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RE: metal valve stems for a 2006 sprinter RV

NAPA has the best prices in my experience. A whole lot cheaper than Etrailer! I just bought bolt in metal high pressure stems, most places wanted $12 a piece or more, NAPA had the same chrome straight short straight stems for $3.99 each. Ebay had them for $8 per, Amazon was like $17 per. I'm glad I checked NAPA.
Sagebrush 10/25/21 09:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Loading generator

Its not good to run the generator unloaded for long, you want to have at least a light load on so its not bouncing or surging off the governor. Just enough to hear the RPM drop a little. A little cube heater works fine, doesn't take much. I can turn on the AC fan and hear the RPM drop some, plus the lights and the battery charger loads it some. The main thing is good fuel if its a gasoline unit! I exercise mine at least once a month or more year round. I'm still on the original 2005 carb. Been using Marine Stabil and an occasional dose of Berry's for a long time with good results.
Sagebrush 10/25/21 09:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Atlanta

285 is a parking lot very often and worse IMO. I always do I-75 to I-20 going that way. Don't hit it at rush hours though, its very bad many of time, like a 30 mph crawl for an hour or more and then full stop while a wreck is cleared. I go through there around 1pm to 3pm fairly quick, its always busy though. I worked down town for years. I was on I-20 at 6pm a couple months ago and it was like bumper cars, parts flying everywhere. The traffic there is nuts and the drivers are very reckless. Big commercial trucks tail gating bad, lots of collisions. Saw four major wrecks in 30 miles going west bound from Augusta. One wreck involved about 6 semis and a dozen or more cars. I had to weave in and out of three lanes missing debris with my 5th wheel. So, avoid the ATL at peak times. Better off to park it and wait IMO unless you can hit it at off peak times. They fly on I-75, its very interesting after 5pm on a week day. I was running 65 mph with the RV and they pass you like your not moving! I travel from Chattanooga down though Atlanta occasionally with the 5th wheel, I hate that area after 3pm.
Sagebrush 08/28/21 02:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best resale value toy hauler or tt

Toy haulers are popular for bicycles hauling, dogs, a young family with lots of toys for the brats ect. One fellow used the garage as an office. I've had them all and even when I don't have toys to haul I prefer the open toy hauler lay out. You can even roll a wheel chair up the back ramp, most have gas generators which are great for short stops on the road too. I've had a few RV's, the last two have been 5th wheel toy haulers. I haven't even put the motorcycle in this last one, but its great for the 130 pound dog. He sleeps in the back, no carpet is great. You can lower the ramp and make it an outdoor patio.
Sagebrush 08/28/21 02:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Absorption vs. Residential refrigerator

We had one 5th wheel with a big residential unit and it was okay as long as it was parked near power. Haven't tried solar, we use generators still. But that fridge pulled lots of power using the inverter. Two group 31's didn't last long. Adding lots of batteries takes up too much room IMO. Propane fridge keeps my ice cream frozen solid in 100 degree heat, haven't had one fail yet. Had three RV's over many years with two Norcolds and one Dometic RV fridges. They all cooled fine. I prefer the regular size fridges, never had a huge one. If I need more room I rather use a 12 volt powered portable unit stored in the basement. The portable 12 volt coolers can go in the car or truck for grocery runs too. Opening the doors often will warm one up in a hurry.
Sagebrush 08/25/21 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Newbie: it appears tank hoses don't come with new trailer

I've bough a few RV units and the dealers put a very simple starter kit in with a couple hoses and some black tank treatment samples. But I didn't dare trying to use the sewer hose. I use the grey and yellow Camco hose from Walmart, comes in 10' sections. I would say you need 20' of slinky stinky in two 10' sections and the sidewinder 20' support. I also highly recommend the clear plastic sewer cap with the handle for the trailer. Lets you know if there is something there to surprise you, mine has a small drain in-case a dump valve leaks on you. You don't make a mess trying to remove the cap with stinky stuff behind it!
Sagebrush 08/06/21 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need advise from the Ram Owners

The new diesel trucks are costly to maintain and they need to be worked hard to let the emission system function right. For now I've decided to fix up my old 2003 Ram 305/555 HO diesel, no emissions and it still runs okay. A new truck is nice though, I just don't want to spend that much money and have the down time, seems like the new ones see the dealer much more often thees days. A 2002 may be worth fixing up? My 03 Laramie interior still looks okay, the drive line is still good, only rebuilt the old 4 speed auto once so far. The engine has been trouble free, haven't done much to it. One fuel injector line broke and a couple water pumps. I may put a new dash in and give it a paint job some day. I rather use my money for other things then some 70K truck, everyone is different though. My 2003 was $42K fully loaded with some extras. Its been a long time since it was paid off, its nice having no payment to make for many years.
Sagebrush 08/06/21 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dometic AC

