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RE: This charger/converter + this battery = ?

What a complete waste of money on a AGM battery for THIS purpose. Yes and no. Of course a flooded battery will serve the OP's purpose just fine but an AGM, despite it's higher cost, is preferred by an increasing number of RVrs simply because they're sealed and require no watering at all. I replaced a 10 yr old G27 flooded Interstate with an East Penn AGM and wouldn't ever go back to flooded. K.I.S.S. :p
SoundGuy 09/14/19 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: This charger/converter + this battery = ?

FYI to the forum, 90% of the time my RV will be sitting on the pad and connected to shore power and in 20 years of RVing I've probably only boondocked 10 times and all those were just overnight. Considering your intended use I see no need for such a large capacity battery when a G24 would suit your needs 90% of your camping time. Having replaced my aged flooded G27 Interstate with a G31 AGM from East Penn I'd recommend an AGM that requires zero maintenance, other than periodic recharging of course. Size, your choice and how much you want to spend - G24, G27, G31 - but even a G24 should get you through an overnight stay. That, and the fact that in a pinch you can always draw from your tow vehicle as long as you keep that draw minimal. I also keep a small lithium battery jump starter in the truck in the rare case I might have pulled the truck battery down more than I should have, an example being the NOCO GB40 Jump Starter.
SoundGuy 09/14/19 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

You'd do well to reinforce your trailer bumper with a Mount-n-Lock Safety Struts Kit. That said, putting all that much weight at the far rear of such a short trailer will unduly unload the trailer's gross tongue weight. Bottom line - regardless that some do it anyway a genset doesn't belong at the far rear of any trailer. :(
SoundGuy 09/09/19 07:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking & moving without installing trailer battery

If I plug my 7 pin trailer cable into my truck hitch receptacle will I be able to operate the electric tongue jack without the trailer battery? Yes, as long as the charge line on the truck's 7-pin Bargman connector is active - i.e. Pin 4 is +12vdc, Pin 1 is ground. On GM trucks the charge line is always hot regardless of whether the ignition is on or not, on other brands the charge line may only be hot when the ignition is on.
SoundGuy 09/08/19 04:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Main power extension cord now a must for me

Last camp, the power pedestal for my site was too far away for my 30' mains cable. I needed between 15-20' to reach. Boo Hoo - here in Ontario, when camping in the provincial park system, 100' to the power post isn't unusual at all. I have 140' of 10 gauge and have used every bit of it on occasion.
SoundGuy 09/07/19 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Are you sure that the generator was not already bonded? All Honda EU series inverter generators have a floating neutral. Where did it say "Honda"? Thread title. :R
SoundGuy 09/06/19 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Are you sure that the generator was not already bonded? All Honda EU series inverter generators have a floating neutral.
SoundGuy 09/05/19 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Hard Sided Pop Up Questions

Seems many looking for a easy towing hard sided RV are missing when they do not research these units. Many do but can't get past the sticker shock. :E
SoundGuy 09/04/19 05:53pm Folding Trailers
RE: Propane pigtails leaking

The trailer is about 5 years old. Back in April, we went to visit and the propane system started leaking at the tank connections. Seemed to be coming out of the green threaded fittings that screw onto the tanks. I found some new pigtails at a local propane dealer, installed them and everything seemed to be fine. We went back this past weekend and both leaked immediately. A dozen years ago we bought a new 2007 RVision TrailCruiser hybrid but a couple years later had the same problem. I replaced both Acme-1 pigtails with new ones but that didn't solve the problem so I bought another set, this time with the older POL reverse thread brass connector instead of the Acme-1 plastic connector. That solved the problem entirely. :B
SoundGuy 09/03/19 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Surge power protector- hard wire or portable?

I have room behind a panel to put the hard wire version. But what if for some reason it goes south? Now your going to have to wire around to restore power.Make it plug and play by putting plugs on each side? If I do that why not just use a portable unit and install behind the panel? Or just use the portable unit plugging into the power pedestal? Taking the chance of someone walking off with it-water intrusion and just having to deal with every time you set up and leave. What's you thoughts? I'm sure there's more + and - to each one. Certainly you can solve the potential theft issue by mounting a portable unit inside your rig behind a panel but then you wouldn't see what the display is telling you. Second disadvantage to a portable unit is it's delay is fixed, which in the case of a Progressive unit is 136", while their hard wire unit can be set at 136" or just 15". You could solve the potential theft issue by using a portable unit outside your rig by hanging it under a slide or within a wheel well and use an extension cable to reach the power post. I chose a hard wire version which I located under the sofa and mounted the remote display for it on the wall above the sofa where I could check it at will. For convenience of removal I did add connectors but that does increase the overall cost.
SoundGuy 09/02/19 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Newbies

