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RE: RV navigation systemsl

I'm presently using a new Garmin 785 RV GPS. It has a built in camera and it has lane warnings if I get too far to the side. . . also a front collision warning. Pretty cool. I have had 2 Rand McNally RV GPS's and love them, especially their address book. But unfortunately, one died completely and I had it replaced under warranty. Then the other larger 7" also died. The smaller one (replacement) works "most" of the time, but still freezes occasionally and has to be restarted. I run that and my Garmin together. I also will use Waze on my phone. It's just me, so I cannot be messing with the GPS going down the road. I'm not good with the Google maps on my phone but have used it to verify roads when I'm stopped. I like the Garmin for navigation and the Rand McNally when it works. Dale
Scottiemom 07/26/21 07:14am Technology Corner
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

I had this happen to me years ago. I also was in bare feet, having let the dog out. There was dew on the grass and as I grabbed the handle to go back inside and stepped onto the metal step I received the shock. I, however, could not let go because the charge kept my hand curled around the handle. I could not move. I had the presence of mind to lean away from the motorhome and I then fell to the ground. My weight was enough to allow me to disengage from the trailer. We were plugged into the lake cottage, which was built by my great grandfather and was little more than a fishing shack. The cottage itself had no ground and was not wired properly when electricity was added. We put a wood pallet in front of the door of the motorhome and that took care of it. My husband wanted to put a ground in for the cottage, but it was not ours and he was not allowed to do that. I thought as I was being shocked that I would not survive. It was really scary. Dale
Scottiemom 07/21/21 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: levelers

I do not have auto levelers. So with that said what are some of easiest and simplest ones to use? What is average cost to have auto ones installed. Thank you We had the Atwood levelegs system replaced on our 40' Tiffin Phaeton with BigFoot levelers. Very happy with them. They were just under $6000 to have done. At the time, BigFoot was putting their system on the Tiffin Wayfarer, the smaller Class C they manufacture. I believe they still are. The HWH system was about the same price. There is also Equalizer. Dale
Scottiemom 07/20/21 05:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: MN changing to EZ-Pass

We moved to Florida last year and bought the Sun Pass. We had a 40' motorhtome and towed. Was assured that the system could count the axles. No need to have multiples. We did buy a second one just so we didn't have to remember to take it out of one vehicle to put in another. Works like a charm. Dale
Scottiemom 07/19/21 06:18am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I made it back from Indiana earlier this week. Have a trip planned in August and plan to go to Texas in October, but I'm here for now. The workers came Monday to start my screen room. That all came to a screaming halt a couple hours later when a board member stopped by and told me I didn't have the necessary park permit. Grrrr. I knew about the permit. I had hired the contractor in January and he told me he takes care of all the necessary permits, but apparently not. He told me twice on the phone that he had everything he needed when I asked him specifically about permits. So I quickly filled out the 2 line permit and turned it in. They told me 24 hours, but it's been 48. It will eventually get done but I'm a bit miffed. The board member had stopped 2 weeks ago when the contractor pulled up not knowing I wasn't here. He asked the contractor about the permit and was assured it was taken care of. I wonder why he didn't call me. . . my number's in all the park info. I guess they prefer stopping work once it's started rather than get it taken care of before there is a problem. It would have helped if he hadn't been so rude to me. Times like this I really miss Terry. He would have taken care of it all before hand. :-( I did have a problem with my little rig this trip. It became harder and harder to take on fuel. I researched it and found it was likely a clogged vent tube on the gas tank. I was able to fuel enough to get to my sisters and then called around to see who could fix it. My local mechanic was out of commission due to an accident involving a chain saw, so I talked with the tech at an Elkhart truck business that works on motorhomes. He wasn't busy and said he would check it out. He did and cleaned out the clogged vent tube. He charged me two hours labor because he had to dropped the gas tank a bit, but he fixed it and I had no more problems all the way to Florida from Indiana. Dale
Scottiemom 07/15/21 05:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: Puppy pics

So cute!
Scottiemom 07/11/21 04:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: Oregon rules for pumping gasoline & covid-19