Probably a capacitor issue or low voltage. Its smart to always monitor your voltage, I want to see over 115 volts myself. You need an EMS set up if you want it automatic, surge protection is almost worthless. I just use a $11 plug in voltage meter in the kitchen and my eye balls. I'm cheap... low voltage is the biggest killer of A/C units IMO.
Sagebrush 08/03/21 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: slow toilet leak

Last time I looked the seal was around $10. Not hard to replace, just look at your toilet's owner's manual for directions. If its a decent quality dometic thats in good shape otherwise its usually worth the time to fix. If its an old plastic creaking special I always upgrade to a 310 or 320 model. Walmart sells the 310 for $199.99.
Sagebrush 08/03/21 08:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: tire covers, yea or nay

White covers reduce the temperatures the tires experience sitting in the sun, it also reduces the UV exposure. The rubber does last a bit longer if they sit a lot in the sun. Doesn't matter if your moving it every week though. I see much less weather cracks these days on my various tires I have on cars, trucks and trailers. I have a collection of stuff around the hobby farm. Many times the 4 year old trailer tires just fail suddenly while still looking okay on the outside.
Sagebrush 07/27/21 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: parking on a slight driveway

I leave mine leveled when its parked for storage just so the doors and such operate good. I can leave my wood blocks in place at home, so I just back in the same spot every time, its already leveled when I unhitch and lower the front down. I have around 30 years of experience using the gas RV Norcold and Dometic fridges, never had a single issue running them mildly out of level. I do avoid keeping them way out of level though. The residential fridges run better when they are close to level too they say, but we never had an issue with our big double door residential set up either. Ice cream didn't melt. My home fridge isn't as level as my RV fridge.... old flimsy house...
Sagebrush 07/26/21 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

Walmart had many Endurance 225's in the Birmingham, AL warehouse a few days ago, $145 per and $12 for balancing. I just checked on them, my local store doesn't stock them, but it only takes a day to get them. They use FedEx Ground, the warehouse is only 100 miles away. But, they don't have any high pressure valve stems in stock and they have been out for over two months. I had to get mine from local NAPA stores last week. Short bolt in valve stems are hard to come by around here. It took two stores and 70 miles to get five new bolt in stems. Etrailer couldn't supply them either, they didn't have the .453 grommets. May not be relevant to you with the distance. My experience with American Tire in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Discount Tire in Reno were topnotch. The latter even gave me a lifetime (to the tires, lol) wheel balancing for my Goodyear 4 off road tires. Thats a little far from me, Walmart has lifetime balance for $14 per tire. But, I never re-balance trailer tires, so I just do the regular one time balancing for $12. My Local Walmart has a good tire shop, I've been using them more and more lately. I put Coopers on the CRV and they did an excellent job at a great price. I usually avoid Walmart tire service, but I've had three good experiences with them lately. The prices online are better than in store with the tire brands I wanted. The trailer tires were $99.98 in store and $70.12 online, just bought some last week. So, $82.12 mounted and balanced plus tax for 225/75/R15 Mastertrack E's. They don't like dually trucks though, so I go to an independent tire dealer for my truck tires.
Sagebrush 07/23/21 11:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

Walmart had many Endurance 225's in the Birmingham, AL warehouse a few days ago, $145 per and $12 for balancing. I just checked on them, my local store doesn't stock them, but it only takes a day to get them. They use FedEx Ground, the warehouse is only 100 miles away. But, they don't have any high pressure valve stems in stock and they have been out for over two months. I had to get mine from local NAPA stores last week. Short bolt in valve stems are hard to come by around here. It took two stores and 70 miles to get five new bolt in stems. Etrailer couldn't supply them either, they didn't have the .453 grommets.
Sagebrush 07/23/21 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Trade-in sweet spot

If you wait too long, they loose most of their value. That loss varies on the specific model and condition. At that age its depreciated a good bit now. They really drop once you can't get a bank to loan on them anymore.
Sagebrush 07/17/21 11:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: trying to get stuck tire off

I let mine get rusty a few years ago on my truck, two guys at the tire shop used sledge hammers to beat them off hitting the tire with full air pressure, it took a while. Pry bar worked some on the outside rims, they were stuck from the winter's road salt. I used oil out of my tool box to keep them from rusting up again, they didn't have anything to coat the axles. I rotated those tires early and painted everything that was bare metal. I touch up the wheel paint every time I have them off now. Haven't had that issue since I started painting them during the tire rotation and brake jobs. You should inspect and clean the brakes at least annually or have it done. A shop may be willing to use anti-seize or brake grease, or you could provide a tube and ask them to coat the axle hubs so the wheels won't stick as bad.
Sagebrush 07/17/21 11:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

