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Back up camera

My Flagstaff 22' TT is prewired for a wireless Furion Back up camera. Can I use a different brand and what is a quality Brand?
Snomas 10/30/19 12:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: How cold can you go?

I moved from CO to AZ and don't worry about cold weather any more.
Snomas 10/27/19 06:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Which WDH?

I use the Anderson WDH Easy to use and works well.
Snomas 10/27/19 06:55am Travel Trailers
Lock for generator

I just installed a generator on my new back bumper rack. Has Anyone developed a way to lock it in place. Predator 3500 watt gen sitting on 20x48 in metal rack Show me a pic if yu can
Snomas 10/20/19 09:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Cover

No Covers ever. Too hard to handle. I also live in an HOA and respect the rules of no RV's in the development. We love where we live here in Sedona and the beauty of RED ROCK COUNTRY is astounding!
Snomas 10/17/19 07:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a cover necessary ?

I had a DP stored outside for 14 years in Denver and just did yearly roof maintenance w/ no real problems. In the 12th year we got hit w/ a bad Hail storm and I had to replace the rubber roof complete including 2 new A/C's. Also repainted 2/ side of the MH.
Snomas 10/17/19 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: how to level a trailer

I use the front tongue 1st for side to side and then the left side storage door opening for front to back and am done. The electric jacks make all the difference in the world for a TT. I check the bathroom and REFER doors and if they move I make an additional adjustment later.
Snomas 10/17/19 07:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

We just bought a 22' flagstaff Mico lite w/ Murphy bed and one large slide out. The bed folds up in one piece and was a little too firm so I just added a 1" memory foam piece over it and it is great. The Murphy bed gives us much more space in a small TT and is easy to lift up and down. The extra couch it allows in a small TT I think makes the TT More livable. I have had only one warranty issue in our new Forest River TT. My Dutch Star DP had more warranty issues than this TT so far. We don't camp more than a week at a time anymore so that why we went from 40' to 22' and it is simple to hook up and go.
Snomas 10/17/19 07:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling to Austin from Las Vegas

My DW and I traveled from Denver to San Diego in December and January for about 8 straight years and just checked the weather along the route we always took and never had a problem except cold weather. We always worked our way south to I-10. So I would suggest you get to I-10 and go all the way to I-35W then head North to Austin. I lived in TX for 16 years and have driven all over Texas also.Happy Travels!
Snomas 10/17/19 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing using an air compressor

Winterizing – Air compressor method – Minnie 2250DS This is specific to our Minnie but applies to most RV trailers, the only difference is the location of the items listed. I have included photos of these items. 1. Start by draining the 3 tanks. 2. Open a water faucet. Turn on the water pump for about 20 seconds to run it dry. 3. On the outside of the Minnie drain the water heater by removing the drain plug or opening the drain valve, see photo. Lift the lever on the relief valve to vent air into the tank. Drop the lever when draining the tank is finished and reinstall the drain plug. 4. Bypass the water heater. 5. Put 35 psi air on the city water inlet and open each faucet in turn one at a time to blow out water until you only get air then close the faucet. Don’t forget the outside shower. 6. Open the toilet valve to blow out the toilet. 7. Open the low point drains. After 5 minutes, remove the 35 psi air. 8. Blow out the black tank blow down line by using the 35 psi air. 9. The fresh water pump has a filter on the inlet of the pump. Make sure there is no water in the filter. If necessary unscrew the clear cup on the filter and empty it. 10. Put some pink stuff (RV anti-freeze available at Wal-Mart) in the sink drains and lavatory drain and enough in the shower drain to get it to the gray tank discharge valve. 11. Also put some pink stuff in the toilet and flush to get it into the black tank discharge valve. Leave a little pink stuff in the toilet. Return the water heater to the normal or non bypassed condition. 12. Close the low point drain valves before the next camping trip. Also, fill the water heater by opening a hot water faucet with water pressure on the heater before the next camping trip and after all danger of freeze is gone.Do this before turning on electricity or propane. I tried this method on my Diesel Pusher and also ran the pink fluid thru all the lines after the blow out. I found that I could just run pink thru the system only without any blow out and never had a break in 14 years, while living in Boulder, Colorado.
Snomas 09/17/19 07:14am Travel Trailers
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

