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RE: DYI Electric brakes

Adjust electric drum brakes every. 2k miles, even if the mfgr says they are self adjusting. We have poor experience with self adjusters . Have a helper apply the brakes in the tow, its better than pulling the pin on the breakaway switch. use a V/A meter to insure application at each wheel. Volts and amps. Undersize or poor connections in wiring will still show voltage but not the amperage to fully engage the brake. 12 v dc needs a fat wire with strong connections to carry the current to those magnets. Simplest method to verify brakes are working is to use a compass. with the brakes engaged, the north needle will lock onto that wheels magnet.
SDcampowneroperator 01/18/21 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane regulator?

Flare fittings do not use any selant. Compression fittings I do not know, but I would not trust for flammables. vibration too tight or loose on what tube is critical. Pipe to pipe Yellow teflon tape or Harvey 55 goop. A spray bottle with a 10/90% dish soap to water is a great leak detector for just about anything.
SDcampowneroperator 01/16/21 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: 4 down towing vehicles

We saw many a pick up towed 4 down behind MHs, As ( rear and front gas or diesels) and Cs ( again either fuel) both auto trans and manual. 4 WD trucks have a neutral in the selector switch to allow towing. It. also allows carrying other cargo like a M/C. Your expectation of power,economy and gcvr is the limiting factor. Definitely install auxiliary brakes on the tow. You cannot have a heavy vehicle pushing the coach. A consideration if you are adventurous in your travels that puts you in a situation is, I have seen and done backing up a 4 down many times, just have a spotter watch the front wheels. Its no different than backing a trailer except for the front wheels, if you have to turn sharp they may not follow the turn. It is a myth that 4 down cannot be backed or that damage will happen. Hitches that can pull can also be pushed on. Its MFGR Cover Butt Speak.
SDcampowneroperator 01/15/21 06:36pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

I had a roof sag on our 1973 Vanguard 20' tt. in Manitoba. A 1986 24" snowstorm put 30" on the roof. It was parked in a sheltered area that drifted a lot. The roof was framed with 2x2"! We, yes we, not a shop, removed all the roof, reframed with 2x4 alot more insulation and arc to the roof. After 9 years in 1989 sold it for 90% of what we paid for it. The quality roof and better heating cooling insulation made the sale.
SDcampowneroperator 01/11/21 08:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Giving it up

I believe I would make the same choice Would she ? for you.
SDcampowneroperator 01/11/21 08:33pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Problems with past RV Parks you've stayed at?

back ins with hookups on tthe door, right side? I have seen this design for motorhomes to pull in headfirst then back out due to the land Built some in my camp after seeing it done well in Spring Branch, Tx. MHers love it, their view is forward, open to scenery, and easier to back out of than into. issue is that the camp MUST designate MH Only for a site so built. Sadly, not all camp operators are up to speed on rv design and needs. Seems to me that on sites like this is might be advantageous to have them on BOTH side, that way you do not limit who can use it. If done during initial build or infrastructure upgrades, seems like a minimal investment to make the site always available. The camp in Spring Branch, Tx. did it that way because of the hill in front, So did we because of the drop off. There was no way to pull in a trailer and get the Tow unhooked and around. To place hookups on the side where a trailer could also use it would be in the way of slides, risk to damage to unit and pedestal. Placing hookups on both sides works for buddy sites But where is the $ sense in it? A 15' sewer hose reaches under. $500 wont do it, for that, then theres the issue of door to door when they arent buddies. Many A MH ers have a ' class' concept to towable units. This is clear in the many MH Only ( Flat Bus Front Only, no Truck front Renegade types alowed) Its their right, same as an HOA has rules, To us rules limiting type, age, ( of unit and occupants) smack of some idea of supremacy due to a type of unit, , dare we say bigotry.? We are so glad to have sold our camp.
SDcampowneroperator 01/11/21 07:07pm Family Camping
RE: Problems with past RV Parks you've stayed at?

back ins with hookups on tthe door, right side? I have seen this design for motorhomes to pull in headfirst then back out due to the land Built some in my camp after seeing it done well in Spring Branch, Tx. MHers love it, their view is forward, open to scenery, and easier to back out of than into. issue is that the camp MUST designate MH Only for a site so built. Sadly, not all camp operators are up to speed on rv design and needs.
SDcampowneroperator 01/10/21 07:09pm Family Camping
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

