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RE: Space Heater

We use the oil filled radiator type. Although they're also 1500watts, they produce more heat than our ceramic heater ever did. Your bones may believe otherwise but the fact is there's a direct correlation between electrical energy in and heat energy output, the equation being expressed as 1500 watthour = 5,118.2122198 Btu. ;)
SoundGuy 11/14/19 03:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: extension cord length

I'm gonna put my TT in the back yard. I have used a 50' extension cord to power the slides and fridge and a few other things including the AC for a short time. Question is, This time I'm gonna have to use a 100' cord. How will this affect the voltage/drain on the power, if at all? If at all? :h Obviously the greater the current draw the greater will be the voltage drop. You also haven't mentioned the gauge of cable you plan to use - again obviously, the lighter the gauge the greater will be the voltage drop. You haven't provided any of this information, including the unloaded source voltage, so no one here can tell you what voltage drop you can expect. Measure your unloaded source voltage and plug numbers into this voltage drop calculator.
SoundGuy 11/09/19 07:24am Tech Issues
RE: Short list of narrow track TT and TH's.

When I learned the new no-bo TH is only 7.5' wide, I thought maybe manufactures might have realized some folks want a narrower package, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. Not at all - Coachmen RV has offered and continues to offer several models that are 7.5' wide, including Apex and Apex Nano models, and now also offers 7' wide models in the Catalina Summit series. Coachmen Travel Trailers
SoundGuy 11/03/19 06:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: Aftermarket Trailer Hitch

Yep - don't do it, at the very least you'll excessively unload the trailer's tongue that will only encourage the trailer to sway. :E
SoundGuy 11/02/19 03:49pm Folding Trailers
RE: Macerator pumps

I am considering buying a Flojet 18555000A macerator pump. All comments that are based on your experience are welcome. I bought a FloJet macerator back in 2006, used it constantly for a dozen years and only rebuilt it once to add a new impeller. I never use campground dump stations, always have serviced the tanks at home using the macerator. A series of pics starts here - click on "i" at the top right of any pic for a text description.
SoundGuy 10/31/19 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pump loses prime when water tank level is 1/3 full

My water pump loses prime when the water tank level is showing 1/3 full. Thoughts? Have you considered fresh water tank sag? Obviously if the pump's intake hose doesn't draw from the lowest part of the tank the pump it can't pump that water. I had this problem with our Freedom Express and installed braces to support the tank and ensure the bottom was flat. I also moved the draw tube which was connected to a side port on the tank to the tank drain port which was on the bottom of the tank. Solved the problem entirely. :B
SoundGuy 10/28/19 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Can I replace a DSI HWH with something (anything) else?

I'm in a Outdoors, Black Rock 20rd, 2017 with a Suburban DSI HWH. I sure wouldn't do it but you could always replace your DSI water heater with a manual, pilot light version.
SoundGuy 10/28/19 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Portable or Hardwired EMS?

Now due to a very attractive sale at Camping world I just "installed" a Surge Guard by TRC (The company name on the box is different but it's TRC) TRC (Technology Research) is now owned by Southwire.
SoundGuy 10/22/19 04:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

The new "dark horse" in the Westinghouse iGen 2500. It delivers 2200/2500 watts, more than the Honda 2200, and, again at a fraction of the price. hmmm, now THIS is why I feed my questions to forums. I'd seen all the no-name Honda form factor knock-off 2kW that have hit the market since I last shopped but I'd missed this 2.5kW option. That is a nice price-point too. My wonderment about this horse is just how quiet and how reliable? Which has just a 98 cc engine vs the Honda EU2200i's 121 cc engine. Now which do you think will be less stressed under heavy load and which one offers superior surge capability? Hint - it's RED. :W
SoundGuy 10/09/19 07:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Thinking about beds.

OK for years I have been mighty irritated by the fact that my feet stick way out on an RV bed. I finally looked into the problem only to discover to my Horror that rv mattresses are six inches shorter than standard mattresses. You just discovered now that your rig has a short queen?! :h I fixed that in our Freedom Express by extending the bed platform 6", pulling the existing short queen forward, then placing a full length (80") queen gel/memory foam topper on the mattress and stuffing the extra length in the gap between the headboard & mattress. Worked like a charm! :B A series of pics starts here ... click on "i" at the top right of any pic for a text description.
SoundGuy 10/03/19 01:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Biggest unit you know of under 3,500 pounds ???

