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RE: DRV water intrusion

The ALL rot if you don't keep up on maintenance. Brand is immaterial.
SidecarFlip 07/16/19 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: So I bought a new to me travel trailer and.....

It's on you 100%. Should have done a comprehensive PDI before signing on the dotted line and that includes the roof. It's your baby now, CW has no responsibility for your lack of due diligence.
SidecarFlip 07/16/19 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Help!!! Frame broke

You are way off in your statement that with an almost full FW tank, it weighed 250 pounds. Water weighs just under 8.5 pounds per gallon. You had about 400 pounds of water on board, not 250. Hopefully, your other estimated weights were closer... Don't think so though. People tend to overload commonly. I believe you were oveloaded and if that proves out, you haven't a leg to stand on poor frame construction or not. Lippert did (a while back) release a warning about running with a full FW tank or a BW tank due to them 'falling out' of their cradles because the cradles aren't stout enough to carry them full. In as much as you didn't suffer a 'tank drop' but instead broke the frame at the front, I suspect you were grossly overloaded.
SidecarFlip 07/16/19 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Storing in shop/garage - config, utils, connections, etc.?

Floor drains seem to be a touchy subject these days. I have them in both my bays. I did it on the sly.
SidecarFlip 07/16/19 08:38am Toy Haulers
RE: Generator / Invertor

I use the Predator 3500 and it runs the entire TT including AC and microwave, lights, fridge etc. Very happy so far. Compared to the pricey Honda, the Pred is a bargain. If someone gave me a Honda, I'd use it but in as much as I'm paying for a genny, I'll take a Pred or a Champion.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hanging porta-bote from tc's turnbuckle brackets?

Put it on the roof.....
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 07:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Storing in shop/garage - config, utils, connections, etc.?

Kept my RV inside my shop / garage / farm maintainence building for years now. Shop is air conditioned and has it's own 200 amp service and I have a 50 amp RV plug next to the unit. The last indefinitely when kept out of the weather. Last one I had (and sold) was 15 years old and looked new, had no leaks and nice thing about keeping them inside, they are ready to go quickly. Winters are tough here and my RV is snug as a bug in a rug inside with my pickup truck. Have my own dump station too and water hookup if I require water. In the winter, when I'm working on farm tractors, I use the RV to make coffee and keep the fridge running to keep my creamer and lunch meat cold so I can make a sandwich and have a cold pop or cup of coffee without going in the house. My shop also has a bathroom and PEX in floor heat.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 07:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: Blue Beacon Truck Wash

As sidecar flip said, streaking beacon is their name, they will use the acid to remove bugs or heavy dirt, and it will etch your paint. Could always tell trucks washed there a lot as the paint was dull. Think that has more to do with the water based paint truck builders are using today and no clearcoat on a truck than anything else. With most RV's the color is in the skin, not painted on and in the case of a MoHo, the paint is clearcoated. I've gotten good and bad wash jobs on my big truck before. Think my 2 favorite Beacons are Stoney Ridge, Ohio Turnpike at exit 5 on I 280 and Burns Harbor on I94. Both are 2 bay Beacons so it's quicker. The crews at Burns Harbor, really hump.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 07:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Securing batteries in forward compartment (Security)

Been my experience that people don't open other peoples compartments and take stuff, unless you have loose lips and tell them you have expensive batteries in there. Being paranoid about stuff like that only ruins the experience, nothing more. never seen anyone nebbishing with someone else's unit.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 02:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator / Invertor

Your coffee maker draws 1500 watts. The Pred is 2000 watts peak, 1850 running. No wonder you were not happy. You had nothing left. Get the bigger one. Me, I use the propane stove and a coffee pot.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 02:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Recommendations for House Battery Brand, Please

Any well known brand like Interstate or Crown or even a Walmart special which I believe is East Penn. Just make sure of 2 things, one you buy it from a volume retailer and 2, the top has no dust on it. Wet charged batteries begin their lifespan when the acid is added so if the battery is dusty, it's been sitting around slowly using it's life up, waiting for someone to buy it. Volume retailers turn batteries quickly so you usually get a new manufactured one. The date code on the case means absolutely nothing, dust on the top does. The date code represents when the battery was sold and nothing to do with it's age.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 02:01pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Help!!! Frame broke