I am building a new encloced trailer- mentioned in a previous post- I ordered a 7 pin trailer pigtail from a usa supplier with junction box that turns out DOESNot. have the the standard left lellow, right turn green, blue, brake etc. in Ohming the connectors I will get irt right, Could it be an un international standard? Aussie, Euro does it differently?
SDcampowneroperator 01/09/21 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Heating pads

Yes. old waterbed heating pads with thermostat worked well The attachment of them to the EPDM tanks was troublesome, theres few caulks that can do the job. We used a butyl rubber caulk
SDcampowneroperator 01/06/21 08:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How did I do this? - Bent Ball Mount

. My guess with bending down of the 2 5/16 " main ball mount and the left lean ( possible a also forward lean? ) of the left friction sway brake mini ball is that too sharp of a left jackknife turn bottomed out the left friction sway brake which would pull on the main ball, push on the mini ball. causing both to bend their mounts as shown. From my welders and fabricators point of view, it is not a fault with the hitch, Maybe just too sharp of a turn, the sway brake rear mount set up too close on the tongue to allow fullslide action before ending its stroke. This would cause one to bend down, the other up and sideways proportionally to the forces.
SDcampowneroperator 01/04/21 06:48pm Towing
RE: Living in a Trailer

Lee, I feel your pain. DW in a memory health issue, like Alzhiemers? likely the read from your post. Others touch upon the financial issues, I surmise you are financially secure and looking to maximize your time with your lady and family with a mobile lifestyle. Liquidation of assets is complicated, only you can decide the right way, distribute now while you can, or have your personal rep. do it when you pass away There is no time like today. DW is in a state where she cannot participate, yet you know her wishes. She has certainly worked with you beforehand. The family home after the loss of a spouse is often a minutae reminder of that lost partner. Is it tempting to go off to a new adventure and leave that home behind? Yes for the short term, no in the long term. You may need it for your own health issues someday. I prefer a home base when end of life is possible. Go out , travel, any way you wish. your lady will be with you.
SDcampowneroperator 12/30/20 08:12pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Boondocking Etiquette

BLM & USFS, many State lands are open to dispersed camping. Many are not. Inquire from the dept. for maps, before you go. the USFS calls theirs MVUM ( motor vehicle use maps ) that show where and when you can camp on or use forest service land. BLM & State lands have their own rules, of dispersed camping locations and ' marking your site'. while away for the day is accepted with personal effects 14 day stay limits are the normal, with a move of 25 miles to the next site. I have seen this rule broken in Az. BLM, rigs a month or more in the same spot. Here in the Black Hills NF , it is enforced. A ranger will make you move. Off Road Vehicle use on the land seems to be a concern, with wild land fire major. The areas Ive seen off limits to dispersed camping are areas with tall grass, dense forest, remote for emergency fire service. Get out and enjoy your lands. Be respectful, do no harm. Any unnatural marker you are away for the day should do.
SDcampowneroperator 12/30/20 06:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Parks And Places Online

simply, federal law you cannot profit from personal use of gov. lands without payment, permit. You can with a use. permit such as firewood, personal or commercial, . Commercial for profit use of federal lands are by license only. A camp in the Black Hills that led horseback rides thru the forest was bankrupted for lack of license, permit. On our last winter sojourn to backcountry Az, where 4x4 sxs were prevalent and camps led paid guides to lead guided tours all over the BLM lands I arose the issue, to the camp owner, he immediatelly ended the practice Gov. lands are all ours, where they are impacted by the few there should be protection and compensation for use of our land.
SDcampowneroperator 12/27/20 08:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cannot open grey or black tank

thank you Op for working so hard to help out someone so needful Now you mention the unit has been unused, parked in a Yuma summer for 6 months, an idea comes to mind. could it be that it has dry solids blockage on the tank side of the valves? Soaking for some time might be enough to soften the dried waste and loosen them, A power jet from the load side should speed that up if one could guide the pressure washer to the load side of the valves. Many times when I owned our camp we used our wacker honey wagon to suck out contents of waste tanks through the toilet , a roof vent or sink after trap.apapted down to a 1" hose We also used it this way to break up the dreaded Poop pyramid. What the vacuum pump sucked out and cleared the blockage was always young girls clothing. as both dump valves are stuck with the unit unused for a long time, it looks to me to be a dryed out waste issue that may release given some time. Marry christmas to all!
SDcampowneroperator 12/25/20 09:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cannot open grey or black tank

