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RE: Border closings

If that is the case; does that mean that the snow birds from Canada won't be able to leave ? If yes there are going to be a lot of unhappy people from Ontario. I think half the owners in our park in Key largo are from Ontario Guy Canadian Snowbirds can air only. The US will not allow Canadians to cross the US border right now. Part of a reciprocal agreement between both countries to limit the spread. This has large support among the Canadian population. Wait. What?? Leaving "by air" and landing in the US doesn't count as "crossing the border?" By what logic? -Speak
SpeakEasy 09/17/20 06:55am Snowbirds
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway

I recommend the book on the Blue Ridge Parkway by Rose Houk. If it were me, I'd head west from Raleigh and get on the Parkway at Deep Gap, NC. Then I'd head north on the Parkway. Depending on your interests, and depending on how much driving you want to do each day, you might consider stopping at the Blue Ridge Music Center, just north of the NC-VA border. If you are looking for just dry camping, right on the Parkway, there are a few options. Doughton Park, Rocky Knob, Peaks of Otter, and Otter Creek are all within what would be about a 600-mile loop, returning to Raleigh from the north. Each of these campgrounds has at least a couple of hiking trails accessible right from the campground. -Speak
SpeakEasy 09/07/20 07:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

I'm interested to know if anyone here has actually suffered damage to their electrical components due to bad power. I've heard lots of stories of tire blowouts and the damage caused. I've heard stories about how EMS systems have protected people from damage. I'd like to know if there are people here who have actually suffered damage because they didn't have an EMS. -Speak
SpeakEasy 09/04/20 06:54am Tech Issues
RE: Natchez trace

I second the notion that it depends on your interests. There is so much to see! I hope you have a lot of time and are OK with a slow pace. We loved our trip up the Trace back in 2018 (until our truck disaster). I would post a link to my blog where I wrote about each day of our Trace trip, but the last time I did that here people got on my case for "promoting" my blog. (It's not a money-producing blog by the way, so the notion of promoting it is absurd.) If you would be interested in reading about our trip, PM me and I'll send you the link privately. -Speak
SpeakEasy 09/04/20 06:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

Thanks for the info. I would have never thought about that diamondplate doing that. I have two batteries right there. Sure will remember this post. I'm really glad you posted this response. It makes it worth putting up with the people who are on my case for doing something stupid. -Speak
SpeakEasy 09/01/20 10:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

Makes no sense to disconnect the positive first, unless of course you absolutely can't reach the negative post. I don't know about you, but if I had a dollar for everything in life I've done that "makes no sense," I'd be a rich man. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/31/20 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: 30 foot run of sewer hose--downhill?

Use lots of water. Especially AFTER you've dumped. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/31/20 08:27am General RVing Issues
Watch That Diamondplate!

Front of my trailer has diamondplate in the lower 2 or 3 feet. This is immediately next to my battery boxes. Today when I was doing some maintenance work I had occasion to disconnect the battery. I was using a crescent wrench to loosen one of the terminals, and the wrench slipped out of my hand. For an instant it was still touching the + terminal while it was falling against the diamondplate. ZAP! Fortunately it only made contact for an instant. Moral of the story - disconnect the negative first. That diamondplate is connected to the frame, which is essentially the ground/negative of the battery circuit. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/31/20 07:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter installation question

I was recently at the beach on a rainy day in the morning and my wife wanted a cup of coffee I had to run out and start the generator in the sand and rain that's the only reason I want an inverter. LOL Enjoy my fun, 27-second coffee video. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/30/20 02:55pm Truck Campers
RE: JB Weld or ? Quick Water Tank Fix

How bad is the leak? If you go out for your final camping trip, and the leak causes you to lose all your water in the first afternoon, that's something that would need attention. If it's just a few drips, and you'd lose a few gallons over the course of the weekend, that's a whole different story. You could probably even put a pan under the leak and recover the lost water if it was slow enough. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/28/20 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

he's gone Nope I don't see a clear consensus. I have great tires: new GY Endurance. I don't have a power-hungry rig; about a quarter of the time we dry camp. So - based on input given, no clear consensus other than "get both." -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/20/20 07:09am Tech Issues
EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

If you only had $200 or $300 available, would you spend it on an EMS/Surge Protector or on a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? Which would you consider the higher priority? Bonus points if you give an opinion on which specific product you would buy (manufacturer and product number). Extra bonus points if you explain why you are giving the answers you are giving. Thanks in advance. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/18/20 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Battery powered portable fuel transfer pump

Buyer beware. I threw mine out this year after wrestling with it for four or five years. When it worked, it was great. But about 75% of the time it didn't work. When it didn't work it was due to corrosion in the impeller shaft. Very difficult to lubricate. If I had a new one I would spray the impeller and shaft with spray silicone every couple of months. That might prevent the corrosion. Once the corrosion is in there it is a losing battle. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/14/20 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Setting up my solar system

I'm totally impressed. A whole solar system? Including planets, and comets, and asteroids and all? Wow! -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/07/20 02:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Think your're good at backing? Think again.......

