed Canadian, I'm not against vaccination. But... Trucking is one of THE most socially distant and isolated jobs, and at the moment, plays a huge role in a fragile supply chain. It's the wrong time to enforce. The chances of a viral spread during grocery shopping is much higher than sitting weeks on end in a sleeper, talking to maybe a few shippers and forklift drivers in an entire month.
RoyJ 01/27/22 02:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: My new ride

Turbos last a lot longer now than they did when on a Ford Probe..... There're always those that doubt new technology. When Toyota puts turbos on their most reliable and iconic truck - Land Cruiser, that implies OEM turbos are a matured technology. Not to mentioned every diesel vehicle runs turbos.
RoyJ 01/24/22 01:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

Is that an AWD Tesla with chains on the back? Almost all AWD/4WD with independent front suspension can only be chained in the back, due to clearance with the front strut. Maybe ultra-low profile cable chains would fit in the front, but those aren't really effective. Only my live front axles trucks can fit bulky chains up front. Judging by the BMW i3's performance with range extender, even if we could charge an EV on the move, it'll take at least a 15 - 20 kW generator to propel a Model X safely at highway speeds. Lifetime average kWh / distance doesn't factor short term elevated averages over mountain terrain.
RoyJ 01/24/22 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shocking the TRX

In sprints, EVs pretty much takes the crown everywhere. Their current (pun intended) challenge is still sustained power. I'd love to see an EV dually or even medium duty towing 35k lbs up the Ike. I don't believe current packs can sustain 400hp continuous, but I could be wrong. EV supercars (Model S plaid) are also significantly slower than equivalent power IC cars (Veyron) at the extreme top end, due to battery / motor limitations.
RoyJ 01/20/22 04:36pm Tow Vehicles
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