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RE: Experiences with Products/Services of

Realizing this is an old topic, but still unanswered, I figured I should return and update with my experience. John Carillo's new tank works great and fit pretty well in the old 431 chassis. Some minor trimming of the included bulkhead was required for the burner to fit with clearance, but nothing major. I had to make new holes for the mounting feet as the old tank was considerably different in that regard, but considering the overall job that isn't too hard. The exhaust lined up pretty well too. His product passed my pressure testing with zero leak down over 24 hours on all loops and the tank itself. I would recommend his services and products. He also provided timely responses to questions and concerns.
SuperBus 06/30/20 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: Recommended Coach Waxing Service in SE Michigan?

Thanks all. I am in the Novi/Northville area. I will try giving the referenced gentlemen a call. I did go back and forth on waxing it myself this year, considering I am working from home this summer and "have the time". But 45' is a lot of bus to wax, and I think I'll spend the time with my kids instead.
SuperBus 06/30/20 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
Recommended Coach Waxing Service in SE Michigan?

Does any one have direct experience with a competent waxing service in the SE Michigan area? I managed to get connected with a person who does specialty vehicles, coaches, and high end import exterior detailing, but he is only available to do coaches on the weekends. If it isn't raining we are traveling, so I am looking for a recommendation from forum members who may have experience with a good waxing service. I didn't anticipate finding such a service would be so challenging. The few places I have found from internet searches won't call you back or are broker type services; I am unsure who will actually show up and what the result may be. Thank you.
SuperBus 06/27/20 06:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: UPDATED - Ran over Gator

you likely would not be so tough on the truckers I realize I am taking your quote a bit out of context, but it is something I have really come to appreciate the more miles I log driving my coach. A day's driving when dealing with all of the people who think the gap between me and the vehicle ahead of me is for them to cross three lanes with (and not for safely slowling 50k pounds down), or all of the folks who pass me because I MUST be going slow (then make me come off my cruise when they slow back down), etc., etc.; I am amazed how full time truck drivers keep their cool. I guess that is why they're professionals.
SuperBus 06/25/20 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Ohio Route 6 Height Restirctions?

Cleveland's a LOT better than it was even a decade ago, but the East side is still rough with some of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the country. I hear you on that. Same situation in Detroit; there is always talk of "how nice it is downtown" from those who live in the suburbs, but that still applies to some very specific areas, mainly where people from the suburbs go for dinner and to watch professional sports. Outside of that improved area, it is not place you want to take your family to on a walk. But it is improving. Hopefully our old industrial cities stay on track and can be a nice place for most everyone... again. Thanks for the tips on the route. We're packing up in a few hours and will decide how to head home. If indeed we chose to go back on Route 6 I will follow-up with how it went.
SuperBus 06/25/20 07:36am Roads and Routes
Ohio Route 6 Height Restirctions?

Hello, We are on our second to last day on an "interesting" stay in Geneva on the Lake, Ohio. We came in from the Detroit area using primarily US-2 which was a really nice drive. I am looking for new scenery on the way back and am considering taking Ohio's "Historic" Route 6 between Cleveland and Huron, OH. The Good Sams trip planner seems to be doing its best to keep me off of that section of road despite setting several waypoints directly on the route. I have my height set to 13'2". An internet search and even searching on ODOT's website isn't providing anything useful. I am curious if anyone is familiar with that stretch of road and if there are any low bridges? Thanks! EDIT: I should also add for the benefit of other high profile rigs, the sections of OH 531 and 534 in the Geneva on the Lake area have several low branches coming over the road, so take care when traveling through that area. Mind the very low speed limits and you'll be okay as they are young flexible branches.
SuperBus 06/24/20 06:58am Roads and Routes
RE: Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

According to the systems engineer I spoke with at Ford and a colleague of mine in the driveline supplier industry, the REMCO DSC should be a suitable way to make the Lincoln flat-towable. The engineers couldn't see a way it would be harmful to the vehicle, nor really any different than driving it down the road, so long as the t-case was in 4x2 and the transmission was in neutral, AND of course the rear driveshaft was disconnected. Depending on what other vehicle we purchase, we may end up installing the DSC and trying the flat tow this summer. I'll revisit this post and provide an update if I install one and let you all know how it worked out.
SuperBus 02/27/20 05:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