What are the current rules in Oregon??? I have traveled extensively throughout the state and enjoyed their quick and friendly service in pumping my gas for me. It creates jobs especially for the young and in the rural areas I was allowed to pump my own gas if desired. Some members on another smaller so called RV forum suffer from hyper high BP over this silly issue. Two in particular mjeltin and DanZ may have a HA over this. Cheers to the good guys Thank you for your service. Dale
Scottiemom 07/08/21 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: B+ motorhomes Found them here. Really made a difference. A bit tricky to put on, but patience and maybe an extra set of hands works good. Thanks a lot, Orion_42!
Scottiemom 07/07/21 06:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

Thanks for the condolences. Terry kept going a long time even with serious heart problems, but eventually it all caught up with him. It was still a shock and I don't like being alone, but it is what it is. The other decals on my 213 are in good shape and don't need replacing, just those circular Trail-lite decals. I will try to see if I can find them on line. Didn't even think of that. I figure a graphics outfit could duplicate them. I'll see what I come up with. Dale
Scottiemom 07/06/21 02:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

We bought our 2004 213 Trail Lite in 2012 with 7800 miles on her. Our intent was to use her for a trip to Alaska, so we didn't have to take our 40' Phaeton. We had our mechanic go through and change the fluids, filters, belts and hoses. After the second shakedown trip, we lost the fuel pump, so had that and the fuel filter replaced. It involved dropping the driveshaft, which is why our mechanic didn't do that. But she made the trip to Alaska and back. We decided to keep her because she was in great condition and we thought we would do the east coast state parks, for which a small unit would be great. She was in climate controlled storage all those years and we only took her out once a year to exercise her. Last year my DH passed away last year and I sold my Phaeton. I kept "MinnieMee," as I could easily handle her and decided my days of towing a car were over. I am on my second big trip with her now. The one thing I intend to do but haven't done yet is to replace the cracking/peeling decals. They look bad but the rest of the coach is still in great condition. I agree that she's built better than a lot of the coaches nowadays. I am looking to buy a newer coach, but for the time being, I'm happy with her. Dale
Scottiemom 07/06/21 05:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

I am back on the road, leaving Indiana this morning and heading to Charlottesville, VA, to visit my daughter and family. No problems fueling. Yay! Dale Good to hear,have a safe trip! Thank you!
Scottiemom 07/05/21 03:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

I am back on the road, leaving Indiana this morning and heading to Charlottesville, VA, to visit my daughter and family. No problems fueling. Yay! Dale
Scottiemom 07/05/21 03:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Remembering Richard in my prayers. Dale
Scottiemom 07/04/21 05:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: Leveling jacks

We replaced the Atwood levelegs on our 06 Phaeton with the BigFoot system. I think each jack was rated for 17500 lbs. The problem is that Tiffin put too weak of jacks to even do the job it was supposed to do. Loved the BigFoots. Never a problem. Pricey, but great. Dale
Scottiemom 07/03/21 05:32am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: B+ motorhomes

I took it a truck/RV place in Elkhart where we had shocks put on the Phaeton at one time. I talked to them before I went and they assured me they could handle the problem. My regular mechanic had an accident with a chain saw so he is out of commission for awhile. I got it there this morning. The tech said the one vent tube was blocked but there are apparently more (?). He said he cleaned everything out. Before I paid, he had me go fill it with fuel. It clicked off twice. I pulled the nozzle out a bit and then it filled completely up without shutting off. So I went back and paid him. No parts, just labor. So I'm hoping it's taken care of. Got filled up with propane before I came home. Back at camp. Dale
Scottiemom 07/01/21 04:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

Hi Dale, this is probably a common blocked canister where the vent hose becomes clogged as well. It should be a simple fix by your mechanic. Its EPA ORVR - 'Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery' related , as you pump gasoline into your gas tank it pushes out air thru a vent tube canister filter setup. When the air can't escape due to a clogged line then the nozzle at the fuel pump shuts off. Those nozzles are highly intelligent, I don't how they know when those canisters are clogged but they do. :) Thanks for the info. That is pretty much what I found in my research. I'm calling my mechanic first thing tomorrow. He's extremely good, quick, and is reasonably priced. When we had business here, he always took care of our company vehicles. He was the one who went through this motorhome when we bought it at 8 years old with 8,000 miles on it and got it ready for us to take to Alaska. Worked perfectly. He did an oil change for me a couple weeks ago when I was up here. Dale
Scottiemom 06/27/21 08:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

