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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Prayers for Pickles. Hoping she gets back on track. Dale
Scottiemom 05/17/21 04:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: What is the Passport America plan

We found a sorta neat, new RV park in the edge of the N Georgia mtns yesterday. Nothing fancy just FHU 50 amp with a bath house. Small place, concrete pads, wide sites - some on a small river and others in the open. They say there regular price is 50 dollars, but with PA it is 25. I am not sure it is worth the 44 fee to join PA for a couple of times there per summer. Tell me more about PA please What is the name of this park? Dale
Scottiemom 05/10/21 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Garmin RV GPS

Techno RV has a good comparison on their website.
Scottiemom 05/06/21 08:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Garmin RV GPS

I didn’t want the bigger screen for in my B+ so I got the 785. Also the 785 has a built in dash camera and the 890 doesn’t. Just depends on what features are important to you.
Scottiemom 05/06/21 07:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Garmin RV GPS

I just purchased and received the new Garmin 785. Dale The new Garmin for RVs is the RV890 Well, I got a new Garmin 785. . . perhaps not the latest, but it was the size I wanted and it has all the features of the 890. Dale
Scottiemom 05/06/21 11:40am Technology Corner
RE: Garmin RV GPS

I just purchased and received the new Garmin 785. I've been setting it up and putting addresses in, but haven't used it for travel yet. I really prefer the Rand McNally RV GPS, but I've had 3 and they all have failed. When you are on the road and it says "No GPS" you are screwed. One I sent back and received a replacement and it works "most" of the time, but I guess I have to say they are unreliable. I've had a Garmin fail as well, but it was years. . . and I mean many years old. This Garmin has a dash cam and traffic as well. My DH recently passed away and I wanted a unit that multitasked, since I don't have my navigator with me anymore. Gone are the days when he would sit in the passenger seat and have a split screen on his laptop showing GPS and weather/traffic, etc. Dale
Scottiemom 05/05/21 04:36am Technology Corner
RE: Rubber Roof help

A friend of mine in the camp is an electrical engineer and wanted a crack at the fridge. The outlet was faulty. You could jiggle it and it would flash power intermittently. So he went to Menard's and bought $1.87 worth of parts and installed a new outlet. He did a great job and the fridge now runs on electric and switches back and forth from gas to electric when on auto. Thanks, Roger. You saved the day! I kept my appointment and had them address the leak, which after the rain last night, was more of a waterfall in the motorhome. They checked the gasket and it was substantial, so he snugged up the A/C and tested it with a water hose. It works great now. . . no more leaking, although he would have preferred I authorize a new roof. LOL Back at the camp, I filled with propane only to find that the yellow cap on the fill valve had disappeared. Was there last time I filled. So off to find the part. Found it next door at the RV sales place. $3.00. Back in business. So all is well. I even restrung my day/night shade myself. Whoo hoo! Thanks for all your suggestions. I am glad all is fixed. Dale
Scottiemom 05/03/21 01:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Winnebago aventurer

