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RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Couple of things. Those shavings are quite flammable so dispose of them properly. Another thing is you should check around to see if you can find someone with a band saw that can resaw that 2" board to 2 15/16" boards. Better than turning half of that black walnut into shavings.
STBRetired 03/27/20 08:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

So what's next on the agenda? Cabinets? Countertop?
STBRetired 03/25/20 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Tailgater

Contact King.They make a controller that replaces the power injector that will allow you to use the DirecTV dish (Quest) to receive Dish network. It's called the UC-1000 or something like that. they might have one that lets the Tailgater pick up the 101 satellite that DirecTV uses. You obviously will need to have a DirecTV receiver and contract. The Wally or Hopper will not work with DirecTV.
STBRetired 03/24/20 08:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Winegard SensarPro wall plate problem

Try running a temporary piece of coax from the Sensar Pro directly to the antenna head. had the coax fail on mine where it entered the roof after many years of flexing as the antenna was raised and lowered.
STBRetired 03/24/20 07:40pm Technology Corner
RE: General Question About Routers

Verizon offers other "Unlimited" plans that give you more than 15GB per month before throttling. They tend to be REALLY expensive. We have the 15GB plan and can usually manage to get through the month without getting throttled since we have DirecTV for entertainment and don't stream movies, etc. IF all you use it for is email, you can probably get by with 2GB plan. When I was working from home, I burned through about 3GB per day so a mobile hotspot plan was not practical at all. Check your computer to see if it will report your network usage. That can help you get your plan sized properly.
STBRetired 03/23/20 01:47pm Technology Corner
RE: F-53 V-10 Oil Capacity

1999 2-valve 6.5 quarts
STBRetired 03/22/20 08:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

We did that with the Ninja oven and the coffee maker. I put cup hooks into the wall and we use bungee cords to secure then for travel. Works well.
STBRetired 03/21/20 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Get better soon. And stop sniffing that lacquer.
STBRetired 03/11/20 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I went to a Progressive Dynamics Converter.......

Have the 9280 14.4V version. #4 is the largest wire that will fit in the converter lugs. The run to the T-105 Trojans is about 12 feet and I measure 14.37V at the battery terminals in "boost" mode. Have had the Trojans and the PD for 3 years. Hardly ever need to add water. Have had no issues with the batteries or the converter. Very happy with it.
STBRetired 03/10/20 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: LOUD Transmission drone at 58-62MPH

Try taking the transmission out of overdrive (D with circle) and see if drone still happens at same speed. Downshifting to D uses different gearing in transmission. If drone still the same, then is not transmission, but most likely u-joint or rear differential. If drone is gone, or now happens at different speeds, then suspect transmission.
STBRetired 03/08/20 06:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a 2003 F150 4X4 Behind a Class A - Will it work?

If your 4x4 is "automatic", then you will need to look at options like a driveshaft disconnect. If you have a selector knob on the dash that lets you choose 4x2 or 4x4 there is a kit available from Ford that lets you put the transfer case into neutral (between 4H and 4L). I have that kit installed on my 2002 Explorer Sport Trac. It requires a computer update so has to be done by the dealer. I forget what I cost, but I think it was in the neighborhood of $500.
STBRetired 03/07/20 07:13am Dinghy Towing
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

One person's refer inside temp was approaching 60 degrees. Upon adding a couple of fans to pull air across the cooling fins, the temp dropped to about 40 inside. This was in outside air temperatures in excess of 90 degrees. This particular unit had the refer in a slide out, and there was no roof vent for the refer. The fridge was vented from the lower portion of the wall, and at the top of the wall. As I said, once the fans were added, big difference. So, it would appear that as long as there is sufficient airflow across the cooling fins, the refer will work quite well. I guess I'll just have to test it out. The installation instructions from Dometic state that there must always be fans when vented through the sidewall, like in a slide. Since you have some extra money, I would definitely consider the compressor based fridges, whether 12V or 120V. That would fit well with your "minimal penetrations through the envelope" philosophy that you have been following so far.
STBRetired 03/04/20 07:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

If you can move the support with your hand, it obviously isn't properly blocked where the shylight was installed. Whatever you do, don't let anyone up on the roof in that area.
STBRetired 03/02/20 08:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Are TPMS questions

