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RE: New camper towing

Sounds like a lot never towed a pop up before. Its lighter , but still responds to physics. The max gross weight is closer to 3000. I wouldn't do it. Add roughly 350 for the extras towibg dry. And then your stuff, it will get up there quickly. And its more about stopping then towing it. Yes, tou xan tow it, but is your tv designed to stop it?
Sjm9911 05/18/21 01:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Pleated shades, should I tow with them up or down?

On my TT i leave them down, keeps the heat put in the summer.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 06:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: New camper towing

On the pop ups the dry weight is just that, shipped from factory. So, you need to add in anything put in at the dealership for weight. So, ac, fridge, water heater , awning, propane tank, battery, and whatever else you have has to be added on to the dry weight. You will be over.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 05:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Want to replace incandescent bulbs with brighter LED

One of the pictures does show the backside of the circuit board, it is using a simple resistor current limiting setup which severely limits the voltage range. I see 16 transistors on the board (can't make out the part number in the picture, but they are labeled Q1-Q16 and each has 3 terminals, so I'm assuming they are transistors). So they almost certainly have constant current drivers for the LED's that will likely work well over typical 12V charging system voltage levels. Transistors and resistors perhaps, but no switching constant current regulator what so ever. You can make a simple series pass "regulator" with a handful of resistors and one transistor but a series pass regulator is very inefficient, wastes a lot of energy as heat and unless you throw in something like a zener diode for creating a rock solid reference voltage that series pass regulator will eventually pass more and more voltage and current.. Those also could be linear 3 lead regulators but that also would be pretty wasteful as they are the same as a linear series pass transistor regulator just without the need for external parts support.. But three lead linear regulators with proper design should be noise decoupled with capacitors on input and output leads which I don't see.. Switching constant current regulators will have more than three leads and require more parts support plus RFI filtering (inductor and capacitor filtering) which is not present on those boards.. They are however cheap enough to "experiment" with but as one review mentioned about 14V perhaps a bit more for top voltage.. RV three stage converters typically will have a bulk charge voltage of 14.4V-14.8V, one or tenths of a volt more can mean life or death to poorly designed LED light assemblies. Once LEDs get near the max current, it takes much less voltage variation to burn them out from over current as they will draw more current at an extreme rate. For the less than $30 for qty of 20, it isn't much risk other than the need to change the LEDs at a faster rate as they may have a shorter usable life.. Going on 4 years now, and have not changed one.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Inflatable Kayaks

You dont really wipe off the folds, lol. Rinse it let it dry, ipen the deflate plug. Its rolled up in like 3 minutes. With foot pump they blow up prety fast. But you can always get a dc or ac air bed pump. Blows it up quickly and no work to the user.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 04:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Inflatable Kayaks

Some have said these are good also, just a bit bulky for me. But some have more room then others.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 03:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Want to replace incandescent bulbs with brighter LED

I prefer the warm ones. The brite ones are very white. I have 2 lights in the kitchen area with the super whites. The rest are the warm ones. And the kids still have incandescents in the bunks, the leds were to bright for them. My small TT has way to many lights lol. The pop up has only 2 lights and we needed the natural or super white ones.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 12:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: propane tank storage in truck bed

Milk crate, and never locked it. Most will not even see it in the truck bed.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Want to replace incandescent bulbs with brighter LED

I have used the paddle type bulbs in my pop up and TT, they are much brighter. Just make sure what type light you want. They work well.
Sjm9911 05/17/21 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Inflatable Kayaks I have the 330, get the 370 and better seats. They only made the 330 way back then.
Sjm9911 05/16/21 07:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Inflatable Kayaks

I got one, fun for just trolling around. I have had it in lakes, the hudson, the ocean, bay and everything in between. Not many rapids. Though it dis hit some along the way. Make sure you get one with the upgraded seats. Mine are not good. I got it like 14 or 16 years ago at costco and its still going strong. I got the cheaper one from intex last year to have a companion boat, big mistake. Its not good, or fun. The good one is a sea eagle. If you are 2 bigger type people get the 3 person one. Ill see if i can find the website. Its not like a kayak, but like a cross of kayak and canoe. It dosent track as well as a hard sided anything. But, fot just getting out there its real good for the $$$$
Sjm9911 05/16/21 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pop-up -> TT ?

Every brand will have some problems, im sure your colman did also. Take a look at what you want, where you camp then go from there. Unfortunately, with the covid, there isnt a lot out there, and if it is you'll pay a premium.
Sjm9911 05/16/21 02:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: sewer hose that fits in bumper

And just measured mine 3 and 7/8 inside dimentions. I think they are all standerd size.
Sjm9911 05/12/21 06:51pm Tech Issues
RE: sewer hose that fits in bumper

I thought they all fit also, maybe not the 90 degree peice, but thats why there removable. And yes,twisting the hose will let the coupler clear the outside and slide in.
Sjm9911 05/12/21 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Clam Shell pop up screen room

These are heavy duty, and you can get them in diffent sizes. I would have a bottom plate or something so it dosen't bounce out.
Sjm9911 05/12/21 06:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black walnut issue

My hope was that someone had experience with these screens would respond, only one did and it was somewhat positive. I dont want to cut all the trees, but I do want to protect the panels and skylights, I'll probably try a 13 x 20 with d rings at the corners, or maybe park on the road for Sep and October. The mesh things should definitely work. I have one in my yard, and this is ots 3rd year. I dont have anything hitting it though. Just make sure you get the wallnuts off before the start to degrade. That black stuff in the wallnuts stains. It will work.
Sjm9911 05/12/21 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black walnut issue

I think it depends on the tree, if pruned properly, and it grows straight with no branches low, and no knots, cold stress fractures, and bugs it might be worth something. But most people , especially in nj, dont want to take the time to look at the tree. So, you can sell it , but sometimes its not easy to do.
Sjm9911 05/12/21 03:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black walnut issue

Anything is better then nothing. In a good year for the trees the fruit? Or it it a nut? Can do some dammage. I got rid of my trees. They atually cracked the roof of my shead. I feel your pain. And no one in jersey wanted the wood.
Sjm9911 05/11/21 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Crockpot Recipes & Salad Recipes

Some stuff i do at home and will do when i take the crock pot camping. Easy tacos, chicken breasts , some chopped onions, 1/2 jar of salsa, and 1/2 pack taco seasonings. Cook on low all day , or high for half, shread the chicken. Pulled pork or chicken, just add some onions and BBQ sauce, same cook times, use a potato bun and some slaw. Add some more bbq before eating, the bbq looses flavor when cooked this way.
Sjm9911 05/05/21 02:44pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Is this hitch wrong?

Who cares how you have been towing, you will need to turn the hitch over for the new truck. Set it up like the directions say. Remember to tighten it up good and check it before a long trip. Not knowing what your TT is, you may not need the wdh set that tight. I dont really need mine with the new truck but use it for the sway controll. I also had to ajust where the arms conected to the toung. But i also have a diffrent hitch. Good luck, do the measurements and set it up like you just got it.
Sjm9911 05/04/21 05:05pm Towing
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