I like 12ga Angle for a 2'X4 'platform. It is light wt and strong enough for what I need to carry. A 2x2 x 1/8" steel angle across the bottom of the 4" bumper tube will also be strong enough and lighter than 1/4" angle. IMHO. Note: My trailer is brand new. No rust yet! What do you guys think!
Snomas 09/10/19 09:20am Travel Trailers
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

Of course it's been done successfully. Here's a link to the related Google images on this topic. Click any of them for more details. Whether it can be done to YOUR camper, is another story. My last camper was a 25' Rockwood Ultralite. I could have added one to the back of mine. Here's how... This is the frame of that TT: height=480 I'm not sure who's camper has a frame and/or rear bumper made as thinly as pop cans, but I've never seen one. The square tube on the back is actually welded to the I-beam frame. I can stand on the middle of it, doesn't flex. height=480 I would simply add a piece of angle iron under the square tube, and weld it along the tube, and to the frame rails. This way the weight can be supported, and more importantly, stop the twisting action of having a generator hanging off the back. You can weigh your camper, then the tongue weight, then have someone stand on the rear bumper to see how it affects the tongue weight. If you're still in the 10% range, good to go. The rear axle is not halfway between the tongue, and the rear bumper. 200 lbs on the back doesn't equal 200 lbs less on the tongue. Some states allow triple towing. People add hitches to the back of their rigs. Same idea... YMMV, but it has been done successfully with other rigs. I tend to agree that with your idea of welding a continuous angle iron across the back of the 4 " bumper. The generator I am looking at only weighs 100# and I could also do a test to keep the tongue wt in the 10% range.
Snomas 09/09/19 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

no way!! the bumper isnt strong enough and 200 lbs plus on the rear is going to affect all kinds of stuff mostly related to tongue weight put the generator inside the trailer or tow vehicle Inside the trailer or tow vehicle would be a last resort thing for me to do, because my DW needs a cooled down trailer when we make quick stops on trips to eat lunch, etc and I don't want to take the time to fool with a 110# generator.
Snomas 09/09/19 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

Sounds like I need to put the generator on the front rack where the battery goes. The generator alone would add about 110# to the tongue wt. How would that affect towing? I don't want to have to move the generator in and out of the trailer or tow vehicle when on a trip for obvious reasons.
Snomas 09/09/19 06:55am Travel Trailers
DIY project for Generator rack

Has anyone made a rear rack for supporting a 110# generator & about 80# of misc items. I'm thinking about an Aluminum 24"X 48" long rack attached to the back of my 22' trailer. Does the additional wt affect the tow set up and will I need to add some bumper supports. I see some solutions on the internet for about $200 but I would like to do it for less than that.
Snomas 09/08/19 09:39pm Travel Trailers
generator bumper mount tray carriers

Has anyone mounted a Gennygo bumper mount 24" generator tray carrier? Do I need a additional bumper support bracket. I plan on buying a predator 3500 watt generator which weighs about 100 lbs.
Snomas 08/24/19 05:45pm Travel Trailers
Best place to mount my generator?

I am going to buy the predator 3500 generator. wt is 100#. I am thinking of mounting the generator platform over the LPG tanks or on the rear bumper. What is the best location for weight distribution and wiring it to run?
Snomas 07/29/19 07:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon Monoxide alarm going off

I guess the real question you need to be concerned about is do you smell actual combustion; Or is the smell the oils from manufacturing that will burn off after a few hours? All new RV's will stink for a few hours when the propane appliances are first fired up. If you think the water heater is bad, wait until you turn on the furnace. That will stink enough to drive you out of the trailer. When mine was new I opened all the windows and turned the thermostat all the way high and let the furnace run for a few hours. The smell was bad, but it dissipated and never came back. I did this after my smoke alarm went off. Now its the CO2 alarm which is adjacent to the water heater
Snomas 07/04/19 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon Monoxide alarm going off

It could actually be CO setting off the alarm. I had the same problem when wind was blowing against the side of the trailer where the water heater was located. There was a small opening around the propane connection and the wiring going into the trailer. Sealed it with duct seal and the problem went away. Most likely the problem. They slap these TT to get Her!
Snomas 06/28/19 06:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon Monoxide alarm going off

Your floor is heating up releasing off gasses from the glues is the issue I smell co2 not glue!
Snomas 06/28/19 06:47pm Travel Trailers
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