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RE: Best area to boondock in Quartzsite for two nights

best IMO SxS riding is around Bouse Lots of free 14 day blm land north or south of Plomosa rd without crowds. Its a bit too far to ride to SxS to the Q , but worth it. A Day iin Q is enough. Pm for joining us to ride the wild country.
SDcampowneroperator 01/19/20 08:49pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: State route 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona

we are driving it tommorrow with a 35' 5er and a second trlr with the sxs. Going to Bouse and the Q. no problem.
SDcampowneroperator 01/07/20 08:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Survey for online reservation vs old school phone and email

Thank all of you for your ideas, comments and concerns. To answer some questions or concerns, Yes we are selling, actualy nearing contract. We have researched every online res. system that could work with our camp, as it is not a uniform camp, is the only online system that shows all our unique criteria and intimate knowledge of our sites, thus guaranteeing best match and satisfaction for those who prefer to reserve that way. All our previous reservation request (old way, phone email ) is active and encouraged for the onliners to call ahead if you have any concern or request We are setting this up with full knowlege and approval of the new operators, as a added value for you our guests and an option that over half of reservists prefer. On my survey I asked 5 questions. Responses generally were mixed about 50/50. Some only online, some only in personal contact. You can always call then complete in the online way to make the instant reservation or go through our request a res. which may take a day or 2 . . Site lock fee seemed understood. Guess its a new thing for some. For instance, If you designate you only want a particular site such as #60, or # 49 for their special attributes for a small fee that site will be Locked and gauranteed for you. You will not be moved to another site we have deemed equal or better for our occupancy optimization If you designate a site type with your dates, equipment size and configuration you will see which sites are available that suit you. There will be representative photos of that type of site to view. To see actual 2019 photos of each site, go to linked on our home page If you do not designate a specific site with the reasonable site lock fee, then the system will shift you to another site we have deemed equal or better with the attributes you input on your online reservation. You will get an instant email if this happens. Again, We have administrative control. Should you be concerned , CALL We have blocked out some sites as unreservable for staff, walk ups and some others we designated as unsuitable for large units, for the unforseen such as day early arrivals or those unfortunate with a health or equipment issue that delays departure on schedule. As these are rare, but necessary occurances, we must serve our reserved guests first. Therefore, if you see no availability online CALL! There may well be Thank tou all for your comments and concerns To you all We wish you a very merry Christmas We and all our staff thank you for assuring ours is .
SDcampowneroperator 12/24/19 11:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Generator theft.

Whats your key# ch751, 575. 223. we all have those. go get new locks if you are concerned
SDcampowneroperator 12/22/19 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
Survey for online reservation vs old school phone and email

The trend is to online with or without site lock fee. There are several providers of online res. systems that are limited to showing dates and level of service. Finally ,there is an online res. system that deals with the intracies of parks and you. When you want to make a res. at an reservation hosted park, you will be required to go through a field of questions that concern your unit and wishes even in depth as to which sat. tv. provider and allow you to pick and see current photos of that site. If you do not lock the site for fee, , then occupancy optimization may shift you to another site designated as equal or better of the same type. Should this happen you get an automated confirmation email of the site # change. We have searched high and low, tried everything This is the best that works for you and us at this time. We have always given the best we have to the first caller, the early bird got the worm. Whats your vote? 1- is it worth your trouble. to reserve online? No phone or email? Secure deposit and payment? instant confirmation? 2- Are you OK with a site lock fee? 3- Are you OK with an equal or better site we designate should the system shift your site to optimize our occupancy? If you did not designate a specific site, area or need? 4- Accessibiliy in our camp is of highest concern therefore, we have locked out certain sites for reservation for staff, or because those sites have special needs like a dang good driver . Call or email if the system tells you no availibility. Might not be true. 5- Groups can reserve differently. For adjoining sites and cabins, a reservation locks all those requested for a period until each party confirms with administrative hold. Votes please line by line. comments welcome
SDcampowneroperator 12/22/19 08:34pm Beginning RVing
RE: Elec. heat v. Gas heat

