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RE: Towing or packing a Smart Car on the back of a Class A

Having RedNeck Trailers build me a trailer. It will be low profile, with low profile fat tires, a 3500 Dexter Axle and tiedown. The Smart just got a new motor. But it is blocked in at the shop. Tomorrow we are going to try and get it out of the area it is in. The Yukon behind it cant be moved, so we will try working it thru the office area. Now that IS a Smart Car, instead of going out the garage it goes the the office.... Yes after doing some research, (math not being my best suit) having 1800 lbs of car sitting on a motorcycle type rack on the back of the motorhome would not be wise. I did get a line on a Tow Toad. I might buy it. Price is right.
RustyMacIntosh 06/19/20 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing or packing a Smart Car on the back of a Class A

4300 bucks???
RustyMacIntosh 06/14/20 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing or packing a Smart Car on the back of a Class A

I looked at ToyHaulers (or am looking at ToyHaulers) since I upgraded my Suburban to an Excursion V-10, but the motorhome, I think its best to buy a Lowes trailer...some of the other stuff I saw online is pushing 5-8grand for a platform.
RustyMacIntosh 06/14/20 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
Towing or packing a Smart Car on the back of a Class A

OK, I bought a Smart Car. Love it actually. Hella a gocart that haul ass. Three ideas being floated on how to pack this baby. Either, build a rack for the back of my Class A--glorified handicapped scooter type carrier that connects to the hitch, etc. The Smart weights about 1800. A trailer. I looked at Lowes. Since the Smart weights about 1800, and is about 5x8ish, a 6x9 or so flatbed type would work. Maybe. Or tow bar. Roadmaster builds for about $400 a setup that mounts to the subframe of the front of the Smart. I'd then have to buy the tow bar setup, but that is extra. My inclination is to build a rack. Such as in this picture that is attached.
RustyMacIntosh 06/14/20 06:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: F11 Top coat Polish

Guy wiped down my Bounder using ATF and a rag.... did a decent job that has kept the haze away now for several months sitting outside in the rain
RustyMacIntosh 03/22/20 06:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

I had Sumo springs on one coach and went with air bags on another rig. The Sumo springs are not adjustable and actually just replace your original rubber bumper stops. With the air bags I can adjust for a nice ride or pump them up when the cross winds pick up to stabilize the ride on the highway. Since we traveled a lot in the Great Plains area, which is known for high winds, the air bags enabled us to stay on the road longer without fighting the cross winds. Mine had the on board compressor and dash control that allowed me to inflate or deflate my four corner air bags. what compressor did you use? Are your bags independent of each other or did you hook the two bags into one line?
RustyMacIntosh 03/18/20 06:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

I have air bags on my 08 Bounder, I run 50 lbs in back and 20 lbs in front, you dont want to much presure in front or it will ride hard, I also have all new Koni shocks and new poly sway bar bushings and my ride is so much better than it was in stock condition.. I\ll let you know in a couple of weeks if the bags and bushings helped the sway, and ass drag.
RustyMacIntosh 03/17/20 06:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

What made you go with airbags over something like the Sumo springs? I'm debating between them and only have direct experience with air bags. bought the bags off Ebay before learning about Sumosprings. If I had to do it over, I would look carefully at Sumo. Nothing wrong with the bags, the placement might be a bit more forward on the leaves than I thought (thinking directly over the axle) but nowhere to bolt it down. Time will tell. These were Airlift 5000 models. Off Ebay for about $400ish cost me 4 hours of shop time to have it installed. AND they found the sway bar mounts all rotted. All things considering, the spring shop wanted $1250+ to add a leaf. They also would have found the sway bar rotted.
RustyMacIntosh 03/16/20 11:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

The rear of my 95 32H Bounder rides really nice since the air bag install in 2010. Have you scaled your 34j with 100 gallons of water on board? That 833 lbs will put you over weight. Richard I've got the Bounder on a Keto Diet. I am afraid to scale it. No doubt it is beyond overweight. I know by the way it sat without the bags I was heavy on the starboard side.
RustyMacIntosh 03/15/20 03:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

Don't yell at me, but you can see the sway bar they are brand spanking absolutely bloody NEW AND my new Fusion Hybrid. No it is not a buy here pay here place, that is next door This lot is an investment of mine. They sell nothing but Hybrids and Plugins....
RustyMacIntosh 03/15/20 03:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

What kind of sicko am I for being dissapointed that there's no pics? Nice work BTW. I cannot figure out how to post pictures. I can do a link....
RustyMacIntosh 03/15/20 02:51pm Class A Motorhomes
Taaadaaa! Took the plunge. Airbags on the Class A

