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RE: Prince George BC to Eureka Mt.

All depends on which way you went north.
SideHillSoup 11/09/20 01:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tire Chains

RV’s in BC are not required to carry chains, however you are required to have the correct tires on your vehicle depending on the month (s) of the years. RV Chains. I’ve pulled a RV including 5th Wheels all over BC in the mountains, in the winter months and have never found that I needed tire chains. I also snowmobile and I used to carry tire chains for the truck back in the day, however we were parking way up logging roads for days on end ( we had cabins ) with the possibility of no one plowing the road to where we parked. And then I can count on one hand how many times I used my chains. I guess the question should be: what type of roads and conditions are you planing on traveling on and in? Again as others have said the time of the year your traveling, if it snows, just sit a few days until Hwy maintenance clears the roads and or they clear up enough on their own to safely continue your journey. Have fun on your trip. PS; we got 6 inches of snow in the valley yesterday, and lots more up higher on the mountain passes.... Soup.
SideHillSoup 10/24/20 08:42am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fairbank AK -- Northern Lights ????

Have you thought about looking for info on Tripadvisor? Fairbanks Soup
SideHillSoup 10/21/20 06:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Another month in border closures.

The border closures is now Nov 21st Nov 21st.
SideHillSoup 10/19/20 08:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Out the door....

Well it just stopped Snowing... went over Kootenay pass today ( back and forth)... much better now that the road is wet. 4 inches of fresh white stuff this morning. Take Kootenay Lake Ferry.... a nicer ride any ways. Drive safe. Soup.
SideHillSoup 10/13/20 05:50pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Out the door....

Better get ready... we have snow in southern BC ( Kootenays) Soup.
SideHillSoup 10/11/20 07:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Mount Revelstoke National Park Snowforest Campground

I believe this campground is fairly new and is in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Campgound Parks Canada supplies a phone number and a email address if you want to ask a specific question. Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/30/20 09:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

I would hope if your looking for information on crossing the Canadian boarder you wouldn’t call a news organization ( the CBC )CBC news, for info, you would call the people that man/ operate the border, in this case the CBSA Canadian Boarder Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/27/20 09:02pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: alaska 2021 ???

The election is only in BC. It’s an early election call, by about 1 year. Once the election is over who ever wins has the keys to the office... if it is a new guy... old guy is kicking sand the next day... Mind you there is a bit of legal stuff that happens.,,, but office is taken over immediately. This is the way Leif wanted it.... ( grin) Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/22/20 07:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Out the door....

Checkout Bull Canyon Provincial campground just east of Alexis Creek. Nice little campground on the Chilcotin River. Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/19/20 08:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: alaska 2021 ???

We plan on going in 2021 if all is well, this would make our third trip up to Alaska. we'll be entering through Nagara Falls this and traveling east towards Alaska. For those who never have been to Alaska allow lot of time to travel it's a long drive. I'll bet it was a really long drive to Alaska going east from Niagara Falls. You might want to stop and ask directions before you get to Nova Scotia. If Columbus would have stopped and asked directions, he never would have discovered America. Just so you know, Columbus didn’t discover America...about 500 years before him Leif Eriksson set up shop in what is now Canada, which is part of America. And about 15,000 years before Leif and his troop showed up the asians walked over from Siberia to North America. Now that’s what my history teacher told us back in the early 70’s... but... things may have changed since then, who knows... grin Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/17/20 08:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Out the door....

We loved Bella Coola. Safe travels. Soup.
SideHillSoup 09/15/20 08:28am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 4 maybe 5 weeks....

Almost time...we are going to take off for a month long BC wander come Sept 15th. Probably drift thru highway 20 to Bella Coola, come back same way and Wells Grey Park, find some wild hot springs, watch trains in the Fraser Canyon. Spend a few days in Vancouver. Can't say I ani't ready. Gary Haupt Done most of that, just not Bella Coola. Road scares me a bit :) Oh, and I doubt I'd ever try towing in Vancouver unless I had no choice. Can't even stand driving down there :) The Hill as they call it on Hwy 20 east of Bella Coola is no big deal. We drove it last summer after a trip up from Vancouver Island on the new ferry Sea Wolf. The dirt section is 62 kms of a very well maintained “mostly” 2 lane logging road. Soup.
SideHillSoup 08/30/20 11:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 4 maybe 5 weeks....

Muncho Lake is beautiful if you go that way, but stay away from the logging and mining trucks. Despite the economic positives, seeing that destruction will ruin your trip. Really, I take it you don’t live in a wooden house or have a flat screen TV etc.... there are a bunch of things I don’t like in the USA, but I don’t advertise it. Now, the wife’s tomatoes are doing great... picked another 6 today. Soup.
SideHillSoup 08/26/20 08:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended..again

I see this story is in the politics section. Thats about right. We are talking “ tomatoes”.... ;)
SideHillSoup 08/17/20 07:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended..again

But thank God Canadian beefsteak tomatoes are still being imported! Delicious even if they are commercially grown! Grown in greenhouses not far from me in the most southern part of Ontario and canada.and south of Detroit... Wife is growing them in the back yard.. yummy.. Soup.
SideHillSoup 08/15/20 05:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Paid Caravans to Alaska Worth it?