Hello, I'm looking at purchasing a 2006 Winnebago that has been garage kept since 2006. I plan on replacing the battery and tires and also a complete inspection. I want to get some pros cons. Thanks, Vic When we purchased an older, little used motorhome, we had our mechanic change all the belts, hoses, fluids and filters. Also changed the batteries (house and chassis), all the tires, which had 8,000 miles on them but were 8 years old. We were taking it to Alaska. The mechanic did not change the fuel filter/pump because they were in the tank and would necessitate dropping the driveshaft. Second trip out on a shakedown cruise, the fuel pump failed so ended up getting that changed out on the road. That was because it had been sitting for at least six years without any gas treatment in the tank. She ran to Alaska and back with nary a hiccup. Now my DH has passed and I am in this motorhome on my own adventure. She is still running great. Dale
Scottiemom 05/02/21 05:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Dale, many youtube videos to show you how to access the AC bolts. They are all similar. Here is one as he pops off the cover. Thank you so much for that video. That is exactly the A/C cover I have and I didn't know how to get those two bolts out. I think I can do this now. I had looked for a video that showed my cover, but I never found it. Thanks again! Dale
Scottiemom 04/30/21 05:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Check to see if the GFCI is tripped. Sometimes the fridge outlet is on the GFCI circuit (since it's partly exposed to the outside). As I said before, there is one GFI outlet in the coach and it is NOT tripped. I use it everyday. Dale
Scottiemom 04/30/21 05:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Is anyone using a voltmeter? Yes, and I mentioned that in my earlier post. They swapped out the brain board as well, but determined that the original was working. The fridge is doing what it's supposed to, just no power in that recep. Dale
Scottiemom 04/29/21 03:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Refrigerator is not working on electric. I knew this before I left, so it's running on gas.Turns out fridge works fine on electric, but the receptacle in the fridge box does not work.Ok, you've lost me here. a) refer not working on electric b) works fine on electric c) what is a receptacle in the fridge box?? I assume the 120v "With regard to the fridge, there is no juice going to the outlet. Glen checked the converter for broken wires, " The converter has nothing to do with 120v. Help. The Dometic Fridge does not work on electric as it is configured. It has an electric receptacle in the fridge box it is plugged into. When set on auto, it runs solely on gas because there is no power to that recep. If you take the cover off outside, you can see it plugged into an outlet. That outlet is not working. It is working on gas. In testing, they found if they unplugged the fridge from that receptacle and plugged it into power via an extension cord, it works perfectly. So it is working on electric and gas, but won't work plugged into the receptacle inside the fridge box. So it is either a bad receptacle or there is a broken wire between the converter and the receptacle in the box. Perhaps I said it incorrectly, but they opened the box, which I thought was labeled converter. It is where all the power comes in and has fuses and breakers and the power surge protector. Everything in there checked out, and wires go from there throughout the coach. So that's why they checked that. Dale
Scottiemom 04/29/21 02:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Thank you all for the thoughts. With regard to the fridge, there is no juice going to the outlet. Glen checked the converter for broken wires, bad breaker and blown fuses. His idea is the recep is bad or there is a broken wire from the converter to the fridge. He was using a volt ohm meter. Billy was sure they would be able to find it. Every other outlet and everything electrical is working. I have one GFI outlet and I use it every day. I only have 5 inside outlets and they all work. I have 2 outside and they both work. I don't know how to get the A/C plate on the ceiling off. There are only two visible screws and they look like pop rivets. I will do some checking on it. I'm not sure they will be able to look at that when I get the fridge fixed as I think they are working me in, but I will ask. Thanks for your help. I know now what NOT to do! Dale
Scottiemom 04/29/21 02:30pm Class C Motorhomes
Rubber Roof help

Trip is going very well. Left Florida almost 2 weeks ago and drove to Virginia to see my daughter and family, then headed to Indiana. Arrived here safe and sound. Refrigerator is not working on electric. I knew this before I left, so it's running on gas. I made an appointment with the Amish in Shipshewana. Turns out fridge works fine on electric, but the receptacle in the fridge box does not work. The Amish was not an electrician and didn't want to delve into it further, so I have an appointment Monday with Charger Enterprises in Elkhart to get it fixed. I am camped down at my sister's south of Warsaw. I have electric and water here which is fine. I have another problem I need help with. I have a leak that is dripping from the roof A/C when it rains. I mentioned to a friend I wanted to get some sealant and reseal around the A/C. He cautioned that because of the rubber roof, I had to be careful what I used on it. So what products should I use? I figure I need a cleaner to clean the area first, then I would add new caulk to stem the water drip. I can go to Factory surplus in Elkhart or Johnson's in White PIgeon and either one should have it. Just wondered what your go-to product is for such a repair. Thanks! Dale
Scottiemom 04/29/21 06:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Getting ready to roll!