We have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 and know how much we are able to tow (8400 lbs). Any advice is welcome!! No you can't, you'll run out of payload capacity long before you get anywhere near 8400 lbs. That number isn't how heavy the trailer itself can weigh but the maximum the truck is rated to tow / haul counting everything.
SoundGuy 08/30/19 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Accidentally plugged into 220v

The camper was purchased last week and it was delivered the same day it was plugged in to the outlet. I’ve never owned a camper or RV. Yet you plugged it in anyway. :? Would you pull up to a gas pump and without knowing which was gas & what grade or which was diesel just go ahead and pump it into the tank anyway? :S Regardless of who wired this power source incorrectly you as the trailer owner are ultimately responsible for knowing the difference and making sure it's correct. Good luck to you, time to edumacate yourself on all things RV as there are many other UH OHs in trailer ownership that are also just waiting to smack you again. :p
SoundGuy 08/27/19 07:04am Tech Issues
RE: TPO roof cleaning

A clean roof also means fewer black streaks. Much fewer. Trailers with rubber roof membrane show black streaks much more not because the roof is dirty but because EPDM chalks whereas TPO does not. I've owned both and would choose TPO hands down over EPDM as a roof membrane.
SoundGuy 08/26/19 07:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Accidentally plugged into 220v

Forgot to mention as soon as there was a bad smell and smoke from the converter, the guy monitoring the power box flipped all the breakers off which might have saved everything If only that were true - believe it, damage occurs in an instant. :E Do yourself a favour and invest in an EMS that would have refused to connect to an incorrect power source.
SoundGuy 08/26/19 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Tire Thread

Cheaper tires and replace every 2 years, or Goodyear Endurance that cost nearly 3x as much, and replace every 4-5 years? As one who has had a stock Chinese manufactured tire split for no apparent reason I'd say the right solution is a set of Goodyear Endurance, which is what I went with. :B No way do I ever want to be stuck on the side of a busy highway with a blown trailer tire. :(
SoundGuy 08/26/19 11:26am Travel Trailers
RE: My DIY Clothes Rack

I bought this one as well, and did the same mod to the top line, replacing it with a pvc pipe with a wooden dowel inserted inside for rigidity. Hanging clothes/towels on the top rung was OK, but the other rope lines sagged under the weight of wet towels - notice he's only using the top rung. Yes - no matter how tight you made it, the other lines were almost useless. Not true at all, that pic was taken when we happened by coincidence to have towels hanging just off the top rung, usually we have wet bathing suits, towels, whatever hanging off the rope as well. Works just fine - if it didn't I'd have replaced all the rope with rigid pipe but it wasn't necessary. :B
SoundGuy 08/23/19 06:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tires

You can't go wrong installing a set of Goodyear Endurance which in your size are load range D.
SoundGuy 08/22/19 02:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Question

I am considering renting my Grand Design Reflection on RV Share. The trailer has a dry weight of 8,348 lbs. and a GVWR of 9,995 lbs. I tow the trailer with a 3/4 ton truck. Someone would like to rent the trailer for a weekend, but their tow vehicle is a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 5.3 V8 engine. Is this enough truck to safely pull the trailer approximately 60 miles? 1 mile or 60 miles - not even close to being enough truck. :( I wouldn't tow any more than 6000 lbs fully loaded & ready to camp with my own '12 Silverado.
SoundGuy 08/21/19 02:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: How do you store your power supply extension cord

With any travel trailer we've owned I moved the spare tire to the front pass through cargo compartment and would then store my main service cable extensions in the spare tire wheel well, making use of otherwise unused space. K.I.S.S. :p
SoundGuy 08/18/19 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

Am I worrying over nothing? IMO you're worrying over the wrong issue as the Goodyear Endurance is superior to the Carlisle HD tires you ordered. A couple years ago one of the stock Chinese tires on my Coachmen split for no apparent reason and before ordering a new set of tires I compared the Endurance LR D to the same size Carlisle HD LR D. Putting my full weight on an unmounted Endurance the tire barely deflected at all, did the same with the Carlisle and it collapsed noticeably. Not saying the Carlisle HD isn't a decent tire, just that the Endurance which is manufactured in the US is demonstrably better.
SoundGuy 08/18/19 08:41am Travel Trailers
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