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RE: BAttery replacement.

Any of the batteries we received from the dealer were 12 volt car, or at best a so called hybrid RV battery. In either case they just can't deal with being drawn down time and again if you do lots of RVing off the power grid. If you mostly camp hooked up to a power pedestal any type of battery would suffice. Since we most often attempt to boondock or drycamp we found golfcart batteries give more bang for the buck. We purchase our GC2 6 volt batteries from Samsclub, we use a smart charging converter or inverter charger to keep them happy.
Sandia Man 04/12/21 01:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shark Bite on older pex

Properly prepped pex tubing should have no issues with sharkbite fittings, I always carry a couple along with a variety of standard plastic fittings commonly used by RV manufacturers. As long as they are not leaking you are good, otherwise use whatever type fitting was installed at the factory, they are usually less expensive anyway and last for years.
Sandia Man 04/10/21 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Battery price question...

Couple of 12 volt car batteries I purchased over the last year were well over $120, GC2 6 volt batteries can be purchased for less at Samsclub or Costco. Did the two 12 volt battery set-up every time we got a brand new RV since dealer would always installed a 12 volt, we would have them add another battery since we do lots of RVing off the power grid. Was never satisfied with their performance, would trade them out for a pair of 6 volt golfcart batteries from Samsclub after a year. Current pair are 5 years old and doing great, paid about $130 for the set. We use more gas on a single RV trip than what I pay for at least 8 years of reliable 12 volt reserves, proper charging and watering is paramount.
Sandia Man 04/10/21 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish rec’r No Satellites found using new 2000w inverter

That can happen although we have a different Winegard dome, when moving from one location to another the receiver may stay stuck on last setup. For the most part once we plug into shorepower, generator, or inverter our sat. dome and receiver automatically sets up. As long as receiver turns on I would not consider it a power source issue, we have used our sat. dome/receiver, and all our A/V equipment on MSW inverters without issue. On the rare occasion it does not set up properly, I will get remote and manually set location, dome reconfigures and all is well.
Sandia Man 04/07/21 02:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Follow up Solar Question

We have a solar suitcase we implement from time to time to supplement the solar panels we have on the roof, particularly when camping in forests or on cloudy days. Nothing wrong with trying to eek out an extra .25A/.50A, but as you have stated it may be more work than it's worth. We have a Renogy solar suitcase and use the rear mounted solar charger until it went through one heck of a monsoon storm, ordered a slightly better water resistant solar charger from Renogy. We did go with a heavier gauge wire mounted directly to battery, simply deploy and connect.
Sandia Man 04/07/21 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Amirillo to Denver via 87-25?

Both would work well, as mentioned above there are other routes as well. Biggest issue (we have a 40' rig) is these Spring winds that tend to roar more than ever this time of year. On those especially windy days we get an early start in hope of avoiding the worst part which usually occurs mid to late afternoon, in any event we just drive a bit slower during these scenarios. Have a great trip, been a few years since we made the trek to the Grand Tetons.
Sandia Man 04/07/21 01:35pm Roads and Routes
RE: Solar expert please help me understand

With charging wire from solar panel going through front access they are probably keeping a starting battery from completely discharging, when plugged to shorepower many rig's only charge house batteries.
Sandia Man 04/06/21 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide Seal Conditioner that doesn't "stink"

We have been using 3-in-1 RV rubber seal conditioner along with 3-in-1 slide lubrication from good ole Wallyworld, really rejuvenates our seals and doesn't have any strong odor that I can notice. I know that you are not interested in what a man thinks, I apply it every couple of months and DW hasn't complained, she is ultra sensitive to strong odors.
Sandia Man 04/05/21 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: What are you using for external water filtration?

