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RE: Let's talk air bags...

I had Timbrens on my 1500 back when it was stock and they sucked empty. I had very little travel before engaging them and when you did your spring rate seemed like it hit infinity.
Supercharged111 01/28/22 02:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on a small block Chevy

Any reason not to slap a clip on the current truck and just keep running it? Your tiedowns won't transfer over to the truck you linked, so from what I can tell it doesn't meet the criteria you laid out in the first post.
Supercharged111 01/28/22 02:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on a small block Chevy

I'd be shocked if that truck didn't get a 4.10. They gave them out like candy in the 2500. I wouldn't sweat cooling, it's a 1 ton, I doubt they overlooked that. It'll hold overdrive better with nothing more than a PCM tune. Still won't win any races, but it'll get it done without killing itself. I'm shocked that they had the gall to put a 6.0 in that much truck though. You can always put a blower on it, don't let the mileage scare you. I put a blower on my 1500 at around 230k, it's 287k now. My dually has had a blower on it for a long, long time. So long that when I bought it I had to have the blower rebuilt. The dually only has like 160k on it.
Supercharged111 01/27/22 08:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Let's talk air bags...

I had airbags on my old 2005 F250 4x4 and Lance 845 combo. This was the suggestion of the dealer I bought the camper from. I found them to work fine for leveling up, however it was also like riding on top of a squirrelly beach ball, and adding a huge rear sway bar and rancho adj shocks didn't help. It simply unloaded all the metal springs and carried the weight on the airbags. Great for a trailer tow but horrible for a camper. No more airbags for me. Yup, "riding on top of a squirrelly beach ball." That matches my experience with airbags. Did you inflate both bags independently or together? When I add air, my truck gets stiffer.
Supercharged111 01/23/22 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Replace OEM fuel tank?

I HAD a Titan 51 gallon in my last truck and loved it... It gave me the option to fill when I wanted to fill... Its not always about the bladder....The Titan OEM replacement fits in the same location as the factory, OEM... BUT I cannot speak for the Torklift....... I left this part out. Having a 30-50 mile refill window in my pig SUCKS. Which is why I'm about to double my capacity with some in bed aux "transfer tanks".
Supercharged111 01/16/22 10:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Replace OEM fuel tank?

Because it's the strongest bladder that determines the stops, not the weakest.
Supercharged111 01/16/22 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank in front of the slide in camper

I'm trying to get a pair fabbed up that'll tuck in front of the fenders with the camper in between.
Supercharged111 01/12/22 08:30am Truck Campers
RE: Bittersweet

I've had my ankle worked on 3 times and my back chopped on once and I'm not even 40 yet. I wouldn't hesitate to get surgery on the knees, there are options now that weren't available 10 years ago. If you do nothing, it will only get worse. Despite my numerous procedures, I'm doing quite well.
Supercharged111 01/05/22 03:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Ranger Lakes CG Colorado

Sub'd. I will say after Labor Day is a MUCH better time to camp than before. Everything is slammed in the summer.
Supercharged111 12/24/21 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

The mere title of this has me contemplating buying a camper expressly to rent to see how profitable it could be. Sure one won't make you rich, but if you committed to multiple at what point could a guy make a living? Using the online apps to find renters and hold them accountable should alleviate most of the pain
Supercharged111 11/25/21 08:16pm Truck Campers
RE: So many questions

And the entrance is now in a better spot than if it were flipped IMO.
Supercharged111 11/18/21 12:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

You guys got me curious about my Briggs and Stratton for parts availability. Generically speaking there looks to be a good bit. I need to get my hands on the manual for my particular model to see if what they do carry actually fits my model. Got mine back in 2016. The gas gauge immediately fogged over once I splashed a little gas on it, the display flashes but still functions, and the wheels are pathetically cheap. Aside from that it's faithfully chugged along, I'm nearing 1000 hours on it. I think I want a name brand 4000kw unit to replace it when the time comes. Got a camper and a trailer to feed now that the trailer is wired.
Supercharged111 11/04/21 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

I take the dB readings with a grain of salt. Is there an industry standard in how they are measured?
Supercharged111 10/30/21 12:27pm Tech Issues
RE: I like it!

We used to put the ramp from my 7x14 motorcycle carrier down and sit it on 2 milk crates for our camping deck. this also kept you out of the sand and by being a little off the ground with wood between yourself and ground helps fight off the evening biting bugs. than if it starts to rain you just move into the trailer and leave the door open. I used a spare wheel and a 2x6 this past summer, worked for the kids and dog.
Supercharged111 10/27/21 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

This thread is nothing more than an excuse to show off your shop and yes, I am jealous. specta probably has higher electric bills, heating bills, maintenance expenses and pays more in taxes. Feel better now :@ If he can swing all that and still afford to go camping and whatnot, even more jealous! Life goals. . .
Supercharged111 10/12/21 08:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

This thread is nothing more than an excuse to show off your shop and yes, I am jealous.
Supercharged111 10/11/21 05:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Models with 3 Beds?

You camp somewhere you don’t trust your kids safety being in a tent (not really a tent, more of a popup camper) or just a helicopter dad? I can think of pros and cons to the tip outs but ….not life safety. There are a lot of places that only allow hardsides due to critters. Maybe he camps in one of those places. When one says critter, something small like a rabbit or prairie dog is what comes to my mind. . .
Supercharged111 09/15/21 07:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Models with 3 Beds?

Find one with a REAR TENT. It will be hard to find one but lance 1191's had it and some Host campers had it as an option. My 2 kids split sleeping on the floor and dine out, I wish could have found one with a good rear tent when I was looking but the tent material on the ones I found needed to be redone and I didn't have the patience at the time to source new material. Yes! I love mine. Even without the tent it still has 3 beds: cab, dinette, and a small one that folds down over the dinette. The tent isn't ideal in all conditions, but when you can use it you basically add a bedroom to the thing.
Supercharged111 09/13/21 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper Battery Charging Issue

I thought rotten egg smell was basically a death sentence for the battery?
Supercharged111 09/10/21 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

For every slow poke, there are 10 others pushing well beyond the speed limit, cutting in and out of lanes and putting everyone near them at risk. We just visited the museum in Kearney, it was pretty cool. Towards the end they had a radar gun. I was surprised to see how very few were even doing 5 over in a 75. I did not get that perception from behind the wheel.
Supercharged111 08/30/21 10:09pm Truck Campers
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