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Installing rear wireless camera

I have a generic Fleetwood 19ft Mallard. No window to the rear. My intents are to install a wireless camera. The instructions are in colloquial Engrish but understandable. The instructions indicate that the rear camera is triggered ON by the backup light. Reverse. Which I do not have on my Mallard. That is, it is no big deal tapping into the reverse light power cord at the back of the Suburban. The screen for the front of the Suburban is straight forward. The manufacturer has a cig lighter plugin-with a trigger switch. So at the rear of the coach. I am thinking of going into the aluminum at the back but not at the very top, maybe down a foot or two, then drill a hole big enough to push the video wire and red wire which is for the reverse light. My unit the furnace is right at the base on the rear of my trailer. I know there is 12v power there since I worked on it swapping in a controller and circuit board earlier this year. The rear of my trailer is full cabinets. I think coming through the skin at the rear, and taking the power from the furnace.... Does this make sense? Obviously I need a power source. Since I do not have reverse lights on the back of the trailer eliminates that. Plus I want the ability to see who is behind me even if I am not backing up. But I don't want the camera on 24/7. Reverse light is momentary power. Tapping into the furnace power is 12v 24/7. Any ideas?
RustyMacIntosh 11/30/19 01:37pm Travel Trailers
Solar panels. Looking to buy several.

Since frequently we are out in the boonies with either the coach or the travel trailer, rather than to run the generator to recharge the house batteries, I've seen folks with solar panels. So....what is the skinny on the unwashed purchasing several panels. Yesterday I saw 100w panels at Harbor Freight. I've seen German panels being sold on Ebay and Amazon. Are panels plug and play? Do we just prop the panel up towards Mr. Sun, run a power line to the batteries? Is there more to it than this? In regards to a purchase of panels, surely there must be panels that are good, bad and ugly. Which panel would be the best purchase for the $$$?
RustyMacIntosh 11/30/19 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 12v batteries---Mallard TT help

Harbor Freight had a good sale today, a 1500wt inverter for 88 bucks. I'm off to Lowes to get some 10g or like black and red wires, connectors and clips. Maybe someone has deep cycle batteries on sale too I have two big 6vt house batteries just installed on my motorhome but they weight about 300# each...maybe I can find a pair of batteries cheaper
RustyMacIntosh 11/29/19 09:42am Travel Trailers
2 12v batteries---Mallard TT help

I'm not new to RV's, I've been using a 19ft Mallard for my jaunts over the past decade. I was gifted a 34ft Class A but it is too big, I prefer the TT. The motorhome will go for sale. I struggle at times. Due to an industrial accident a decade ago, sometimes I need pointed advice to make sure I do not screw things up. Things happen when the brain is injured. Going back to the Mallard, one aspect that always annoyed me was the lack of house battery(s). So before we leave again for a trip to Kansas from California I need to solve two issues. 1) Getting a charge to the house battery from the tow vehicle while traveling. I use a 99 Suburban. I'm not sure if I just need to install a 12v plug in the rear (I have rear AC so there is power there), then string a line out the back window connecting to the house battery. Or hardwire it from the pigtail connection at the trailer and Suburban. Not sure how to do this. 2) Issue two that I need to solve is installing two 12v batteries rather than one at the outside front of the Mallard. I am thinking, if I got this right, that I can put two 12v batteries behind the propane tanks. There is room. But hooking up the lines to the trailer I need not to wire it in such a way it is 24v. My guess is I need to run a hefty wire from both pos terminals to the trailer 12v. And likewise, two negatives to the neg connection on the trailer. I have that right? In the past, I always brought a couple of those 12v power packs. In the trailer running things such as a computer or whatever, I used those power packs. While I still will bring them, before I leave I want to install several 12v plugs inside my trailer. One plug, to an inverter to run an electric blanket. Since I have a generic Fleetwood the insulation is not all that great. I do have a good working furnace and 14g of propane upfront. know, tootsies get cold... A 60w electric blanket might suffice.
RustyMacIntosh 11/29/19 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

The genset appears to have all the whistles and bells with a choke pulloff, heater on the choke itself, but no enrichment adjustment that I can find. It does have that black carb bowl that allows the owner to adjust from 0 to 10,000ft. I got it to run for a while yesterday, which is more than it ever has run. It was idliing for quite a while when I turned on the back AC to give it something to work at. The gen seem to run OK but once I turned off the AC within a minute it started to surge again, then shut down. I've got an idea to plumb in a line with BG carb cleaner while it runs before I spring for a carb replacement. It is 90% running smoothly, just that nasty surge keeps springing its head back up. I am sure it just needs to run some more. I hope it will self clean whatever garbage is still in the bowl with clean high quality detergent gas.
RustyMacIntosh 11/26/19 05:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Repairs and Upgrades

