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RE: Ford aluminum trucks

06 Dodge Ram 3500 with an 8' bed that had been sprayed with Line-X ~1/8-3/16" thick. 412.26 pounds width=640
Ski Pro 3 09/14/19 08:14pm Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

The site says they still work on filters for Powerstroke, so sounds like Dodge needs them more ;) Well, if 4 microns sounds good to you, then fine.
Ski Pro 3 08/20/19 12:31am Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

Based on that kit, I would think aftermarket filters would be a wise investment then. I installed a kit on my Dodge truck because the factory filters are just not effective enough to protect the injectors. Looks like this and costs $260. Includes everything including the pipe cutter. One is a water separator, the other 2 micron filter. I've installed 3 kits now, mine, my brother and my neighbor's trucks. About an hour job once you know how. width=480
Ski Pro 3 08/19/19 11:23am Truck Campers
RE: Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall

They replaced 2 for me. Last week I noticed both gauges state they are discharged. I tested and sure enough, no more pressure. I guess the propellant leaked out? Far as I'm concerned Kiddie is trash. I recommend everyone checks theirs every time they fill up with fuel. In-home, check every time you replace your smoke alarm batteries.
Ski Pro 3 08/18/19 05:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: California hwy 120 between 395 & 6

There's a tunnel on 120 where drops into Yosemite Valley heading West. From the valley to this tunnel has lots of twists, but also lots of turn-outs. The tunnel is an arch roof. Every time I go through it, I straddle the yellow line so as not to loose my AC off the roof as the arch is a lot less clearance on the sides than the center. Long as you got good brakes, it's not bad. ****EDIT**** Found this; Big Oak Flat Road Continuation of Highway 120 from the west into the park Maximum vehicle length: 45 feet for single vehicle. Height restrictions: tunnels, from Yosemite Valley: 10 feet 3 inches; into Yosemite Valley, 13 feet 8 inches (the height of the tunnel at the white fogline is higher and California-legal vehicles are able to drive through the tunnel while remaining in their lane). Seasons: Open all year (chains may be required in winter). Tips for Pulling a Trailer over Tioga Pass Highway 120 between Tioga Pass and its junction with US 395 is a steep, winding mountain road. The steepest portion of the road is an eight-mile section that ascends about 2,500 feet (from Lee Vining toward Tioga Pass). Portions of the road have a grade as steep as eight percent. Other considerations: 1. Adhere to the towing capacity of your vehicle (you might be able to tow a trailer that is heavier than what your vehicle is set up to tow on other roads, but it might not work if you're going up or down this grade); adjust your braking system if you can. 2. Know your driving skills and what you are capable of doing. 3. Many vehicles towing trailers make it up to Tioga Pass (slowly and patiently). However, you may not be able to keep up with other traffic--if you try to, your vehicle may overheat. So, don't try to drive the same speed as other cars that aren't towing vehicles; use the pullouts when you can to allow them to pass you. 4. If you do break down (engine overheating, brakes fail, etc.) be aware that you might be waiting several hours for help (especially if you come through later in the day when fewer people can help you). Have a plan if you break down.
Ski Pro 3 08/12/19 03:49am Roads and Routes
RE: A request from your new mod

Yakity Yak Yak Yak....
Ski Pro 3 08/12/19 03:37am Truck Campers
RE: Quick Connect for Extra Batteries in truck bed?

I use quick connects used for attaching a winch to a vehicle, where the winch is removable. Amazon here; Impossible to reverse voltage due to design. width=640
Ski Pro 3 08/12/19 03:18am Truck Campers
RE: Maintaining air gap in new Atwood water heater

I've always heard the air gap in a water heater tank is what caused the valve to leak. Burp the valve and no more leak. At least, mine works that way. Once all air is purged from the tank, the valve no longer leaks. The only time it comes back is when I sanitize the system by draining and filling a couple times with chlorinated and plain water. Then I heat up the water, see it dribble, burp the air and let it cool down, then repeat. Second time; no leaks.
Ski Pro 3 08/10/19 10:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rock Guard To Protect Toad

BTW, I've found it worth the effort to fabricate front wheel flaps as well. The underside and sides of my RV stay a lot cleaner when running wet conditions, road construction and other than clean road surfaces.
Ski Pro 3 08/08/19 06:02pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Rock Guard To Protect Toad

I don't have one and don't have any chips either on my toad. I suppose if you have a nice toad and the skirt is cheap, then I'd say it's worth it, but frankly, I don't really see the need.
Ski Pro 3 08/05/19 05:51pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Short Beds w/out Sliding Hitch

I have a short bed GMC with a patriot slider. The dealer who installed it set as far back as it would go. The pin box will hit the tailgate when the hitch is slid back: I have since adjusted the hitch forward 3 inches, it will just clear the tailgate on level ground. I will have to lower the tailgate to use the slider. Gary This is why they sell those 5th wheel tail gates.
Ski Pro 3 08/04/19 10:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A/C not working

I'd start with a volt meter and trace the power from the AC back to the panel to see if there's at least power.
Ski Pro 3 08/03/19 10:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Short Beds w/out Sliding Hitch

