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RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

At 3500 cycles they should still have 80% of their rated capacity.
S Davis 08/22/23 05:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge dead truck battery (LA) from house battery (LiFePO4)

I have a manual battery switch to bypass my 50 amp DC/DC charger and parallel my 560ah LifeP04 with the two truck batteries. Have not had to use it but there if needed. I also use 250amp BMS’s on my batteries so I can pull up to 500amps before the BMS trips.
S Davis 08/21/23 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

Yes to BT if it allows you to monitor individual cells and set the safety limits. I have it on my DIY 280ah batteries, it can help diagnose an issue if you have a problem with the individual cells in the battery.
S Davis 08/08/23 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Site squatters

After 1 experience am going to start carrying crime scene tape and chalk to make the outline of a body. Would stop most but not a lot of these entitled young people. You forgot the ketchup packets.
S Davis 08/08/23 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Install 300 AH Lipo

I would go under the bed, that’s where my two 280ah are. It is in the back of my crew cab, I removed the rear seats for a bed platform. Less to worry about cold temperatures and charging.
S Davis 07/24/23 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Camper Tie-down Pros/Cons

Make sure you have a good spare tire, and if It was me I would weigh the truck and check what your tire capacity is. That way you will know how overloaded you will be on this first trip.
S Davis 07/18/23 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: Will a truck camper fit over the 5er rails in the truck bed?

I have a 2022 Ram dually and a Northstar 12' no slide camper. - The Northstar is 3300# weighed new at the dealer. With batteries, propane, water, and all the other stuff, ready for camping, it weighs 4800#. - The Ram dually squats about 3 1/2" when the camper is loaded on the truck. It looks like it's sagging in the back, and I thought about airbags, but then I noticed that the overload springs are just engaging when the camper weight is fully on the truck. If I lifted it at all with airbags, it might look better, but then it would be off the overloads. You don't want that. Unless you like the water bed feel, air bags are great at leveling side to side but you need your over loads engaged, the more you unload the overloads the bouncier the ride will be.
S Davis 07/15/23 11:54am Truck Campers

Reminds me of the time my older brother and I broke a u-joint out that way, no cell phones at the time. We ended up using a leather belt and baling wire to limp out of there. Lived in Lake Tahoe and tramped around that area a lot.
S Davis 06/26/23 03:58pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Lithium Battery Upgrade

I would recommend getting one with a BMS that has Bluetooth, it will help if the battery has balance or other issues. You would be able to monitor the individual cells and see why the BMS is cutting out if issues come up. Most of the lower end LifeP04 battery makers are using EV battery cells that have failed QC and are auctioned off, they can be hit or miss.
S Davis 06/11/23 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Upgrade

Most LFP users are likely aware of a characteristic known as ‘cumulative meter drift’, but when it comes to LFP discourse history suggest that there’s also a predictable amount of ‘attention drift’ :) lol! 3 tons Just showing what happens when you get bit by the LFP bug, I power my commercial work rig and lhave 1960ah for my system.
S Davis 06/11/23 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Upgrade

I love my 560ah of goodness.
S Davis 06/11/23 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Mexwanderer

Some nefarious individuals hacked email, tried to hack my bank info, and screwed up my paypal, amazon and ebay accounts. So I've had no gmail since October 28 I've tried to get a temporary email but I'm always asked to provide an email address for confirmation. I must have ten thousand emails unopened. That’s too bad, you are a valuable asset with your knowledge. I couldn’t have gotten my battery system on my work truck installed as well without your help. Thanks for your contributions to this site.
S Davis 05/14/23 12:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Changing from lead acid to LiFePo4 battery?

Just don’t plug in and float your LifeP04 batteries.
S Davis 05/02/23 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: Back in the dark ages !

I've read that charging lithiums with an ordinary alternator can smoke your alternator. Investigate before doing that.0 There are many myths designed to scare you into not improving your life. Alternators come in two flavors.. both are current limited and the myth is since Iithiums can take a rapid charge they will draw more than the alternator can deliver and burn it out... Nope. alternator knows what it can deliver and won't exceed that amount. Li's however do take a slightly higher voltage.. Oh that could pop a diode.. Again nope.. it won't. It might not exceed its max amperage but they can over heat and burn up trying to put out max amperage at idle, unless they have temperature protection. I charge a pair of 280ah LifeP04 batteries and they will take all the amperage I can throw at them until about 95% SOC when they start tapering off the amperage.
S Davis 02/21/23 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: 9’6” camper so I need an extension ??

Another issue is the pivot point under the overhang, make sure the trailer doesn’t contact the camper going through a dip.
S Davis 02/13/23 10:44am Truck Campers
RE: Propane smell inside oven

Get some soap bubbles and check your pilot tube, the nut at the pilot and at the gas valve. I have found lots of small leaks on pilot tubes over the years.
S Davis 02/09/23 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring 4 awg charging wire to upgrade 8 awg factory wire.

I removed the rear seat in my crew cab and made the enclosure. So have room for the two 280ah batteries inverter and associated wiring.
S Davis 02/05/23 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Wiring 4 awg charging wire to upgrade 8 awg factory wire.

My Redarc 50amp just senses the voltage increase from the alternator and turns on, no trigger wire.Nice to have that capability built-in. I don't understand why all dc to dc charger manufacturers don't include the equivalent of a Battery Isolator (BI) or Automatic Charging Relay (ACR) with their units. It's a basic requirement for operating a dc to dc charger in the vast majority of installations. The 50a Redarc dc to dc charger is a nice unit, built like a tank. See a number of off-roaders using them. One big caveat though, they cost $500+. One could potentially purchase & stack 4, 40a Renogy dc to dc chargers for 160a of output for $519. Of course, this would require a dedicated, high capacity alternator to provide the necessary current. I've been told Renogy doesn't recommend stacking (connecting in parallel), but I've stacked 2 of them with no issues. I know but having the charger just work without babysitting it is priceless, especially for LifeP04 batteries. Next step is a dedicated alternater.
S Davis 02/05/23 11:38am Truck Campers
RE: Wiring 4 awg charging wire to upgrade 8 awg factory wire.

My Redarc 50amp just senses the voltage increase from the alternator and turns on, no trigger wire.
S Davis 02/04/23 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: 8 Gauge Wire

Input current will vary depending on wire size and length feeding the charger, that is probably why they don’t list it. I run a 50 amp Redarc and it outputs 50amps with an input of about 53-54 amps, but I have a 1/0 DLO charge line.
S Davis 01/22/23 10:59am Truck Campers
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