All, I do appreciate the responses but they're off the mark. Yes, the Navigator is available in 4WD, and yes mine is 4WD. I was a bit indirect in my first response in an effort to be polite but I did talk with REMCO as Superior Drive is REMCO. The idea of a disconnect, as you probably know, is to resolve the issue of the driveshaft being engaged with the transmission/t-case, when this is an issue with the transmission/t-case design when being back-driven by the d/s. REMCO/DSC confirmed, as the t-case in the Navigator can be selected to 2H (thus decoupling the trans from the front d/s), AND the rear driveshaft can be disconnected from the t-case with their device, the issue is theoretically solved. The question of my original post is has anyone done this and did it work as intended? It's okay if no one knows the answer - obviously I don't. Like I said I can find out - Detroit is "small town" and I am fairly certain I can find the responsible engineer(s) at Ford through one or two degrees of separation. Just thought I would inquire here in the community. Thanks again.
SuperBus 02/20/20 07:25pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

Check with REMCO WallyNM, thank you. However, it is worth noting that Superior is in one way or another a part of REMCO - so essentially I have spoken with REMCO.
SuperBus 02/20/20 04:08pm Dinghy Towing
Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30044186
SuperBus 02/20/20 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

Hello, I'd like to see if anyone is flat towing a 2015 - 2017 Lincoln Navigator (previous generation) or its sister, the Expedition using a driveshaft disconnect. We purchased ours (MY2017) before we bought our coach last year. As equipped, it is not flat towable as the transfer case does not have a neutral position. I recently recalled that Superior Driveline makes a driveshaft disconnect and spoke with one of their specialist relating to my application. I was told, and it seems reasonable, that since I do have an actual 2H position in the t-case that disconnecting the rear driveshaft with their product would be a viable solution to my problem. Working in the automotive industry I will also reach out to my contacts at Ford, but I am also curious if anyone has done this already without (or with!) issues. As I can anticipate some "helpful" responses, please note I will not be selling it and am also in the midst of purchasing another vehicle which for darn sure will be flat towable. It would just be nice to also have the utility and size of the Navigator available with us on trips where it would be needed, or at least desirable, as the next vehicle doesn't "need" to be a another full size SUV. That would just be irresponsible ;) Thanks!
SuperBus 02/20/20 11:06am Dinghy Towing
RE: Pennsylvania Route Recommendations

REally depends on whether your leaving from the north East Coast or the mid-Atlantic East Coast. Tolls on the Turnpike are the main issue. We'd be coming in across from the Boston area/portion of the coast. Pardon my lack of geographic vocabulary, not sure which part of the coast that is officially referred as.
SuperBus 02/19/20 06:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pennsylvania Route Recommendations

Thanks for the helpful recommendations everyone! Since it was only vaguely inferred in my opening post, for clarity we are passing through on the way home from an east coast destination and will be stopping late afternoon mid state for the night and getting back on the road in the morning. Nonetheless, it sure seems like there is a lot to do outside of the two most famous options (Gettysburg and Hershey's) which we plan on devoting time to on a future trip.
SuperBus 02/13/20 10:36am Roads and Routes
Pennsylvania Route Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations on interesting routes to cross Pennsylvania from east to west with a nice overnight stop somewhere in the middle of the state. We're traveling with children ages 4 - 11, so parks with activities for them in the late afternoon and evening would be welcomed. We're pretty flexible with routes in terms of where they cross the state (north, south, middle). We'll be traveling in a 45' class A with a vehicle in tow. The trip is planned for late summer.
SuperBus 02/12/20 11:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Letting diesel rv sit for 3 months

Regarding the question on your generator, Cummins Onan recommends running their generators under load for 30 minutes every month, if not in regular use.
SuperBus 12/15/19 06:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: used Ventana, good, bad, ugly?

I realize this is an older thread but figured I'd add my two cents anyhow. Within my family we've owned close to ten Newmars. Regardless of age or model, they've all been exceptional. As mentioned above, and supported by my own experience, they are built differently and if maintained will last as long as you care to own them.
SuperBus 11/18/19 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
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