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RE: 2012 6.7 Diesel

dont listen to the gloom and doom, tsb's mean nothing they are a way to efficiently repair a condition if it comes up. there is no oasis on valves, fuel pumps , or glow plugs. there was oasis on egt sensors, the sync system and something else that are all covered under there own warenties. for what it is worth I have only heard about the fuel pump on the internet and I know no one who owns, or a mechanic that has ever seen one. not saying it isnt true but it isnt as prevelant as the internet has made out. I went from a 99 to a 14 and I stand by it was the best upgrade I have ever made in trucks, and I loved my 99. Steve
StirCrazy 11/02/19 06:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Frame and tie down damage from unmarked speedbump.

by the looks of your picture that crack was there for a long time and the speed bump just opened it up. so realy any investagator who looked at that would say it was pfrevious damage so the ity wouldnt do any thing. unless you took this picture over 6 months after the incident.... Steve
StirCrazy 09/30/19 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need to add a propane line with quick disconnect

If you want a low-pressure line for the grill, you could disconnect the furnace and water heater from the existing adapter tee fitting, remove that tee fitting, add a black iron tee and a couple of short nipples, and put the existing adapter tee back on one of the nipples and connect an appropriate flare adapter fitting to the other nipple for the grill. You'd need to bypass the existing regulator on the grill. On some (mostly inexpensive) grills that's not readily doable as the regulator and control valve are the same unit. yup, that's how I would do it. you want to keep it on the big pipe so your not splitting after a smaller section Steve
StirCrazy 09/22/19 06:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: My DC Compressor Fridge conversion in progress

The one I'm looking at, max draw is 6.5 amps at 100% duty cycle but less than 1.2 amps cycling. is there any stats on how many Ah one of these fridges would draw over a 24 hour period? would be nice to see something say at a 40 degree cabnet temp in 90 degree weather parked in the sun it used so many Ah. Steve I have this refrigerator Dometic CR1110, this link has some information that may answer some of your questions but on my unit. Dometic CR1110 This refrigerator will stay below 40 degrees on days that are over a 100. it half answers ut, they show comparison in percentage of running time, then they give you average amps, but they don't list the amps of it running full out. but it does give me and idea, thanks Steve
StirCrazy 09/09/19 08:02am Truck Campers
RE: My DC Compressor Fridge conversion in progress

The one I'm looking at, max draw is 6.5 amps at 100% duty cycle but less than 1.2 amps cycling. is there any stats on how many Ah one of these fridges would draw over a 24 hour period? would be nice to see something say at a 40 degree cabnet temp in 90 degree weather parked in the sun it used so many Ah. Steve I have a small (4 cu ft) NovaKool with a Danfoss compressor. When the ambient temp is around 70 degrees or less it does a great job pull 2-3 amps with about a 1/3 duty cycle. That is about 20 or so AH per day. When the temps increase to the upper 80s or 90 degrees, the unit runs almost continuously. It keeps internal temp pretty well but chews up 60-75 AH per day. My solar system has 300 AH of AGM batteries so I am good for only 2 days in the shade or 2 days of clouds. Even with full summer sun my panels are not big enough to replenish the system with a full day of charging. Compressor refrigerators definitely have a downside. how big is your solar, I have 480watts of panels and 470AH of batteries in my 5th wheel, want to put as much as I can on my TC when I find the one I like. Steve
StirCrazy 09/08/19 06:10pm Truck Campers
RE: My DC Compressor Fridge conversion in progress

The one I'm looking at, max draw is 6.5 amps at 100% duty cycle but less than 1.2 amps cycling. is there any stats on how many Ah one of these fridges would draw over a 24 hour period? would be nice to see something say at a 40 degree cabnet temp in 90 degree weather parked in the sun it used so many Ah. Steve
StirCrazy 09/07/19 06:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Lippert auto leveling question

Thanks everyone. I hear what you’re all saying, but my question is more conceptual. With the unit unhitched and supported by the landing gear, how does the lippert system level the camper without bending or breaking the landing gear? I’m not grasping how it can pitch the rig forward without causing damage. it used your landing gear to do the leveling. Steve
StirCrazy 09/05/19 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying a New 2016 trailer in 2019. What’s it worth?

