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RE: Invisibrake or Stay-In-Play Duo ??

I have used the same stay in play duo on three different toads over a period of about eight years. No problems at all with it. Likewise here too. We have used the same Stay and Play Duo on two separate toads over the last 7 years with two different coaches, one gas and now on the diesel with excellent results. Albeit SMI does make a model specific for diesel powered rigs/exhaust/compression brakes with their Air Force , but our original Duo has served us very well.
Solo 08/02/19 04:31am Dinghy Towing
RE: RV Weather Station

I have been using the Accurite Pro (Temp/Wind speed/Baro) now for over 4 years on a removable pole arrangement as Healeyman did with his Portable Weather Station. The Pro model (without rain sensor) is light and works very well on my aluminium telescoping pole that I mount several feet above the roof of our coach. It has worked flawlessly and it's accuracy appears to be very consistent.
Solo 07/31/19 04:16am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T/Direct TV is Now Losing Over 8500 Customers Per Day

Before you switch to your favorite streaming provider so that you can use your new unlimited cellular plan and the new cell booster that's been installed on your RV, check to see how that provider is working with dynamic IP addressing. I use my RV to travel in as many of us do and depending upon the streaming provider, this is a real problem as I attempt to use my fancy new cellular equipment and the provider only allows 4 moves per year as one of the industry's leading company does. As more and more streaming providers may limit the number of simultaneous streams by using static IP addressing (say goodbye to your friends who you have shared your password with!), streaming may become the "dead" technology for us RVers who actually move with their RV.
Solo 07/27/19 03:39am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network has tough road to become mobile carrier

Since this forum is for RVers and before this thread gets shutdown (as I suspect it may be headed that way again!), if you are thinking about making a switch away from your satellite provider, do a bit of research. As more and more technology is making the streaming services attractive to RVers, be cautious of how your chosen provider operates. Hulu Live as an example offers some very attractive pricing but, to limit the sharing of accounts, they utilize geolocation of your "home network" via static IP addressing. Hulu limits a customer to 4 moves per year so as an RVer who is using their RV to move, that could be an issue. Hulu of course is not the only choice but, they are also not the only providers beginning to use IP addressing to limit usage. Do a quick search on "Hulu and dynamic IP addressing" if you are thinking about using your new 4g technology and ditch satellite. Dish and Direct TV may not be dead just yet and who knows, as more streaming providers get tired of you sharing your password with friends, geolocation static IP addressing may make traveling with an RV and attempting to stream entertainment the real dinosaur! That's why I love having choices and being able to select what works for me. Sounds like Dish may be shoring up it's portfolio which will only give me more choices!
Solo 07/27/19 03:00am Technology Corner
RE: RVPetSafety vs Marcell

Another very satisfied customer of RV PetSafety. Their new app works great and now on the Verizon network and new pricing, it's a very good product in our opinion.
Solo 07/25/19 04:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Do you recommend unhitching the dinghy over Monarch Pass?

We did Monarch many times with our formally owned E450 V-10 powered class C towing a Jeep TJ. Supplemental braking on the Jeep, paying attention in keeping RPM up when ascending and using correct transmission gear when descending made the trip possible. We did disconnect once for the trip over and it did make it much easier so, if you have your concerns and have a second driver, unhitch and go for it. Otherwise, if your Class C and towed CRV are up to the task, it is doable and is done by many.
Solo 07/10/19 05:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Temp monitor for when leaving dogs in RV

To answer your specific question, there are essentially two ways to provide push notifications to an email and/or text message with temperature/humidity alerts that we find useful for a variety of reasons. If you have internet available in your RV/home, a system that connects to your existing network such as the Temp Stick works very well for around $60 with no ongoing subscription fees. David Bot (OutsideOurBubble) did a review of it here.. The other way is if you do not have a dedicated/always on internet source. The system that we use and that has worked very well is the RV Pet Safety Monitor. They have two systems-one that works on ATT and the other on Verizon. The Verizon system is what we use and is a bit pricier but in my opinion is a more reliable system for our travels. One downside, there is an ongoing subscription charge but, factor that as you consider options. Their phone app is excellent allowing you full control over the system. I can highly recommend this product. By the way, they currently have a coupon code available (4glite) that you enter on checkout and it drops the price to $99. So, look at your costs for your specific situation (dedicated MIFI, etc) vs. dedicated temperature monitor with ongoing subscription fees and determine what is best for you if you plan to provide temperature monitoring to your RV, car or home.
Solo 07/01/19 05:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: Bike cover for a Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Rack

