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RE: Cassiar Highway

From Stewart it’s still 1,400 miles to the Canada / Alaska boarder at Beaver Creek. I think your mixing up miles with KM. it is 1400km which is a 14+ hour drive between stewart and beaver creek.
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Useful LFP Info

Very basic and dealing mostly just with thermal runaway but accurate. I didnt know dragonfly was a subsiduary of battleborn. Steve
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: Are the new WFCO's as crappy as the old ones?

I've since heard back from WFCO who told me the previous owner didn't install the 12V circuit board that has the 'lithium switch' on it so I won't get 14.6V. They offered to sell me the DC board. did they offer a deicent price. personaly if it was me there wouldn't be a WFCO in there as soon as I bought it but thats just cuz every trailer I have had that has had one has failed in the first year, some times killing batteries some times not. so the last two I have bought new part of the sale was they swap in a PD converter and havn't had an issue. that way you can also get the exact model you want and just replace the converter section of the panel.
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Have low beams on when high beams engaged? Relay?

no usaly they change, there is siring mess arounds you can do that will leep them both on but I wouldnt if you don't need to .
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: 1" to 3/8" thread adapter?

I want to mount my cell booster antenna to a rotating mount on my ladder. The antenna has spring at the end with a male 3/8 x 24 thread. The antenna mount has a male 1" x 14 thread. I've browsed the web some for a female-to-female adapter that would solve my problem, but no luck. Maybe there is someone here with more mechanical knowledge than me that has a suggestion? :) Thanks, Ralph you will mostlikely have to go from 1" to 3/8th in two steps, a 1" to either 3/4" or a 1" to 1/2" if you can find it. then a step down from which ever size you ended up at to 3/8" Steve
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel toppers

^^ Why? Noisy, water pools on them, not home slides out and get some big wind they can tear (been there done that), raining breaking down camp with leaves and needles on topper they get rolled up and will mold unless you extend later at home and more. never had that issue, sounds like the tension on them wasn't set right, mine hardly move in a big wind. . for the mold you can get some black staining but it washes off with a mild cleaner and doesnt cause any dammage, this almost makes me thing that there might be different types of materials being used.. in 30 years I have never had molding on my awning or slide toppers, but I have seen people with toppers that are more of a cloth material than the vinal (or what ever it is) maybe that is a factor. I also put my slides back out as soon as I get home so we can unload and leave the rv set up in the front so we can load and go next time so that might be a factor also.
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: 1st night camping in our yard, 2023.01.24

Thanks to all, and for the input. Didn't think about killing the grass, a very good point! Don't want to be THAT guy. We should have already gotten doormats. They are on the list now. Been web surfing for what I need to know and saw that a lot of them had large carpets, but didn't notice the environment they were in. I'll chalk that up to "that's the way they did it on the internet, so it MUST be something that I need". I've been tempering my OCD, but somethings just slip by me. As for the water meter, I'm just curious as to how much water we are using. I want see how much we're using, so I'll know for any boondocking. Like how many gallons for 3 days and 2 showers... Rule of three's, I've seen it referenced a few times with various factors, but yeah, even 3 nights seem too short, but it didn't occur to me till we were in the heat of the moment with just 2 nights scheduled that it wasn't going to work at all. We will know better next time. I see y'all have been on this forum for a good while and I really do appreciate your seasoned viewpoints. We're now freshly showered and enjoying the familiar surroundings from a different perspective now. TTYL get a woven carpet that lets water through, I have camped a week and it hasnt killed the grass, most of the time your setting it up on sand or gravel anyways if they build the camp site right. that rules of three are just someones preference. I for example try to finish driving for the day about 4 to 5pm and I take brakes when I need one. if I am going to a farther destination I may drive up to 14 hours if I want to get there in one day, or I may pull over and sleep in a road side pull out if I decide to do it in two days. I think if your curious about water usage get one of the cheep ones you can atach to a hose so you can see how many gal you put in. myself I just go buy how much my take level indicator says, not exact but close enough. Steve
StirCrazy 01/27/23 08:16am Beginning RVing
RE: 1st night camping in our yard, 2023.01.24

