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RE: Las Vegas Nevada to Tampa Florida

Well it's time to start our journey back toward home (Seekonk Ma.). We will be visiting family in Las Vegas Navada. Starting from there Google is showing: I40 to Amarillo Texas-287 to Fort Worth Texas, which I'd like to avoid,then pick up I20 to Jackson Mississippi-Rt 49-Rt98 to Mobilethen I10 to Florida. My destination is Tampa, we will continue N/east after our family visit, but once we're in Florida I'll probably take some of the coast roads south to the Tampa area. I know this is a long drive and asking folks to spend some extra time on the response, but as always DW and I appreciate your help.Las Vegas to Kingman, AZ, I-40 to Amarillo, TX, US 287 to I-20, I-20 to Jackson, MS, South to Hattiesburg, MS, Mobile, AL, I-10 to I-75 in Florida, I-75 to Tampa.
Skid Row Joe 08/25/22 10:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: snowbird season/route to use west towards Az via TX from Fl

We have reservations for 6 weeks starting mid December through end of January at TT Orlando and Peace River. After that we are thinking of heading west towards Arizona via Texas. What routes would you suggest? Where would you stay? We have a legacy TT membership with 60 parks (TT, NACO, LTR) but there’s nothing really until Texas for camping though that TT membership plan. Hence, where would you suggest for reasonable priced stays until we get into Tx and can use our legacy membership where we can stay for $5 a night with our new to us Alliance membership - as we will have used up all but the 50 “free” nights the plan allows for and then we pay $5 a night…it’s a trade off for scoring the 210 day (7 month) booking window and the additional holiday and high use reservations at those 60 parks; we could upgrade and gain the unlimited camping and the additional 20ish ODW and MA, parks but it comes at the cost of an additional $6100… and since we aren’t sure we are the TT type of patron camper, I’m hesitant to upgrade without first checking the TT preserves out using this affordable new to us legacy membership we procured, which will pay for itself either way at the bargain rate we were blessed/lucky to obtain it at!I-10 to Tucson, AZ. I-8 to Yuma, AZ is where I'd stay.
Skid Row Joe 08/25/22 10:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Thinking about investing in Crypto currency?

IMO, if you want to lose a lot of money in the short term, and ALL of it in the long term, go ahead.
Skid Row Joe 07/20/22 04:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Retirement and health care

Retiring mid sept. No post retirement pension or health care. Wife is eligible for medicare in October, me in February. Looks like my COBRA is affordable to carry at least through the end of the year. Our income will be limited to her SSDI, until I decide to take my SSI, which I'm looking to hold off until 10/2024. Will our reduced income help with supplemental costs?Call Social Security. They'll answer your questions. Yours sounds detailed.
Skid Row Joe 07/20/22 04:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: EVs Stealing RV Campsites!! Not....

If the site is vacant, then the electrical pilferer should be reported to the CG Mgr. Kind of like pulling into a parking lot, and finding 5 or 6 parking spots with a single motorcycle in each, when they could easily double up, which is what I do. Like I said, not a big deal, but just seems trifle inconsiderate. Definitely not worth getting all in a snit about though.Each parking space is for one vehicle, regardless. Never a good idea to park where another vehicle has already taken ownership of that space on a first come first served basis.
Skid Row Joe 07/20/22 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling via B&B/hotel vs RV

First a bit of context. We have owned nearly all types of RV’s and have RV’ed for well over 20 years. Last year we sold our class A MH and have not bought another RV. We just returned from a 9000 mile road trip with our car traveling thru the Midwest and Rockies staying in B&B’s and hotels. B&B’s suit our style much better than hotels. However, for quick one night stands, hotels are usually cheaper and are generally a better option for just a place to sleep. B&B’s usually have a cleaning fee added and sometimes a “service fee”, which hotels do not so staying in a B&B for only one night is more expensive, but if the added fees are spread over several days the benefits of the B&B such as being able to prepare your own meals, often having separate TV’s showers, etc, tend to even the costs out Both options especially multi day stays in B&B’s require reservations usually well in advance, thus locking you into a hard schedule, whereas hotels are often more flexible and have more liberal cancellation policies. Contacting the owner/managers of B&B’s is not always as easy as a hotel for maintenance issues. We found some truly excellent, some never responded. Since B&B’s are individually owned usually, the quality of furnishing and utensils is a **** shoot, some just like or even better than home, some pretty run down. With chain hotels at least the quality is usually more consistent with a particular chain anyway. We did buy a picnic sized portable refrigerator that we put in the back seat of the car and plugged into 12V. That really made a difference in having the basics available to prepare basic meals. Bottom line: for one night stands, hotel are usually the best option, like them or not. For multiple night stays in one place, we much prefer the B&B style. Cost wise, hotels may be cheaper, but when you factor in meal preparation in a B&B, over several days the costs even out, although some hotels offer some options there as well especially breakfast. We did note that since Covid came along, the hotels with breakfast are fewer and breakfast is often much simpler and less than it used to be, so beware. One thing we really missed about the RV style of travel was the option of boondocking and the ability to change our plans on short notice. Another was the interaction you can have with fellow RV’ers at a campground. Staying in a B&B or hotel you don’t talk to other people much. We are also looking into staying at campgrounds that have cabins for rent but have not really found a site that has a good listing of such. So is another RV in our future? Maybe a small travel trailer we could pull behind our SUV. TBD. B&Bs are great for meeting the caretaker/s, managers, and sometimes the other guests. Their cleaning standards aren't going to be that of the similarly priced hotel, in my experience. 37 years ago this month, I paid $115.00 per night @ a B&B in a historic section of Santa Barbara, CA. Would much rather have stayed in a hotel.
Skid Row Joe 07/02/22 04:40pm RV Lifestyle
RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