Funny. I am born and raised in a small mountain settlement in South Eastern B.C. and I hate big crowds and cities. I wish there were “Caravans” to help us backwoods people negotiate some of those big city Freeways ... ( grin) We have for years budgeted money for our “extended camping trips” ( RVing) from about 1996 when my vacation allotment allowed longer trips. Our First extended trip was with an old 24ft 5er with a 3/4 ton 6lt truck. My Wife is a book keeper/ Computer programmer and she keeps records of all of our trips in a log book. That First long trip we averaged $170per day CND , we got bigger and bigger rigs and the price of everything has “mostly” gone up in price over the years and 3 years ago we retired and down sized from a 35ft 5er to a new truck and new camper, which is what the same type of rig we had way back when we first got married. Today we budget $175.00 per day and we have been pretty close. Don’t forget the prices of things in Canada are more expensive than the USA, however your dollar right now is about 25% better than ours, so prices “ kinda” even out...Kinda” I won’t go into that to much but you get the idea. To each their own, however I don’t see any need to have someone lead you on roads that are the farther north you go, sometimes the only roads you can take. I suggest you buy the newest Milepost travel book which you can get on Amazon. Read it / review it first then see what you think. Traveling up north ( Canada and up) in my opinion is much easier than in the big cities and super Hwys down below the 49th. Have fun. Soup.
SideHillSoup 07/09/20 09:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Help with Long Term planning for Alaska

Couple things which are my opinions and from my experience: Followed my Cousin from Washington State from Oregon / Washington State boarder to Moab Utah and back. They at the time owned a 2018 150 3.5 EB pulling a 26ft trailer. Every time we hit a hill we slowed down to a crawl. I live in south eastern BC in the middle of the mountains so I have years of experience driving a hauling trailers in the mountains all months of the year. . I told them the last night we camped together before they headed back down to Vancouver Washington State that they needed a bigger truck, they agreed. They now have a new Ford F-350 Diesel. If your going to be thinking of a new truck and your going to be doing a lot of traveling towing something, hands down a diesel is your best option. I had gas trucks and diesel trucks Over the years, and my last two trucks have been diesel, and we are sure happy they were / are. If your thinking of a new truck the Long box or short box would be what you want, however I would get a crew cab for extra storage. The short box is a little easier to manage in parking / backing up a trailer around tight corners but even with my short box I take two parking sport when I park empty. What ever truck you decide on make sure it has a transmission cooler if it doesn’t all ready have one. I’m pretty sure that when you get the “tow” package, when you buy a new truck, the transmission cooler is part of that package, so ask if it is part of the package, if it isn’t get one installed. Transmission have a hard time to dissipate heat, and when you add longer drives, mountains plus a trailer being towed, the transmission is having a much harder time trying to cool the fluid in the transmission. I see it all the time people broke down on a mountain pass becuase their transmission started slipping on HOT days, and it does get Hot up here. There is nothing wrong with the trailer you have now is there? If you still like it why buy new and then find problems that come with a new rig, because all new RV’s have issues, again I know this from experience and seeing lots of people while out camping. A couple things to do before you leave home with your present trailer. Repack and or replace all the wheel bearings, and put brand new rubber on the trailer. Not saying you won’t cook a bearing or get a flat, but the chances are much less and a piece of mind knowing, what’s rolling down the road is A-OK when you left home. Our first trip up to Dawson City Yukon in 2004 we took our 1980 skylark 5th wheel and we didn’t have one issue. However I did go through that rig from one end to the other and repacked the wheel bearings and added new rubber including the spare as the rubber was checkered on the spare even thou it had a wheel cover over it. Add a couple 100 watts of solar panels ether potable or attached to the roof. It’s day light much long the farther north you go so these panels will keep you batteries charged up when your not traveling and dry camping. ( boondocking in the USA) . I also use two 6 volt batteries for May last 3 RV’s and we do mostly dry camping for weeks on end no power issues. We do have a 2000 watt Yamaha Gen set, however we rarely use it. My was if from Stewart BC ( Stewart B.C. / Hyder Alaska) and we have made many trips up to northern B.C. over the years. When we did the trip up the Alaska Hwy through Dawson Creek we bought Mile Post as everyone on here was talking about that book. Wife thought I was nuts spending that money on a book, however once she started using it while we traveled it sure was handy. I just got my 2020 Mile Post for next year trip to Tuktoyaktuk NWT. lots of new stuff in it since my last book in 2004. Have fun on your trip Soup.
SideHillSoup 07/08/20 10:09am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Longer closure gathering momentum...

Sounds like the Okanogan Valley and Vancouver Island will be busy this winter. Buddy who has been a snowbird for the last 22 years has ordered a cover for his 5th wheel, he says his rig doesn’t like the cold. I live with in 40 minutes of the Washington State boarder, lots of people up here have summer cabins south of the 49th that they would love to get to, but not one of them that I have talked to wants the boarder open until it is safe to travel, in either direction. We lost out on a cruise to the South Pacific last March ( 6 days before sailing all cruises Shut down) we lost thousands of dollars, that we are still trying to get that back, however we are safe at home and money isn’t everything, Today are camping out in the bush about 10 kms up a Forrest service road, the rain has stopped, now its time to go out for ride on our side x side. Be kind, be calm, be safe ( Dr. Bonnie Henry) Soup.
SideHillSoup 07/03/20 08:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: hauling trailer to Alaska

Re-pack all the wheel bearings and or change if required, and all new rubber on your used trailer especially if you only have 1 axel. When I bought my 1st used 5th wheel and then did our first time to “upper” Alaska, I did that for a few hundred dollars and then I didn’t worry and or have my issues. Have fun. Soup.
SideHillSoup 06/29/20 04:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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