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RE: 12v to 6v review?

Never in the history of the internet has so many theoretical keyboard professionals ever wasted so much time as to not answer the actual question of whether or not you have real life experience switching between the two. As the OP I wish to thank those that have PMd me their experience outside of this ridiculous circle of experts trying to prove to each other they are smrt. I write this in the hopes that the admins will simply shut this down. lol
SabreCanuck 07/27/21 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

Thanks to everyone for the continued feedback. We have ample solar and the inverter. I wouldn’t really think of running the microwave, heater or AC or any other high capacity item anyway so not too worried about that. Unless I count running my wife’s coffee frother for 90 seconds as a high item I guess. I will say that last year when we ran out of propane during the night I was making coffee and toast on the picnic table with the Honda Gen was an odd experience for me... @boon docker - I know, and I apologize for losing my patiece on that one... not that it matters but I certainly TRIED using the search here but entering 6v or “battery’ or 12v in the search got nothing for responses except lithium, truck camper killing my battery, and my personal favourite, “how much solar do I need to run my AC”. I was simply asking for pros/cons from people who actually made the switch from 12 to 6. Ones again, thanks to all for the feedback. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? Lol.
SabreCanuck 04/30/21 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

No reason to even consider NOT using two 6's. Use two 6's! As stated, you obviously lack research ability as this has been discussed and a search will turn up lots of answers, most all in favor of the 6's. GC batts (any true deep cycle batt), never, never, never Marine batteries unless you are on a boat using one battery for engine and trolling. You could get three 4 volt too. Thank you for your feedback... Interesting how you completely missed answering my question regarding "any real world reviews" and my comments about "I already understand the concept" to respond with spouted data from the 1000's of posts that me and you have both already read. Then took the time to call me out for MY lack of research to a topic that is not only asking for but also named "review" in the subject line. I truly hope in the future you can see the forest for the trees and that someone somewhere out there gives you a nice big warm bear hug to make you feel better. I will look into the 4v battery suggestion... LOL.
SabreCanuck 04/30/21 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

Thank you all for the feedback. We have 500 w solar, 2k gennie as backup and a 2k inverter and have dry camped indefinitely in the past. Our plan is to do more boondocking, and to be honest I just NEED to replace the 2-12v but as always thinking of ways to make it “better”. I agree with some here that MOST of these conversations are way more advanced than most users would care about, probably including myself. I think either way, I’m going to ramp up the number of batteries to 4 and base the rest of the conversation on cost and ease of use. To be honest, I have only ever touched the 2-12v batteries twice per year (take them out for winter, put them in for summer) and they have lasted 7 years now. But I also have a trimetric battery monitor so keep an eye on them that way I guess.
SabreCanuck 04/30/21 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

SabreCanuck, What matters is available amp-hours. Pick what ever gives you that in a deep cycle battery. There is one caveat. If you are running a LARGE inverter (3000 watts) then 12 volt batteries may yield a longer run time. My OEM battery drawer had room for three batteries--so I chose 12 volt because that gave me the greatest number of amp-hours. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about the quick draw issue with 6v on an inverter. We do have a 2K inverter and have been known to run a toaster in the am. I will add this to the list of considerations. Thanks
SabreCanuck 04/30/21 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

I switched to 6v in 2004 and am happy enough with them to keep using 6v. My only advice though is to only use 6v if you have the room and the budget for four batteries (or more). That way if something goes wrong with one of your batteries, you still have a functioning pair that make 12 volts. This hasn't happened to me in a long time, but twice I've had a battery go bad. The first time we just had two 6v batteries, so losing one put us out of business until somebody nearby loaned us one of theirs for the weekend. The second time, we had four batteries, so the second set did the trick until I could replace the bad one. Thanks for that. That’s actually why i was considering 4 6v but then adding cost again. Interesting to hear that it actually happened to you and not just here say
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 11:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

Or don't waste your time, since you arent' really into researching it anyway. Pros - everything Cons - Nothing, except you cant pull one to run your trolling motor or jump start your car. I have researched, I understand the concept, you forgot to mention the age old argument if one goes bad, or you have to charge them properly, or blah blah, blah..... I was asking for real world review from anyone else that may have switched. In keeping with my “research” I have responded to others that have actually helped. My response to your response would be a little less “thankful” than others. Hope you get what you deserve from life.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