I had some Goodyear issues over the years, so I'm reluctant to pay more than double for Endurance trailer tires. The Mastertrack U203 225/75/R15E's have an 81 mph speed rating, but I've been told that's at 80 psi. Walmart has them for $70, the endurance tires are about $145 I think they said. I've been running 65 most of the time and occasionally 70 mph with 75 psi cold and they are wearing evenly. Although at almost four years old I'm putting new ones on now just in-case. My rig spends most of its life waiting for the next adventure. Even when I fulltimed I would sit in one place for months sometimes, especially in the winters spent in Florida.
Sagebrush 07/17/21 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: AT&T anounces truly unlimited wireless data plan

I got all excited until I clicked on the link and learned that hotspot data is limited to 40gb per month. Per the article, unlimited hotspot data is a pipe dream.Yeah, that's always the gotcha. I can't do all my surfing or watch movies on a phone. Just mirror the phone to whatever you want. I've had the unlimited 4g for years now and I personally was fine with the 100 gigs unthrottled. Now that its unlimited at full speed and 5g I may try higher quality movie downloads. I'm starting to see more 5g available around here and its very fast. My Samsung phone and tablet can use a USB-C to HDMI cable, that allows you good quality video, works on my 60" fine. Using the HDMI cable for the Television cuts out the need for a Chrome Cast device or Roku ect. for mirroring. I plug into a home theater receiver, so I get the good audio too without needing Bluetooth speakers or the tiny TV speakers. I mostly do HBO Max movies since it comes with the phone service or the Dish watch anywhere app. The phone produces a better quality picture and sound through the cable without over heating. Most of the Samsung phones I've had will mirror through a cable. The S9, S10, S20 and now the S21+ get the job done. I use the phone to stream live news or music for hours sometimes, I use Spotify and SirusXM. If this 5g unlimited stays around I'll probably drop the Satellite service and stream everything.
Sagebrush 07/17/21 05:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Toy Haulers Under 12' Tall?

I haven't seen one unless its a small light weight model, I think all the decent size ones are well over 12. At 35' your talking major pin weight for a SRW and tall. My 29' is about 2,000 and its a light weight model with no slides. These small ones are under 12': This one is a little over: The Desert Fox TT's are listed at 13'. I have an old Adventure RPM light weight 5th wheel TH and it was one of the shortest models I could find with 29' of length. Its close to 12' when level, the single A/C is in the middle which helps. But my 3500 Ram 4x4 truck pulls it 2" nose high. Build a RV carport about 15' tall. :)
Sagebrush 07/16/21 11:00am Toy Haulers
RE: Tire engineering question.

Its good to hear the Gooodyear quality control is better now and people like them. I had a bad experience a few years ago with that brand and so did a few of my friends. If these new trailer tires have issues I might try the Goodyears again. I may not even own this old 2006 trailer in three years, who knows. But its around $350 with tax to put four Mastertrack U203 E's on there right now. If they make it another three to four years I'm good. I have TPMS, so I keep an eye on the temp and psi. Over inflation is not good, even max psi is too much sometimes. That max psi rating is not a suggestion. Make sure the valve stems are rated for the psi! Most shops use snap in 65 or 80 psi on the 15" or 100 psi rubber stems on the 16". I have to buy my own metal bolt ins and bring them to the shop, around here they never have the bolt in type for small wheels. Mine are rated for 200 psi and they last and last.
Sagebrush 07/15/21 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Tire engineering question.

If they wear okay at max pressure you will be okay, just a harder ride and maybe less traction. I don't run semi truck drives at max pressure ever. Sometimes the steers get max pressure though depending on the tire's load capacity. On the 200 ton and bigger mobile cranes we aired up and down with a CTIS, that was nice to have. Most of my trailers have Asian tires because of the sizes. I've only lost one 225/75/R15E on the road recently. Its been years since I blew a Chinese 14" tire, I think those have improved actually. I was blowing apart those Carlisle and Tow King 14" tires yearly for a while back in the late 90's and early 2000's. The E rated ST 15's have been doing better than the D rated for me. The Mastertrack steel belts make a difference in hot weather I think. I'm very careful with air pressure. My E rated 15" trailer tires are rated for 81 mph at 80 psi. Most ST's are only 62 to 65 mph at max pressure. Endurance ST's are rated for 87 mph I think. Good to know your truck tire specs too, I've seen cheap 12R22.5's with 62 mph speed ratings.
Sagebrush 07/14/21 09:52pm Tech Issues
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