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RE: When a sale is not a sale

So today I get a text from him requesting I call him. I guess he can't call me? I sent him an email requesting a physical address so I could return the $500 he gave me "pending inspection" which was done 10 days ago. I went ahead and listed it once he told me "it was getting too complicated." I have a potential buyer coming from Alabama next week to look at it. But he's quite adamant he wants it and has made arrangements with his bank to wire the money when the deal is made. We have mutual friends so I know a little about him. Dale Update: So the guy playing games sent me his address and said he was sorry it didn't work out. Yeah, well, I'm not. It's all good!
Scottiemom 12/08/20 10:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: When a sale is not a sale

Bottom line, sometimes deals don't feel right. When the buyer keeps changing or modifying what they are doing or want you to do, walk away. I sure agree with this!! It seemed Dale was being pressured - and even if it wasn't a "scam" - a buyer that presents as a pain before the sale, often is a worse one after the sale. This is what I think as well. He told me they have never owned an RV before. . . this will be their first. And he said, "I'm gonna have to have you show me how to do everything." Well, he can hire someone to do that. I can show him the basics, but I'm not RV Boot Camp. Nor do I offer RV driver's training. He hasn't contacted me since Wednesday, so if he does, I think I'm going to tell him I don't think this coach is a good fit for him. And I truly don't. Dale
Scottiemom 12/06/20 06:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: When a sale is not a sale

Even though the check was cut in front of the seller, couldn't the buyer put a stop payment on it afterwards? Just asking...not for a friend.There would be far more difficulty. The person would have to demonstrate something extraordinary to cancel the deal with the credit union. Basically it would not be his check to void as he could not claim it was lost or destroyed while in his possession. Also title would be held by the bank and would not be given to the buyer if he tried to cancel the deal. Credit union would probably contact the seller before doing anything so as to keep all parties involved. This is what I understand. I did ask this question and the credit union said. . . why would we do that. It is the credit union's check, not the buyer's. My listing is up now, so I hope I find a buyer. I actually have $500 of his money, which was to hold it for the inspection. I told him if he decided to buy it, it would go toward the purchase and if he chose not to, I would refund it. But that was almost a week ago and he has been silent now for 2 days. Last thing he said was, "This is getting way too complicated" and "I haven't even drive it yet." I've moved on. Dale
Scottiemom 12/04/20 12:24pm RV Lifestyle
RE: When a sale is not a sale

I am sorry to hear of your loss and having to deal with all of this. This person is an uncommitted buyer. He "thinks" he wants to buy a motorhome, but he can't bring himself to complete the process. Hence the 5 other coaches he has had inspected & all the issues he came up with your delivery. In short a perpetual shopper. Walk away as there will be some sort of "issue" at the credit union and he wont complete the loan. I would try to find a dealer that would sell the coach on consignment, you will get less, but you won't have to deal with all the issues that large transactions like this bring. One reason I don't want to deliver it is because of this. . . figure he will find some reason to back out at the last minute. I told my son that I thought he was "afraid" of it. This is his very first RV and I'm surprised he would choose a 40' DP. Wants me to teach him how to do everything. I don't like the consignment angle as I have looked at a lot of coaches on consignment on lots and they get pretty trashed and dirty by people tramping through them. I may end up doing that but for now I'm advertising it and seeing what happens. Dale
Scottiemom 12/04/20 08:00am RV Lifestyle
RE: When a sale is not a sale

The fact that the alleged Credit Union rep called you out of the blue just confirms that it is a scam. Probably the rip off's wife. I actually called back at one point and it rang into the Space Coast Credit Union. Dale
Scottiemom 12/04/20 07:56am RV Lifestyle
RE: inspection

My one motorhome is for sale and the potential buyer hired an inspector to go over it. He was here for FIVE hours checking everything. The worst he found was an expired fire extinguisher and propane detector (still working but out of date) and the roof needed recaulked. What I wished I had done was inquired about procedures. I had just had the carpet cleaned and he rolled up all my throw rugs and walked on the beige carpet the entire 5 hours. Then when he examined the engine through the floor in the bedroom, he placed his grimy hand on the white mattress to get back up off the floor. Grrrrr. I would have insisted that while in the coach he wear "footies" and place barriers where he intended to touch, just like the guys at the service centers do. Very unprofessional. He took a small sample of engine oil for analysis, but it was okay. Dale
Scottiemom 12/04/20 05:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: When a sale is not a sale

