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RE: Question about freshwater tank use

I guess everyone is different LOL. I have never stayed at a CG that didn’t have water available. Not that I’m against it, just none that I’m aware of around me for boondocking. As far as traveling we usually camp within a couple hours of the house so no need for stopping along the way. And if we do I just always pulled I to a convenience store or fast food joint. So the tank on the new rig was filled for the PDI. If I use that and drain it, then say two years down the road i need it, I can just rinse, sanitize, and I’m good to go?
SUMRX4 10/06/21 05:22am General RVing Issues
Question about freshwater tank use

I have had two TT previously. Between the two about 8 seasons of camping. I have never put a drop of water into a freshwater tank nor have I ever needed to. I have occasionally thought about if I needed to sanitize it or just leave it be. Well I just purchased a new unit and in an effort to prevent any issues I wanted to hear what others do. Do you keep a few gallons of sanitizing solution in it so it stays clean or what? I had a camping neighbor tell me once that he filled his up every time he set up camp just incase the campground lost water.
SUMRX4 10/05/21 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: suggestion for cargo floor liner

Thanks for all the suggestions. Think I'm gonna check on a cheap outdoor rug a couple of you suggested. I even thought of maybe tacking down one or two 2 x 2 strips to kinda divide the floor into sections. Even if things slide a little they will hopefully stay on said 'section" of the floor. Thing a little trial and error will help me the most.
SUMRX4 10/05/21 07:02pm General RVing Issues
suggestion for cargo floor liner

Just purchased a new 5th wheel that has a large storage area in the rear under the living area. My issue is that it's approx. 6 feet deep and runs almost the entire width of the rig. It currently has a slick linoleum floor. Well I can already see anything I put in there is going sliding all over the place while on the road. I'm looking for suggestions for some type of floor covering that would be skid resistant. My front pass thru has a rubberized floor with a diamond plate pattern. Too bad they didn't install that in the rear as well. Thanks
SUMRX4 10/05/21 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

So where does someone buy an extension cord made with SOOW cable? I have yet to find one. I can find the cable itself sold by the foot but I have to buy the male & female plugs. Is that what your folks did or are the available complete somewhere?
SUMRX4 10/05/21 05:42am General RVing Issues
GM accessory cameras

For those of you towing with a GM and purchased the aux rear vision camera for your trailer, How did you run your wire for your set-up and how does it work? I would much rather prefer a wireless set-up but that means having a separate monitor on my dash which is somewhat redundant being that I already purchased that technology in the infotainment system. If I go hard wired I don't want to see wires running down the back of my rig but then again I'm not going to drill holes in the back wall of a new RV either. Would have been nice had GM just went ahead and made the system wireless. I could care less about the invisible trailer feature I just want top see behind my rig. What would be perfect is if I could somehow run it through the tailgate camera so it would show in the electronic rear view mirror. Guess that's asking too much though.
SUMRX4 09/25/21 01:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Upgraded camper have a couple questions

Sell the 30 buy the 50 and use an adapter to plug into the 30 a pedestal and connect 50a Progressive into adapter. That's kinda what I was thinking as well!
SUMRX4 09/25/21 07:01am General RVing Issues
Upgraded camper have a couple questions

Purchased a KV Durango 5th wheel yesterday. My first 5er and my first 50amp unit. My current unit is a 30amp TT. When prepping for a trip I usually plug it to standard house current to run the fridge and lights while loading. What adapter(s) would you suggest to do the same with this 50amp unit. Also I have a Progressive industries emp for the 30 and I am going to buy one for the 50 as well. I had one person say keep the 30 for cases when your sight may not have 50 amp current available. Well I hadn't considered that. Was planning on selling the 30. Thoughts??
SUMRX4 09/25/21 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: weight question

Thanks for the responses. I assume GM states max pin weight at 3100 even though the max payload is 3700 simply to give a little room for stuff that is going to be in the truck regardless. Fuel, Driver, etc. I bought this truck thinking it would easily tow any 5er we would want. Well I didn't realize the floor plans we both want turned out to be 40+ feet long. Looking at luxury models in that length I am seeing GCWs in the 16,000 range. To error on the side of caution I'm taking 20% of the GCW for a theoretical "max" pin weight. But that's putting some of them at 3200 or better depending on model. Now I don't think she and I would ever max out any RV. It's just me and her and 2 dogs. No kids etc. I have had two TT previously and I doubt I ever had 1,000 pounds of stuff in either of them. All that being said I don't want to do something stupid and put us and others at risk on the road. Am I being to cautious or what? I'm only talking a couple hundred lbs. either way. Not like I'm wanting to hitch to something with a 5,000lb pin weight.
SUMRX4 09/20/21 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
weight question