We moved ours indoors to under our sink as well due to getting to cold in our rig's wet bay. Don't find a need to filter shower, toilet, or dish water although we have an external filter we could hook up, under most circumstances we bring city water from home and use our FW pump. We get our dual filtration system/filters from Lowes, Home Depot, good variety on Amazon if you don't want to hassle with big box stores. Fittings can be had from locations above to easily integrate into plumbing under sink. After all that, we drink bottled water and use filtered water primarily for cooking.
Sandia Man 04/04/21 06:41pm Full-time RVing
RE: 6v Battery replacement

Whatever they have at Samsclub is what we get, current set of GC2 batteries are Duracell with 5 years on them and a good ways to go. Set we had prior from Samsclub were Interstate, still going after 8 years (tested good at Napa) but Samsclub had a ridiculous sale on our Duracells that I couldn't resist, plus they have a few more amphours. Batteries are primarily made by a couple of manufacturers anyway, proper charging is paramount followed closely by monthly maintenance. We always keep our rigs plugged in while in storage, smart converter/inverter charger does the rest. For about the price of gas on a single RVing trip we have our batteries covered for the next 7-9 years,
Sandia Man 04/04/21 02:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Utilizing Refrigerator While Driving to RV Park

Sounds like salesman was telling you to use generator while traveling down the road to keep residential fridge running if you are plugging your 30 amp cord into onboard receptacle. Generally, our experience is if our fridge is at proper operating temps and contents within are cold we can go a few hours without any cooling and just plug in when we arrive to our site. The majority of RVs have absorption type fridges where they can utilize propane to cool while underway to their next destination, of course on propane mode they should be turned off while refueling.
Sandia Man 03/31/21 02:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New again, remind me

We spent a bit over 2 years looking for our next rig, always having towable RVs our search began there. Over 3 decades of RVing and now into our 50s we couldn't decide which type of towable as we have had TTs, 5ers, and even toyhaulers over the duration. After about a year into our search we started thinking about motorized RVs, although we have a very capable truck it has just over 80K miles and did not want to wear it out, we don't plan to buy another anytime soon. That is where our search took a turn towards Class A rigs, I was open minded about which fuel type and brand gathering all the info we could from every point of view. Family, close friends, colleagues, neighbors, and mechanics were all in on giving their 2 cents worth, really opened our minds on what is important for us as we set forth in our quest for our next RV. We purchased new in the past but this time out we want a lightly used low mileage rig, we know it won't be easy. Looked at everything locally at dealers and private sellers, pretty much anything statewide but pickings were sparse for parameters mentioned above. Started perusing RvTrader among other RV selling online sites to see what was available in surrounding states, luckily we live between TX and AZ which are well known for long term RVing. Lots of snowbirds end up selling their rigs and settling in these states fulltime, problem was there were many like us searching the same type of rigs. With the onset of covid-19 it became that much more of a battle to find a suitable rig as they were being purchased within days of being on the market, and at marked up prices whether from dealer or private party. We stayed the course and finally found our current rig, traveled to south Texas while the virus was raging last July, drove it home nesrly 1K miles through record breaking Texas heat. Well maintained and cared for, it's a 39' Monaco, W24 chassis, 8.1L with Allison 2100, 19K miles and 248 hours on Onan genny.
Sandia Man 03/31/21 01:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: All the little things

It looks like the previous owners didn't have the TT for very long to add their personal touches, maybe the layout, size, or whatever did not suit them and knew they were going to sell rig early on. I've seen too many used RVs in the past where owners went way overboard on making changes, at times losing the original appeal that made them purchase the RV in the first place, not always good for resale. We love making mods to the RVs we have owned, mostly to improve functionality of the rig. We replaced mattresses, added powered vent fans/covers, installed inverters and boosted charging and battery reserves.
Sandia Man 03/30/21 11:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Lock em up... a long story

First, being from the valley we always loved Payson as we drove through on our way to the Mogollon Rim and the glorious White Mountains of AZ. Last time we drove through it has grown so much, so many from PHX and Tucson have purchased getaway property that can sit unattended for months. Having property out in the country (as we do) you actually need to be more active with deterrents, thieves are aware that it is easy pickings, all they have to do is drive around, pretty obvious to these lowlifes which properties appear unattended, glad you were watching out for your neighbors. Never had anything burgled at our primary residences, we reside on an acre lot and I do watch for unusual activity, don't have a lot of traffic making it easy to notice vehicles that don't belong. Different story at our ranch, once past the gate thieves can get to our belongings unseen from road.
Sandia Man 03/29/21 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing water filtration under

