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RE: Traction control systems and trailer sway bars

Lol, it will help after you start swaying. I would rather have a sway bar that prevents sway from happening in the first place. Its cheap insurance.
Sjm9911 08/28/21 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Parking at Niagara Falls Canada

When we went in before times a few years back, there was 0 parking on the canadian side, for anything. You would do better to park on the american side and walk across the rainbow bridge. In fact we spent a lot of time on the american side , it was diffrent as we always had to cross the boarder before. Have fun. And where are you staying?
Sjm9911 08/24/21 10:26am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Help, 2003 Arctic Fox fridge isn’t staying cool when on DC

Dc never works great on the 3 way fridges. Depending on the unit some use a fan mod in the back to help cool it and a fan in the box to distribute the air. If it runs on propane while on the road, I would use that.
Sjm9911 08/21/21 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Small gas tank beef

Anyone else have a beef with the truck makers installing small (21-26 gal.) gas tanks in half ton trucks? Had a '07 (4.7 liter)Ram with a 36 gallon tank, traded in for a '16 Ram (with 5.7 Hemi) and it has a 26 gal. tank. We were stopping for fuel every 1 1/2 hours on our trip to Florida. Can't understand their logic. Local Dodge dealer will put a 32 gallon tank on for $1500-$2000. One of the resons i got a bigger truck. The Florida trip did me in, between the kido needing the bathroom or food and fuel, we were stoping every hour. This year will be diffrent!
Sjm9911 08/20/21 03:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tent Trailer Set Up Question

I would skip any folding camper and get yourself a smaller TT. Even the a frames have to be lifted and set up. Most of the older people go this route. Or they ask about the battery lifts and such, then end up taking off the lifts because there unreliable. Pop ups are basicly built the same as there were in the past, maybe worse. Look at the TTs. Have fun.
Sjm9911 08/20/21 07:58am Folding Trailers
RE: Wheel Stop vs Wheel Chocks

I will add, i have the yellow ones and the rubber ones, i use both one set on each side of the camper. This isnt for rolling, but I find the Camper has less bounce when walking around. Or more to the point, my kid jumping all over the place in the camper.
Sjm9911 08/02/21 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting Confused on what can I tow

Sjm9911 08/02/21 07:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Downside to lower CO alarm?

As stated co mixes readily with air. No problems placing them in lower spots. Just not at the floor line. That is dead space and its hard to pick up any real readings there. Same with any corner really. In the better plug in ac type co detecters people plug them in where they have outlets, thats usally lower to the floor. Dont worry about it. This is a profesional opinion, I do this for a living. A group of campers recently died from co poisoning at a concert. It was from a generator,I'm not sure if it was theres or a neighbors. A proper detector will keep you safe. There cheap insurance, use them.
Sjm9911 08/02/21 07:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Another noobie question.

Not sure on hot the truck campers are, but if you have a 3 way frodge run it on 12 v. If 2 way i would and do run on propane. If its a smaller type fridge, and has a vent like on a pop up camper, sometimes the propane blows out. Propane will be coldest. 12 volt, can drain some TV batteries of they dont have a disconect when stopped. If you have a questionable battery in the TV running on 12 v will drain it faster also. Yes i killed my battery in stopped traffic once.
Sjm9911 07/31/21 07:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Wheel Stop vs Wheel Chocks

Use real chocks on the tires so it dosen't move. The x type ones say they are not to hold the camper in place or something to that effect on them. They do work , with the normal ones, for better stabilizing of the camper. So more to prevent rocking, and not for keeping it from rolling away.
Sjm9911 07/31/21 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question about lowering unhitched 2 wheel travel trailer

They sell jack stands for the tounge also. But as allready said, a block of wood is a much better idea. And lift or lower away!
Sjm9911 07/31/21 07:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable gas detector

There are 10 year co and smoke detecters , but i have never seen one for combustible gas. I do this for a living, as a paid firefighter. Best bet is to replace the one in the camper with a similar one. All the above advice is good.
Sjm9911 07/30/21 05:00am General RVing Issues
RE: New 4" heavy duty bumper cannot fit Rhino drain hose inside

Wow, the dealer installed a bumper that would not fit the hose? Even if you rotate the hose end? Fence post will work, over or under the bumper. Or a pvc tube on the tounge, not sure what type of camper you have.
Sjm9911 07/28/21 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

People may buy elsewhere, my co worker just put a deposit on a rivian. Delivery in January i think.
Sjm9911 07/27/21 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I would wait untill they fix the bugs in the ford. Guy at work bought one and it was in the shop for like 2 months, he just got it back. One sensor after another kept failing. Maybe bad luck , but who knows. I think we're talking about the GM 6.6 here Well I did post on that first, maybe you read the comment above?
Sjm9911 07/25/21 02:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I would wait untill they fix the bugs in the ford. Guy at work bought one and it was in the shop for like 2 months, he just got it back. One sensor after another kept failing. Maybe bad luck , but who knows.
Sjm9911 07/24/21 09:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

