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RE: Generator Issues

Eyedropper works pretty good too to squirt gasoline into the carb. Trick my friend told me for a gas powered pressure washer that ran bad was to cover the intake with your hand a few times. Idea is that the extra suction caused by blocking the intake will clear out a clogged pilot jet. We got lucky and like some small motors the pilot jet pops out in seconds for easy cleaning. So i never tried that trick. But its not a bad idea for the generator. If you can get it running try putting a piece of cardboard over the intake and kill the motor. Might get lucky and clear up whatever is clogged. I run avgas and Maxima SuperM in 2 stroke power equipment and never had a problem no matter how long it sat. I have a vintage Suzuki 125 that clogs if I put even a quart of pump gas in I end up with problems. I have a Honda powered lawnmower that has never been affected by pump gas and it is 15 years old.
SMarquez 10/22/20 12:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator Issues

The China bomb carb from Amazon worked perfectly. It came with an in line fuel shut off. It ran with a surge at first but adding 10 gallons of fresh gas fixed that. I have not had any luck with fuel stabilizers. I think the shut off is the fix. I also pumped the gas out of the tank for use in the cars. I'll just put a couple gallons in to exercise the generator and not leave any crappy California gas in it anymore.
SMarquez 10/22/20 12:38pm Toy Haulers
RE: Weekend Warrior flooring

try coretec pro plus, its suitable for non-climate controlled installations. you can order it from most tile & flooring\carpet stores. This is info I was looking for. The vinyl stuff from HD and Lowes will have warnings not to use in extreme temp swings or non-climate controlled environments.
SMarquez 10/22/20 12:22pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan 4K - Code 36 - Low Fuel or What?

If there was any fuel left in the carb it is probably shot.
SMarquez 10/22/20 12:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

I did an amazon carb for my Onan. It worked perfectly when we went out. I would bet your carb is shot.
SMarquez 10/22/20 12:17pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator Issues

I got the generator to crank it won't start. Runs on starter fluid for a couple seconds. It's the stupid carburetor again. They aren't rebuildable and when they **** the bed they just get replaced. I thought I was doing good. I kept stabil in the gas but it just crapped out. Calling around, that carb is on national back order from Onan. I found a carb in town for $350 but I just can't see paying that much for a part that is what 2 RV repair places called "junk". I'm going to try a China bomb carb. If it goes bad in a year I'm only out $50.
SMarquez 10/02/20 09:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator Issues

I suppose it could still be corroded battery wires. The posts and terminals are clean. I've seen corrosion creep up under insulation and cause problems. Too **** hot to mess with it right now.
SMarquez 09/30/20 04:38pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator Issues

No crank at first, very weak incomplete crank now. My wife is out of town but reminded me when I called to tell her about it that it has been kind of cranky starting. Sometimes would clank and then hook up and crank after a couple stabs at the starter button. I think it might be the starter now that she reminded me.
SMarquez 09/30/20 04:36pm Toy Haulers
Generator Issues

A couple hard hits to the family got me off my generator maintenance schedule so when I went out to try and start the gen I had a no crank issue. The terminal posts were pretty corroded so I cleaned those all the way up and still get a no crank. I have power in the trailer. The batts are Costco 6v and are 3 years old. They still have water covering the plates and have 6.7 and 6.6 volts individually, 13.3 obviously together. I'm getting out of the heat for now but will test for juice at the starter later. It is a 4kw Onan Microquiet. Up until now I was exercising it monthly and had no issues. The last time I ran it was probably June. Aside from what I have done so far does anyone have any other tips or anything else to consider when I get back out there? Thanks
SMarquez 09/30/20 12:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake Controller/Brake Issues.

Here's the follow-up. I took the truck to a auto repair shop I trust. They had it for a week and decided it was the brake pedal switch though I had already replaced it. Their non-OE switches didn't work. This became a real head scratcher. They then opened up the switch and said it looked defective, aligned some contacts and that fixed it. Remember, the ABS problem started with the replacement switch. I probably should have just gone straight to the dealer for an OE switch.
SMarquez 06/10/20 10:04pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake Controller/Brake Issues.

I was so frustrated when I posted this I left some info out. The controller went on the truck a long time ago, a factory pigtail wired into the controller. The brake pedal switch was replaced by me. I forgot to mention that when I replaced the switch it triggered an ABS light. At that point I got a B1485 ABS code that said brake pedal position circuit short to battery. The guy that did the repair said he replaced the switch but it didn't fix the problem. He thought that there was a problem with the switches from his supplier. He opened my original switch and said the contacts were out of alignment. He tweaked the contacts and that fixed it. The ABS light went out and I got the cruise control back. It makes me think that there is a problem with the controller. I do trust this guys shop and have had work done before BUT, he is not a dedicated auto electric shop. I'm think I should buy a genuine Ford BP switch and see where it goes from there.
SMarquez 05/23/20 09:56am Toy Haulers
RE: I need a new fuel tank 60x19x7

Try here too.
SMarquez 05/22/20 06:28pm Toy Haulers
Brake Controller/Brake Issues.

Long post but I'm trying to figure out which problem came first. After a trip in March right before the shutdown, I traveled to Paso Robles during which time it was raining. I had trouble with my truck, lost cruise control, brake lights and trailer braking. The braking wasn't a big deal which is a testament to using enough truck. So I get home and check the trailer brakes and find the front drivers side brake wire broken so I know that brake couldn't have been working. I reconnect everything and adjust the brakes and test. I have no brakes on the right side. After much messing around I decide the magnets are shot. No actuating after powering them direct with a battery. I decided to get the electrical in the truck squared away before I chase this around. So I get the truck fixed and decide to test the brake controller. It turns out I have 12.5v at the blue wire right out of the controller which I thought only got powered when it was actuated. I only have 4.5v though the brake wires. I know the controller kind of acts like a rheostat for the brakes but shouldn't I see 12v when I hit the slider? I'm a little confused. Any help out there? Thanks
SMarquez 05/22/20 05:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: tow vehicle advice

Google the truck you want from that year and look at the specs for towing. A new Ford F250 single rear wheel is rated at 15,000 and a diesel is rated at 14,000. Your numbers change with gear ratios. Dually puts you at 18,000. Lots of research to be done to be safe.
SMarquez 03/18/20 01:36pm Toy Haulers
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