Does anyone have a recommendation of a good bike cover that will fit a Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Rack? I suspect you are asking about when hauling your bikes and so with our Rockymounts Backstage which is very similar to your Yakima, our solution was this 2 bike cover and then to keep the cover in place, I use a Harbor Freight Cargo Net. We've hauled this set-up several thousands of miles now and it works very well for an inexpensive solution.
Solo 06/12/19 03:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)

Thanks all! Great help and advice. 36 it is and looking forward to it and no interstates. Suggestions on stops to make along 36? It seems Springfield and Lincoln stuff is worth a few days. Others? I have Prairie Dog SP in the plan. Not sure how many miles you want to make each day but, we'll usually do Springfield to eastern KS in one day on US 36. For an overnight stop in NE KS, here are a couple suggestions which could break up your trip about right: Seneca, KS Bailey's Good Sam Park or on down the road 30 miles, Marysville Walmart or Marysville City Park Campground. Both little towns offer some neat history along the original Oregon Trail and both have quaint Pony Express Museums if that might be of interest.
Solo 06/10/19 03:46am Roads and Routes

We have used route 36 across MO and KS several times. IMO much more relaxed driving than I80. Route 36 in MO is all divided highway, 2 lanes each side. In KS it is all 2 lane. Check MoDOT Traveler Info. for latest on road/bridge closures due to flooding. Right now looks OK at both Hannibal and St. Joseph. We have used Prairie Dog State Park in western KS for an overnight. From there you could pick up I70 to Route 36 to Colorado Springs. I80 south of Chicago has terrible traffic and delays. I agree. We just made the trip from KS to northern Michigan for the summer using US 36 in KS and Missouri and then I 72 on East. US 36 has been suffering from the record rains this spring so the recommendation to check road conditions is imperative. We went through Missouri 10 days ago and had only one issue at Chillichothe with water and had to detour there.
Solo 06/09/19 04:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Anyone have auto get start for their coach?

We've had several threads about auto generator starters and temp monitors that can call you when levels are beyond limits or power goes out. I hope several will respond with what they are using and reviews. . We use the Nimble from RV Safety pet temperature motoring system that is now on the Verizon network. The two main stand alone (no WIFI connection) systems are by MARCELL and Pet Safety. Both are subscription cellular based systems so if you are interested in going this route, run the numbers on each and see what is the best for you. Each one has a few options the other does not. Pet Safety is endorsed by FMCA and does have a $60 coupon that can be redeemed (there are others out there too besides FMCA) that drops the price a bit. MARCELL has a coupon offer from a few bloggers that drops their price too. If you already have dedicated WIFI, there are systems available that will connect to your on board WIFI and do the same thing-some with modest subscriptions and some with none. We also have autostart on our genset and it has kicked on a few times when park power has been lost and the ACs have called for power. I have never really tried to see how hot it would get inside our coach if left in full sun without the ACs running on a really hot and humid day but, I can imagine that it would not be a situation that I care to subject our canine family member to.
Solo 05/06/19 04:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Waze

Used Waze as we were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area last week and found it useful but we still need our Garmin as Waze does not yet have a "large vehicle" setting and it did want to route us to places that we would not be able to fit. Another tool we'll keep in our arsenal but, not the total answer for us. It's entertaining at least for my co-pilot to interact with other Wazers on long stints!
Solo 04/18/19 06:13am Technology Corner
RE: Switched to Dish - Now What?

Now what? YOu can expect the same programs, the same re-runs, the same stuff, the same commercials, and commercials, and commercials, and commercials that you can get free on over-the-air free television. Then you can expect your rates to increase, increase, and increase some more. You have a bleak future. You are assuming that where we live and where we camp, we can get OTA free television. Not everyone can do that. Wish we could. Exactly. Where we travel out west, even cell coverage for any provider is sketchy. OTA TV? Not a chance. Our Dish Wally and Trav'ler is our only link to the outside world at times (other than the radio!). Dish works for us in our travels. OTA TV may work sometimes so having options is always nice.
Solo 02/01/19 04:25am Technology Corner
RE: What happened to this forum?

