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RE: Trailer Brakes

I can't tow it. It would take 4 tires to tow it 40 miles. The tire is towed in at least an inch. I'd leave rubber all over the road. UPDATE: Replaced the axle. The brakes, (now that they are seated in) work fine. I will not be cranking up the brake boaster mush more than a little assist from the trailer when driving and nowhere close to a lockup.
TNGW1500SE 03/19/22 11:46am Towing
RE: Trailer Brakes

UPDATE! My trailer axle is now bent! After doing the procedure that they recommended, I noticed now that my drivers side wheel on the trailer is not in line with the trailer anymore. It's really towed out bad. Even my wife noticed it. Now I will have to replace the axle. The wheel bearings are fine. I never hit anything during the "break the axle procedure" they recommended. It bent the spindle (that is part of the axle and not replaceable). It's a drop axle design. The instructions said not to use the vehicle brakes and use the trailer brakes to slow the van. That's what I did and now........... Well,,, that must not be the best idea!!! It must have been a cheap junk axle to begin with. On the bright side,,,, guess I should be glad it happened now where I'm home with the tools to replace it. Northern Tools sells replacements. Anybody know if they're any good????
TNGW1500SE 03/18/22 07:16pm Towing
RE: Trailer Brakes

The people who sold me the brakes want me to do this: UPDATE. THAT FIXED IT.
TNGW1500SE 03/18/22 02:19pm Towing
RE: Trailer Brakes

Both brakes are grounded with 14 gauge wire ran to 7 pin. All connections are soldered and covered in heatshrink tubing.
TNGW1500SE 03/18/22 01:34pm Towing
Trailer Brakes

I have a 2020 transit 250. I just installed a set of new trailer electric brakes on my 12x6 cargo trailer. Somewhere around 2K pounds. I got them off Amazon. The brand is Southwest Wheel 3,500 lbs. Trailer Axle Electric Brake Kit. It's a magnetic drum kit. I also installed a Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Controller. I hooked the controller up to the CCP connector and grounded it between the seats at the factory ground. Got a brake signal off the connector at the brake pedal using the far left connector. Ran a wire all the way back to the new 7 pin connector. It works but barely. You can feel the brakes a little bit if you move the lever when the controller is set on 14 (Max) with the boost set to 3 (high). If I pull the lever all the way the controller reads up to 13.5. It does apply power to the brakes (like it should) when I apply the vans brakes as well. I adjusted the brakes before I drove it the first time and then again after driving. I turned the adjuster until the wheel wouldn't turn and backed it off a few clicks just until it had a very little drag. Set on 14 with the boost on 3 it will barely kick in the brakes and will not lock up even in gravel. Everything is new. UPDATE: Measured voltage at the trailer. 10.43 volts when the lever is pulled to max
TNGW1500SE 03/18/22 12:33pm Towing
RE: On demand water heater issue

I think I'll just set the temp and only use the hot knob in the shower.
TNGW1500SE 02/25/22 07:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
On demand water heater issue

I bought on of those outdoor water heaters that has two knobs on the front. One for how hot the burner burns and the other for water flow. It's designed to have a water hose hooked to it and the shower wand hooks to the outlet but I installed it so that the outlet runs to a shower faucet. It works great until I turn on some cold water to mix with the hot. That shuts the burner off. I think the pressure equalizes between the hot and cold on the unit so it shuts off. Anybody got a fix? It still will work but I have to set the temp on the unit so when I shower, I'll only open the hot side of the shower valve. Here's what I have: HEATER LINK
TNGW1500SE 02/22/22 08:50am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cargo trailer bathroom plan

How about a cassette toilet? Then you have a small black tank built into the toilet that you take out and dump. I looked at those, Also looked at a composting one. I'd rather have that but they're 1000 bucks for a good one.
TNGW1500SE 02/15/22 07:41am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Cargo trailer bathroom plan

Here's my plan (so far): I have a 12 foot cargo trailer to haul two motorcycles. The bikes take the back 8'. I pull it behind my Transit van. The van is done other than a NO BATHROOM. I'm building a bathroom in front of trailer. I'm doing water tanks now. I bought two 20 gallon tanks. One for grey and on for fresh on top of each other. Those 2 are mounted on the wall opposite the door (North to South). Custom shower is in the "V". Small sink next to shower in "V" passenger side. Shower and sink drain into a plastic box (for a boat shower) under the floor with a float switch and a 12 volt pump in it. It pumps the shower and sink into the grey tank with a check valve in the hose. I tested it and it works great BUT......... I'm changing plan a little. I was going to use a toilet with those bags. Almost just a bucket with a snap on seat. I don't want to deal with that. I want a RV toilet and black tank. New plan: I looked a black tanks and was thinking small (8 gallons) but I don't want to have to dump every other day,,, so..... Buy 27 gallon tank. Then raise my "stacked" grey and fresh maybe 5 inches off the floor. Cut the floor out 17 x 36 (East to West) to allow a black tank to be mounted "partly" under the trailer and protrude up into the bathroom about 3 1/2 inches above the floor. The black tank is 36x17x10. Eighteen & 1/2 inches (with of the length (36) will be under the other tanks in an "L" shape. The other end of the black tank (shallow side) sticks up above the floor toward the door. I'll build around it with 2x4's on edge. Cover those with plywood and mount a low profile toilet on top. That gets the black tank up off the road and the drain comes out just below the bottom edge of the trailer in front of the axle. The low profile toilet gains me 4 1/2 inches for the toilet platform and I still maintain correct seat height. MOTE: On my old motorhome, I'd use grey water to flush the back tank. It had three valves plumbed in a "T". I'm thinking about plumbing this so that the grey water could drain into the black tank vent (using a gate valve) to flush it after the black was emptied. The grey is my highest tank so gravity would do the work. I'd also have the option of just draining the grey separately through a garden hose. Question #1: Anything wrong with that plan? The floor plan works for us. Question #2: Wife asked why not flush the toilet with grey water and not waste fresh just to flush. Does anyone do that? Seems like the grey would stink. ANY AND ALL ADVICE ACCEPTED ;)
TNGW1500SE 02/14/22 09:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cargo trailer gray water tank mounting

This is what I'm looking at: I guess there should be some kind of rubber on the straps?
TNGW1500SE 02/05/22 01:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Cargo trailer gray water tank mounting

I just bought a 12' cargo trailer. I have a Transit van with a bed but no bathroom or shower. My plan is to use the front of the cargo trailer to install a shower and a sink and two motorcycles in the back. No toilet is needed because I have a porta-potty. I'm looking to install a 20 gal (or so) tank under the floor to catch the gray water. Any advice on what's a good tank and how to mount it? There's 24" between the frame support that run from side to side.
TNGW1500SE 02/05/22 12:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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