I,like you sometimes have a problem with filling my tank on my Express Chevy based Class C, Everything else checks out OK but I have found that if I hold the nozzle at a 45 degree toward the rear of the Motorhome I have no problems. It seems that small filler tube doesn't vent well and holding that way lets the vapor recovery work. I also have the same problem on my GMC Yukon the trick also works on it too. height=240 I will certainly try that. I have tried about every other position and I have found if I hold that rubber flap back that surrounds the nozzle it seems to help. But today that didn't work either. Push the nozzle all the way in, pull it out a little, etc. Today when I got the 5 gallons in, it took a long time as it was just trickling in. I will try this. Thanks for the suggestion. Dale
Scottiemom 06/27/21 08:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

Okay, any of you with the Chevy Express chassis. I made a trip from Florida to Virginia to Indiana and back to Florida. About 8 weeks altogether. Was home in Florida for 2 weeks and headed back to Indiana last week for a family funeral. I wonder if any of you have had this problem. I had several times where I tried to fuel and the pump kept shutting off. I thought the station might be out of fuel. I would move on to another station and fill. This started happening more frequently and today I tried to fill first thing in the morning and couldn't. Kept shutting off. Moved on down the road, filled up with no problem. I had a short driving day so my full tank of fuel would get me to my destination, which is my sister's house where I plan to stay. Decided to top off my tank. . . no joy. Again, I drove on and at the last opportunity, tried again. I was able to get an additional 5 gallons in which I was happy with because I have enough gas now to get to my regular mechanic in this area. I have been reading and suspect the EVAP canister or something else with the gas fill mechanism. I am hoping it's something my regular mechanic can deal with, but I suppose a Chevy garage can help. It is a 2004 R-Vision Trail-Lite 213 on a Chevy Express van chassis. This is the only problem I have had with it and I am glad it happened when it did, because I was able to get to my destination and decide what to do next. Dale
Scottiemom 06/27/21 07:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I 70 in Ohio to Somerset PA staying off PA turnpike

So, can I just drive it and they will take a pic of camper license plate and mail a bill to me in Tennessee? Based on research, this may be easier than any bypass routes. I am leaving Somerset and then on to Lancaster. Thanks, Yes that is how it works. I just crossed the toll bridge in Louisville yesterday. I expect to get my bill in the mail. I have done that several times, so I know I will get it. I usually go around, but I was staying on the east side of I-65 and didn't want to go all the way around on the west side. When you get your bill, you can actually go to their website and set up an account, then pay online using a credit card. I was glad to have that option because the first few times I got a bill, we were on the road and not going to be getting mail for awhile. Dale
Scottiemom 06/27/21 05:29am Roads and Routes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I've been back in Florida for 2 weeks today. Had some medical stuff that was put off from last year due to covid. Those are all done now. Whew! Glad for that. So, today I'm packing up MinnieMee for another trip. This one is back to Indiana. . . where I just returned from. There was a death in Terry's family. His 61 year old cousin died last week. Very suddenly. . . one of his kids found him. So sad. He had had some health problems, particularly his heart and was under a doctor's care, but it appears the doctor was "barking up the wrong tree." This family was Terry's uncle's (dad's brother) and since they were the only relatives of his dad's who had relocated to Indiana (from Mississippi), Terry grew very close to them and we had always spent time with them when we could. The services are the 30th, so I have a week to get there. I drove down here from Indiana in 5 days, but took my time and visited friends along the way. I hope to get there in maybe 3 days. Still not too much further than my normal 300 miles a day, but I don't think it will be a problem. Will camp in my sister's woods again and have another chance to visit with my Mom. My daughter is coming as well. She will be driving from Virginia, so we won't be traveling together. I had good weather coming back from my last trip, although the forecast included storms. Missed them all, so hoping for the same this time. Dale
Scottiemom 06/23/21 06:45am RV Pet Stop
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