Heat pump roof top units will only work to about +40 f otherwise thet freeze up as they do not have a defrost cycle. Most thermostats then switch to furnace heating then back to heat pump when the day warms. If cost is a factor, calculate resistance heating at 5160btu/ kwh, 80 % of 91502/gal btu for propane, heat pump @ 8200btu/ kwh roughly depending on unit. Given that in our market that propane fills are $3.50/ gallon and elec. is ,15/kw, then its equal with propane furnace heat output, no savings. Market price for power, propane and temps. you are in are your search. It may be in some places better to heat with propane. Other places electric . heat pumps are generally best when they work. Know the costs and how your system works.
SDcampowneroperator 12/21/19 11:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Typical problem we all see in RV parks.

Theres a facebook campground owners group we are members of where the discussion is 90% what to do with /about seasonals and permanents. For many rv parks those are their bread and butter, and do try to place them in a separate section if the park can. You do not run into this in public camps due to necessary stay limits. If you are unfortunate to get a site next to the long terms or the blue hairs ( also known in our business as 'Que Tips' for their white shoes, white dog or hair color, any 2 qualify) , the playground or pool, inevitably there will be some mixing . not everyone can be pleased or placed within their group. How is a camp operator to know unless you give all that info and then ' lock' the site? Rv Parks are a very fluid place. Workers come and go with their schedule, not always on 1st of month like snowbirds and sunbirds. Heres an example of requests we get with some humor, not a joke. . Request a 50 a fhu spacious pull thru with no children or campfires near, shady with satellite tv, no noisy vehicles low traffic area, near washrooms and laundry. Quiet time 7-7 full refund of deposit if we drive in and do not like what we see even though we hit the accept policy button. and looked at the camp on google earth. Or we will write you bad reviews This is not humorous or a joke. Its true. I' ll be changing my handle soon, we are selling, and I'm so glad.
SDcampowneroperator 12/20/19 07:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: On Board LP gauge

Ive filled thousands of tanks and bottles. This is common that the remote does not match the actual float level guage. Trust the float. Now, what about that 1/4- 3/4 thing? If 80% just a smidge over 75% is full, then shouldnt the guage show 1/3, 2/3, full? know your tank size. The WC # on it is a weight of LPG if its portable is its capacity of water, so 80% is its capacity in LPG. On mounted asme tanks, capacity is given in gallons, also in water capacity, so 80% of the gallons capacity in water is the LPG capacity. A common C Mh has 40# tank. about 10 gallons. At 1/4 on the guage, you still have 1/3, or 3,3 gallons.
SDcampowneroperator 12/16/19 06:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best Fuel Preservative for Pure Gas ???

I am curious why some run premium when their small engines only require regular gas? Simple. Most premium fuel is also ethanol free gasoline. In bigger engines the benefits go far beyond not having gummed up carb’s, the net cost per mile is lower running premium gas than regular gas. The increased fuel mileage exceeds the increased cost per gallon. Someone smarter than me can please explain the above is simply not true. Me too, I would like to see some proof of cost over cost. High octane fuels are needed for high compression motors to prevent pre ignition, Knock. Here. where I live at high altitude, low octane (85) ethanol gas gives equal mileage to 91 pure in vehicles. Cant see a difference in performance either. SDDOT.GOV results. Back to OPs question. Ethanol fuels absorb moisture from atmosphere as ethanol is a dessicant and the resulting water contamination can be a serious issue. Ethanol is an alcohol 1 of 7 miscibles that dissolve in any amount of water. So your beer may be a near beer (.05 %) or an 190proof Everclear. Thats what ethanol is is a highly distilled grain alcohol. It loves water and can turn your gas into 10 % near beer. I use 87 octane 10% ethanol in regular drivers with sealed tanks, 91 no ethanol in seasonals like boat , snowsleds, mowers, Harley, and 100LL av gas in all 2 cycle tools. Never a stabilizer. Some sea foam for fun at beginning of the season for that machine.
SDcampowneroperator 12/16/19 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Fuel Preservative for Pure Gas ???