Watching Theres more than posted trouble going on.. Maybe the wreck?
SDcampowneroperator 12/24/20 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Greasing the hitch

I never used grease, as it attracts dirt , sand and other abrasive stuff. A dry lube like a graphite spray does a good job and is not messy or attracts dirt. proper Set up and sizing of a WDH hitch is more the issue. Lubeing will help with the creaks and groans, however as far as I know, wear from an un lubed hitch has not been a problem. They outlast both the tow and towed without noticeable wear. All of my WDH hitches were basic Reese with right sized bars with chains to 'sturrup' type tensioners. some movement yes, little to wear. More complex hitches may demand more lube. Think on this, a WDH hitch is a very slightly movably part that only is moving during hard turns. The purpose for it is to stabilize, equalize the weight between axles, thus reducung the effect of the Tail wagging the Dog. To also reduce that effect, in comes the simple sway brake, or the old proven reese 'cam ' style sturrup bar end sturrup. Reese recommended in those old days to not use grease, as friction was a necessary part of the sway control.
SDcampowneroperator 12/22/20 06:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ideal RV space size for new park?

Put hookups in the center of the "run". This way spaces can be utilized as "buddy" spots where RVs can pull in alternate directions to put door sides together. The one pulling in "backwards" hooks up by pulling utilities under their RV.When you pull a sewer hose under the rv to reach the septic system it is inevitable that you will leave a trail of waste when you pull that hose back out when you disconnect to leave. Plus, when you allow some people to pull in the opposite way to make those buddy sites, someone will want to pull in backwards for some other reason, meaning their door will open into the neighbor's yard. That neighbor who doesn't know that guy generally will not like that. We never, ever allowed rigs to park any direction other than the direction that was intended by the design of the site. OP, read rhis closely. there is so much more for you to consider that this poster writes of. As an annotation of your 5 acres, what acreage will be for fresh / waste water, roads, public space, service buildings.Its presumable you do not have city water / sewer at site. What of the surrounding properties? Will they be amenable, or attractive to your probable clientele? What acreage is left to be rvsites? From the many 5 acre camp in. the nation not more than 30 sites From my perspective it looks like a long shot to be licensed, more so to be financially worthwhile, eventually a residential trailer park with all the trappings of an landlord vs inn keeper. You could well work this formula in another jurusdiction with near access to highwayw and by ways to attractions. As one of the retired, past work men do not place your fortunes on that fleeting moment.
SDcampowneroperator 12/21/20 08:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing with a dually or single?need help please

We tow a 16k Fiver loaded weight with a second ( double tow) 2.5 k trailer. Gross 26k with a SRW 3500 extrended cab long bed. diesel. No issues of stability, overloading, braking. If a SRW is rated to do the job with pin weight, why is DRW justified? Not. More important to handling is wheelbase.. A longer trucks wheelbase is the stability, not the extra tires, the springs and axles are the same. Get over the length and parking issues of a long bed. Save yourself the cost of slider hitches, have the room for cargo or an extra fuel tank. Our 80 gal in bed diesel tank extends range 900 mi. more.
SDcampowneroperator 12/20/20 08:46pm Towing
RE: Ideal RV space size for new park?

First is to contact your state and national associatoins. CampCal Now , and ARVC Do not even think of building a camp without the guidance of these regulatory bodies helping you. NHPA guidelines are not law, are helpful in design. to answer your simple questions, Less is more. The expansion in size, of RVs (yes a trailer is an rv) demands more space, L x W so less units will occupy your land, but at lower cost and demand on utility. Trends today with slides and awninggs demand a minimum of 40' width post to post, with todays 45' MHs and 5ers with tow and toys mean that with disconnect , unload 80' is the mean length of a pull through Site sizing at this time is the foremost of your issues, I would say that 5 acres is not enough to open enough sites to make it a profitable venture.
SDcampowneroperator 12/19/20 09:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: looking for a workspace with RV hookups

Back in my pipelining days when the camps were full, and we late hires had to look/ make do, find a place to hookup in farm and ranch country a visit to the local supply store always found us a place in a farmers yard, at an abandoned -underused work site with buildingsthat might suit you. Look to places that have had a recent or seasonal construction boom ,or are in population decline due to mechanization of agriculture. Theres new constructed buildings for lease that might welcome an attendant.
SDcampowneroperator 12/15/20 09:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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