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RE: Zion to Escalante - UPDATE

Thanks for the update. Part of me wishes we wouldn't get such good news out of Utah, because I don't want anyone else to go to our favorite spots. We sure love that state. I mean I hate it. It stinks there. Avoid UT at all costs. The place is ugly and the people are monsters. X2
SteveAE 10/16/20 11:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Handling freezing temperatures

It really depends. - How cold it gets (a couple hours of slightly below freezing isn't likely to be a problem) - How long it stays below freezing - How well your rig is insulated - How warm you keep it inside - How lucky you are!!!!!!!!!!! That said, Brice will probably be in the lower 20's at night and below freezing for five, or more, hours. So, unless your pipes are insulated (or inside the heated envelope of your rig), you could have problems. Most likely though, the problem won't be a broken pipe (hopefully), just ice in the lines so maybe no water until it thaws out. Me, I would just keep the heat on and see what happens..... But, of course, you are risking possible damage. Another option would be winterizing the rig and just keep jugs of water inside for your use (don't worry about the black and grey tanks). Do keep in mind that RV furnaces draw quite a bit of power. So, unless you have hook-ups (or solar), you might want to have a generator along to recharge your battery. Beautiful time of year to be in Brice. Have fun.
SteveAE 10/14/20 10:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Colorado - Wyoming - Montana - Idaho

Yes. IMO, those are the best months to be in those states. Maybe into early September too.
SteveAE 10/14/20 10:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Zion to Escalante - UPDATE

riltri, I would go through the tunnel, but your route certainly works. If I remember correctly, 14 is steeper and higher than 20. But also doable IMO (I have pulled our 22' trailer over all these roads with my poor, under powered, Toyota Tundra). How do you plan to leave the Escalante area? The prettiest way by far (well, "reasonable way" anyway) is to head NE on hwy 12 to Torrey. But, if you don't like Hwy 9 east of Zion, then you really wouldn't like that route. Awesome country. Go slow, take your time, and enjoy the journey.
SteveAE 10/09/20 09:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 26 Eastern Oregon in late October

It will be cool at night (I suggest checking a weather site for historical temps) and there is the possibility of some snow and/or ice. BUT any snow/ice isn't likely to last long on the roads and it is likely to be quite nice during the days. By Thanksgiving though, all bets are off. Don't tell anyone, but Fall is one of the best times to be in Central/Eastern Oregon....heck, all of Oregon for that matter. Darn, now even more folks will be swarming here during that special time of year too.
SteveAE 10/01/20 07:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: U.S Hwy 20 in Oregon

Sounds like hwy 20 is the way to go. Perhaps if you plan about twice as much travel time as you expect, you will have a more relaxing trip? Maybe stop along the S. Santiam River for lunch and/or a hike. For this route, it is definitely the journey and not the destination that counts.
SteveAE 10/01/20 07:02am Roads and Routes
RE: U.S Hwy 20 in Oregon

As has already been reported, it has not been improved. I have not been over it since the fires, but since it is the only "reasonable" route between Central Oregon and the mid-Valley, I would suspect it is pretty busy right now. And signs just west of Bend warn of the closures. Depending on where you plan to go, maybe hwy 58 would work? Good luck and safe travels.
SteveAE 09/28/20 08:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: Replacing the table and chairs with a booth ??????

Perhaps you could build it or have one built? It's just a cabinet with cushions on top. The storage below our's probably accounts for a third of the total storage in our 22' trailer. All our pots and pans, drinks, misc junk, and even a laser printer with spare cartridge live down there. Of course, it does help that we have three doors (two inside and one outside) for access. Puck lights light the space. Had the foam replaced with better quality foam and the backs have a slight angle making it more comfortable. The table (that I built) is expandable with up to two leaves, which doubles the original size making it great for spreading out large maps. Take out all the leaves and it's the size needed to make the booth into a second (seldom used) bed. We usually have one leaf installed, making it 50% bigger than it's original size, for everyday usage. Have had 8 people (tightly) seated in the booth at one time. So with two on stools in the isle we have seating for 10 of our best buddies (plates are pretty much touching, but hey, when it's stormy outside, no one is complaining....) The dog either lays on the center cushion or underneath, on the floor, giving her a quiet place to be that is out of the way. Best part is the two corners are square, each with with a triangular shaped cushions. When the cushions are flipped on their sides we have two lounging couches (all be it with our feet hang into the isle). If I didn't have a booth, I would be installing one in a hurry. Good luck with your project.
SteveAE 09/01/20 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Food - Utah Mighty Five Loop

We don't eat our much and, of course, no idea what they are doing now, but three places we like are; Escalante Outfitters in Escalante, Hells Backbone Cafe in Boulder, and the Twin Rocks Cafe in Bluff. Moab has many places to try. There are groceries available in all towns though some (like Escalante and Boulder) are limited. Have fun
SteveAE 08/25/20 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: RVing during Pandemic and looking relocate