I don't understand how a water meter on your fresh water hose is going to tell you when to dump. you have tank level sensors and that is exactly what they are made for. measuring your incoming water won't tell you anything as you don't know the ratio going to each tank or how much you use for cooking or drinking.
StirCrazy 01/26/23 07:37am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator question

This is how I travel occasionally as well. The built in allows you to be fully self contained with ease. Pin Box mount is not a bad idea, but not quite push button convenience. You have to protect the genset from the elements somehow? You have to get out the cord, put it away, start the genset outside....maybe you have remote start? Hopefully you have electric start and not pulling a cord! Im not sure if I like the pin box mount idea. nice out of the way to carry it but if you had to run the ac in a truck stop or road side pull out that would make a awful rumble in the bedroom haha.
StirCrazy 01/25/23 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

The batteries (2 x grp 24 wet cell deep cycle Interstates) were new when I bought the rig the problem with these batteries is there only 81ish AH total, and to maintain there life you shouldnt use over 40 of thoes AH so with two batteries you have 80AH o play with. even time you use over 50% of the capacity you can weaken the battery. also leaving it plugged in can eveporate some of the water, so I am assuming your topping of the water the water level , unless there a maintanence free type. if you have ran them down quite often there is a good possibility you need new batteries, did everything work good when you go it in 2001? Steve
StirCrazy 01/24/23 07:55am Truck Campers
RE: 8 Gauge Wire

If you are 25’ from battery to charger isn’t the run actually 50’ there and back ? I don't know. Is that true??? Its not AC. That has been my understanding . Perhaps one of the electrical guru’s will clarify no, you use one wire to get there (positive) and a different wire to get back (ground). the rating of the wire is the amout of amps for so many feet of lenght so it would be a 25' length of wire.
StirCrazy 01/24/23 07:44am Truck Campers
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

is the reason you cant get the batteries charged back up because of limited hours you can run your genny? if so think about adding solar to the mix, of course get the batteries tested and see what their capacity is. if they are ones that come with the camper get better ones. eveything else is good advice check the size of the converter and if its working right and so on, but adding solar will give you that chrging capability all day long, not just during hours when your alowed to make noise.
StirCrazy 01/20/23 06:46am Truck Campers
RE: Help with Lithium upgrade and inverter install. Lance 825

up top you talk about using a PWM solar controler and at the bottom you talk about a MPPT controler.. use a MPPT controler if you can, the only thing I would do is more solar power, by either a larger panel (24V panel) or 2 or 3 100watt panels in series, I try to get between 3 to 400 watts on a low power use aplication so my batteries recover faster if I have a few bad solar days. do you have the storage rail around the back of the camper. you could put brackets to that and mount the panels above the vents and such if you do. Steve
StirCrazy 01/19/23 08:04am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

... 40AH on AC.. I have never looked to see what my consumption on AC is as when I use AC I am pluged in and don't care. ... Steve Sorry, that 40Ah was with my 12 volt Norcold. I have room for one more panel, maybe I should go bigger than 200, hmmm... You ever deal with Riverside Solar in Kamloops? on my camper I installed a split cell 24V 325 watt panel I am usaly at 100% before noon but I use propane for the fridge and have no real 110 in there. I concider 200 a trip extender size if you use 110 at all or are very power hungry 12V users. what I did was measure the space I had and got the biggest panel that would fit, I still have room for 1 more but unless I put a inverter in I don't think I'll need it. the 5th wheel we use ythe inverter more so I want to upgrade that a little bit. no Riverside is fairly old but just recently you see there signs poping up and install jobs being done. so I never even knew they existed untill a year or two ago. I was going to see if they could give me a estimate on my house as thats the only way you can qualify for the low interest lones and grants. Steve
StirCrazy 01/19/23 07:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Honda generator to truck camper