These might keep you busy for awhile. 6v v 12 2018 6v v 12 2017 6v v 12 2017 12v vs 6v.. which charge faster? 2014 12v or 6 Dec 2013 2- 12v or 6v June 2013 12v vs 6v batteries 2013 12v vs 6v batteries 2006 More 12v vs 6 2006 12v vs 6v 2010 Why 2 6? 2006 Thanks for this info. Glad you have kept the list and built it over the years (I see it building on some of the replies lol). I searched the forum for a few keywords but only got recent stuff regarding lithium. I will read these as well, most of them seem to be discussing the same stuff over and over and in my opinion gets internet-experts real quick.. The opinions are not wrong, however often deeper than the standard user cares about. I guess my question was “beyond the expert opinions, did you notice a difference when switching over”.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

IDK if it's still true but I was always told by battery distributors forklift techs etc. that there's no TRUE 12v deep cycle batteries because the plates aren't as think as real 6v deep cycle batteries. I had 1 - 12v group 27 in my first RV and I added another one. Later on, I talked to Hensley Battery in Denver and they told me a T105 would have more capacity than even a group 27 12v. It looks like GC2's are still the rage and the best bang! Craig Agreed, on all points. Interesting that you “added” one as I often call overkill when I hear people say you can’t possibly “add” a new battery to an old battery without the sky falling. Lol.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 02:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

Been running 4x GC2 15 years running. Have proven to be very adequate and should serve you far better than the pair of 12v. My next battery will be lithium. P Mine too probably just not in the cards right now. Nothing against them, just a lot of $$. I also drive a GMC not a Lamborghini for the same reason. Lol.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 02:10pm Tech Issues
12v to 6v review?

Currently have 2-12v 7ear old batteries that appear to be getting weak. Am thinking of replacing with 2-6v GC batteries (or maybe 4). Anyone have experience or real world review of moving to the 6’s? FWIW - I understand the wiring process, have solar, battery monitor, etc etc. Just curious of the pros/cons between the two systems if anyone made the move.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Some questions on using solar.

We have 400w solar on the roof and another portable 100 in storage, 2K invertor and run most everything off of the original 2-12v batteries. The batteries are typically at or above 13v by the time I wake up in the morning. My 7 year old batteries are getting weak and to avoid any overnight furnace issues I’m contemplating 2- 6v or stick with 2-12v. Either way, “AC running off of batteries” is your question. How to charge the required huge battery bank is the solar comment. IMO it’s better to just use Gen for AC.
SabreCanuck 04/28/21 11:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Standard hitch vs. gooseneck hitch

I've been following threads like this as we plan on upgrading to a fifth wheel, and really want to make the best choice for a hitch. The above Keystone letter refers to the "Anderson Goose Neck Adapter". No such thing on their website. They offer the "Ranch Hitch Adapter", which appears to be a goose neck adapter, and the "Anderson Ultimate Hitch" Which is a hitch and not an adapter. So what is the above letter referring to? I just don't yet know enough about fifth wheel hitches. The letter refers to the Anderson Ultimate 5th wheel Connection. This is the exact phrasing Anderson uses on their website. Anderson Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection I have no dog in this race. These look like a quality product and certainly many people use them and are happy. As far as warranty though, at least Keystone is making it pretty clear that you may be denied using this product. Any particular reason why you would misrepresent the terminology by leaving out the MODEL of the Anderson hitch. The next 3 words in your highlight specify the Anderson “goose neck adaptor” which most certainly is NOT the Anderson ultimate that you say voids waarranty. It makes sense the Anderson goose neck adaptor would void the same warranty as every other GOOSE NECK adaptor. I also have no dog, but would recommend that anyone purchasing would do their diligence away from Internet forums
SabreCanuck 04/12/21 10:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV furniture

Nobody ever said you had to buy “RV” furniture. As long as whatever you buy fits through the door in the space. Quality of the furniture is up to you to decide.
SabreCanuck 04/11/21 09:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Standard hitch vs. gooseneck hitch

Quite simple really. The Anderson bashers always lump “Anderson” into the aluminium roll over ball version and past issues. Anderson still makes a steel version and still makes both versions to fit standard rails. Saying Anderson is bad is like saying every Ford ever built is bad because of the Pinto. But haters gonna hate IF your truck already has rails, I’d get the rail-steel version. Actually I. Might recommend it anyway as I still don’t understand the “loss of bed” for those two little 1/2” rails sticking up
SabreCanuck 04/11/21 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
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