Aw come on! I've done exactly those moves many times. Seriously. But without the cones. And without meaning to do it. :) -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/07/20 02:55pm Towing
RE: Why so few Murphy beds ?

Lots of misinformation in many of the replies here. Part of the reason is that (1) there are big differences in Murphy beds from one manufacturer to another, and (2) a lot of the responses are coming from people who don't have them. (Which is OK, because you don't have to have one to answer the OP's question.) But - from the perspective of a person who has one - there are huge benefits and some significant drawbacks to Murphy beds. Ours is very well-designed and well-made. It folds down into a comfortable, walk-around queen. It is in the front of the trailer and becomes a north-south bed. No problem. The biggest benefit is that it gives you both a day-use and a night-use area of precious space in a small, lightweight trailer. The biggest negative is the loss of pass-through storage that you would otherwise have under the bed. Our bed is nicely counterbalanced so that it is easy to fold up and down. I've seen some that were not. And I've seen some where you had to construct a padded area to sleep on, using cushions, instead of a dedicated mattress. Yuck. We chose a Murphy bed model when we were looking for the most practical floorplan in a lightweight trailer. We were shopping for something that was under 5000lb loaded so we could tow it with an SUV. We didn't want to go too small, and the Murphy bed was the best compromise. There have been a couple of 6-week trips where I did get pretty tired of putting it up and down every day, but it does go into its stored position with the bedding in place. Now - my answer to the OP's original question: I don't think most shoppers do as much research as we did concerning weight and how the trailer is designed to give the most livable space with the least weight. I think most shoppers would see the trailer with the bed in storage position and quickly conclude that it either didn't have a queen bed or that it would be too much work to fold it down every day. -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/05/20 06:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Kind of a dumb question, but I'm new

One thing to pay attention to is that whoever sets up the hitch has TORQUE WRENCHES to tighten the ball and the two bolts that retain the head to the shank. Many people think "German tight" is good enough, but you are playing with fire if they come loose on you. A ball will generally have a 1ΒΌ inch threaded shank and (fine thread) will be torqued to 450 lb/ft (yes, you read that right) and the 3/4 cross bolts holding the hitch head to the shank are torqued to 260 lb/ft (and yes, I own the proper torque wrenches). Charles This is really important stuff from CharlesinGA if you are at all inclined to "do-it-yourself." I learned the hard way that the wrenches you need for this job are EXPENSIVE. I had the dealer set up mine originally. But then I changed tow vehicles, and then changed tow vehicles again. I decided at that point that it would be wise to re-adjust. I am the sort of person that loves doing my own work, and I generally don't buy a specific tool until I run into a job that requires it. Well, this job required it, and as I said, the torque wrench especially, was not cheap. But now I have the tools, and the know-how, and I can do the job again when necessary. Plus I can help others if and when the need arises. But don't go into it with your eyes closed. (BTW - the readjustment was the right thing to do. There were some significant changes needed due to differences in hitch-height and suspension differences.) -Speak
SpeakEasy 08/01/20 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Cherry Springs State Park

You can make RV reservations there on or; can't remember which one it is. -Speak
SpeakEasy 07/02/20 08:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: shower head

If the showerhead you buy doesn't have its own shutoff valve, I recommend this one. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/29/20 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Are you a Songbird or Snowbird?

Well, by your definition, I guess I'd be a snowbird. Beginning in 2018, we have spent 6 weeks in the springtime wandering around in the sunny, warmer southland. We were planning to do the same this year, and the various authorities cancelled us out. We have re-scheduled to late October/November. But your definitions raise an interesting perspective. For years my parents, and now just my mom, spent their winters as snowbirds in FL. For the past several years it's been mid-October to late April in FL. But they returned "home" to New York for May through mid-October. So, by your definition they were BOTH snowbirds and songbirds. Right? -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/21/20 07:17am RV Lifestyle
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