So after much procrastination and diddling around....and being the cheapskate that I am, I ordered a set of airbags for my 95 Bounder 34j. Just what Mr. Bounder needed! And, it really was not all that hard to install. New leaves were about $1500. This was about $500. Then I saw it....rear sway bushings. GONE. Rotted, fallen off many miles back, laying on the side of the road like roadkill..... MOOG supplied! HD blue sway bushings both on the frame and the sway end. Along with the airbags, I be pimping now like a big dog! I bought Airlift 5000 model. Independent air connections. (Might put a compressor on this). Rear end raised about 4 inches at about 70lbs of pressure. Road test! Along with getting yelled at by my oldest son for buying yet another car to add to my fleet,---Hey KID the deal was too good to pass up, a 2017 Fusion Hybrid for $8800. (I can tow the Fusion on all 4's). The C-Max is a great car but this was too good to pass up. I was going down the highway with the cell phone in my ear and driving with 1 hand. Cops can't see me anyway. IF there were any. No sway. Not being pushed by passing big rigs. In fact, the only complaints seem to be the dishes in the sink in the kitchen. The Bounder felt like it was riding a bit more firm. I had the PSI set at 60. The 100g water tank was full and 3/4 tank of gas. Now with fresh tires, Bilstein shocks, new sway bushings both upfront and now rear, with airbags, this big boat handles pretty **** good for a 25-year-old coach. The install was not exactly as planned. Yes, there were pre-drilled holes on the frame. But not exactly matching up. Once the top bracket was mounted, and we squeezed the airbag down onto the bottom bracket mounted on the axle housing, it was all straight forward, no pun intended.... I ran the air lines to the storage compartment---one on each side. But when I saw the condition of the rear sway bushings.... So, we are now ready, (we being me, two dogs and a mean old Siamese cat that thinks she is the queen of the Nile), are getting ready to make the trip from Cal to Kansas. The cooling system rebuilt. New brakes. Tires. Shocks. Bags and bushings, the generator is now up and running, microwave replaced, the coffee maker is new, AC and heaters working, and a rear camera now installed at the license plate..... Next stop....Pratt, Kansas. The farm manager can see me coming so they will run for the fields when they see this baby lumbering down the road heading their way. "EVERYONE RUN...California is here....bail, everyone make yourselves disappear, California has arrived....." Now to have the shop build me tow clips for the front (nonplastic area) of either the C-Max or the Fusion.... aint retirement fun? And only one kid yells at me. No old lady to make life miserable. Just a mean cat, two Aussies who collect socks and shoes which they stash under the couch, a big is good. Gas is cheap. And if Covid visits, the kids have the passwords to the accounts. If you know what I mean.
RustyMacIntosh 03/15/20 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LOUD Transmission drone at 58-62MPH

I thinking carrier bearing
RustyMacIntosh 03/12/20 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Bounder Class A owner Inverter question

Make/model number of inverter Would be helpful In my Bounder, The location you describe came with a converter aka battery charger not an inverter I installed a stand alone inverter in that compartment The factory wire from converter to the batteries up front is only 8ga, adequate for the house 12v loads and battery charging from the 40 amp charger but not too power an inverter ... To much voltage drop It sounds like you are describing the standard converter That charges the batteries and supplies DC power for the RV house systems when 120vac is available Not an inverter that makes 120 vac using the batteries How does one know it is working? If at all.
RustyMacIntosh 02/19/20 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Bounder Class A owner Inverter question

Cody I think I have that same unit. Mine also had some sort of converter, Inteli something-whatever--with a fan and connections under the MH. I never got around to figuring out what it did either. I know the front batteries never were charged while on AC power. One of the most annoying factors I quickly found out about my Bounder was the brakes, which even rebuilt seem nominal. And the rear suspension. The MH is grossly overweight. Or if not grossly close to it. The whole mess goes down the road like a drunken sailor. After putting tires on mine, and Bilston shocks, and new sway bar bushings we have come to the conclusion the rear suspension needs a big makeover. So it goes to the spring shop next week getting new leafs stuffed into it. On our unit the 460 does ok. Mileage is in the 8mpg. We put a 100w solar panel up top. I scored a huge inverter at Harbor Freight weekend sale that we now use occasionally. (When the genset won't start or in a campground). One last suggestion is to hit Amazon, buy yourself some rear cameras. Several in fact. One at the license plate, and one up top and maybe even on the sides. Ours the driver's side window leaked. The haze (albeit slight) made it hard to see back there. I added another rear mirror on both sides which helped but it wasn't until we had several cameras peering around behind us did we feel much more secure. FWIIW, I own property on Parrotts Ferry. I am in Columbia ALL the time now. Gods Country. (Considering the rest of California). I almost hung my Bounder up going into the Post Office parking lot the first time up there with the MH. CRanch Casino gives us free parking and WIFI. YEAH!
RustyMacIntosh 02/19/20 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Shopping

I did pretty good buying off Ebay
RustyMacIntosh 02/10/20 05:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 95 Bounder 34J--rear leafs--shop recommendation

Any recommendations on the set of airbags I should invest in for this Bounder?
RustyMacIntosh 02/08/20 06:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 95 Bounder 34J--rear leafs--shop recommendation

what recommendations does the crowd have on buying aftermarket air-bags for the rear of this coach? I looked at several on Amazon and eBay, but not sure which one would be the appropriate one for my F53 frame.
RustyMacIntosh 02/08/20 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 95 Bounder 34J--rear leafs--shop recommendation

. I'm certain I am overweight on that back axle, with the fresh water tank and the gas tank, and my Chihuahua sleeping on the bed I am certain it is overweight, why Fleetwood did this model is beyond me, but, in 95, I was tugging a 18 foot Prowler around behind my 1980 F100,,,,,
RustyMacIntosh 02/07/20 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 95 Bounder 34J--rear leafs--shop recommendation

You didn't mention which chassis you have but when you say "front axle", I'll assume a Ford F53. Chevy P32 have IFS. Due to sagging rear springs on my 95 32H Bounder, I added rear air bags. The air bags allow for height adjustment and really smooth out the ride in back. I would do it again. Take the easy and economical way out and add air bags to the rear axle. Fleetwood built closely to the rear shackles and removing the bolts will require drilling holes in the storage compartments. Firestone ride-rite air bags mount into original holes in the frame and are a easy install for a DIY person. The graphics on you coach would indicate you have a 96 Bounder not a 95. 95 Bounders didn't have the brown paint around the front windows. But then again, you're in CA and they titled you 96 coach on a 95 chassis as a 95. :( If you ever care to contest the titling issue, 95 Bounders and back are 8 feet wide where you Bounder is 8½ feet wide. Richard titled 96, 95 build, sold in Jan 96....its the big wide-body one they want $1200 for added leaves, I am thinking the airbags is the way to go now
RustyMacIntosh 02/07/20 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
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