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RE: Question about unit stabilization

What I would really like is something on the far rear corners. My issue isn't up front with the landing jacks. My unit is 42' with 6 point auto leveling but I bet it 12 - 15' from the rear jack to the rear of the unit. The bedroom is in the rear of the coach and the movement is almost embarrassing sometimes...if you know what I mean!
SUMRX4 11/15/21 01:36pm Fifth-Wheels
tankless waterheater question

So I'm new to tankless WH in an RV. When you winterize do you store them with antifreeze in the lines or can you effectively drain and blow them out? When I bought the unit during the PDI I was told to always put antifreeze in it because there is no way to get all the water out. I want to do what's going to protect my heater best but would live to avoid storing antifreeze it in.
SUMRX4 11/08/21 11:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Scary GMC commercial

I saw the commercial also. Granted it was the 1500 models not the HD but I'm sure that's coming. We all have are different opinions on automated driving and our own reasons why we feel that way but let's face it...the day is coming when all we do is ride. Like it or not. I'm not saying I'm a fan but there was a time when folks hated power windows and now you can't buy a car made without them. Its a change that's coming. Sure it will have its faults as the technology is improved and mastered but it's here and only growing.
SUMRX4 11/08/21 11:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Question about unit stabilization

We are headed out again next weekend. After the auto level sequence I will run each down a tad more and see it that helps. I looked at the strong arms but Didn't see any with hardware to mount to the round hydraulic jacks. Just the square electric jacks. Am I missing something?
SUMRX4 11/05/21 11:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about unit stabilization

Yes I have landing gear and 4 jacks. Two each in front and behind the axles. That's all it currently has and I'm looking for some extra stabilization. What are "strong arms"?
SUMRX4 11/05/21 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
Question about unit stabilization

Just purchased my first 5th wheel. 42' KZ front living. Well I had been curious how sturdy it would be with those hydraulic jacks. After all it's just one point straight down with no lateral support. I didn't notice that big of an issue with it shaking but wife brought it up. I know I can add blocks under the jacks and the shorter they end up the more support they would have but I'm wondering what else I can do? I realize a 42' camper on a few stabilizers isn't going to be rock solid but just curious if there is any suggestions out there. I have never owned a set but would the scissor type locks that fit between the tires help? I have heard they help on smaller TTs but I'm not sure on this application.
SUMRX4 11/04/21 10:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I cover my tires?

Still not sure what to do. ?? Do what gives you the most confidence. If you want to purchase covers and use them then by all means do so. If you decide you don't want to then don't. Honestly I don't think its going to make much difference on the tires but sometimes a decision is more about self assurance than anything else. I have never used them before but I just purchased a new 5th wheel a couple months ago and when I store it for the winter I'm covering my tires. Why? because I want to.
SUMRX4 11/04/21 08:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

With the absurd pricing of used truck these days I would just buy new. That's what I did. With comparable models I would have saved 5K or less to get something a couple years old with 50K miles or more. Plus new gives you better interest rate and more warranty. Never thought I would see the day when I actually told someone to buy new over used. :E Everyone has their opinion on gas vs diesel and the pros and cons can be argued for days. But one thing if for certain...if you buy a diesel you will never utter the phrase "man I wish this thing had a little more power"
SUMRX4 11/04/21 08:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Older Front Living Fifth Wheel

I just upgraded from an 03 F250 to a 21 GMC 3500 simply because the 03 did not have the payload to carry the 5th wheel we wanted. From what I have found most FL units are going to be on the larger size. Having the separate room adds length as opposed to having the living and kitchen combined into one large area. I just bought a Durango Gold 387FL by KZ. Its GVWR is just over 16K Currently I am within my cargo capacity but if I maxed out the trailer my truck would be over.
SUMRX4 11/04/21 08:30pm Fifth-Wheels

Good luck on your search. We just finished the same thing you are doing. We had been looking for a few months and went to the Hershey show last month. Take lots of notes as they will all start to run together. We ended up buying a KZ Durango Gold (not one of the models on your list) but we love it. We looked at the Grand design but they just didn't have a FL plan that we really liked. Plus we heard from multiple sources that since their buy out the quality had really took a nose dive. I can't say that's true but I have heard it from several different places. Have you looked at the Alliance Paradigm line? I was told at the Hershey show (again from a couple different places) that Alliance was one of the top quality units out there today. Good luck in your search and if you do buy a truck, pay no attention to the tow weights and capacities listed in any ads. Look at the actual door placards on the actual truck you are considering.
SUMRX4 10/31/21 05:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can someone help me understand what I'm looking at