One of the turnoffs for me on any forum is when someone replies "search the archives". To me if you don't want to take a minute to help someone out why post at all? :? Here's a good example that was just posted. Original Response: "Do a search, there's a thread or two that I found." Another Response: " Gee, that was really helpful. Was it 1 or was it 2. If you really wanted to be helpful and took the time to look, Why didn't you post links to them or was it that you really didn't look and find any and you're just being snarky because you think he was being lazy by asking for help." From the Original responder "I found 4 threads. Why have a search function and not use it?" If I take the time to find "4 threads", I would at least post a link to one of them but, that's me. :) Sorta off topic of Snowbirds but back to the OP question, perhaps we've chased some off.
Solo 01/27/19 03:09am Snowbirds
RE: What happened to this forum?

One of the turnoffs for me on any forum is when someone replies "search the archives". To me if you don't want to take a minute to help someone out why post at all? :? YES! Or, how about helping the person asking the question by posting a link to some of the answers that they can find on the forum? RVers are for the most part a friendly group but, let some use the anonymity of an online forum and being helpful instead of hurtful seems to be less in vogue. What is the old saying? "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".
Solo 01/26/19 04:22am Snowbirds
RE: Trac Bars and Runtime (Dynamic) Caster?

I see that you've not generated any responses yet so I'll leave a comment or two. Simply, no. Body sway can impart changes to toe and camber but not to caster. I suspect if your rig was "porpoising" excessively that you would experience a slight caster change but that would be the least of your problems if that was occurring. Trac bar? A trac bar or panhard bar, establishes an axles location and roll center and has nothing to do with caster. By looking at many of your previous posts, you've already been down the road of getting your E series aligned properly. Are you wanting to know about adding a trac bar to the rear axle?
Solo 01/26/19 03:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Duluth, MN & Apostle Islands, WI Campground Suggestions

It's been a few years ago but, spent several days at Little Sand Bay Campground which was located adjacent to NPS Apostle Islands National Seashore. as we kayaked the area. Great location for kayakers to do the Islands or to the Sea Caves. We were in a 26'Class C motorhome at the time but, see no reason why something larger would be an issue.
Solo 01/25/19 04:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New to RVing Class A advice needed

You've been given good advice from this group that comes from years of experience. "Been there, done that" comments will help you sift through some of the mistakes that new RVers make who don't listen and learn from others. Another item to consider and I certainly do not want to turn this into a driver's license discussion because you can find this topic hammered over and over, but it looks like if you happen to be licensed to drive in NC, you will need at least a Class B non-commercial license to legally drive many of the DP rigs that have been suggested. Check with the state that you are licensed in as that will be reciprocal with all others. From the NC Driver's License Handbook "You do not need a CDL to drive recreational vehicles... However, a regular license of the appropriate class is required at all times. Class B Motor Vehicle: • A single motor vehicle that has a GVWR of at least 26,001 pounds. • A combination of motor vehicles that includes as part of the combination a towing unit that has a GVWR of at least 26,001 pounds and a towed unit that has a GVWR of less than 10,001 pounds." Do your own research on this-don't rely on me or someone else who are not giving you official advice. Stop into a convenient DMV licensing office in your state and find out for yourself. Have fun finding that new rig!
Solo 01/05/19 03:53am Beginning RVing
RE: 211z vrs wally

I’ve had both .. get the Wally. If you need to convert to a older tv just get a rf converter on the composite outs of the Wally( 10 bucks ) That's how I send the signal to to the rear master in our coach. RCA to Coax $10 converter. With the Wally RF remote, it works for us.
Solo 12/20/18 04:27am Technology Corner
RE: Youtube TV, a positive experience

So, I think Satellite services (DTV, Dish) are in big trouble "Cable and Sat are dead." Gosh, I hope not for awhile at least! We've gone the route of streaming broadcast TV (Sling), did the OTA antenna upgrade route, and even tried YouTube TV but, when we are on the road in the western US as much as we are, cellular service is certainly not sure-fire and we can be out of complete cell coverage for any provider and any OTA broadcast station for weeks at a time. Sure glad to have DISH at that point that provides our only digital content connection to the outside world. Yes, streaming services provide options for many RVers that didn't exist several years ago but, having numerous options and researching what works for you is still the ticket. We'll see what happens down the road but, I sure hope that my DISH keeps working!
Solo 11/24/18 04:47am Technology Corner
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