Not quite what you are asking, but since you keep a small amount for extended time, an alternative may to go to your local private airport and buy 100 octane av gas. It does not need stabilized, costs more but does not need stabilizing so cost is about a wash. We have been doing it for years for our 2 cycle tools, and they love it.
SDcampowneroperator 12/14/19 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Water filter upstream of the pump?

Ask the camp. You may not need any, especially if on city water.
SDcampowneroperator 12/11/19 09:14pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

good discussion that misses a important point. Talk all you want about how or where to carry extra stuff, what will that weight do to handling where its placed? Think this through. is it worth it? the dog may wag his tail, not the reverse.
SDcampowneroperator 12/11/19 09:11pm Truck Campers
RBW Sideout arms crown gear stripping

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30009780
SDcampowneroperator 12/07/19 08:25pm Technology Corner
RBW Sideout arms crown gear stripping

Our 2009 Carriage 5er had a major failure with the door side slideout. The crown gear that intersects the rack on the motor end stripped. The gear was only 1/3 way engaged on the rack. Google search revealed an issue on ( ) dating back to 2008 Old threads are. still out there. RBW is out of business, soldout to ALKO. who sold rbw supplies out to Coachworks. I found the gear there for $ 156! A lippert gear is $12 Heres the issue RBW gear alignment, By switching the motor driven sprocket bronze bushing to an inside, front from rear allowed me to rearrange spacers and bearings to fully engage the crown gear to the rack. This did not affect the motor to primary drive gear as they have overwidth gears ro align hears the new alingment front to rear, on theright side of your RV. wide 3/4"bearingwith 1/4" bushing to the front crown gear Crown gear larger shaft with pin will complete bearing with larger 1"bore that 3/4 steelbushing starts. next is the crown gear then bearing and spacers to fill up the space to the right so that Then you slide the shaftto your right enough to place the captive pin in the motor driven gear, then push the shaft back left to install the rack gear pin and cotter key. A critical step is to ensure alignment and fill spacing to the left (rear) so that the shaft cannot drift
SDcampowneroperator 12/07/19 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Texas RR 337

Tx 335, 336, 337 are known as the '3 twisted sisters ' are famous amongst motorcyclists The route going west from Medina to Utopia, then to Leakey (pronounced lakey) then north along the rio frio up onto the edwards plateau, then descending by the most twisted route back to Medina or Kerrville are a motor cyclists dream. NOT a route for rvs.
SDcampowneroperator 12/01/19 10:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: 4 year old Forest River vent covers already failed

Maxxair covers are made with polycarbonate,AKA as Lexan a very high strength uv impact resistant material. Vent lids are made of cheaper lighter plexiglas material Not as UV or impact resistant. Get Maxxairs.
SDcampowneroperator 11/28/19 08:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Custer SP?

No SD State Park offers full hook ups All SD state parks are electric only , primative, with a community water tap and a dump station. Except In Custer State Park there is only one dump station for all 5 camps. If it is not convenient to you, there are options in private parks nearby to dump.
SDcampowneroperator 11/21/19 06:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is an RV Resort??

Resorts are in the eye of the builder. Its term is usually used to catch travellers as an 'exclusive' clientele, not because it has any exclusive amenity except probably those parks with unit type , clothing option , or age restrictions. Ignore the naming. A resort, park, campground, find your place with your wishes with your fingers, friends and google earth. Review sites such as,,, are useful, not dependable. you choose what is what is right for you.
SDcampowneroperator 11/20/19 06:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

Contact your propane supplier/dealer about upgrading your bottles with float gauges/ valves. That ebay price might not look so good with the installation which must be done when they are emptied. you may end up with a higher cost than buying new bottles with the float giage valves. Then sell your standard bottles to ?
SDcampowneroperator 11/13/19 05:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: best 5th wheel hitch for std. bed 2500HD Chevy

Dont limit your self to an auto slider that requires your tow to be perfectly straight and level to the towed to hook/unhook. There are so many camps where angles or terrain would not be suitable. if you have to have a slider, get a manual one, or for less money get a longer bed truck where you wont need a slider.
SDcampowneroperator 11/11/19 08:07pm Tech Issues
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