Dealer has a brand new, never registered 2016 Cougar 303RLS for sale. Even though it is still new, the moment I put a plate on it will be a 4 year old unit. the NADA guide for this year and model has recommended an average value of about 54% of the original MSRP. I am located in Canada and the listing MSRP is $71,300 (Canadian) Sticker on it currently is $56,000. Using a straight used value this would come to about a used value of $38,500. Looking for advise on what it is really worth and how to approach the dealer. I would expect to pay some where between the 38,500 and the 56,000, while it is 4 years old don't forget that it has no wear and tear on it that you would expect from a 4 year old rv. also like was said I would ask every joint be gone over and resealed. I would shoot for walking out between the 38 and 45K. Steve
StirCrazy 09/04/19 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back Not sure which lake this is but it's north of the Okanagan and south of Cache Creek. Nice views up here though! Looks like Kamloops lake to me. Steve
StirCrazy 09/03/19 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: looking to get into the camper world

If you are looking to fit in tight spaces (I thought you meant narrow dirt roads covered with low trees), then a TC is not much smaller than any class C. If you want a full size TC, then the two you mentioned would be what I would look for, consider nothing else… no tight spaces as in not big enough for my 39 foot 5th wheel lol. I also want to have minimal hang over on the back of the truck, I do have a ford 1 ton long box so I was thinking a 8 to 10 foot camper. when using the ferry anything over 20 feet is 6.50/foot so a couple feet would only add 13 buck each way to the same price as a small car going across. Steve
StirCrazy 08/31/19 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: British Columbia, Canada

(fill up with fuel in Hope before high lower mainland prices) if you getting diesel, lickman road in Chilliwack is the cheapest place I find to fill up, cheaper than hope. for gas I am not sure how cheep they are compared to others. getting the gas buddy app is a great way to know when to fuel up for better pricing. Steve
StirCrazy 08/30/19 06:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: looking to get into the camper world

if I do get a creepie one that needs work, I figured it would be an over the winter project. can most stuff be fixed from the inside or is it better to take the metal siding off and work from the outside. I was thinking of modernizing the inside with new wall panels (35 bucks for a 4x8 sheet here) and upgrading all the insulation. We like to camp most of the year so good insulation would be a must. the other thought was a used bigfoot or northern light but I am now sure how hard that would be to work on. Steve
StirCrazy 08/30/19 06:46pm Truck Campers
RE: looking to get into the camper world

I have never had trouble with close spaces until I tried to sleep in a cabover bed. I borrowed one for a trip. The first night on the road I crawled into the bed over the cab and tried to sleep. Instead I wound up with a bit of an anxiety attack. I wound up sleeping on the dinette bed for the rest of the trip. I see enough campers on the road that I am sure that I am weird. I would suggest that you try one out before you buy just in case you are weird too. :) haha, the bunks I slept in while I was in the Navy were much smaller than any camper I have see. plus we have used one which a friend owned, so not worried about the cabover, but a good point to think about. Steve
StirCrazy 08/30/19 06:37pm Truck Campers
RE: looking to get into the camper world

Your concern involves lowering the ferry costs? How many crossing would you need to break even? I posted that was one of the reasons for a camper, the other is so we can camp in places I cant fit my 39 foot 5th in (lots of small sites around here) the ferry with my 5th is over 700 bucks return with a truck camper it would be 180.00 so a substantial savings which would let us go several times a year with out having to rely on friend for accommodation or paying for hotels. the more important of the reasons is to access camping in smaller remote areas. Steve
StirCrazy 08/30/19 06:35pm Truck Campers
looking to get into the camper world

