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RE: IVECO Daily: strange towing choice from Australia

Robert som of those pictures are from other countries not Australia. But yes a fair few use them for there FW Frank.
Slownsy 09/26/21 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How many strokes??

Sorry but you to are just as bad, I had a new travel trailer som years ago with the Dexter setup, only greased them a few times and only maybe 5 strokes while spinning wheels, at end of trip removed wheels to adjust brakes as not stopping to great, and guess what grease on to brakes, so maybe the luck of the draw, or maybe som manufacturer use better seals than others. Frank.
Slownsy 07/14/21 04:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: More Australian unusual 5ver photos

It mostly comes down to the fact that hear in Australia vehicles GVM and GCM as set by manufacturer is the limit, and any trailer over 4500Kg has to have air brakes, at least those trucks already has this setup, to change a Ute to air brakes about $20000 . Hi Robert long time no se. Currently sitting outside Darwin and can’t go anywhere because of lock down. Frank
Slownsy 06/29/21 05:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hybrid inverter

Ok Thanks all, this is our first trip since the lithium installation, have also just installed a Renogy 50A dc dc solar charger so this will help when truck is running. Have not had to drag out the generator yet but vill have a bit more of a play around with the A setting, glad to hear that the load share is automatically if inverter is on. Thanks Frank.
Slownsy 06/13/21 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

time2roll this is exactly what I am doing, the 15A cord goes in to the generator which powers the inverter and the load sharing happen automatically and I don’t have to do anything? Thanks Frank.
Slownsy 06/12/21 07:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

The Honda will run the air conditioner ok, if batteries not down. I am probably mixing to issues together. I run the generator to charge batteries with the charger inbuilt in inverter, charges at about 100A. I also run generator to run air conditioner, but if batteries are down the load is to high for it. My setup is unique in as much as being in Australia we have 240V, so has a manual double trow treway switch, op 110V or generator, central of and down 240V true a step down transformer. My question is the inverter has load sharing as if inverter can’t support the load it will take some power from batteries, how do this work, is it automatically done .
Slownsy 06/12/21 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

Down about 20-25%. Generator trips out, input limit 15A. Frank
Slownsy 06/12/21 04:13pm Tech Issues
Hybrid inverter

With my Magnum 3000 inverter, to aces the load share do one have both the charging and the inverting on at the same time? I want to be able to run my air conditioner of my Honda 2.2 companion, which it will but not if batteries are already low. Has resently installed 300A of lithium as a replacement for my 520A wet cells. Has got a easy start installed on air conditioning. Thanks Frank.
Slownsy 06/12/21 03:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

BFL13 That is the one, yes I was aware of the 25V max on solar but frizzing weather is not usual around here, we are heading north to avoid it. Will report on how it is going after a bit of use, at the moment I have everything shut of as my new lithium batteries are at 96%. Frank.
Slownsy 05/25/21 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

Finished installation of new dc dc MPPT solar charger, so far so good, not much sun but rain at the moment but the dc dc supplied the 25A ok when I connected to truck, If I turn of the solar shut get the full 50A. So happy so far. Going on a 3 month trip in a week so will get a work out then. Frank.
Slownsy 05/24/21 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

I today ordered a Renogy 50A dc dc MPPT charger, which I will connect to the 00 cable on rear of truck with 4 avg to charger, hopefully filling 2 golds with one. Frank.
Slownsy 05/16/21 05:43am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

That may be a problem Mexicowanderer, I am in Australia and dealer in America. Today I attached truck to FW truck charging at it usually 14.1 14.2V batteries in FW At 91% according to the TM, 9%of 300A = 27A used, put my clamp on at charge wire in FW and only showing 2.5A going in . I will check again when batteries are discharged further and be careful, while residing whether to get a dc to dc charger. Thanks everyone for contributing. Frank.
Slownsy 05/14/21 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

The only reason for charging of truck would be if solar not doing its job, like heavy cloud or bucketing down. Only worried about smoking alternator. Also has my Honda generator which will put in 100A via my inverter charger if getting low. I am surprised finding 14.1V at batteries in trucks and also at FW with all the so-called voltage drop in wires. Frank.
Slownsy 05/12/21 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

The trailer charging fuse in truck is 40A, in FW wire is 10 avg to a 30A fuse before batteries, the V from truck to FW is 14.1V to the 30A fuse before the batteries. ? Any way that batteries can damage the alternator,or will the fuse blow if to much amp are getting called for by batteries. I can easily pull the 30A fuse in FW if necessary. Thanks Frank
Slownsy 05/12/21 03:43am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

Thanks all, BFL13 thanks I take it you are referring to the wire as 4 gage on plug? Or the nor 4 position. And that this is connected true a 30A fuse that will blow if to large a drain is put on it, that was my thought also, so the lithium batteries will not smoke the alternator and only have to get dc to dc charger if I want higher charging? I have already in the past had to replace a glass fuse in FW a couple of times in the past, I think it was on the supply coming from truck, will check it and it’s rating out. Frank.
Slownsy 05/10/21 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

Ok thanks all. It appears that I have better disconnect charging from truck or get a dc to dc charger. According to Fords window sticker it is the heavy duty alternator, there are 3 set ups that I am aware of , standard, heavy duty, and dual, don’t know what is used in Ambulance. Frank.
Slownsy 05/09/21 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

Thanks so far, I do have 600w on the roof, but am a kind off belt and braises person. And would really like to understand how if possible for batteries to draw that much A true a small wire. Also Renogy recommendations for power to there dc to dc chargers are rather large for a long run. I do actually have 00 cable from batteries to rear drawbar but that is for my winch. Thanks Frank.
Slownsy 05/08/21 03:28pm Tech Issues
Lithium battery charging in FW of truck

Can someone please explain. 2015 F350 alternator 200-220A, wire to rear of truck not clear on gage but about 20’, wire from plug to FW batteries 15’ or more supposedly protected by 30A fuse. I se people say batteries can draw power and fry alternator, and are installing dc to dc charger in FW to limit the charging. Also people are installing dc to dc chargers because of voltage drop in wire and smart alternators not supplying sufficiently. So how is all this happening,or is it. Please be gentle as I am no electric genus. Thanks Frank.
Slownsy 05/08/21 07:05am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium battery alternator charging.

I only just yesterday connected my phone tru my OBD blue tooth and it shows my 2015 F350 6.7 batteries at mostly 14.1V between 14-14.2 on a1hr drive. I believe the charging for camper is true a 30A fuse to rear plug, I don’t know what voltage at rear plug. I guess I could connect to FW from my 00 cable at rear for my winch, will have to se about the voltage drop about 13m run. Frank.
Slownsy 04/10/21 06:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: solar panels with diodes between each cell

Not on subject, but thanks for that post BFL13. I am one that struggles with the English language, being it Australian or American and often feel intimidated by some peoples comments. I on the other hand try not to make to much fun of other people trying to write or speak Danish. Frank.
Slownsy 04/05/21 06:10pm Tech Issues
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