First off. I am sorry about your situation. Some pics, and more detailed info would help. My present TT has FOUR 42 gallon grey/black tanks, and ONE 42 gallon fresh tank. I routinely travel with them full. And over some really rough roads to boot. We load very heavy as well. We even mounted a 5 cubic ft deep freeze on the rear rack. We boondock in remote locactions for extended periods. If you don't bring it, you can't realistically get it. My Lippert frame is VERY stout. The welds are top notch. (I am a welder, so I know what I am looking at)My Lippert frame is VERY stout. The welds are top notch. (I am a welder, so I know what I am looking at) This is our 3rd TT, and the first Lippert framed one. It is also the only one that I have not needed to weld up some repairs on. Now, as I have said before many times. Lippert builds what the manufacturer requests. Unfortunantly most of them are into light weight/low cost frames. Sabre paid up for a good frame. A REAL 10" I beam, 1/4" thick. I am as well, certified in all processes but I prefer TIG. The Lippert frames I've seen leave lots to be desired. Maybe you got a good one, many owners have not. I see you own a Palomino, so do I but a TC not a TT. Been to Colon many times, I know the plant manager personally and looked at the frames in the storage lot and I didn't see any that were better or worse than the others in storage. Almost all had issues that I saw like cold welds, incomplete beads and poor fitment, especially where the axle perches were welded to the main rails. The addition of proper gusseting would eliminate most of the issues in my view, but then I don't fab them. Like you, I'm an end user.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 01:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help!!! Frame broke

What kind of TT is it and does it really have a Lippert frame are is every body just guessing because of Lippert's previous reputation. I've got a Bal huck and buck type frame it's 11 years old and when I hook it up the tongue bends so the propane tanks almost touch the front wall actually the plastic cover does, but when I unhook it goes back to normal I'm still waiting for it too break. Lippert is not the only company that builds a frame that seems too leave a lot too be desired from customers. Think I'd be adding some gusseting. Far easier to add material than have it break on the road.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 01:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help!!! Frame broke

Sometime back I remember reading on here or some other RV forum that Lippert Industries advise that owners of their framed units to not travel with Fresh Water in the holding tank because it contributed to frame failure. Though you have not listed the make,and model of the unit, I think you are screwed.. I'd be taking it to a local weld shop and having them go over everything. Lippert is known for substandard welding. When your 'welders' were slinging burgers the day before and are now welding with a glue gun (MIG) with little to no experience concerning weld penetration, proper grounding or things like wire speed and correct amperage, you get faulty welds. Fact of life and the labor market too.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Beacon Truck Wash

we have used blue beacon etc many times. the one that is most convenient for us is in central AZ, on I 10, near the I 8 junction. they will wash your toad, too...or not, according to your choice. Not for free.... We (truckers) call it the 'Streak'in Beacon'. Whatever you do, just make sure they don't apply 'brightener' to anything, just wash. Brightener is muratic acid (which takes the oxidation off aluminum) and could be detrimental to the finish on your RV. Some Beacons are excellent, some not so good. Timing is everything. If they are real busy (like say after a rainstorm when the sun comes back out and they are backed up), then they do a quick job that may not be to your satisfaction (and they will rewash but you have to do the line again). Best time is late at night or over a holiday when the truck traffic is marginal. Few trucks on the road equals few trucks at the Beacon equals a better job and little wait in line.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Great Service at RV repair facility

One by us as well. Smaller independent shop that does excellent work, does what he says he will and does it on time. My experience is, the bigger the facility the poorer the work ethic is.
SidecarFlip 07/15/19 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Converter noise

A shot of WD40 will cure the noise temporarly.
SidecarFlip 07/14/19 05:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

I always run the recmmended pressures listed on my door pillar, loaded or empty, in my case, 65 psi in the front, 80 in the back. I never exceed those presssure ratings. The engineers who designed and the people who built my pickup know way more about what is correct than I do.
SidecarFlip 07/14/19 05:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

I'm beginning to think the average intellect of the citizens of this country is about zip.
SidecarFlip 07/14/19 10:56am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

it just takes one bad apple to spoil the entire peck (and produce fruit flies as well). Speaking of apples, I need to get my cider press out so I can squeeze them.
SidecarFlip 07/14/19 10:10am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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