Hi, so I have a large 5th wheel but I am now thinking of buying a truck camper in addition to the 5th so we can access parks with smaller spots or for when we go to the island to lower the ferry cost and have our own bed with us. I am looking at different options, I want a light one with a toilet in it, don't have to have a shower but would like a toilet with a holding tank. now I am not sure if I should bite the bullet and get a newer one from a dealer, or get a 4to 6000.00 cdn ranged one privately , or spend less and get one for that needs work and just fix it up. also what should I be looking at when I am looking at them, any specific things to watch out for with a camper Steve
StirCrazy 08/29/19 06:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Those with auto leveling systems

I was in a few campsitres that were at least 6" off side to side,and I dont prelevel the trailer. I walk around and place my blocks where I want them then hit autolevel. it may take some getting used to how many jackblocks to use and where so you dont get out of storke errors or jack errors, but after a few you start thinkinking about it a little more. Steve
StirCrazy 08/28/19 06:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: British Columbia, Canada

There's nothing on the Coq but pavement!! well aside from 3 rest areas, campgrounds at coqahalla lakes, and one of the other summits as well as in Merritt, hope and Kamloops, and a tone of curves, very few long strait sections... but other than that its a strait stretch with nothing on it but pavement….
StirCrazy 08/27/19 06:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: British Columbia, Canada

I have to laugh at all the poeple saying to not use the coq, it doesnt run all the way accross bc, it is only 200km (aprox) and is the most efficent rought from the mainland to the interior. yes it is two lane, 3 lane in spots) but it is the highest highway throught bc and has some nice views and goes through some senic areas. I have taken all three routs and basicly if you are going to merritt or kamloops or north you take the coq, if you going south you take the 3. if your going east you have three roughts but you take the coq to get to the starting point for two of them. Kamloops is the hub of BC (travel wise) and the coq ends here, so basicly from hope to kamloops is the coq, with a newer side shoot to kelowna. ya you can take the fraser canyon, very boaring in my opinion, can only look at desert river vally for so long on a single lane hiway that take quite a while longer. Steve
StirCrazy 08/23/19 06:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

wow, cant believe how many people are telling you to do somthing else when you already have a fantastic setup, you can disinfect every fill up, no chemicles or after taste at all. do you have more info on your set up? ie. what is the output of the generator etc? the only down side to O3 is that it might be hard on some of the plastices in the rv plumbing, if one were to replace the fixtures with metal ones then this would be come a non issue, or if you let it sit in your tank for a few hours then the o3 should be dissapated by the time you use it. Steve
StirCrazy 08/23/19 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Special Trailer Brakes Required in Canada?

Hey Soup, as long as you're not appearing regularly on Jamie Davis' TV show, you must be OK, eh? That Coquihalla Pass is one nasty piece of work. We did the one farther east between Radium HS and Banff along 93 back in 2015. It was a foothill compared to the ones near you, I bet. Keep the rubber on the road, and take care out there. I’m about 6 hrs and 5 mountain passes east of the Coq. The Coq isn’t all that bad, no worse than any other high mountain pass in BC. Yes they get snow, just like the mountain passes around me, but the difference is ... they have a TV Show... we don’t. The problem with the Coq is that it is the main East/ West Hwy between Vancouver area and the rest of Canada, and NO BODY slows down no matter the weather. I live 20 minutes from the Highest Mountain Pass open year round in Canada, that mountain pass is shutdown often during the winter for avalanche control. Everyone around here plan there winter trips so that you are cleaning the Summit by 06:30 as Avalanche control starts “ usually” at 7:00. Avalanche Control There are a lot of mountain passes and hills that are worse than the hill going down into Radium Hot Springs, it’s just traveled more often than the ones back here in the Bush... ( grin) Soup. I don't know, I have traveled every rout several times, I think the biggest thing with the Coq is a combination of the steepness and length of it compared to others, also the elevation. you are going up at and average of 7% for quite a distance with two spots on smasher hitting 13%. yes coming into golden is pretty steep but not anywhere close to the lengths, same as the stich backs around Creston and any other place I can remember. add this to the fact that most people don't slow down like you said, it really works the vehicles. Steve
StirCrazy 08/14/19 06:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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