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RE: Tried towing after new tires & did not go well

Same thing happened to us after getting new tires, took a few hundred miles before the slickness of the new tread wore off to get back to the towing comfort we were accustomed to.
Sandia Man 09/01/20 10:55am Towing
RE: Newbie: 1/2 Towable Cross Country Trip Suggestions

The specs listed are generic, need to look at the weight label from the factory, usually located in driver door flange to see what payload your F-150 has. That should give you a starting point, ultimately going to some scales loaded with all the passengers and stuff you intend to have when towing will account for actual remaining payload. Most will run out of payload well before truck's trailer towing capacity is exceeded. Virtually every brand will have floorplans to accommodate your needs, might have to remove or reorient some of the furniture to have two separate work stations. Grand Design is a quality manufacturer known for backing their products under warranty, try a smaller, lighter floorplan. And finally, possibly consider a slightly used unit, maybe a couple of years old to save considerable money off new. Saves the hassle since most have had all their warranty issues resolved.
Sandia Man 08/24/20 12:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oxidation question now with pics

Well, with the savings you could have a professional touch up those areas, after which a good waxing would keep it looking nice. Otherwise, the Jayco Pinnacle is a higher end, quality made unit that should give you many years of use. Although it can be true that older RVs are more difficult to sell as it pertains to financing, with good credit and a little research there are options available.
Sandia Man 08/17/20 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: cracked potable water tank

We have always carried freshwater in our tank regardless if destination has water readily available, there's a few reasons why we do. Manufacturer's that advise not to fill your tanks more than likely install sub-grade tanks prone to fail, or are poorly designed to keep them from falling out, defeating the very purpose of purchasing an RV. With our toyhauler we can carry well over 1K# of fluids which we did occasionally, never feared one of our tanks would ever fall out or crack, we did verify that they were well secured by the factory. After a few decades of RVing, and from TT to Class A, we continue to bring our own water, always making certain we have enough truck and/or cargo capacity.
Sandia Man 08/17/20 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Television - 12 volt or 120?

One of the first mods I do with any of the rigs I've had in the past is to install an inverter, going with a 120VAC TV is the route we always went with. We do pretty well with the pair of GC2 Samsclub batteries as it pertains to using our inverter for TV viewing over 2-3 days of camping off the power grid, which includes powering our satellite receivers and sound bar. We have a suitcase solar panel and inverter genny should we need to replenish consumed amphours to our battery bank. Nothing wrong with going the 12 volt TV route, just more expensive and they seem to be lacking smart TV features commonly found on standard 120VAC televisions.
Sandia Man 08/04/20 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Converter in 2013 Prime Time Tracer 2700RES

Turn off breakers one at a time until converter is disabled, should be on one of your circuit breakers. Are you planning to run all your AC outlets, most inverter installs are for running a TV or other minor electronic equipment when not plugged into shore power. When installing an inverter for whole rig use your AC unit, converter, fridge, and microwave will have to be turned off when using the inverter. I installed my inverter to power my hdtv, satellite receiver, bluetooth speaker bar and blu-ray dvd player, that way I don't have to use my genny. When camping off the grid I primarily use my genny for convection microwave and AC unit, other wise solar keeps my batteries up to power all my audio video equipment. Mount inverter close to battery bank using largest diameter wiring your inverter lugs will accept.
Sandia Man 06/17/20 03:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Travel Trailers

That is a nice floorplan for sure, and at that length nothing is more important than having enough truck. If the dry weight you stated is from the brochure, you will find the actual sticker weight to be higher leaving the factory. Make sure you get a quality WD hitch with integrated sway control, many have already been mentioned above. That being said, a WD/SC hitch must be installed and dialed in properly for best results, might take a few trys before you get it just right. We tow a long TT and sway is not an issue for us, and the wind tends to blow with quite a bit of force in our neck of the woods. Nothing is more paramount when pulling a sizable rig than overall towing comfort.
Sandia Man 06/15/20 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Wheel Chocks

Best is what are brains perceive, whether anyone else has the same perception or not. Never used rotochoks, although our BAL between the wheel chocks have never failed to perform their intended job 13 years running. Not sure if their are the best but they're readily available in different sizes online and at Camping Worlds.
Sandia Man 06/15/20 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: NM 6 I40 to Belen

NM 6 is a decent enough 2 way single lane roadway that can occasionally run slow due to truckers using this bypass route. I do agree that ABQ is not too bad when not traveling through during rush hour, I guess I don't mind using the interstates where many prefer traversing the back roads.
Sandia Man 06/15/20 11:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

Price indicated seems to be what anyone can expect to pay anywhere in the country, I do mine simply because I know it will get done to my standards. Most RV service locations delegate such work to the least experienced RV tech, which could turn out to be a disaster if they perform the service haphazardly.
Sandia Man 06/15/20 11:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator for Rving, any recommendation please?

That clicky is the same generator we've been using going on 5 years and just over 500 hours thus far. After 8 years with our Onan and over 1K hours we wanted something that had the same one button starting/stopping capabilities and that could power our rig's AC unit. This Champion inverter has been problem free, works well at high elevations, less noisy and wonderfully fuel efficient by comparison. That link is a great price for all that genny offers, we use regular ethanol laced gas but add a bit of Seafoam to 5 gallon gas can.
Sandia Man 05/18/20 03:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anybody ever buy a truck with a salvage title?