I have the Tire Minder A1 system. It works quite well. It came with the cap type sensors and a repeater. It will report when a sensor loses connection and will reconnect if the sensor comes back. Minder Research has a free battery replacement program. You just pay $5.00 shipping and they will mail you as many batteries as you need along with the rubber o-rings to seal the caps. I went with the metal valve stems on the MH but still have the rubber ones on the toad as they are really short and the sensors actually touch the rims. Will have metal valve stems put in next year when I replace the toad tires. So far, no leaks. EDIT: They also come with locking nuts that require a wrench to remove. I have the locking nuts on the MH but not the toad as the stems are too short. In 3 years, never had a sensor stolen off the toad.
STBRetired 03/02/20 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with propane connection to external cooker

I have the Extend-a-stay fitting which is inserted before my onboard regulator. It came with a long hose to hook up a BBQ. I also carry 2 20# propane cylinders in the storage compartments well strapped down so they cannot move. I usually use the portable cylinders so that it's easy to move the BBQ or tabletop stove around and there is no tripping hazard like with the long hose connected to the MH. Lots easier to get a 20# cylinder refilled than breaking camp to get onboard tank refilled.
STBRetired 03/02/20 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: weather radio

Have weather radio with batteries and hand crank. Works fairly well. Usually picks up 3 or 4 different weather stations. Will also recharge USB devices but takes a LOT of cranking to charge up an iPhone. Hand crank feature would be handy in case of lengthy power outage so you don't need to run genny with potentially limited fuel availablilty just to keep your phone charged.
STBRetired 03/01/20 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

With your stapler, make sure you don't have the air pressure too high or you will overdrive the staples. They should just barely be flush with the surface of the plywood. If you drive them too deeply, it tears through the first and maybe second layer of the plywood which makes for a weaker hold. Learned that the hard way when I first started building cabinetry.
STBRetired 02/21/20 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild? Yes, those are red channels from the rear of the refer to the rear wall. Don't forget that the channels and fans must also remove the combustion byproducts from the boiler and keep the boiler from overheating. That is why Dometic states that any offset venting must be offset towards the boiler. The concern I would have is how much airflow is required for the boiler area and how does one insure that the minimum airflow is met and the maximum airflow is not exceeded when Dometic has not published any figures that I can find. I haven't pulled the roof vent on mine, but it appears from what I can see with a mirror that the boiler stack runs most of the way to the vent and is aligned directly with one end of the rectangular roof vent. Mine also has the thermostatically controlled fan, but it only blows air on the condenser fins. Maybe you could find an installation in a slide where the exhaust is vented through an upper wall vent and see how the fans are arranged. I'm just waiting for the day when my propane fridge quits so that I can justify replacing it with a residential. The better half wants the extra storage space and the quicker cooldown. She's willing to give up the basement storage space so that I can put in some AGMs and an inverter. We usually have FHU or the genny running anyway as we rarely boondock except at racetracks.
STBRetired 02/21/20 08:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Yeah, I've been following this thread since the beginning so I know that fullltimin likes to do things "outside the box". I don't think he would risk his rig and perhaps family by doing something really strange that might result in a fridge fire. I did HVAC for 7 years before I got into electronics / IT. I would not feel comfortable trying to devise a ducting solution to run the fridge venting out sideways without lots more detailed airflow requirements from Dometic and the equipment to measure it. There's a market for used propane fridges, so he could probably sell his and get an appreciable amount to put towards the residential setup. Or just vent it out the sidewall as Dometic recommends.
STBRetired 02/19/20 05:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

OK. Being the impatient person that I can be on occasion, I downloaded the installation manual from Dometic. It does not list any installation method that would match what you described. These are the closest ones to what you described. The offset vent would still be on the side, just either shifted towards the front or the back depending on which side the boiler is on. For the corner mounted fridge, the vents would be on the side if your boiler is to the right when looking at the back of the fridge. But they would be on the back if the boiler is on the left. According to the installation guide, only the RM1350XXX refrigerators have the boiler on the left. Maybe you'll be lucky and that is the model you have. Of course, it would require a design change and might not work because of the window placement. They also describe an island installation where the intake is through the floor, but it requires the exhaust to go through the roof. Not 100% sure that you couldn't vent the exhaust out the back wall with fans, but that probably would not be an approved installation in Dometic's eyes. Maybe a residential fridge would solve all of your issues as it requires no external venting.
STBRetired 02/19/20 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
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