Does anyone know if Kim Olson, Customer Service Rep. at Born Free for 30+ years, is still in the RV business? Its page 4 of this post It does not appear that anyone here knows. If you are seriously trying to find him , go see a private investigator who is licensed to do searches with software thats not avl to you or anyone else.Thanks, but the RV industry is where I choose to look. Since that is the industry focused on here.
Skid Row Joe 07/02/22 03:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Finally Found a Cold Cereal I Like

Nineteen months ago I learned that many foods contributed to reducing the body's immune system that is stored in your bone marrow. Those foods are; wheat, oats, and bran. The wheat contains gluten which over time can be harmful to your intestines. What that limits me to in cold cereals is rice krispies and corn flakes. Walmart's $1.43 for Great Value corn flakes, large box. 13 servings or so. . Several days a week I'll have 6-poached eggs, eating mostly just the egg whites, and two bowls of corn flakes with instant nonfat powdered milk, and a little sugar.
Skid Row Joe 07/02/22 01:52am Around the Campfire
RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

I would check with motorhomes of Texas. They became a dealer for them or check with Anceria as they two were a dealer. One or the other can source the parts I would think.Do you know where Kim Olson is working now? Is what I was asking.
Skid Row Joe 06/27/22 03:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stealth Camping Tennessee

What I don't agree with is local municipalities making it illegal to park in a business's parking lot overnight if they allow it like Walmart does in places. A business should have control over their property not the city. "Stealth" camping is not camping. The TN law is not directed at RVers but to prevent homeless camps like in Seattle and Portland from forming.I hope so. ^^^ I was jolted in Florida when RVing to Orlando and I stopped at Walmart to shop. Broad daylight. Just when I stepped out of the coach, a rent-a-cop security guard in a golf cart drove up to my coach and advised me not to park overnight there. He said the municipal law enforcement didn't allow it.
Skid Row Joe 06/19/22 03:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Stealth Camping Tennessee

Just read that the state of Tennessee has passed legislation to make unauthorized camping or parking in public spaces a felony which, of course, creates a criminal record for the felon. Usually, certain ordinances (not criminal) are passed in municipalities to handle these things, but I've never heard of a state getting so heavily involved. The reason I bring this up is that once I had a blogger friend I blogged with who did a lot of stealth camping; he has passed on now at the age of 82, and we called him Tioga George. Most of this type of camping he did in Mexico, San Diego, Calif. (his home town), and in Oregon. He never made it to the east coast during his vagabond days. If he would have made it to Tennessee today, he probably would continuously be in trouble. George vowed he would never sleep in a RV park. All the years I knew him, he would get in trouble here and there, more often in Oregon than anywhere else. Generally, the problems would ensue when the police would wake him up in the middle of the night, ask him to move on, he had very little sleep and would mouth off at the police and end up in court. George was not a poor man, but he didn't like people disrupting his life style. I wonder how many Tioga George's we have in Tennessee. Like George use to say; I'm not bothering anyone; why doesn't the police just leave me alone; I've paid my taxes like everyone else during my working years.Making it a Felony, will ensure non-repeating I'm sure. I would have to assume this doesn't extend to private property. I continue to overnight @ Walmart Supercenters, Walmart Neighborhood grocery stores, and Cracker Barrels. All unabated by LEO.
Skid Row Joe 06/19/22 03:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: 4% rule for retirement

I think I better get after my teenagers to start saving for their retirement.This is actually a good idea. The more a young adultputs away earlier for their future retirement needs, the less that funding will be dependent on future deposits, as the compounding effect will produce more over the years, than the later years deposits.
Skid Row Joe 06/19/22 03:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

Does anyone know if Kim Olson, Customer Service Rep. at Born Free for 30+ years, is still in the RV business? I'm trying to find out where I can source parts for my Born Free coach, since they're out of business since May 2017. Kim Olson knew everything about these coaches, and where to source parts for them. If so, please post the RV firm he's now with.
Skid Row Joe 06/19/22 02:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2022 Zephyr or Cornerstone - Which Should I Buy?

I decided to go for gold. I had a new 2015 Prevost Liberty built in 2014. Yes, it was pricy, 4 slide, 45 ft., 1.5 baths, king bed, washer and dryer, 55" TV in living room and 55" in outside bay, 38" in bedroom and 24" in living room as a side TV. 9" monitor at passenger seat. It had 4 roof airs, Webasto heating, heated flooring (love that), Italian leather furniture, Crestron automation, air valves for sewer, etc. etc. At $2.7M list, it was a gorgeous coach. I drove it for 6.5 yrs. and 63,000 miles. I decided to downsize to a class-B. If I were going to spend $500,000 for a coach, I would certainly look for a Prevost. Liberty's are the highest price followed by Marathon, Millennium and Emerald..... there are others but those are the top 4. There is nothing like the quality of a Prevost chassis. The service centers are nothing like a regular coach service center. Prevost service centers are made for Prevost buses and Entertainer coaches.... "GET THAT COACH BACK ON THE ROAD"....."TIME IS MONEY"!!! Prevost coach owner's get the benefit of that business model! They can take care of everything.... alignment, windshields, side windows, everything 'chassis', engine and transmission. Since Prevost uses the Volvo engine now, the Detroit Diesel will need to go to a DD service center for major repair, regular oil/belt changes can be done at Prevost. Every brand of coach has maintenance costs including Prevost's. The slide out mechanisms are solid and robust as many components on the chassis. Start looking at Emerald Coaches and Country Coach Prevost coaches.... very solid and not too techie. Good luck, Mark Mark, I'm interested in learning the costs of your Prevost ownership. What was "out-the-door" price, and sell price after your usage? Why did you sell it? Would you do it again? How do you like your new coach?
Skid Row Joe 06/19/22 02:30pm Class A Motorhomes
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