Well, with regard to the wire transfer. . . I called the credit union and was told they do indeed wire funds. Later in the day the credit union person handling the loan called me and she told me they don't wire funds. I told her I had called them that morning and was told they do. She said no and that I would be getting a credit union check paid from the loan proceeds. I called my niece who is VP of a credit union in another state and she said if the check was from the credit union itself I would have nothing to worry about. It's not a check of any kind coming from the potential buyer. He is borrowing money for the purchase and the credit union would be giving me the check. It would be handled much like a closing on a house only on a smaller scale. Thank you for your kind comments on my loss. It happened all so suddenly and unexpectedly. We were in Virginia visiting our daughter. While I don't hook up the toad, I was the only driver of our bus. I do know how to hook up, but my arthritic hands don't work well. The campground owner assisted me with the hookup in Virginia and I made reservations for pull through sites on the way back to Florida, so I didn't have to unhook till I got home and my neighbors were able to help me. God bless my neighbors. It took me three weeks to get the motorhome cleaned out, then I moved it so I could have it washed top to bottom and have the carpets cleaned. Today I moved her back under my port right outside my door. I do hope to find her a good home. I'm listening to all your advice because I certainly do not want to become a victim in all this. Thank you all for your responses. Dale
Scottiemom 12/03/20 06:14pm RV Lifestyle
When a sale is not a sale

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30174906
Scottiemom 12/03/20 12:00pm Around the Campfire
When a sale is not a sale

So I'm selling my coach. I posted asking about using NADA as a pricing guide. Immediately had someone start in asking for info, pix, etc. I said I haven't even listed it yet. Have to get it emptied and washed inside/out. He continued to send me texts almost daily. Finally after 3 weeks, I was able to send him some pix. So he and his wife wanted to come see it. . . 2 hours away. He actually lives on the other side of the state close to my son. So he asked if (over Thanksgiving) I could bring it over there so they could see it. I said no. He could come to the coach. So they did that Saturday. They liked what they saw and asked if they could have it inspected. I said yes. That dude came the next day, Sunday, and was there crawling all over it for 5 hours. He found very little except the roof needs resealing. Oil sample revealed no problems with the engine. So yesterday he calls and we banter back/forth on the price and arrive at a mutually agreed price. He is dealing with a credit union who doesn't wire money, but they handle this like a home closing and would give me a bank check from the credit union. So then he asked if I would drive the coach across the state to where the closing is so he wouldn't have to come get it. I said no. I mean, where would I park it while we do the closing? I told him I had a lot of stuff he needed to get like the spare tire, etc. (I was throwing in a LOT of freebies). He said I could just hook my car up and tow it over with everything in it. I'm selling the coach because my DH just died and I don't hook up the car. His wife works and she can't get off during the week for the meeting and the credit union doesn't want to do it on Saturday. (Not my problem.) So now he says there is no time to "meet up" AND I am unwilling to help them out and bring the coach to him. I don't think any car dealer or RV dealer would bring a vehicle to a residence for someone to look at and then take it back. Nor would they deliver a vehicle elsewhere to a closing, especially a 40' diesel pusher. Where would you park it? And unhook the toad? And leave it while you signed papers? When I buy something, I get things lined up so I can take possession. I don't consider that someone else's job. Now he says, "I haven't even driven it." Well that's his fault. He did not want to when he was here. Said he has never drive a big motorhome before. So I guess we're done. . . he says it's getting too complicated. I told him I was available any time weekday or Saturday, most any time. But I won't deliver it to the big city for him. He can come get it. Incidentally, the first time I drove it was when I drove it home from the dealership. . . no test drive. He also claims he MUST get the new tags and registration right after the transaction. I told him here in Florida he had several days (30) to do that. But he wants to go from the credit union to get it licensed. Again, not my problem. I haven't held my breath through any of this. I still haven't advertised it, but I'm thinking I will start today. It would be nice to have it gone now, but I'm not desperate. He has been looking for a long time and the inspector told me this is the 5th one he's been hired to look at for him. So he thought he was pretty serious when he paid extra for the oil analysis, since he hadn't on any of the others. Well, just venting. I'm sure I'll find the right buyer. Dale I had to repost this because it was deleted when I placed a for sale note on my coach in my signature. Please note the one left there is NOT for sale. I'm keeping MinnieMee.
Scottiemom 12/03/20 12:00pm RV Lifestyle
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I marked myself "safe" for Florida's cold snap on FB! LOL
Scottiemom 12/03/20 07:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Looks beautiful, but COLD!!!!!
Scottiemom 12/02/20 04:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Sorry to hear about your granddaughter, Richard. Will be adding her to my prayers. Dale
Scottiemom 11/29/20 04:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: How is the snow bird traffic on I-95

