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RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

If the radiator is original, you might get good results with a new one. Possibly with more cores.
T18skyguy 08/24/19 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Best tankless water heaters (LP) 2.5gph or higher

If your going to get a tankless get the Truma. If you do a lot of boondocking or desert camping it's pointless to have it. I have a Girard, it works well, but with any tankless you operate differently than your home shower.First you need acceptable water pressure and flow. Buy a good adjustable water pressure valve and keep the pressure at 40-60 psi which works good for me. Set the temperature on the thermostat to 100 or so, then turn the hot water on full. You don't need the cold water cause the shower temp is set at the thermostat. Mine works fine with this method. A good adjustable quality water pressure valve is a Renator. You can find it on amazon. My Girard will run for 20 minutes, then it cycles off to protect the electronics from too much heat.
T18skyguy 08/24/19 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: News of RV sales down leading indicator to a recession.

This downturn has long been expected. The huge sales volume has been largely due to cheap towables, not high end big stuff. But I do agree with Bob to an extent. The media starts with the facts; then it leads to a self fulfilling prophecy, and people cut back artificially in expectation and so on...
T18skyguy 08/21/19 09:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Windows 10 Update - Frozen at Downloading 100%

I got a Google Pixel Book and I never have to mess with all that. Not a single hourglass or beach ball ever.
T18skyguy 08/15/19 10:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

Well if scientists are correct we'll be Borg ( Star Trek reference) in 80 years and have no need to travel, we'll all share a collective memory. Just as valid as any other WAG about the future. For those that watch CNN and believe their Fake News are already Borgs.. :C and then there are those that believe anything an orange monkey says is true. "Believe me" !!
T18skyguy 08/11/19 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dinghy Tow Car - Kia Soul

I tow a Kia Soul behind my Greyhawk. All you need to do is put the manual transmission in neutral, and set the key to acc to keep the wheels unlocked. I use a Roadmaster baseplate with a Demco Dominator tow bar. One thing to know about the Soul is it's no powerhouse but it gets the job done and it's lite at 2800 pounds. The storage is huge being a mini ute. I have me the wife and daughter in it, so with 3 people acceleration lags a good bit. With the back seats folded forward there is a huge amount of room for stuff in it.
T18skyguy 08/10/19 12:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Don't let them steal your phone number

Where’s a citation with evidence it’s a growing crime. Just because something gets press attention means nothing; every day it’s another chicken little story. I haven’t known of a wireless carrier that didn’t use PIN numbers on accounts in 20 years. OK, here's your proof. Plenty of people don't have a pin protecting their account at the street level. My town is not that large, and I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it last year and more this year. When you log into your carrier account online you need a pin, but when you show up in person often just a drivers license is all they want. The wireless account is more of a soft target than our bank accounts.
T18skyguy 08/07/19 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Don't let them steal your phone number

The article was about employees unlocking phones still under contract with ATT. It does not involve phone numbers. You buy a phone with a payment plan, the carrier locks the phone until it is payed off.. At the end of the article, Verizon employee of providing customer information in exchange for bribes, which was used to steal victims’ phone numbers. At the street level, if they present a fake I.D. to a gullible employee, they open up your account, purchase more phones, and they take your number, cause your sim card goes with it. But yes, they bribed the ATT employees to unlock it, install malware, ruin the phone so it gets discarded. Once they have your number they can do a full identity theft on you.
T18skyguy 08/07/19 08:33pm Technology Corner
Don't let them steal your phone number

This is a growing crime, but it's starting to get a little more press. Whatever carrier you have, you can put a secret pin on your account so that your number cannot be ported to another carrier without your permission. This will stop low tech thieves as long as the employee is honest, but some criminals hire on just to commit this crime. This article from Wired magazine details a big money scheme to corrupt ATT employee's and customers lose their number.
T18skyguy 08/07/19 06:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

Remember when PhotoBucket tried to hold peoples' pictures hostage if they didn't pay? I remember that explicitly. Photobucket got taken by surprise when the rest of big tech suddenly would not only store your photo's, but also your music and everything else. It was instant obsolescence. But FJ, to your point, yes Crashplan and some other cloud companies got eaten up by the competition, but to Crashplan's credit the user's got 6 months notice and a welcome mat from another provider. At that point I decided to go with Acronis; because they won't be shutting their doors. These big tech companies already know everything about us. I was doing my taxes on PC, and when I went to save it, Microsoft flashed me a message "Don't you want to encrypt that?" The first and only time I've ever seen that. They know everything anyway.
T18skyguy 08/05/19 09:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford V10 gradual reduction in fuel economy

Try cleaning the MAF sensor. Easy to do, just buy the correct spray from the auto parts store. It's easy to check the O2 sensors, they should read out a certain ohm reading on your multimeter. Youtube has a video on it I'm sure.
T18skyguy 08/05/19 09:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