Never purchased a salvage diesel truck, but we have purchased two cars that had salvage titles. Of course did research on why they were salvage vehicles and let my mechanic give them a once over. USAA had zero problems insuring them and they both turned out to provide great service to my kids as their first cars which they used while going to college. Both are still functioning and have over 100K miles, they do not have high resell value, they were passed on to other extended family members.
Sandia Man 05/12/20 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator for travel trailer

No doubt Honda and to some extent Yamaha, although not nearly as popular, are higher quality units with pricing that reinforces that conviction. All my Honda equipment has stood the test of time, have no experience using their gennies. First thing to really consider is the highest wattage item you plan to run, obviously the AC unit and microwave are the power hungry items in RVs across the board. Most 2K watt gennies can run microwaves along with everything else except your AC unit. Our RV has an onboard Onan that powers our rig as if connected to shore power, convenient one button starting/stopping, most of the time it is way more power than we need. Great unit but it doesn't have smart technology like an inverter genny, certainly not as quiet or fuel efficient. Since we do lots of RVing off the power grid, under harsh weather conditions, we do put hundreds of hours on our genny yearly. With our solar panels, on fair weather days our genny gets to relax. With cloudy days we run our genny an hour or two to let our Iota quickly replenish battery bank. After 8 years our Onan had over 1500 hours, was looking to give it a break and hoping to get something with smart technology. Needed at least 3K watts to occasionally run our AC unit, and the convenience of one button starting. That was 5 years ago, our Champion 3100 inverter genny with 600 hours has proven very reliable.
Sandia Man 05/12/20 09:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Keystone denying claim (of course)

It would be nice if the manufacturer would stand behind their products although being a 2018 rig you are probably out of warranty anyway. Post a pic and maybe someone can describe how they were able to fix or at least make it less noticeable, try to work with Keystone directly as dealers usually don't try as hard when it comes to repairs covered by the manufacturer.
Sandia Man 04/20/20 03:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you drink.......

As long as it is filled with clorinated city water from our home I have no issues drinking from FW tank on our rig. Have had issues with poor water quality on too many occasions when RVing to trust drinking from unknown water supply sources, even though our rig came with a water filter. It is the main reason we fill our dual FW tanks when dry camping and boondocking, yeah it's a lot of added weight but we don't want to put crappy water in our tanks, been there done that with our previous rig. For us RVing is our prime time living, why eat and drink items of inferior quality.
Sandia Man 04/20/20 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Tow Vehicle for 10k bumper pull

I agree any of the current or newer 3/4 ton trucks should do the job nicely, particularly since it sounds like you won't be towing often. We have towed our TT TH that weighs over 10K# when loaded with toys and water for over a dozen years with our Chevy 3/4 ton gasser here in the mountain west, we live and mostly camp above 6K' elevation where a gasser loses 3% power per 1K' elevation. Even so, we don't have any issues letting it roar into it's power band (above 4K RPM) when climbing, has nearly 100K miles and no issues with tranny thus far. Of course it sure gets thirsty, just filled it up @ $1.12 a gallon which made be giggle when I remember many moons ago we paid up to $3.80 a gallon toting our kids to all the national and state parks in the four corner states.
Sandia Man 04/20/20 02:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Residential Refrig

Since there are several variables involved in determining how long an inverter can power an AC load, without pertinent info it's likely you will need to replenish your battery bank if staying more than a day, sooner if you only have a couple of batteries. We do most of our RVing off the power grid utilizing solar and occasionally our genny/Iota IQ4 smart converter to quickly restore consumed amphours to our 12 volt reserves.
Sandia Man 04/15/20 12:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cold temps/water lines

Looking at your rig in your signature I would imagine it has decent cold camping capabilities and would just drain all tanks including WH, set furnace to keep interior temps comfortable. Our rig has a fully exposed underbelly and would still just drain all fluids from rig under scenario you stated. That is us, of course do what you deem necessary to have peace of mind.
Sandia Man 04/09/20 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

I never really worried about water lines freezing up with temps just below freezing as long as daytime temps were in the 40s or higher. My rig does not have a sealed under belly and of course low drain points are fully exposed as is most of our water lines. Would have to dip to around 20 degrees for our water lines to freeze up when daytime temps are notably above freezing. Coldest temps overnight occur for only a couple of hours around dawn, we have never experienced any issues with frozen water lines or running water heater under temps you described. Our family is in the same boat as my DW and 3 DDs are also nurses, they are obligated to work daily. They dutifully wear masks and goggles throughout their entire shift, I find it difficult to just wear a mask to go shopping.
Sandia Man 04/09/20 12:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: 6 volt batteries in series

In series voltages are combined, amperage remains constant, with parallel wiring voltage is constant and amperage is combined. Never seen 6 volt batteries with only 100 amps, our pair of golfcart batteries provide over 230 amps which for most accounts gives us plenty of 12 volt reserves, being that solar and occasional genny use keeps them replenished. Started with a pair of 12 volt batteries, observed better throughput and lifespan after switching to 6 volt GC2 batteries. It is a moot point if you don't do much RVing off the power grid.
Sandia Man 03/25/20 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
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