No but I’m sure there will be 5 pages of debating it including a couple Karens complaining about hypothetical generator noise and a few posts about if you had solar and a certain type of batteries you wouldn’t need a generator…which will spawn an argument about battery types and capacities….lol and look who started it on the second post haha I do use a surge protecter, but not the ones you use when you plug in but a power bar one and its only formy electronics. don't know if I realy need it or not but it doesnt hurt.
StirCrazy 01/18/23 06:20am Truck Campers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

that was what it added to my 5th wheel price in 2016 before I realized how much I could have saved by doing it myself, which I did on the camper. a 24V split cell 325 watt panel two years ago cost me 200 bucks, but if you look around and contact companies who do solar installs and ask if you can piggy back panels on a order you can get them fairly cheep. but that 500 bucks was US pricing and a PWM controler which are cheep. I did my system in my camper for around that price not including the batteries, it is the 325 watt panel and a MPPT 40 amp controler from renogy. the panel I got from a company in sask but I picked it up in Vancouver at the importer so there who be no shipping charges. eventualy I am upgrading the system on the 5th wheel by replacing the panels with larger 24V ones and changing out the PWM controler for a MPPT one. the issue I am having now is finding a good MPPT controler that fits and mounts like the go power mppt ones so I don't end up having to patch a hole in the wall. 40AH on AC.. I have never looked to see what my consumption on AC is as when I use AC I am pluged in and don't care. I know in DC my 3 way in the camper uses 12A so thats kinda crazy. I tend to use propane all the time in the camper and 5th unless I am pluged in then I push the auto button. if I am dry camping in the 5th I am on gas only. Steve
StirCrazy 01/16/23 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

haha ya I know its only 5000 to have a 480 watt system installed from the stealership.. same set up would cost about 500 if you did it yourself. are you sure all the watt hours are coming from your panel and not some from your generator, 400wh is about 33Ah which is above the practical maximum output for a 12V 100 watt panel but who knows not all panels are the same and you might be in a place that give you perfect solar all day or a movable mount so many factors. I tried testing my set up to see if I could run the outside kitchen fridge on the invertwe while I was camping.. I can for about 2 days then I am down to 50% and time to shut off the inverter. thats with 480 watts of panels and 4 210AH 6V batteries. I do plan on upgrading to about 1000 watts of panels and 900AH of LFP batteries in the 5th so maybe I'll be able to do it then.
StirCrazy 01/15/23 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

should you pay for it no, you should make the hitch part of the deal and get them to throw it in. they spen like 150 bucks on that and I have never seen anyone pay for a hitch when they are buying a new trailer. Steve
StirCrazy 01/14/23 05:23pm Towing
RE: Crack in plastic shower wall Lance 1172

do you need it pretty? or just functional. I had one appear in my suround and I found the almond Geocell calking did a fine job of sealing it up and holding it togeather.
StirCrazy 01/14/23 05:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

I have what most would consider to be a healthy solar/battery system. But if I were to add a 12V fridge to the draw, I would come up short a lot.... And adding to what already have is not so easy. It would be quite expensive, and make my roof so full that I would not have room to do maintainence up there. Saying the additonal cost would be minimal. just shows that you do not have a clue as to what is involved. Another controller, another wire run up to the roof more fuses, more panels, more batteries more cables etc. Using what I consider to be quality stuff (to match what I already have), would be at least 3k. Probably closer to 4K If you really have a "healthy" solar/battery system, you shouldn't have any problem running a 12v fridge. I'm borderline with a 50w panel and a couple of basic 12v batteries. I'm light on solar but not by a large amount. Adding a 100w panel and it would cover it easily. That's a pretty minimal solar/battery system. So far I haven't bothered as we only boondock on occasion and running the generator for an hour or two for other purposes, typically gets the batteries back up where they belong. If you are looking at $3-4k to add an extra 100w of panels and maybe 1 extra battery, you are getting taken by your installer. you have a pretty high opinion of the 100 watt panels, that is about 30AH per perfect solar day or more realisticly 20 to 25 for most. on a warm day a 12V fridge is going to consume up to twice that, you get buy because you run a generator like you said. and if its costing 3 to 4K to get a single panel put on run away a 350 watt panel is only 200 bucks CDN so probably 160ish US? Steve
StirCrazy 01/14/23 05:16pm Travel Trailers
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