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RE: Battery Maintenance

I have the same set up, as long as you have a good converter you can just leave them plugged in. I also have solar on mine (480 watts) and I top off the water twice a year. so far these batteries have lasted 13 years. Steve
StirCrazy 02/19/20 06:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

site messed up while posting
StirCrazy 02/16/20 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

I also say Yes, while being a very good engine, as with all new things electronics and emmisions have brought more issues. Steve
StirCrazy 02/12/20 06:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: step solutions

Even seeing pictures of this happening I really have a hard time understanding how or where. It would seem the pivot holes or pins would have to be worn ALOT to absorb the movement (assuming treads stayed parallel when new). On Steves picture there's a good inch loss between each tread. ya and mine are just as bad if not worse. I tightened up every bolt to the point where it takes a bit of effort to deploy and fold them up, cant really feel any slop at all so it baffles me. I am almost wondering if the design of the mounting point is partially to blame as it lets the top support pivot putting the first 2 steps sloping downwards away from the camper. but then my bottom two will slope back towards it. I know I need a longer one and maybe that is what sets off the bottom two. so maybe a different method of mounting them to ensure the top step stays level will help. Steve Steve
StirCrazy 02/10/20 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

Sounds like pivot points simple wore. Many are riveted-no adjustment (another plus for the T/L steps they are bolted so can be adjusted). There is an older post with this exact issue-cant find but had pictures of sagging stairs, treads at different angles. There was discussion of re-drilling and replacing pivot points. Though if I remember correctly he ended up with the T/L steps edit: huh looking for something else and found thread I was thinking of shows treads as described yup, that's my stairs, but I only have 4, I probably should have 5. they are bolted with nylock nuts, I snugged them up , there harder to stretch out but they still go uneven. at least he has one that's level haha Steve
StirCrazy 02/07/20 08:14pm Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

some one asked I am 39" where the stairs mount, its an older (1991 10 foot slumber queen) so no bumper on it. the main issue I have is the styairs when deployed are different angles, so the first couple wont be parralel to the groun where the bottom couple will.
StirCrazy 02/06/20 06:32pm Truck Campers
step solutions

so my new camper came with the accordion style steps (not glowsteps). they are a little to short as my truck is taller, but even if I prop them up they never seam to sit all the same (flat) so I am looking for a different step system that will be, how do I say it, not as sketchy. Glowsteps look like the same design with double cross bars instead of single and glowing steps, but are they rock solid when deployed? and is the price worth it? my other option is to get one of those receiver hitch cargo carries and build something that will deploy from that, maybe even a ramp design to make it easier on the dog? what have people done to solve step issues? Steve
StirCrazy 02/05/20 06:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for revelstoke recommendations

personaly I would stay at either crazy creek hotsprings or canyon hot springs. but thats just me, both close to revelstoke but you can soak away all day if you like. Steve
StirCrazy 01/29/20 11:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 91 Slumberqueen upgrades.

Looks good. How’s the outside? its in nice shape Steve
StirCrazy 01/26/20 10:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
91 Slumberqueen upgrades.

I picked up a 1991 slumberqueen 100ws and upgraded a few things before our first trip next week. the first was to change out all the light fixtures to new led ones old new the main upgrade was to take the old power centre out and put in a modern one so I could get decent batteries with out frying them. old power centre installing the new one have to make the hole bigger test fit figuring out the wires almost done finished since I was at it, I added a 30 amp plug instead of the 15amp it had all sealed up the last thing I had to do is figure out how to put two GC batteries in here. here is a spot.. I think... success I have to put new glass and a seal in the front window yet, but the weather is a little to unpredictable to do that yet. Steve
StirCrazy 01/25/20 10:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: new to me camper

Your camper looks nice and so do the upgrades. thanks
StirCrazy 01/24/20 08:28am Truck Campers
RE: new to me camper

Mine sits off the truck the exact same way,3 cinder blocks in each corner and a 2X12!(Because that's what I had) across both ends..So far so good and it's been hit with some horrendous winds ya, eventually I am going to make a cart for it to sit on, but that's a ways off. we have had some big windstorms here also with no issues. I want to make a cart so I can push it into the shop for the winters eventually. Steve
StirCrazy 01/24/20 08:27am Truck Campers
RE: new to me camper

now that I have figured out how to add pictures I figured I should add a few to this post. one of these is from the yard where I bought it from, the other two are at home. I have a bit of calking to do when it warms up, pretty minor for its age. I did manage to get all the appliances working good, was worried about the furnace and hot water heater for a bit, turns out all they needed was about an hour worth of cleaning with compressed air on the combustion chamber side. lots of **** was blown out. I took out all the old lights and replaced them with led fixtures over the next could days this power centre will be removed and replaced with a PD4045KV Steve
StirCrazy 01/23/20 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: new to me camper

Reaching is one thing but ventilation is another. Is it ventilated? I wouldn’t sure. If so and you remember to disconnect, you are good to go. No space under the hood? oh ya its the truck box so ya it is ventilated. How ever I have decided to put them somewhere else. I can fit two 6v 250AH batteries in one of the outside storage compartments and still have a little room for storing other things. I can put one on the left and the second behind the pipe to the right. I will only have about 5" of space above the batteries so I will buy a watering system so I don't have to try get a turkey baster in there and see how full they are. Steve
StirCrazy 01/23/20 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: Too big for a T/C ?

i just bought an older camper. just found out the table will sping on its single pole base. this is mounted offset on the bottom of the tabe so one way it makes more isle space, spin it 180 and it makes more seating space. Steve
StirCrazy 01/15/20 05:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Duo Therm 65900-001 sparking but not lighting?

i had the same issue with my camperi just bought. a good air gun and 10 min of blowing out the combustion side, it now works perfectly. Steve
StirCrazy 01/10/20 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing a 2640lb 16ft TT with a Ford Ranger 4.0L?

i had a 1990 ranger with a 4.0L engoin and 4wd that i used to tow a 2500Lb tent trailer and it handled it no problem. I did upgrade to a 1998 f150 but that was because of the kids not the trailer. Steve
StirCrazy 01/04/20 06:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar system

i have 480 watts of solar a 200 watt inverter and 4, 6v - 235ah batteries. with this set up I can go camping in the fall (temps getting down to about 45 at night) leave the furnace running 24/7 use the led lights, let the kids watch a movie every night, use the coffee pot in the am (kiureg) and a little more. every night the batteries will be full before bed. so if you watch it you will be fin as long as you have the batteries. I would sugest four good 6v deep cycles. Steve
StirCrazy 01/02/20 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
new to me camper

Hi, I just purchased a 1991 Slumber queen 100WS that's in great shape on the interior and outside. I do have to take out the furnace and replace the sail switch and figure out why the fridge isnt getting power or why the battery isnt charging. It has an old power centre with glass fuses and a master reset push button, so I am looking at upgrading that to a new style with a proper charger and adding a couple 6v batteries and solar to it. question is how to people mount better batteries in these older campers? It does have a little door on the front side of the base that would allow me to reach into the drivers side area of the box in front of the wheel well so building a rack that I can put them in before the camper goes in is the only thing I have figured out so far. thanks Steve
StirCrazy 12/19/19 06:51pm Truck Campers
RE: F150 vs. stupidity

looks photoshoped, the shaddow of the truck and trailer is strait . Steve
StirCrazy 12/19/19 06:43pm Truck Campers
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