In looking at the door stickers on my truck I am a little confused. The sticker that has the tire info states never exceed 3,720lbs payload. Trailering info sticker states same thing for max payload. But then the J2807 ratings part states max tongue weight of a goose neck is 3,100lbs. Would this be the same for a 5th wheel? I assume it would but the sticker only states conventional trailer and gooseneck. Is it unsafe to tow a gooseneck or 5th wheel with a tongue weight over 3,100lbs even if your total payload is under 3,720? Just want to understand my limits here before I buy something too big. Thanks
SUMRX4 09/20/21 03:03pm Tow Vehicles
hydro or electric leveling

So wife and I just returned from the show in Hershey and are no closer to knowing the "one" than before we left. :M If anything I now have more questions. Those of you that have possibly owned a unit with both hydraulic and electric leveling jacks, which do you prefer and why? I realize hydro is faster but I'm not concerned with speed. If more concerned with ease of use, reliability, maintenance (if any) and bypass ability should something fail.
SUMRX4 09/20/21 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

Wife and I are currently in the same boat. We have been looking at floor plans off and on for months but are finally in a position to get serious about it. Have visited a few dealers to actually walk inside units and look at fit and finish. Not sure if you are aware but there is a big RV show coming up in Hershey, PA Sept 16-19. Our hope is we can see enough models to decide whish one we want. Then we will start shopping dealers for pricing. For what its worth, RV outlet in Danville seems to have a pretty good inventory and pricing as well. Made the mistake of stopping at General a couple weekends ago simply because they typically have a large inventory. Was disappointed that they didn't(at least in the floor plans we are looking at). They seemed to think the world would stop turning if we didn't make a decision and buy their unit today so be forewarned if you go there.
SUMRX4 08/30/21 09:03am Fifth-Wheels
Prime Time Sanibel owners

Wife and I are on the hunt for a fiver. We found a floor plan from Sanibel we like. I’m looking for some opinions/experiences from current or previous owners please.
SUMRX4 08/23/21 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hersey PA RV show

Well we have some ideas of some of the things we want in a new unit but really have no preference on manufactures yet. Just starting our search.
SUMRX4 08/18/21 12:00pm General RVing Issues
Hersey PA RV show

So having never been to this event, is it really the largest in the US as it claims? For those of you that have been there previously, Do you need more than 2 days to see everything? Wife and I are shopping for a 5er and wanting to go somewhere with a large selection to look at and walk through.
SUMRX4 08/18/21 11:10am General RVing Issues
Vanleigh RVs

Anybody have any knowledge/experience with Vanleigh RVs? Never seen or heard of one here in VA but wife found them online and liked what she saw. Closest dealer is next state away but not too far to travel for the right product.
SUMRX4 08/17/21 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: GM 'o7classic LBZ dsl 6 spd to '21 L5P dsl 10 spd report

Just purchased 21 GMC Denali 3500 myself. I don't currently have a big trailer to tow but wife and I both want a 5er. Coming from an 03 F-250 with the 6.0 I cant imagine the difference I'm going to see pulling my 28' Jayco I currently have. Thinking of just dragging it around the neighborhood as opposed to waiting two weeks for our next camping trip. LOL
SUMRX4 08/12/21 12:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TV wall bracket question

Well when it comes to mounting on the exterior of your unit... Some considerations ONE: You set it up watch the Stupid Bowl and go to bed. and it rains, and it rains and your TV is still out there not protected. Two. you might notice I said Stupid Bowl, not Super Bowl... IT may be your next site neighbor is NOT interested in teh game or show you are watching. NOW if you mount the TV in a compartment where you can simply close the door to weather proof it.. That addresses the first issue. Put it inside and you take care of both. No fear of a stupid bowl on any TV I own. :B I'd take it inside when I went in for the evening anyway but I see you point about having to be weather conscious.
SUMRX4 08/11/21 11:34am Tech Issues
TV wall bracket question

Just purchased a 29" Tv for my bedroom. I need a wall bracket and figured since I have to buy one why not get one with a extra bracket I can mount on the exterior of my unit as well. What bracket do any of you recommend? Obviously I want something that isn't going to rust and that info I can't seem to find in any of the descriptions I am reading on different models. Also is there anything to be aware of as far as fastening it to the exterior of my unit? I'm thinking find a stud, drill a pilot hole through the fiberglass, put some caulking on hole to keep out the water and screw the bracket to the wall. Sound about right?
SUMRX4 08/10/21 11:05am Tech Issues
trailer rear camera for GM

Just purchased a 21 GMC Sierra. Was curious what brand rear view cameras are out there that will plug directly into the bumper plugs? those of you that have used some are there some that just work better than others?
SUMRX4 08/09/21 01:40pm Tow Vehicles
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