My camper is light. Way too light for the 2500. But it tows a world better then the 2012 sierra 1500 i had with tow package. The sierra had no power up steep grades,l and i think the variable cylinder thing hampered the power. The 2500 can pass things. Its huge inside and out. Hitch camera is an upgrade for me. I get 12 mph towing like 5500 lbs, and the truck is usally loadded up pretty good( 3 bikes, 2 scooters, table, 2 20 lb propane bottles, 2 creats of wooden levelers, cooler with 2 cases of drinks in it, etc. )I get 14 to 18 highway going like 80ish not towing. I have the 2000 chevy hd 2500 gasser.
Sjm9911 07/24/21 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake Wire

I get the principles and practices, i just figured the manafature has allready considered the drop into the specs. So its designed to work woth the guage it has and to upgrade it will not nessassarly equate better stopping. The trailer manufacturer only goes by published minimum specs. Those specs are based on total current draw over the distance from the axle manufacturers. Dexter Axle used to have a chart calling out the MINIMUM wire ga for certain distances for a certain quantity of brake magnets. Not sure if they still have that on their website. Because the magnets are rated 3A draw at 12V,each axle can draw as much as 6A. So a single Axle trailer typically is rather short you could get away with a minimum of 16 Ga which would handle the max current of two magnets. Longer trailers with two axles means you have the potential for 12A at 12V and typically the minimum recommended wire is 14 Ga because of the current. RV manufacturers let the wire selection go to the frame manufacturer that they buy from (RV manufacturers typically "farm out" the frame building to a third party). That frame manufacturer will typically use the minimum recommended wire ga from the axle manufacturer. Using the minimum basically is to cover only the max amperage draw, not the best performance. The brakes will work, just not as well as they would if you were to have less resistance in the wire run. This gets very apparent with folks who have larger and heavier trailers like 8K-12K 30ft+ trailers. Many of those folks end up scrapping the drum brakes in favor of disc brakes using Electric over Hydraulic system.. Your talking a $1K overhaul of the brakes.. In low voltage world wire resistance is a major problem, with 12V a .1V loss can make the difference of a device working or not working. The magnets strength is directly affected by how much current flows through it. The current is controlled by the resistance of the magnet and the voltage across the magnet. If the resistance of the wire going to the magnet is increased, the voltage at the magnet is reduced which reduces the strength of the magnet. The less strength the magnet has it will not grab the drum surface hard enough to mechanically push the brake shoes against the drum. That all equals far less effective brakes. So, in reality, reducing distance of wire and/or increasing the wire size can have a huge impact on improving your drum brakes braking power. Since you can't shorten the wire length, increasing the wire size is the only way to go. I have made this mod to two trailers, 20ft and 26ft both dual axle and both rated 7K GVWR, in both cases the wire upgrade resulted in better braking, enough that I was able to reduce the brake controller output considerably. This explains it well. And probably why i had a smaller wire hooked up. Actually i was thinking about what i did, and forgot to consider other facters. Like other campers may have larger runs and more wheels and larger magnets. All in all that would lead to a generic more is better approach. So my first statment may be only good for me and my size unit. Thats for the detailed explanation.
Sjm9911 07/21/21 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake Wire

I will be the on the oposote side. Etrailor recomended 10/2 wire. Way to big and cumbersome to attache to the way smaller wires in the electric brakes. If i had to do it over 16 guage would be enough. I think my original stuff was that big or smaller. And this is why I compare getting information from a forum the equivalent of asking the folks sitting along the campground bar what they think. Same odds of wrong or right answers "I'm no expert but I play one online" Safe travels Right back at ya bud! Youn can always go elsewhere for your information.
Sjm9911 07/21/21 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake Wire

I will be the on the oposote side. Etrailor recomended 10/2 wire. Way to big and cumbersome to attache to the way smaller wires in the electric brakes. If i had to do it over 16 guage would be enough. I think my original stuff was that big or smaller. You cannot use a wire size that is the same as the wire size on the brakes. The trailer wire has to carry enough current (amps) to power all the brakes, not just one. Two trailer wheels takes less amps than a 4 wheel trailer. 6 wheel trailer takes more amps than a 4 wheel, and so on. Most trailer wire harnesses use #10 wire which is rated at 30 amps. On each individual electric brake magnet the amperage draw would be 3.0 to 3.2 max amps at 12 to 13 volts on 7-inch brake magnets and 3.2 to 4.0 max amps at 12 to 13 volts on 10 and 12-inch brake magnets. The max amperage draw for the brake magnets on a single axle trailer (2 brakes) would be 6.3 to 6.8 max amps on a 7-inch brake system and 7.5 to 8.2 max amps on 10 and 12-inch brake system. The amps will be higher if using a tandem axle or triple axle trailer. I never said to use a wire the same as the brake wires, just that 10 /2 was way overkill. I belive mine was a 18 guage wire run from the factory to the brakes on a dual axel. The magnets had much smaller wires. Maybe because my TT isnt that long or heavy and the brakes were smaller in size?
Sjm9911 07/21/21 08:57pm Tech Issues
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