The Ridgeline should be a good match for a trailer in the under 3500 lb GVWR. The Ridgeline with an extra 280 hp should not break a sweat at all towing 3500 lbs. As anyone who tows any full height trailer knows successful towing is not just about weight but also wind resistance which is significant at highway speeds. Most towing even small travel trailers would want to use weight distribution as well so one question is whether Honda approves of the use of WD for towing. Third, the primary limitation in almost all towing situations is the TV's payload capacity, or more correctly lack thereof. Having towed several full height trailers, including a 19' travel trailer which averaged ~ 4500 lbs loaded & ready to camp, with my 2012 Silverado 5.3L payload capacity was still easy to exceed.
SoundGuy 09/29/19 10:57am Travel Trailers
RE: The kid meets the furnace thermostat...

I Know about battery powered. But, not really needed for a basic mechanical wall furnace tstat. As another posted, what happens when the battery goes dead? Doug Seriously? Install a fresh set of AA batteries in the thermo at the beginning of each season - problem solved. :B
SoundGuy 09/27/19 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: The kid meets the furnace thermostat...

The mechanical just has the 2 wires. All the Tstat does is connect(close) the 2 wires to make a circuit back to the furnace. So, just replace with another Mechanical. Digital units will require extra wiring you will not have at the existing tstat. Doug Hate to disagree with you Doug but I installed a simple digital thermostat in my 2003 Yuma. It's self powered with an internal battery and all that connected to it were the 2 wires that were wired to the original bi-metal thermostat. I also used that very same thermostat in our TrailCruiser hybrid. In both those campers the thermostat controlled just the furnace but in our KZ Spree which had ducted A/C the thermo controlled both the furnace and the A/C but I used the same wires that were wired to the original thermostat.
SoundGuy 09/27/19 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: RV toilet with a self contained holding tank

I want to replace this toilet with a similar type but can't seem to find such an item today. Fleetwood used the Sealand 712 self contained flush toilet in their Highlander high wall popup series. Sealand is now owned by Dometic so you might ask a local RV dealer if they can source this toilet for you. Sealand 712 Flush Toilet
SoundGuy 09/25/19 08:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Micro Air Soft Start for AC

Link to Article
SoundGuy 09/20/19 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: New trailer (almost)

Do you think the mfg will help get this resolved sooner? No reason for the manufacturer to get involved, you bought the trailer from the dealer not the factory.
SoundGuy 09/17/19 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: This charger/converter + this battery = ?

What a complete waste of money on a AGM battery for THIS purpose. Yes and no. Of course a flooded battery will serve the OP's purpose just fine but an AGM, despite it's higher cost, is preferred by an increasing number of RVrs simply because they're sealed and require no watering at all. I replaced a 10 yr old G27 flooded Interstate with an East Penn AGM and wouldn't ever go back to flooded. K.I.S.S. :p
SoundGuy 09/14/19 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: This charger/converter + this battery = ?

FYI to the forum, 90% of the time my RV will be sitting on the pad and connected to shore power and in 20 years of RVing I've probably only boondocked 10 times and all those were just overnight. Considering your intended use I see no need for such a large capacity battery when a G24 would suit your needs 90% of your camping time. Having replaced my aged flooded G27 Interstate with a G31 AGM from East Penn I'd recommend an AGM that requires zero maintenance, other than periodic recharging of course. Size, your choice and how much you want to spend - G24, G27, G31 - but even a G24 should get you through an overnight stay. That, and the fact that in a pinch you can always draw from your tow vehicle as long as you keep that draw minimal. I also keep a small lithium battery jump starter in the truck in the rare case I might have pulled the truck battery down more than I should have, an example being the NOCO GB40 Jump Starter.
SoundGuy 09/14/19 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

You'd do well to reinforce your trailer bumper with a Mount-n-Lock Safety Struts Kit. That said, putting all that much weight at the far rear of such a short trailer will unduly unload the trailer's gross tongue weight. Bottom line - regardless that some do it anyway a genset doesn't belong at the far rear of any trailer. :(
SoundGuy 09/09/19 07:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking & moving without installing trailer battery

If I plug my 7 pin trailer cable into my truck hitch receptacle will I be able to operate the electric tongue jack without the trailer battery? Yes, as long as the charge line on the truck's 7-pin Bargman connector is active - i.e. Pin 4 is +12vdc, Pin 1 is ground. On GM trucks the charge line is always hot regardless of whether the ignition is on or not, on other brands the charge line may only be hot when the ignition is on.
SoundGuy 09/08/19 04:51pm Travel Trailers
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