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RE: Good thing Ford TC haulers don’t use the tailgates ...

Locking tailgates are a joke. As are power tailgates and those stupid retracting running boards that fail once they see snow.
Supercharged111 12/08/19 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: Sanitizing fresh water tank

some RV's have electric remote flush valves. Sounds like a good solution for all those ******** that divebomb loaded trucks and cut them off.
Supercharged111 09/08/19 09:42am Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1010 cabover strut

I think the struts are more of a preference item. My 1191 moved around more without them than with, there was a noticeable difference when I added them. Its CG is 39" from the back though, so it's an ass heavy camper and 20' long too, so that's a big polar moment outside the tie downs that are just under 8' apart.
Supercharged111 09/07/19 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Andersen WD Hitch on 4' Supertruss - Part 2

OK just googled this Anderson kit, going to research it a little more. I started with a 15k Curt WD hitch and it was garbage, it hogged itself out on the 2nd trip and neither Curt nor Etrailer were interest in helping me, blaming me for overloading it with my 9000# trailer. They've both lost a customer for life. I picked up a 15k Reese and have had zero issues with it after 5 trips. I just wonder if there's a compelling reason to switch to this style of hitch. I can see how it's designed.
Supercharged111 09/07/19 10:19am Truck Campers
RE: Factory Solar Question

In the summer, we have good sun angles and little cloud cover. That said, how can a guy record what a panel is putting out? We get beat hard with UV rays here, I have to wonder if the top of the skin isn't beat up and shielding some of those precious UV rays from creating useful electrons?
Supercharged111 09/02/19 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Andersen WD Hitch on 4' Supertruss - Part 2

I had a number of folks telling me the 4ft extension on a dually was A-OK, even a rando that hauled slide ins and trailers for the dealer I bought from. I was apprehensive, but took their advise and boy am I glad I did. I can have my cake and eat it too! I load the 1191 and hook up my 9000# 24' enclosed car hauler and drag the whole mess in OD to the race track without any drama. This truck has definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I'm now looking at adding a Jeep or side by side to my collection to further the camping adventures vs the racing ones.
Supercharged111 09/02/19 08:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Factory Solar Question

I'm less worried about it draining the batteries when it sits (because it stays plugged in now) and more concerned with it dying while camping. Granted I can always just fire up the generator, but that kinda ruins the serenity. I'm glad to hear that what I'm experiencing isn't abnormal, I just need to beef up the panel and wiring aspect of it all. Chances are technology has moved forward and the space that my 80W panel from 2007 takes up likely can provide a bit more with today's panels.
Supercharged111 09/02/19 04:23pm Truck Campers
Factory Solar Question

My factory 80W solar has never kept the battery charged when the camper sits for a couple of weeks. Not an issue now as I store it inside a hangar plugged in, but when I first got it and stored it in an outdoor RV lot I observed this. I've come to a point where I want more solar power anyway for camping in places without power which tend to be much quieter. Is put a multimeter on the regulator and it was showing 13.4 coming off of the panels, with the DC system (plugged into AC) at 13.9. The dealer tech told me when I got the camper that the CO2 alarm would outrun the solar, either he was right or I have a draw. I'm just wondering what other people have observed with factory solar systems.
Supercharged111 09/02/19 03:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Short bed truck and camper combos

You could always run an extended tongue on the trailer to minimize the necessary length for the hitch extension.
Supercharged111 09/02/19 03:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Full air ride modification

This is about 10' long bed, so the axle has to be at least 5 ft behind the cabin. Those welds look poorly done from start. No penetration. Will look for pictures on air ride. I put sulastic hangers on mine dually and after restarting the season 2 days ago, drove some with empty truck as well. No big complains about ride on good roads. I guess the proportions must be similar to a regular pickup then? I was thinking the axle would be farther rearward than it is, but still an improvement as the wheelbase is extended and you have more truck period.
Supercharged111 05/25/19 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Does anyone run the 8ga Lance plug?

I suppose I could crack open the old fridge manual and get my answer.
Supercharged111 05/25/19 10:28am Truck Campers
RE: Does anyone run the 8ga Lance plug?

I dunno, I've put eyes on the eyelet terminals and all and they don't look weak. I guess the real question is can the camper draw more than 30A? If I had to venture a guess, that's what a regular 7 pin would be rated at.
Supercharged111 05/24/19 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Full air ride modification

I thought the axle would be farther back on a 550?
Supercharged111 05/23/19 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Does anyone run the 8ga Lance plug?

It's encouraging to hear it makes a difference. Sounds like the smart thing to do is just jam a 7 pin in the bed and make sure the power wire is an 8ga. Makes me think about running an 8ga to the trailer plug too as it also has a battery. My camper has factory solar, but I don't think it's working properly. When I stored it outside last year with everything off it killed the batteries in a few weeks.
Supercharged111 05/23/19 06:57pm Truck Campers
Does anyone run the 8ga Lance plug?

Just curious if anyone here runs it? Is it worth the asspain? Do I need a beefed up alternator to keep up? I usually just run the fridge on LP without any issues as it murders the batteries with a quickness in DC. My camper came with an extended cord to plug in at the hitch so it plugs in at a y down there with the trailer. Were I to add a connection inside the box, I'd prefer something gooseneck compatible.
Supercharged111 05/22/19 09:13pm Truck Campers
RE: In$urance

I'm in CO too, I pay like $10/month for my 2007 Lance 1131. It's an add on to the truck policy.
Supercharged111 05/21/19 10:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

Damned impressive. That solar isn't cheap though, is it? Not really the point either.
Supercharged111 05/12/19 08:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear of camper sagging

Pulled my head out of my ass and put the thing on level ground. I have a 1/8" delta top to bottom gap between bed and cab on both sides. Bed appears to be the same height front to rear and the truck with camper without trailer has a slight rake, so higher in the rear. I'll compare to empty here in just a bit. Here's why I try not to read too much into the right side. The upper rail is bent too, on both sides actually. Right side rail height measures wonky compared to left side. Front rail is a little bowed. No shots of the floor yet. Finding a clean white dually bed turned out to be a way bigger headache than I anticipated.
Supercharged111 05/11/19 10:56am Truck Campers
RE: Rear of camper sagging

Aaand we can disregard the bed gap pics. Stupid me forgot to account for the fact that I had the right 2 jacks down to level the truck due to the crown in the street.
Supercharged111 05/10/19 08:57am Truck Campers
RE: Rear of camper sagging

So some interesting observations and realizations. There is something of a 3/16" delta on the right side and left from top to bottom. Also, right side gap overall is about 3/8" greater overall. Bear in mind this bed came from another truck, so I may crack all the bolts loose and shift the thing to even out the gaps. Another thing that struck me was the fact that there is a weird spot in the bed floor, like something really heavy was dropped in the frontish rightish area so there are both low and high spots. This could certainly be part of my issue. In addition, the front rail of the bed is tweaked like something whacked into it so now I feel kinda dumb for not taking all of that into account. Could we expand a bit more though on this crown issue that was mentioned earlier? The truck has been a bit of a project, but there were bits of it in such great condition with such low mileage that I couldn't pass it up. Plus it came with a blower. Here is how I bought it.
Supercharged111 05/09/19 09:52pm Truck Campers
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