Drove from Florida to Virginia to visit with my daughter and her family. I left there Friday and stopped in Ohio to see our friends we went to Alaska with. I had Tab help me with some questions on the motorhome. Today I drove to Elkhart and am in the Elkhart Campground. Bobby, the owner, did not know Terry had died, so we chatted a bit. We have some very good friends and I asked if they were here yet and Bobby said they are coming in tomorrow! So he put me directly in front of them! Very nice concreted site. Motorhome is performing admirably. So pleased with it. I have an appointment with the Amish guys in Shipshewana on Tuesday to fix my fridge. It works great on gas but won't run on electric. Go figure. LOL At least it's working! I'm enjoying the traveling, even though I don't have my DH with me. I have my dog and I talk with him. Dale
Scottiemom 04/25/21 04:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Happy Birthday, Richard! Dale
Scottiemom 04/23/21 04:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

A week ago, Brendon, my 5-year old Scottie rescue, and I left the sunny climes of Florida for the frozen north. I thought surely it would be a little warmer end of April. . . Not so. It is 35° here in Charlotteville, Virginia, and I am miserable. But we made the trip up here in 3 days, which is what I planned. We have been here for 5 days and helped my oldest grandchild celebrate his 14th birthday! Nice to celebrate something since this is where we were when Terry died last October. We leave this morning and head to Indiana. Stopping in Ohio to see our fellow Alaska travelers and hoping Tab can explain a few things on the motorhome to me. I am in MinnieMee, my little 22 1/2' B+, and she's doing a good job for me. Once I get to Indiana, I have an appointment in Shipshewana to get my fridge fixed. It only works on gas. . . yeah, that's right. . . go figure. It NEVER happens that way, does it? It's normally the other way around. But on gas everything is perfect. I want the electric side fixed so I can use the gas furnace more. I have an electric space heater that does well, but the gas furnace warms more area. I am doing well. Solo traveling takes some getting used to as well as solo camping. I have been able to drive the motorhome to my daughter's every day. I have to park in front of their house, but it is fairly level and they put in a 30Amp plug on the front of their house when they updated the electric service. I didn't have to use it this time. They mainly did that so if my dog is in there, we can keep him cool. My SIL is allergic to him, so he cannot be in the house. Most days this week, it warmed up nicely on the back deck and we all sat outside. Hope everyone is doing well. DALE
Scottiemom 04/23/21 05:07am RV Pet Stop
RE: 5050 miles in 9 Travel Days

I'm 70 and recently widowed. While my husband was alive, I did all the driving of our 40' Phaeton towing a car. We fulltimed till he died. So I sold my Phaeton and kept my 22' R-Vision mini motorhome. She's all loaded and ready to leave on a 2-month excursion tomorrow. I'll start with an overnight at my son's across the state, then heading north to Virginia to see my daughter and family. That's a 3-day drive. From there it's on to Indiana to see my almost 96-year old Mom. I have always loved to drive and it will be easy for me to drive a 22' (no toad) as opposed to a 40' DP and towing. I'm looking forward to it. I have always been a cautious driver, but more so now that I don't have another set of eyes. I don't feel my skills are diminished though, so plan to keep at it for several more years. Dale
Scottiemom 04/14/21 05:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Any RV parks left in RGV?

Thanks Scottiemom. I did look up Mission West and will check it out. I don't mind some park models or even mobiles if park is well kept. But I want some SPACE. I hate slide to slide. If you look around, check out Hidden Valley Ranch. It is an owner park, but a lot of them rent out their lots. They have quite large lots, nice clubhouse, active residents and nicely kept. Not too many mobiles in the parks. . . if anything, park models, single wide for the most part. Dale
Scottiemom 04/13/21 05:23am Snowbirds
RE: Any RV parks left in RGV?

Pawatt gave you good advice. I see he mentioned Mission West. I was going to suggest that. Also Pleasant VAlley Ranch is about 85% RV's. It's a rental park and I know this year it was all but empty, because it normally has a large contingent of French Canadians. They do have a lot of activities. And if you rent for a week or two and look around, you can find some really nice sites for rent by owner. Dale
Scottiemom 04/12/21 06:54am Snowbirds
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