I saw the cops rousting out a nice pusher diesel motorhome parked way out at the outer limit of the parking lot at a Walmart.....Wallys used to be the place to spend the night, but in Cal the homeless have squatted to the degree I guess Wally has put the kibosh on staying overnight. I found hotels to be the best place to hide out in. Large hotels where you can get lost in the shuffle. You can get a nites rest, sponge off their WIFI and get a breakfast too.... On my Bounder, the only part I have never been able to figure out is the momentary water pump switches. I get nada at the pump. I jumped the pump with wires leading into the bathroom where I have a small riding lawn mower battery. If I need water, we connect to the battery, I did change that intelligent box above the pump, the interesting thing is the neg was live and the pos was cold when testing the power to the box. The red was cold, but the white with red stripe noted as NEG on the little box, was live...had power there.
RustyMacIntosh 11/25/19 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

it's a 5000 I have douched the carb several times with Seafoam, letting it sit overnight. I would block off the inlet fuel line, let the genset run a few seconds, then pump Seafoam in that tiny plastic spray tube they supply, into the fuel line that runs to the carb. Also, I took the air cleaner off the carb, spraying Seafoam all over the choke butterfly. Also let it sit overnight. I think I fouled one plug. So I changed both spark plugs this morning, including dropping the extension and spark plug socket down the back of the generator. This AM it fired up, smoked a bit then settled down to a nice idle. After it warmed up I turned one AC unit on. Everything was fine until I shut the AC off after letting the gen run for 30 minutes, Then the surging began again. I am thinking for the time being to just fire it up several times a day letting it run as long as it can using clean fresh fuel from the main tank that has Techroline additive. Sooner or later I am sure I am in for a carb replacement. Fuel filter is clear, the pump is just does this surging thing then ultimately shuts down. The gen has 501 hours on it btw.
RustyMacIntosh 11/25/19 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Repairs and Upgrades

I'm new to the Class A world. So when something goes wrong on the road I am clueless unless I have internet--and an RV Forum. What I have noticed, at least in 3 cities of California when a minor problem occured is when I Google for Mobile RV Service---all I get is voicemail, and not ONE--of those hacks return phone calls. In SLO the other night, I called everyone who popped up on the Google search. I think I called at least 7 mobile RV techs. (hacks). Not a one has returned calls. BUT!!!!!!!!!! Posting the issue here on RV.NET, I was advised within 30 minutes of the posting what to check. A fuse. How simple. How easy, and yet some hack rv tech could of made several hundred bucks off me from my cluelessness by swapping in a 20amp fuse. Moral to the story? Keep a hotspot internet access or another internet access to use WIFI. Use online forums. Don't even bother with the hacks who claim to be RV Repair Experts. (The one that cracked me up was the one who "TYPICALLY RETURNS CALLS WITHIN 1 HOUR).....its been 4 days.....
RustyMacIntosh 11/25/19 05:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

Going to give it a try today, I bought several cans of a brand name carb cleaner at Wallyworld once the sun is up, the dogs are satisfied, I will get my stool out then work on the carb.
RustyMacIntosh 11/23/19 06:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: On the road---Range hood--DOA--no Hot Water heater

I checked the fuses in the panel, they all "looked" good. Taking a test lead I found one that was not producing power thru the fuse. Bingo.... and I was ready to call this trip and head back home, I HATE cold showers.....but we all good now!
RustyMacIntosh 11/22/19 07:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: On the road---Range hood--DOA--no Hot Water heater

there is a fuse panel behind one of the cabinets and a circuit board with fuses under the hood of the coach, bingo...4th one down on the panel, I used a test light, got power on each wire but one,,,,20amp fuse, and bingo,,, WE GOT HOT WATER!!!!!!!! Gotta love online forums!:D
RustyMacIntosh 11/22/19 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
On the road---Range hood--DOA--no Hot Water heater

I have a 95 Bounder f53 frame. We are out on the road. Just went to switch the light on over the stove, nothing, no fan, no light, and no HWHeater. I've checked what few fuses I know of, the panel, looked under the hood of the coach, don't see anything and all fuses look good. Ideas? Other than cold showers and returning home???
RustyMacIntosh 11/22/19 06:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Side windows are fogged up

The Bounder that was gifted to me sat for a long time in a storage lot. The insides of the double pane windows on both driver and passenger side has what looks to be like alkaline stains. It is hard to see out of, even worse when the sun is in your mirror. I was thinking maybe just have both sides pulled and replaced.
RustyMacIntosh 11/22/19 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

This morning it is spilling fuel from the air cleaner which mounts to the opening of the carb. I gotta get this carb torn down to check the needle and seat...
RustyMacIntosh 11/21/19 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