I was on it yesterday from Melbourne to Cocoa. Saw a few big motorhomes heading south. Dale
Scottiemom 11/28/20 04:44am General RVing Issues
RE: banking when full timing

We fulltimed for 15 years using Wells Fargo. Never had a problem. Did online banking. Dale
Scottiemom 11/10/20 04:04am Full-time RVing
RE: 30 foot limit

ItsyRV said it best. We fulltimed for 15 years in a 40' motorhome. Never had any trouble finding spots. Yes, there are some campgrounds that cannot accommodate the larger rigs. Be glad they tell you that up front. Too many times I've heard, "We just had a 40-er in here last week" only to find out we couldn't fit. Typically older campgrounds and state parks cannot always accommodate, but you just have to do your research. Once you find a potential park, look it up on Google Maps and look at the satellite view. That will help. Dale
Scottiemom 11/09/20 02:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Well, it didn't work out with the dog. She is 12 or 13 and her owner was a man. On our walks, she would run to any man she saw thinking that he was her owner. That was sad. She peed in the house multiple times. Panted non stop and kept me up all night. She is being kept by the owner's son and his 11 year old daughter loves Molly, so she will be back in a safe place. Most of all, I didn't realize that I "wasn't ready" for a dog just yet. As if there is such a thing. Dale
Scottiemom 11/09/20 02:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally had enough with Atwood electric jacks

We replaced the ATwoods on our 2006 Phaeton last year. We went with the Big Foot system. They said part of the problem with the Atwoods on the Tiffins is that Tiffin went with too light of a jack. The BigFoots I think are at 17,500 each. They worked beautifully and there is a toll free service number stamped right on the controller which is answered 24/7. . . or so I'm told. I did get a live person the one time I called. Dale
Scottiemom 11/08/20 04:39am Tech Issues
RE: Moving on up... to the mountains!

Beautiful home, Desert Captain. Enjoy!
Scottiemom 11/07/20 03:18am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I have so enjoyed this thread, Richard, and what you have done for animals. I am looking to adopt a dog and really wanted a Scottie, which is what Terry wanted. But yesterday I saw a flyer at our park for a long haired dachshund whose elderly owner had died. She's in foster care but can't stay there. She is 13 but has no health issues at the present. I know that makes her an old dog, but she needs a home. And our standard Doxie we had at home lived to be 18! So I have decided to call about her. God bless you Richard for all you have done for dogs. Dale
Scottiemom 11/06/20 04:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: Teacher's Pet

I'm discovering there is more in a 40 foot motorhome than there is in my 28x60 home. I go out and bag and box stuff up and bring it in the house. Early morning or late evening, I start going through the stuff and sorting/putting it away. There is a lot of satellite stuff and I won't be using that. Terry was a master at anything electronic, including the Dish system, but I can't do any of that. I will be happy with cable for sure. And in a motorhome, I will get by with an antenna and DVD's. All the cupboards in the bedroom are emptied. . . now for under the bed. I will have to have the neighbor guy help me lift the bed. The new memory foam makes that difficult for me. Bathroom medicine cabinets are empty. A lot of "loose" stuff sitting around is out. Haven't started on the basement, but we had pared that down from our fulltiming days. Getting some feedback on prices and have someone who appears to be really interested and they are here in Florida. Today is another day. Dale
Scottiemom 11/02/20 03:23am Class C Motorhomes
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