I believe it has a roof top antenna but honestly not sure. So purchasing a small cheap router and running it through the king system would just simply strengthen a local campground wifi signal? Am I understanding this correctly? As far as the connect anywhere I can already connect to the one control and operate the system from my phone inside or outside the RV. From the name "Connect anywhere" What else does that allow me to do? Turn of my lights while at the grocery story or what?
SUMRX4 10/16/21 07:26am General RVing Issues
Can someone help me understand what I'm looking at

I have two things in my RV that I do not know what they are. One is a small outlet sized plate that states its ready for King wifi, another small plate that states its ready for One control connect anywhere. What are they? Are they 2 different things that serve the same purpose or what? And where would I learn what equipment I would need to use either one. Sorry not a real wifi tech guru,
SUMRX4 10/16/21 07:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Hanging tiki lights

So if you can tilt it to one side or the other, if you tilt both sides at the same time doesn’t that make it lower? What am I missing here? I have never seen one like this myself. The lower arm has a joint about 12" up from where it mounts to the side of the camper. When the awning is extended to can pull this joint and it will lower that side of the awning slightly. It doesn't even drop it 12", hardly enough for rain to even run off and certainly not enough to be able to reach it. Its not built like the one mentioned earlier with the knob. Those will drop the corner a couple feet.
SUMRX4 10/09/21 05:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hanging tiki lights

Have you checked to see if your awning can be lowered? I suspect it can. Assuming it’s a powered awning, there might be a knob on each support arm that is used to raise/lower the awning. Not an option with these models. I can tilt to to one side or the other slightly but that's all. I don't have to put them on the awning. I was just curious of other ways/places to hang them. I can't believe I'm the only person with a 5th wheel that wants to hang outdoor lights. And no I'm not one of those that lights up the whole area all night. Mine go out when I go to bed.
SUMRX4 10/09/21 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
Hanging tiki lights

We have a set of what I refer to a tiki lights we like to hang from the edge of our awning. Well we just switched to a 5th wheel and now the awning is 10 or so feet in the air. Those of you with this issue how do you hang the lights? Yeah I could reach it with a ladder but I'm thinking that's too time consuming if I ever need to retract them in a hurry, ie storm blowing up out of nowhere. Are their any other suggestions on where and how to hang these lights? Not owning a fiver previously I have never really paid attention to how folks hang them.
SUMRX4 10/08/21 07:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

I guess everyone is different LOL. I have never stayed at a CG that didn’t have water available. Not that I’m against it, just none that I’m aware of around me for boondocking. As far as traveling we usually camp within a couple hours of the house so no need for stopping along the way. And if we do I just always pulled I to a convenience store or fast food joint. So the tank on the new rig was filled for the PDI. If I use that and drain it, then say two years down the road i need it, I can just rinse, sanitize, and I’m good to go?
SUMRX4 10/06/21 05:22am General RVing Issues
Question about freshwater tank use

I have had two TT previously. Between the two about 8 seasons of camping. I have never put a drop of water into a freshwater tank nor have I ever needed to. I have occasionally thought about if I needed to sanitize it or just leave it be. Well I just purchased a new unit and in an effort to prevent any issues I wanted to hear what others do. Do you keep a few gallons of sanitizing solution in it so it stays clean or what? I had a camping neighbor tell me once that he filled his up every time he set up camp just incase the campground lost water.
SUMRX4 10/05/21 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: suggestion for cargo floor liner

Thanks for all the suggestions. Think I'm gonna check on a cheap outdoor rug a couple of you suggested. I even thought of maybe tacking down one or two 2 x 2 strips to kinda divide the floor into sections. Even if things slide a little they will hopefully stay on said 'section" of the floor. Thing a little trial and error will help me the most.
SUMRX4 10/05/21 07:02pm General RVing Issues
suggestion for cargo floor liner

Just purchased a new 5th wheel that has a large storage area in the rear under the living area. My issue is that it's approx. 6 feet deep and runs almost the entire width of the rig. It currently has a slick linoleum floor. Well I can already see anything I put in there is going sliding all over the place while on the road. I'm looking for suggestions for some type of floor covering that would be skid resistant. My front pass thru has a rubberized floor with a diamond plate pattern. Too bad they didn't install that in the rear as well. Thanks
SUMRX4 10/05/21 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

So where does someone buy an extension cord made with SOOW cable? I have yet to find one. I can find the cable itself sold by the foot but I have to buy the male & female plugs. Is that what your folks did or are the available complete somewhere?
SUMRX4 10/05/21 05:42am General RVing Issues
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