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RE: Quailridge Park Model folleys

neat to read of long term issues in a forum for short term rvers, We wont become a long term any time soon the travel rv life is still for us. Hope the issues work out for you. Our visits are becoming longer, a week to a month or 2 as we continue to love the USA.
SDcampowneroperator 07/01/20 09:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: The better 5th wheeler?

Build and features are different animals, with an Arctic Fox or its like you get better quality build with extreme weather capability vs same priced units with more glitz and features. DRV , New Horizons, are 2 that do both, for $$$ to $$$$ Excel did a fine job of straddling the line with shortish 5ers with great build heavy load capability and harsh weather capability. Sigh, they are gone. Be mindful of Mfgr. claims about tank capacities, insulation values, a wall or access door has only the R value of its thickness so claims of additional films etc. to add R value are gimmicks . Shorter, heavy for length should get you a durable unit. The 'Lite' unit is not for durability. . Be certain the tires, axles exceed weight rating, that suspension springs and shackles are greasable. Do not hesitate to demand name brand tires with ply rating higher than stock as a last bargaining issue. Next to loose trim, $ to fix, tires and suspension are the most troublesome $$$ to fix.
SDcampowneroperator 06/29/20 06:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I connect my sewer line when camping?

by all means for conservation and to reduce buildup of the dreaded Poo Pyramid it is best to allow your black tank to fill to capacity before dumping. Enough water must be used to do a flush. In regularly below freezing weather this is not an option waste Tank valves must be left open so no 'trap' and sufficient water used ( flush twice) to move the waste. This works in warm weather also but does ise extra water and take education particularly of the younger folks.. In any case enough water must be used to make the solids more fluid. The old saying is valid, ' flush twice, its a long way to the kitchen'
SDcampowneroperator 06/28/20 09:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Life of a trailer slide out?

cables stretch, have a lot of pulleys etc. Hydraulics are simple, powerful. Fast. Electrics have many different ways to work, all are a rack and pinion gear design either in a 2 point under floor or a 4 point top and bottom design. Fit and tolerance of gears is critical to longevity, as is the material they are made of. Lippert 4 rack top and bottom racks are aluminum. Longevity? wear? a few cycles. Cables and electrics are mechanical, subject to wear. For hundreds of cycles you choose. Threads of problems with slides abound around cables, my threads deal with electric RBW gear systems. For lifetime use and dependability hydraulic is the only choice. Nothing to fail or left to installer or builders mis alignment as was our$$$ gear issue.
SDcampowneroperator 06/24/20 10:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hauler to get my trailer from Florida to Canada?

We hired Horizon Transport to tow a firewood processor from Kentucky to S.Dakota 3 years ago , about 1400 mi., cost about $1700US $. Look them up.
SDcampowneroperator 06/24/20 07:15am Snowbirds
RE: World ‘awash in diesel’ and refiners are paying the price

Refining is not a set value, cracking can and does break those molecules into any fuel needed. Heavy oils or bitumen from the CDN oil fields and tar sands are transformed into any synthetic light sweet crude the end refiner needs by cracking with heat, water and natural gas. When those heavy oils are cracked, it adds cost to the product, thats why you see Brent and west Tx int. sell at different prices, and CDN syn crude. Prices on the market you see are at point of sale, FOB , not at delivery. The cost to market transportation via ship, pipe, rail, truck or through protesters ( who got to the protest in their vehicle) Oil is a world market. Thankfully due to American ingenuity and technology No. America is no longer dependent on offshore countries. The USA is a net exporter.
SDcampowneroperator 06/11/20 08:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: RBW Sideout arms crown gear stripping

Coachworks .They bought out all rbw left over stock
SDcampowneroperator 06/11/20 07:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Reservations for WRONG dates...

It happened many times when we owned our park. Be careful of your date entries, so asnot to confuse months. spell out the month, do not use its numerical 6 (june) 7 ( july ) can easily be confused with the dates. Other nations list day before month Thankfully you had a park ranger on top of it.
SDcampowneroperator 06/04/20 08:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: brakes on a double tow

thanks everyone, I did go with the surge brakes Bought the coupler, drum/ hubs and backing plates locally A local NAPA shop can outfit us with 3/16 steel tubing and hoses to the brakes. Electric just did not seem as effective on a double tow with the length of wire , loss of V/A that the truck might not supply. and the complexity. Surge brake coupler and hyd. 10 " 2.25" dexter backing plates. Surge brakes sized and adjusted properly are idiot proof, respond only to the weight of the load, independent of all other factors. price wise very spendy ( hyd. backing pl. double, plus surge and hyd. lines and hoses) over electric by the time it is done. Even considering my time in my welding/ mech shop. . Cheap compared to the value of a life. The drum brakes also have a free backing feature, so no need to lock out the coupler when backing the trailer. We are not in salt water so the more professional air/ elec/ over hyd. discs are over the top, nolicable for us. I do make it a point to inspect pack and adjust regularly. My pappy tought me that down on the farm. Thanks, I was headed this way just wanted a couple other opinions with experience. The electric system just had too many points to fail or not deliver braking power.
SDcampowneroperator 06/01/20 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
brakes on a double tow

We have been double towing 3500 / 5er/ MC trailer for many years all over the states and provinces that allow it, across some AHJs that frown on it without issue. The second trailer was light, short, under 1500# , so not required to have brakes. Now we are entering another stage of life ( retiring ) where we will double tow our 20' i/o boat behind our 35' 5er. Its in 75' legal length and under 26k weight here in the hinterland but does require brakes on the heavier second. I agree, I dont want that pushing us. The light weight toy trailer was noticable the 3500 # boat unacceptable for your safety and sensibly required by law to have brakes. My issue is to wheather install a hyd. surge brake system that is independent of electric brake activation . Surge brakes only activate on deceleration of the tow vehicle, cannot anticipate or correct from grades in the same way an experienced driver does. On the other hand, even braking on the light toy trailer would be great I can do that . I refer to my question of electric or surge hydraulic. I have long experience with both types, but I fear voltage/ amp drops to the second unit would reduce braking to less than positive where surge braking is inertial.
SDcampowneroperator 05/31/20 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Few questions from the future RV-er