Gnarley, Maxifi costs about $100 per year. As you can see on their website, it helps determine your lifetime discretionary spending (what you can spend, not how much you actually do spend) for the remainder of your life based on your assets (present and future earnings included). Compare the pro's and con's of various scenarios (i.e.; when to take SS, when to retire, how much you's save/spend each year if you move to a different state, taxes, effects of inflation, and so much more). It's all on their website. I have found it a very valuable planning tool. But, of course, you may not agree. That's fine with me as I have no skin in the game. Yes, Oregon has an Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) program similar to Cover California. I don't know the details of it as I choose to purchase my health insurance on the open market (61 YO male, $741/mo., ~$8K deductible for those who are curious) even though I could very easily qualify for a subsidy if I wished. If you don't have well in excess of $2M (including anticipated SS and/or other retirement earnings), don't even consider Bend. A friend has a old (early 1900's) 751 sq ft house on a 50 x 100 ft lot that is worth at least $400K. A new 1800 sq ft house on the same size lot goes for ~$600K. And large properties..........well, you won't find much for less than $1M. So say you need 1.5M over the remainder of your life to maintain your present standard of living (probably a pretty reasonable amount for a frugal couple in their 60's in Bend) and you pay 500K for a house on a postage stamp lot. Well, then you will need ~2M over the remainder of your life. I can't speak for other areas in Oregon, but you can easily find prices on Zillow if you are curious. The Eastern Oregon towns of Burns/Hines, for example, would be A LOT less expensive (at least to purchase a house), but you may may not wish to retire there??????? So it might be wise to take a road trip through Oregon before you commit to any one area or even the state. If you do travel through, send me a PM maybe we can get together for a beer. Look. I'm not trying to discourage you and I might be totally wrong on all this (though I doubt it). And, of course, you are free to do what you want. I was just trying help you (and likely many others reading this) by sharing my experience (I have been studying this for the past 5 years) with you. ' Hopefully you have found my comments somewhat helpful, but I think this thread has gone way off topic for this forum so I won't be following this post any further. If you have a specific question, feel free to send me a PM. Good luck and best wishes.
SteveAE 08/13/20 11:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVing during Pandemic and looking relocate

Don't forget to factor in the cost of health insurance. You may want to look at this program. I find it quite helpful for evaluating exactly the type of questions you are asking. As to the cost to live in Oregon. There are several websites that rank Oregon as I mentioned (4th or 5th most expensive in the country). A number of factors go into those calculations including; taxes, housing (ugh, property tax), utilities, food, transportation, and medical. Scoop around on the web and you will find what I am referring to if you are interested. Also, keep in mind that Oregon has an estate (death) tax on anything over $1M ........ where California doesn't. Now how good is Oregon looking? Best wishes in your search and let us all know what you find.
SteveAE 08/12/20 10:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVing during Pandemic and looking relocate

Pretty sure that there are job openings for good mechanics in Bend (Oregon). Just keep in mind that Oregon is the 4th or 5th most expensive state in the country to live in....and Bend is probably in the top 10 (maybe 5) of most expensive Oregon communities.
SteveAE 08/12/20 09:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: full time solar, maybe?

servitrike I'll toss in my 2 cents worth. Rather than shooting for "100% solar" (which is hard to do if you want to run the AC that came with your rig), why not just shoot for "mostly solar" (easy to do if you take the AC out of the equation)? 250 to 500 watts of solar, with a similar amount (in AHr's) of battery capacity, will likely get you there. Have fun building and experimenting with the system.
SteveAE 08/07/20 05:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Covid chores...check-off list

Topped off the battery water yesterday. It took about 1/4" (~1/2 cup h2o per cell) to set the level halfway between the top of the plates and the bottom of the fill tube. Another poster mentioned adjusting the brakes. Good idea. I think I'll add that to my "to do" list.
SteveAE 04/27/20 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: BLM land around Sedona Arizona?

Hi, There are tons of places. The Forest Service office in Sedona has a map that shows legal dispersion areas in the region. I think it is available on-line. The State Park in Cottonwood is nice if you are looking for more of formal campground experience (though it is probably closed right now). Have fun.
SteveAE 04/27/20 07:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling for Winter Sports

Why couldn't you just leave the trailer connected to your tow vehicle and park where you plan to recreate? This would give you a nice place to come back to for lunch (or dinner if you like moonlight snowshoeing). Overnight parking might be more of a challenge if you plan to recreate where overnight parking is prohibited. In those cases, perhaps look through these resources: Allstays, Ultimate Campgrounds, Hipcamp, Boondockers Welcome. Have fun.
SteveAE 03/29/20 09:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Water system for boondocking

Or there is always the caveman way -- fill your five gallon jug at a faucet, lug it back to your campsite, and dump it into the fill spout using a funnel. Lots of great exercise, no need for electricity or equipment. Fast, too! X2 with the exception that I use two 3 gallon containers.
SteveAE 02/29/20 09:17am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Detailed BLM maps of Utah -- problem solved --see below

I frequently use CalTopo.
SteveAE 01/25/20 02:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: RV Places In Monterrey Bay California

If your rig isn't too big (I believe ~21' max), Veterans Memorial Park is nice. The sites are big enough, but the access road is narrow, steep and winding, hence the size limit.
SteveAE 01/18/20 10:27am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: downsizing for the winter

We also prefer to travel around to different places for about three months at a time. We generally look for boondocking sites where we then hike, bike, boat, and relax for a few days before moving on. Our bumper pull trailer is 22' long and we find it just about the right size for our lifestyle. Yes, it gets tight in extended weather events, but we can always change our location if it goes on too long. It's probably too big about 10% of the time. Took a look at the floor plan for the trailer you are considering and the only concern I have is that, when sitting on the couch, you have your backs to the only real window. Where a dinette (with improved cushions) allows both people to look out the window. And a horseshoe shaped dinette allows two people to lounge (heads by the window and feet hanging into the walkway)....with a dog between them:)
SteveAE 01/10/20 08:35am Travel Trailers
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