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RE: Cost to install apparatus for Flat-towing

Michael: You have received information on several different types of set-ups and costs already so now your task is to do more research on the specific types you are interested in. Perhaps you have already did your due diligence but, here''s my 2 cents if you have not. I would suggest you direct your search to the type of coach you have-gas vs diesel and the type of toad. The reason I suggest to limit your search to specific vehicles is that some systems are easier to install than others depending upon what you have (does your toad need a transmission lube pump, anything additional to make it 4 down towable, etc.) and the type of Class A rig you are pulling it with makes a difference too. All systems have owners who have had great performance or equally unfortunate issues. Find your comfort level with the choice you make and then inspect your set-up frequently while towing-nothing is fool-proof. One addition that most systems make optional is a coach indicator that notifies you when the toad brakes are being applied. This in my opinion is a MUST and will help to eliminate many of the problems you hear about when using any of the brake/tow bar systems. There's a difference in those indicator systems too so, pay attention to how they operate and again, make your choice on what will work best for your situation.
Solo 04/18/20 04:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water pressure problem

Another angle to consider when addressing poor water flow, I seemed to be constantly cleaning lime and calcium deposits from the faucet aerators until I finally installed a water softener on our coach. Problem solved.
Solo 02/02/20 03:29am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for info on TSD Logistics

I have been using their diesel fuel pricing program since August and am impressed by their service. You might want to follow them on Facebook and learn more about how other RVers are benefiting from their program on the Facebook-TSD Logistics RV Group. I will agree, when I originally heard about TSD Logistics, it did sound too good to be true but, it really is a great tool to have when searching for fueling options of your diesel rig.
Solo 12/17/19 03:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Fulltimer freeze concerns

Does your Ventana have the optional hydronic heating system? Newmar for the 2017 model had the Oasis system available that works very well in cold weather. Our coach uses the AuquaHot Hydronic heating system which is similar and keeping any area of the coach warm is not an issue. We are currently near zero temps here in the mid-west (waiting until next week when we head south finally!) and the storage areas/wet bay as well as the living area do not fluctuate more than a few degrees as the AuquaHot cycles. As mentioned earlier, monitor your coach temps with wireless sensors and then you will know exactly what is going on.
Solo 11/13/19 04:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Channels

I am missing CBS and a local (AZ) 3. I suspect it is a "negotiating situation" with Dish and the provider as has already been mentioned but, have you checked on your Guide for "All Subscribed" and then see if the stations appear? I've been fooled by this one a couple of times-especially when moving out of the previous spot beam.
Solo 10/22/19 05:55am Technology Corner
RE: TOGO comments?

In the next week or ten days I'm going to buy a TOGO system and then the AT&T package. Anyone have any negatives that will persuade me not to? I understand it isn't perfect but it seems to be heads above anything else. Verizon may be better but they aren't offering anything in the same ball park. We have been using the TOGO Roadlink C2 now for about 2 months while traveling through the mid-west and the UP Michigan and it has worked as advertised. Not the latest and best architecture perhaps but coupled with unlimited data for $30/month makes the package very attractive. I was interested in having some redundancy and so adding the AT&T plan coupled with our Verizon data on phones gives us about the best connectivity that I believe we could put together for the best price. We are very pleased with the performance of the TOGO. We are very satisfied with our decision to install the TOGO.
Solo 10/14/19 03:26am Technology Corner
RE: WiFi, and Cell Phone boosters and Internet antennas

Anyone tried the Togo Roadlink C2 which is ATT and Wingard? Wingard provides a dome with three WIFI antennas and ATT the service for $360/year unlimited Yes. Installed the TOGO last month so not a lot of time yet but, it's been functioning flawlessly 24/7 since my installation on our coach. Read David Bott's Reviews on the TOGO if you would like more information. We also have Verizon phones that we use as back-up when necessary. Reliable internet access seems to require us to have redundancy and AT&T coupled with Verizon networks have worked well.
Solo 09/12/19 03:17am Technology Corner
RE: remote temperature monitoring