From a past camp owners experience, ( Yea we sold and are retiring! ) we have seen every class, every type of user. Whatever type of user you are rent one like you think before you buy. Every class of unit has its positives and challenges. Only you can decide what is right for you. There are no better or best choices concerning brand, not always what you pay for is what you get. Reputation for one brand or another is frequently flavored by failure or success of components which are not the name brand builders component. Fot us, 5th whl with severe cold weather ( or hot) capability with very large holding tanks suitable for extended limited or no services stays is our choice. We like to travel in any weather and go off grid. and to limited service camps loke COEs for long periods Your bucket list is paramount.
SDcampowneroperator 05/27/20 08:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Spray foam insulation

Ive seen it when someone had a pro insulation co. sprayfoam the belly of a 5er. Owner heat traced water lines and tanks, He still froze up . What a mess to try to fix. Best insulatation improvement is to keep the airspace around water systems and insulate under. with hi density foam panels. with 2 of my TTs we wintered over in in Canada we heat traced water systems, dropped the axles screwed 1 1/2" pvc to the frame pulled out the Fiber glass then used 3" of rigid foam (r5/") and put the coroplast underbelly back on.
SDcampowneroperator 05/25/20 06:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Double towing

years ago when it was illegal to tow double in Ark. we were towing double across Ark. to Al. we stopped to fuel in Jonesboro, Ark. While fueling an Ark.patrolman also stopped to fuel. He looked our Unit over, I asked ' Officer, see anything? he replied you are illegal in this state, legal in yours. You have towed this far so as long as you dont have trouble here, we will let you through. If you have trouble, we will come down on you hard. The double standard in many AHJs that allow or deny private unit towing rules is absurd. In N. Caroliina today doubles are permitted if you have a NASCAR sticker on the trailer even if one is a boat., not if the first is a 5er I have appealed to national (ARVC) and state leaders many times to lead effort to standardize rules for. recreational units the same way as Commercial units have. Nothing will change until private rvers drivers licenses and equipment are vetted in the same standard as ICC drivers and rules for equipment..
SDcampowneroperator 05/20/20 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: PROPANE on the cheap

demand is down for all fuels. retailers and resellers, to continue sales and keeping their doors open adjust their profit margin to reflect the lower volume. operating expenses have not gone down, volume has. So higher margin on the lower volume is the only way to remain open. Economics 101
SDcampowneroperator 05/12/20 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: I Have One Chance

To make it work and get her into rv life, go large. Shes used to all the comforts of s&b, show her they are still there in a mobile package. Any less, you will not convince her into a mobile life.
SDcampowneroperator 05/12/20 08:01pm Snowbirds
RE: Jamaica Beach RV Resort

We have been to Jamaica Beach twice. Once just after it opened, then again 4 years ago. The owners are very experienced with hospitality, had just purchased additional land lagoon side to expand. We were impressed with their vision to landscape with grassy lots and concrete roads and pads, and entertain guests. We learned from them on ideas to increase our guest experience. The uncrowded beach has a vehicle access lot just across the hiway, with undeveloped dunes Our only choice on the island.
SDcampowneroperator 05/08/20 06:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What to look for when inspecting a used TT for purchase

Other posters covered water intrusion well. It is the worst enemy of an RV. If the renewal of suspect areas is due, plan on doing it. Appliances should be verified in working order. They do have an expected life, dependent on usage. Absorption fridges are the most common failure with common life of 10 years. However if they have had steady use Ive seen them last over 40 years. Seems like ocassional use shortens their life, so a lightly used camper may be in better condition with little wear, due to lack of use fridge, battery( storage without charge) may be suspect to need replacement soon. No other appliance has a ( life) but the cold water heater, that is dependent on service of its sacrificial anode, so little use is a plus. Tires and suspension are a great indicator of use. If wear is even and light, that does not indicate a lightly used unit, it just means it hasnt gone far. I do not fear chinese tires. Now 9 years on chen yung long march g14 245/85//16. rated 110 psi, running. 85psi. 45 k miles Wear and service is wonderful. Its about underusing capacity. When you stress your limits to capacity, tow or towed is when issues happen . over truck , under load do your due diligence.
SDcampowneroperator 05/06/20 09:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with a Fish

Frabill website says 2 D cell batteries last up to 50+ hours. Does not say what brand batteries I have kept up to 2 dozen minnows in one for 24 hours with only a couple dying. Betas or guppies are much hardier, oxygen and temp.wise. As well, you are aerating only a couple of fish, not dozens.
SDcampowneroperator 05/01/20 07:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Traveling with a Fish

battery powered air bubblers are easy to find , they are common for minnow buckets. ebay, walmart, Frabill 2.2 gal. direct. cheapest best insulated minnow buket aerator they have a lid
SDcampowneroperator 04/30/20 08:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Frame less windows

Ive had 2 frameless winwows shatter. These Windows are tempered glass which can take serious impact to face, not to edge, If a rock hits the edge of exposed tempered glass it will shatter. The model # is somewhere on the frame of the window . You can order a new unit from the mfgr, ( Hehr? ) in our case it was much cheaper easier to have a local glass shop repair the broken unit.. We did the R& R, very easy, they only made the glass
SDcampowneroperator 04/28/20 08:38pm Tech Issues
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