My unit is a 5000, not a 5500. The carb faces the rear of the coach. I never could get the brass connection to the bottom of the filter. So I cut the line leading to the filter, from there I removed the filter, blew out any fuel and gunk that might have been there. After removing the filter from the carb, I pumped some SeaFoam spray down into the carb. Cranking the motor just briefly I could then determine the fuel pump is the line was plugged with a bolt so I could crank the motor without getting a face full of gas. I got it to start with the inlet fuel line loaded with Seafoam sorta kinda. I opened up the connection to the carb from the air filter, where I sprayed the innards also with Seafoam. It ran better----smooth, after connecting back the inlet fuel line. UNTIL I put some load on it. Then the surge came back slightly, then got worse and worse until it quit. I fired it back up, this time playing with the throttle, I am guessing that there must be a FAILSAFE that if the RPM's get too high the unit shuts off. I tried to get the RPM's up higher to see if it would self-clean with some fresh gas from the main tank, but nope...nada. Opening the fuel line back up I poured more Seafoam into the line leading to the carb, where I let it sit for an hour. Again, it surged and finally quit. SO.....I guess I will try one of those carbs off Ebay. I see I can get one for about $50-60 bucks. The swap looks easy enough. I am sure if I take it to the Cummins shop they will sell me a new carb at $400 plus labor. One thing I did do is blocking the inlet gas line with a bolt, I checked after cranking to see if any of the leading gas lines from the main tank were wet indicating a crack. None. **Footnote** The adjustment at the bottom of the carb for altitude, I have it set at Sea Level. If I turn it to 5000 or upwards the unit really does run rich. I guess I could try some more carb cleaner, like BG or another product, but it appears whatever is going on with this Genset, the years of sitting in that storage yard has destroyed the carb just enough that it does not want to operate anymore.
RustyMacIntosh 11/21/19 05:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

OK...going to study this genset a bit more. Also get some Seafoam. I think maybe trying to get the cleaner to ungunk it first before I buy a carb. Looks like Ebay does have aftermarket models.
RustyMacIntosh 11/20/19 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
Onan Gen--hard starting and surging

I was gifted a 95 Bounder 34ft with the big block Ford engine. 30kish miles. Sat a lot. I've resurrected it back to 90% operational. I've made several statewide trips. The generator. At first, it would not start. Now it starts after cranking maybe 30 seconds from the dash. It will start up, run for maybe 5 minutes then you can feel it begin to surge. Opening up the side panel, it's running, smoother now that at first. But then it surges. It gets worse and worse surging, then quits. It might attempt to start again but dies like it is out of fuel. Let it sit for several hours, it does the same routine, cranks (longer than I like), then fires up, smooth then begins to surge ultimately dies. OK--the coach has gone thru maybe 10 tanks of gas. Including filters and treatment. The 460 runs nicely. I was once told that this unit has a fuel pump. So far, I have not located it. I can see the filter which is connected to the carb. I tried yesterday to remove the filter but was unable to get the brass connector to free up from the bottom of the filter. I'm going to try it again today with heavier tools. I think it is running a bit rich. Or at least that is what the exhaust pipe looks like. I do not see any blue or black smoke from the exhaust. I'm thinking that maybe its time to just swap in a new carb, a new filter and all. Fuel pump? I guess if I can find it. Its the Onan 5000 model btw.
RustyMacIntosh 11/20/19 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Update on the 96 Bounder MH gifted to me

found it right above the pump, four connections, power, load, switch and ground, I guess it needs to be replaced, for the time being, I have the pump jumped to a power pack, when I finally find a repair person, or maybe tomorrow I might buy that part at the dealer$$$ I can use my jump starter power pack to run the pump when needed. Everything else is working, but now the step, so I pulled that pin. I am ready to go camping when the shocks come in tomorrow...
RustyMacIntosh 10/27/19 05:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Update on the 96 Bounder MH gifted to me

I did, just swapped to parallel, not series, and everything came alive except the 12vt water pump. I used a battery starter jump box to get power to the red and black on the 12v pump, it came alive also, but I cannot get the switches to work inside. For the life of me, that seems like the easiest issue. I've checked every fuse under the hood and the circuit box inside the coach, I have power everywhere but nothing at the 12v switch at the kitchen sink, or the bathroom I did not chk the switch in the storage compartment where I saw the outside shower hose connected. I'll see if I can find a tech to come solve this, or,,,,run a jumper inside the bathroom, hook it to a 12v power source and go camping! Redneck it. The gen wants to start, but I can smell the old gas. I have generators from my travel trailer I can use. So far everything works, but I have not tried the leveling jacks, and the 12v water pump won't switch on we are getting close, and who knows..with what I am learning...I might open my own Mobile RV shop (no just kidding).
RustyMacIntosh 10/27/19 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Update on the 96 Bounder MH gifted to me

6 volt batteries. I should have known better. 3 cells not 6. I sure hope I did not burn anything out. 4th call to the RV tech, no return call. Now that is a business that if an honest straight up person could establish, actually answer phone calls, actually answer and show up, they would be a millionaire. I'm reading The Keystone State article. Very good
RustyMacIntosh 10/27/19 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
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