I wonder how long the battery life of the GoVee is and if it notifies you ahead of time that the battery needs to be changed. The article/video did not have this information. I have only personally been using the GoVee for a few weeks and so cannot comment on whether a low battery alert will be sent-I do not believe it will however. The battery life can be stretched some by setting it's monitoring function at a less frequent interval. But, the app does show a "battery level meter" which does give you some idea it appears of the unit's power left. No question the subscription based cellular systems work well as my RVPetSafety unit on the Verizon network has worked without a hitch whenever temps/Humidity are out of range or if onboard 120v has been lost. Bottom line, there are good options available to send alerts and different ways/costs to make it happen.
Solo 09/09/19 07:21am Technology Corner
RE: remote temperature monitoring

As has already been mentioned, having reliable WIFI or cell service availabl and having it available if you loose power will determine what you can use. Either system from Marcell or RV PetSafety use a cellular network (Verizon or AT&T) so no WIFI is required and are subscription based so there is an ongoing cost so if considering this technology, compare features and costs and see what works for you. Other options that are available if you have reliable WIFI include temperature monitors that will connect to your own WIFI network. The advantage with this type is that there is no ongoing subscription costs. A recommended unit is the GOVEE Temperature device. Read David Bott's Review. Disadvantage with this is that it does not notify if power is lost-just when temp and humidity are out of the desired ranges. I have AGS so power is restored automatically via the generator if electrical loss creates a demand. I have used both the RV PetSafety and the GOVEE Temperature units and can attest that each work as advertised and will perform the function(s) you are asking about. You must look at what your needs are and then look at the technology that works in your situation.
Solo 09/09/19 04:27am Technology Corner
RE: Invisibrake or Stay-In-Play Duo ??

I have used the same stay in play duo on three different toads over a period of about eight years. No problems at all with it. Likewise here too. We have used the same Stay and Play Duo on two separate toads over the last 7 years with two different coaches, one gas and now on the diesel with excellent results. Albeit SMI does make a model specific for diesel powered rigs/exhaust/compression brakes with their Air Force , but our original Duo has served us very well.
Solo 08/02/19 04:31am Dinghy Towing
RE: RV Weather Station

I have been using the Accurite Pro (Temp/Wind speed/Baro) now for over 4 years on a removable pole arrangement as Healeyman did with his Portable Weather Station. The Pro model (without rain sensor) is light and works very well on my aluminium telescoping pole that I mount several feet above the roof of our coach. It has worked flawlessly and it's accuracy appears to be very consistent.
Solo 07/31/19 04:16am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T/Direct TV is Now Losing Over 8500 Customers Per Day

Before you switch to your favorite streaming provider so that you can use your new unlimited cellular plan and the new cell booster that's been installed on your RV, check to see how that provider is working with dynamic IP addressing. I use my RV to travel in as many of us do and depending upon the streaming provider, this is a real problem as I attempt to use my fancy new cellular equipment and the provider only allows 4 moves per year as one of the industry's leading company does. As more and more streaming providers may limit the number of simultaneous streams by using static IP addressing (say goodbye to your friends who you have shared your password with!), streaming may become the "dead" technology for us RVers who actually move with their RV.
Solo 07/27/19 03:39am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network has tough road to become mobile carrier

Since this forum is for RVers and before this thread gets shutdown (as I suspect it may be headed that way again!), if you are thinking about making a switch away from your satellite provider, do a bit of research. As more and more technology is making the streaming services attractive to RVers, be cautious of how your chosen provider operates. Hulu Live as an example offers some very attractive pricing but, to limit the sharing of accounts, they utilize geolocation of your "home network" via static IP addressing. Hulu limits a customer to 4 moves per year so as an RVer who is using their RV to move, that could be an issue. Hulu of course is not the only choice but, they are also not the only providers beginning to use IP addressing to limit usage. Do a quick search on "Hulu and dynamic IP addressing" if you are thinking about using your new 4g technology and ditch satellite. Dish and Direct TV may not be dead just yet and who knows, as more streaming providers get tired of you sharing your password with friends, geolocation static IP addressing may make traveling with an RV and attempting to stream entertainment the real dinosaur! That's why I love having choices and being able to select what works for me. Sounds like Dish may be shoring up it's portfolio which will only give me more choices!
Solo 07/27/19 03:00am Technology Corner
RE: RVPetSafety vs Marcell

Another very satisfied customer of RV PetSafety. Their new app works great and now on the Verizon network and new pricing, it's a very good product in our opinion.
Solo 07/25/19 04:11am RV Pet Stop
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