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RE: Couple of questions about DC-Dc charging

So I just took some readings on my Redarc 50 amp the system has 25’ of 1/0 DLO from the engine compartment to the bed of the truck where the charger and batteries are located. Charger ties into a 600 amp buss bar with about 6’ of 3/0 DLO to two sets of Trojan T105 batteries. Truck idling on cold start. Batteries starting at 12.4 volts no load. Truck charging voltage 13.85 volts at 37 amps to the Redarc. Redarc voltage 14.25 and 18.4 amps charging.
S Davis 06/19/21 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

I wonder what China is going to do? Low prices is their only strong point. They are a huge metals buyer. Did I see $279.00 for 250' of 14AWG romex at Home Depot? Genuinedealz seems to be out of cable. I read an article that said the price of a new railroad locomotive has jumped $300,000 dollars. Some huge cables cost $160 ft. I have a feeling the cost of cabling an inverter will surpass the cost of the inverter itself. I just returned from the workshop bedroom after petting boxes of wire and cable and large trays of terminals. 3/0 DLO is up $1.68 per foot from when I bought it last year, almost $5.50 per foot now.
S Davis 06/13/21 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

The price is one thing but in the HVAC trade you are having issues even getting materials, I had a customer that had to go five weeks with no heat or hot water because Bradford White didn’t have the parts to make the piece of equipment. Copper fittings are through the roof, it makes bidding real fun.
S Davis 06/13/21 12:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Couple of questions about DC-Dc charging

I need to get some amp readings done, I am using a Redarc 50 amp to charge a bank of four Trojan Gc2’s. I have it set up in the truck bed with a 25’ run of 1/0 DLO, the Redarc is my only charging source and it has worked great for the last six months. I am powering a danfoss fridge, battery charging for work tools and a 2800 watt inverter that powers a microwave and work tools on job sites.
S Davis 06/13/21 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: Thor Industries now has $14 billion in backlogged orders

North of Seattle they are circling the lots with the units to make it look like they are packed, same with auto dealers.
S Davis 06/12/21 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Alaska advice

They usually charge by length and on some routes height as well. I am on the Wa state ferries about weekly and I redesigned my work vehicle to be lower, I used to get hit with over height charge as well as over length charge (over 22’) and it would run close to $200.00 to get out to the San Jaun islands.
S Davis 06/11/21 11:37am Truck Campers
RE: Tuner like “5 Star Tune “

I have a 2017 6.0 3500HD, so basically your truck. I tried Diablew, he deals with the Diablo tuner. He can do a custom tune for you. You do some data logging and he adjust the truck based off it's specific parameters. It really woke my truck up, firmed up the shifts, removed some torque management and yes a tune like this or a dyno tune will add HP and torque. I am a fan of the Dyno tune 11 sec WS6 and a 12 second 14 Caprice they are dyno tuned, but the Diablew tune worked similar to a dyno tune and I am really happy with it. The 6.0/6L90E tune from the factory is poo, it is really mild. I tend to believe his claims of 20 to 40 RWHP depending on the tune you get. It certainly holds the gears differently and makes use of all the power. DiabLew This sounds like what I’m looking for but I also need to consider that the drive train is under warranty for 3 more years and I don’t want to do anything to void that. Can this tune be added and removed easily so as not to void the warranty? You can go back to stock easily. Make sure it doesn’t leave a trace on the ECM, on the diesel trucks they can tell if the truck has had a tune down loaded into the ECM even if removed and reprogrammed to stock. Stacey
S Davis 06/04/21 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

@Devo, no skin off my back, and you’re correct, no one with any sort of knowledge about thermodynamics or just good horse sense would disagree that heat rises, aerodynamics are more than partly attributable to frontal area and that the smaller, lighter of a trailer you’re pulling, generally the more economical it is on the fuel bill. But instead you basically pee’d on every RV owner with a big camper as if your (big 40’ long double and triple axle trailers, which are both sweet btw) choices are somehow morally or physically superior to everyone else’s. I find it mildly entertaining. Others probably only consider it poor behavior. The spiteful part is your weird incessant jabbing at anything Ram related because you got either a lemon of a truck or a lemon of a dealer, or both. Anyone with half a brain would have understood that from your initial postings on the issue. But somehow, you got the notion to put down anyone who owns the same brand of truck that YOU bought as well, but are now having a bad experience with it. A little nit picky but heat doesn’t rise heated air does, heat is omnidirectional and moves from a higher intensity to lower.
S Davis 05/06/21 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is There a 24’ Version of These RVs available?