My brother has a 2007 Dodge RAM 2500 diesel with 4 door short bed. We installed a gooseneck hitch and the Andersen 5th wheel set-up. He has an offset ball that the Andersen connects to and tows a Grand Design 303RLS I think it's called. Works great. Tows like a dream and backing up is also the best. No problems. I don't think he could do a full 90 degree, but then why would he need to? The Anersen set up is really nice, easy to use and keeps the bed ready for any other truck related need.
Ski Pro 3 08/03/19 02:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

>>> Bought one for my 86 year old mother. Figured it would be simpler for her to use. Have not been able to connect her WIFI scanner/printer. If I would have bought a MS Widows I would have had it set-up in two minutes. Other than not being able to hook up to printer it works great for my mom. That is a shame. I was concerned I'd have trouble connecting our wifi printer, a BROTHER brand, to my wife's new chromebook. However, it was much simpler than when I did the same for my new windows 10 laptop. I don't even know what I did to tell you, it was just that fast and simple. I clicked some button, asked me if I wanted to connect a printer, if it was wifi and next thing I know, it found it. I clicked yes and it was done. Test printed and worked fine.
Ski Pro 3 08/03/19 12:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

Do they have a "Hard Drive" no. they have a SSD. and yes they do have memory you can use Not a lot as a rule though you can always plug in half a terrabyte (500 gig or so for storage. (more or less. I often plug in 16 Gig to transfer to my long term storage / cookbook Windows box Here's a very short video that explains the difference between an SSD and 'spinning' Hard Drive; SSD vs HD
Ski Pro 3 08/02/19 08:22am Technology Corner
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

Had a Chromebook for 2 days. Was almost useless without internet. Returned it and got a real laptop. What do you use a lap top for then, if you don't need it for internet/on line?
Ski Pro 3 08/02/19 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: Tire Pressure Gauge

Here is the best tire gauge I've ever used. Easy to read in low light. I've had it's calibration checked where I worked and they have a lab for pressure testing. It was within 1 pound from 5psi to 120psi and from -10 to +110 degrees. I've had my first one now for 2 years no problem and bought two more to go into my other vehicles. I have NEVER had a dial gauge work more than a few months and they never read right in cold weather. I think a digital gauge has a huge advantage over a mechanical gauge for several reasons. A sharp blow for example, can screw up a mechanical gauge by jarring the insides or denting the case. The digital gauge is so light, dropping it from several feet won't hurt it and if it does fail, it won't give you error reading; it will just quit operating.
Ski Pro 3 08/01/19 08:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Use

Why not run it on 12 volts if the fridge has a 12 volt setting? Inverting 12 volts DC to 120 AC takes power. Your batteries will last longer if you run the fridge on 12. If you only have gas or AC, I can understand why you want an inverter.
Ski Pro 3 08/01/19 08:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Grill

baby q Ditto. Don't bother looking any further. I've used mine for everything from bacon and eggs, to smoking ribs and BBQ oysters. Very even heat with a cast iron grill. I line the inside of mine, UNDER the grill, with one of those non stick grill mats. (Link photos show it on top of the grill with the food placed on top of it) After cooking, I set the grill to high and burn clean the grill. Let it cool, pull the grill mat and wipe off. Literally everything wipes off with a Clorox kitchen wipe for very easy clean-up. It's been used dozens of times and still good as new. I did have to trim it to fit the bowl shape of the grill's insides. There's a drip tray that will wipe clean easy too.
Ski Pro 3 08/01/19 08:43pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

I bought my wife a HP Chromebook a couple weeks ago at the Amazon Prime sale. $200 and quite a bit cheaper than a laptop. It functions nearly identically as her old laptop as she used it. And how, you may ask, did she use it? She used it for e-mails, facebook and news. So basically all she needed was a web browser. Chrome is an excellent web browser. She doesn't ever use it for anything other than the browser. Yesterday she opened a new tab on the browser and logged on to her medical account to check on some lab tests. Worked great. Also youtube vids, Shutterfly, anything on the web. It can load and run anything on the Google Play app store. She loves it. It starts up from power-off really fast. I mean from the time you hit the power button until you are reading and replying to e-mails is under 30 seconds. It's small enough for travel and use in bed, but big enough she can actually see the screen. Something she can't do on her 'smart' phone. Oh and it has a hard drive. It's a solid state hard drive, no moving parts. Also known as SSD. It's a 32GB SSD and has 4GB memory. One of the best things about this chrome book is that it is a 2-in-1. That means the screen can rotate 360 degrees and work as a tablet. It has touch screen in either keyboard or tablet mode. Very fast to do web searches using both. It has two cameras; one faces forward, one towards the user. Great for taking photos. Open/Edit MS Office Files Using Free Embedded Quick Office Editor or Google Docs for Free Here's what I got her. I did a lot of research and felt this one offered the most bang for the buck plus the quality of HP.
Ski Pro 3 08/01/19 08:18pm Technology Corner
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