Only you can decide if you want water filtration as it enters the rig, under the sink, or none at all if you wish. Parts can be had at most hardware stores, I have a Monaco and it is 1/2 inch pex which can be picked up at Lowes or Home Depot, they carry pricier shark bite fittings, CW or most well stocked RV part stores will have a variety plastic fittings for any configuration possible. We eliminated the water bay filter in our Monaco since it is prone to freezing and installed a filter under kitchen sink, don't need filtered water for our showers, toilet, or for doing the dishes. We cook with our filtered kitchen water but still drink bottled water 99% of the time, grew up where water is hard and heavily chlorinated, I guess we've become water snobs over the years.
Sandia Man 03/29/21 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fresh water pump

We have pretty much the opposite logic and primarily use our pump and FW tank when we're out RVing, we always fill our FW tank at home with chlorinated city water as we have encountered poor quality water at many of the places we frequent. I know many will say why carry the extra weight, we do it because we can, we often boondock anyway and don't want questionable water in our FW tanks, and not having to attach/detach hose and regulator makes set up and breakdown that much simpler. We make the attempt to turn off water pump when leaving rig, unfortunately we don't always follow through, thankfully no issues in 3 decades of RVing. Heard all the horror stories, but being connected to constant hose pressure from spigot would make matters that much worse.
Sandia Man 03/26/21 10:54am Travel Trailers
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

Not sure just because Samsung doesn't garner enough profit from making (mostly inferior, at least the several units we purchased)) DVD and or Bluray players spells out the doom for this media. Talked to a fellow at Walmart filling those massive DVD bins, they fill them several times weekly to keep up with demand, he stated Covid 19 has increased their DVD sales by at least twofold. Somebody will always produce dvd players, similar to all the record/album players readily available in todays market. Many DVD movies will include a digital copy that can be loaded onto a usb drive, movies purchased online can also be downloaded to memory card or usb, most modern tvs and AV receivers along with laptops have usb inputs. In any event it is not an issue we worry about, upon arrival and hooking to shorepower, our satellite automatically connects delivering all the movies, sports, and music we can handle. We do watch DVDs as well as we have found no consistent method to watch HD movies via park provided internet or through our phone plans.
Sandia Man 03/25/21 01:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar setup questions

To answer your last question first, yes Harbor Freight's 100W kit would work as well, just more cumbersome to carry around and set-up. The Renogy solar suitcase is less than 6" folded up, protected by a rugged case and packs easily in passthrough storage, truck bed, or even the backseat behind driver. I know these details as I purchased this nearly eight years ago to supplement the 200 watts on the roof, and to move around on cloudy days or when RVing under foliage. You can place solar controller anywhere you like, I left controller on rear of panels and wired a connection directly to battery posts, about 6" long they are easily accessible when I implement the solar suitcase. Wiring from controller is just 2 feet long, we use provided extension cord to connect it all. Definitely rugged, flew off truck's metal tonneau cover a couple of times. 5 minutes to set-up, 100 watts restores a single battery well, or keep 2 batteries topped off.
Sandia Man 03/24/21 03:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which one is really about camping?

Both are about camping in the real sense of the word, one deals with real camping without hookups where those terms of the first post are critical, the second of course deals with real camp cooking, we enjoy both camping and glamping as we see fit. We have owned most of the classes of RVs at one time or another and always go to newest forums when I get a chance to take a break and spend a few minutes online. Best thing is I get to read only the posts that I'm interested in, primarily technical and problem solving common RV issues, lifestyle, trip reports, and which brand truck or RV is best are rarely perused in the limited time my schedule allows. I can get those type of posts/articles by reading the new RV magazine from Good Sam, unfortunately this new version holds my attention about 10 minutes before it is in the trash.
Sandia Man 03/24/21 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

No doubt the Vibe is heavier, although that in itself is not the biggest issue as it pertains to towing comfort. The length (nearly 35') is more of a detriment for any 150/1500 series truck, definitely a handful at interstate speeds, particularly on windy days of travel, certainly the Puma would present less towing issues. Obviously the more surface area a TT has the more it is affected by drag among other physics related forces, should use more gas to haul around, having a properly dialed in WD/SC hitch is paramount to attain a decent towing experience. I do like the rear living floorplan, really opens up the the interior living space.
Sandia Man 03/19/21 11:11am Travel Trailers
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