>>> Bought one for my 86 year old mother. Figured it would be simpler for her to use. Have not been able to connect her WIFI scanner/printer. If I would have bought a MS Widows I would have had it set-up in two minutes. Other than not being able to hook up to printer it works great for my mom. First make sure your printer is connected to your wifi network. Then download Google Cloud print. Then when you go to print a document, it finds your printer on the network.
T18skyguy 08/03/19 08:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

The cheap laptops, as mentioned, are made to be internet only devices. If you want to do word processing (write a letter or a book) then you have to connect to the internet and you have to use the google (or someone's) storage space (and they have access to it). These cheap laptops do not have software, you use the software on the internet. Without the internet your computer is dumb. You become dependent on the "cloud". You own nothing that is yours on your laptop, and become a slave since all your stuff is in their cloud. Haha, this can be very convenient to that everything you own in the digital world is accessible anytime you have internet, and you can connect from any device as long as you are able to login. I have friends that have all their work stuff in the cloud and enjoy the ability to access anything anytime from anywhere. Most people dont use a computer for what it is capable of, they just do the internet web pages, so the cheap ones are fine for this. We already can't live without the cloud. Email, online banking, and most of everything else all cloud. I would argue Facebook, and the 79 companies they own, are more of a menace than Google, but their all a menace, we just have to pick our poison. Microsoft, Apple or Google. As far as owning programs; when your laptop pukes those programs are just money wasted. And thumb drives? The data is only good on them for about 10 years is what I've read. The best thing you can do is give them false data. I have a lot of fun with them cause I give them fake information. Microsoft is trying to make me fess up to my real birthday Ha ha fight back by confusing their data base. :)
T18skyguy 08/02/19 08:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Quality of Class C

I wouldn't say that only having one AC is a deal stopper IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO ADD A SECOND AC. my 32 ft bounder came with one AC. I added a second smaller one in the bed room vent, since it was cheaper and an expendable unit, I ran that if there was poor electrical service, etc. the main advantage (other than capacity) in having two units was being able to once cool, to alternate the one that was on based on where you were in the RV. just be sure to take the $$$ into account. bumpy Bumpy, for it to be possible, I think it would need to be pre-wired. I would think that your Bounder was, but I doubt those two units are. Perhaps the Itasca, since it's a Winnie, but I would make them prove it. Is it even possible to do it right if it's not pre-wired for both power and thermostat? Has anyone ever done that? The salesman will probably say it is. The prospect of trying to do it is daunting. Don
T18skyguy 08/02/19 07:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quality of Class C

Off the cuff, we always say choose the one with the floor plan you like best, and also choose the one you are sure has no roof leaks. If one has been under covered storage that would be a big plus. Itasca is made by Winnebago which is generally well respected. Oh, one other REAL important thing. If one has two AC units buy that one all things being equal. If both have only one AC don't buy either of them. It's really important in a 31 foot rig. Especially you living in Florida.
T18skyguy 08/02/19 04:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tool chest in MHbasement

Take a look at a Montezuma toolbox. They come in several sizes I love mine. and also search Metrinch. Metrinch wrench's and sockets can be used on both SAE and Metric fasteners, saving you half the weight of a combo SAE and metric set. I was sceptical at first but they are no joke and many pro's use them now.
T18skyguy 08/02/19 04:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

I have a Google Pixelbook and I love it. Battery life is 12 hours cause there is no spinning hard drive or fan to suck power. But it's like anything else; you get what you pay for. The Pixlebook use to be the only one with built in SSD. Don't know if that's still true. What I can say is this thing became my daily driver instantly. If and when it's able to run Turbotax premier, I would abandon the PC's completely. This thing is just as fast as the day I bought it. Updates silently. No spinning hourglass or beach ball problems. You can get most all of the Microsoft office stuff in the play store now if that's important. I do know that some of the cheaper Chromebooks cannot run all the Microsoft apps.
T18skyguy 08/01/19 10:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Lost my dad...

My condolences to you Captain. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man.
T18skyguy 07/26/19 10:53am General RVing Issues
RE: What to compare in Class Cs

If your looking at a shorter class C, many don't have a couch. They have a dinette and one chair. For me that's a deal breaker. I also prefer the overhead bunk, if not for sleeping it's a great place to put things. Brian So true. I learned that lesson when I bought my first 22 foot rig. The only place to sit was the dinette, a bad place for long term sitting. To get a couch, you usually have to go to a bigger rig like a 27 or usually bigger.
T18skyguy 07/26/19 10:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Selling a Class A Motorhome

A simple way for your situation may be a consignment dealer. Do a lot of research on the consignment dealer to be sure of their reputation. Be leary fo facebook, craigslist scammers. I sold my Bounder on consignment. simple, they had the hassles involved in sales/etc. check the BBB etc. for information on sellers. In MD I could not do consignment, supposedly they had to "own" everything on the lot. bumpy Most people don't know that when you consign a vehicle, you transfer legal ownership to them. It doesn't matter that you still have the title. All is well as long as the business is stable, but I watched about 40 people lose their consigned vehicles when the business went bankrupt. They chained the gates closed and all vehicles became property of the bank and major lienholders. None of them got their vehicles back.
T18skyguy 07/26/19 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
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