Just saw this on Seattle Craig’s list, a little pricey but don’t know what your budget is.
S Davis 05/06/21 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: After market exhaust brake reliability and effectiveness

I have a tune on my 09 2500 HD that uses the VVT turbo as the brake, it works really well.
S Davis 04/20/21 03:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hot water trickle

It sounds like a failed mixing valve, they seize up and will let a small amount of flow through that will build the pressure up past the valve but as soon as you open the faucet the pressure drops to what will flow through it. Don’t know if you have one but usually mounted on the hot outlet of the water heater.
S Davis 04/10/21 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Tires and Wheels

Ordered the Vision Hauler 81 Wheel 19.5x7.5 8x170 Matte Black today. Now the tires. Currently leaning towards the Toyo M608Z 245/70R. People here to give Toyo's great reviews. I don't put but 10k a year on the truck so I'm hoping they'd last quite a while. Anyone with experience on these or suggestions on others in the 19.5" G or H load range? Live in the Northeast so need all weather. Take the camper out on the beach a fair bit and plan on doing a bit more off the beaten path camping in the next couple of years. Also have at least one cross country planned. I ran those tires and got 60,000 miles out of a set with a 3000 lb commercial cap in the bed and they still had a few thousand left when I sold the truck. Make sure you have a good shop do the balancing, it took my local Les Schwab a few tries to get them balanced, one other thing I had bad wheel squirm and tracking the grooves in the pavement for about the fist 6000 to 8000 miles before they settled down. They were great in the rain snow and ice but so so in mud.
S Davis 02/20/21 06:48pm Truck Campers
RE: White Out in Sierra Nevada

I remember living in South Lake Tahoe in the winter of 1983, we got 65” in a 24 hour period and had about 168” in a three day period, we were climbing out second story windows that year. We ended up with over 44 feet of snow that year.
S Davis 01/28/21 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Problem

What are you connected to? I would make sure the regulator is correct.
S Davis 01/13/21 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

I have a digital volt meter to keep track of the truck voltage, it runs between 14.4 and 14.6 volts, I have driven up to about five hours straight and it never changes.
S Davis 01/13/21 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

Yes it is in the manual, I just noticed they make a 25amp dual input model as well.
S Davis 01/12/21 11:54pm Tech Issues
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

The Redarc 40 and 50 amp dc to dc chargers have a built in solar controller that use solar charging first and then supplements with alternator charging, might be a useful feature for some.
S Davis 01/12/21 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Also, a major wiring upgrade will be needed. This is how I did it I VEHEMNTLY DISAGREE ! The whole point of a DC-DC charger is to NOT require oversized charging cables ! It boost the voltage at the RV battery to the correct voltage to charge the battery using the standard vehicle/trailer wiring ! Even with your large gauge wire, you should check the voltage at your campers battery after about 10 minutes of driving and at high idle. If the battery is say 80% SOC, the voltage at the camper battery should be >14.0V. I think some of your info is not accurate, you keep talking in these threads about smart charging and the ECM controlling voltage and now engine RPM. You have been stating that you can’t use vehicle charging effectively because the charging system will lower the voltage after a few minutes to 13 volts or so, now I will state here I don’t know about Ford or Dodge/Ram but all of my Chevrolet HD trucks since 2003 do not do this, the alternator keeps voltage steady all the time, I can drive for hours and it never changes. This has been on four different Chevrolet trucks including a 2003 2500 HD gas truck and three 2500 HD diesel trucks, 2009, 2013 and 2019, so when you are making a blanket statement that something will not work because of smart charging you are misleading people IMHO. Also as stated before in this thread all the dc to dc chargers I looked at for my install recommend larger wire from the vehicle charging system, now admittedly I was only looking at 40 amp or larger dc to dc chargers. I am not trying to start an argument just stating my experience with GM HD trucks.
S Davis 01/12/21 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

I am running the 50 amp Redarc and everything has been working great. I am adding another pair of batteries and another 50 amp charger for 100amps total. I also have the snow plow prep on my 2019 Chevrolet with a 220amp alternator.
S Davis 01/11/21 01:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Built-in Genset on 2021 F-150

That is basically what I am setting up on my truck, 100amp charging from the truck, 675ah of batteries and a 2800 watt outback inverter. I am using it to power my commercial cap and truck camper when I get it. I can use the remote start and get charging from the truck for using the a/c or larger loads. Sweet. Recommend using a catastrophic failure type fuse on the input to the inverter. Maybe a 250 amp...ish. Yep outback manual recommends 250amp fuse, I also have a fuse on each pair of Trojan T-105s.
S Davis 01/10/21 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
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