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RE: Food additive

Just go out and walk around in bare feet. You'll find her waste without a flashlight I'm sure! That would make me pick up everyone's pile. I really don't enjoy picking up after mine let alone the whole packs.
TNGW1500SE 09/11/19 01:11pm RV Pet Stop
Food additive

Could I add ground up lightning bugs to my dogs food and then be able to find her waste in the dark without a flashlight?
TNGW1500SE 09/11/19 11:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: How come?

Are you a smoker? ... Been off them for about 6 months now. The last chest cold made me ditch them. I was really tired of the 50 bucks a week habit too.
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 07:58am RV Lifestyle
RE: How come?

.......Avoid people who have a cough, are sneezing or otherwise exhibit disease symptoms..... I think I'm that guy!!!! I've been staying away from everyone and not shaking anyones hand. I just tell people "I've been sick and you don't want this bug.". I also wear disposable latex gloves around the sticky RV stuff we have to deal with. I never drink of cook with water from my tank. We bring filtered water from home that we are used to drinking. After that runs out we use store bought bottled water.
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 03:39am RV Lifestyle
RE: How come?

Could there be something in your RV that is making you sick? Do you get the same sickness every time? Maybe running an Ozone Machine can kill the bacteria or whatever is making you sick? Or, possibly, the excitement of the trip is lowering your resistance? Seems to come on a little before we get started so I'd cross off the RV as the cause. maybe all the packing and work related to blast off time. As for "excitement",,, hummm,, maybe more like dreading the drive?? I'm never really get all excited about the trip. We generally go to the same place. Same route. I don't enjoy the drive. It's just has to be done to get there. I don't even know where I pick this stuff up at. I generally stay home retired with very limited human contact.
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 03:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: remote temperature monitoring

Hey I'm with you but you're going to get some idiot on here saying that you shouldn't leave your dog. Skip the post or just tell em' where to go ;) Anyway,, I have it covered the best I can, I have a USB dongle I got off E Bay that sends an E mail or text if the temp goes over a preset limit. It's got about a 3 foot cord with a sensor on the end of it. I stick it in the A/C vent. I don't recall the brand. I bought it years ago. 30 bucks if I recall. Came with a disk to load the software. Maybe this one: USB sensor with software Remember that doesn't do anything if the power is off and/or the WiFi is down so I use the "teamviewer" app on my phone. It's free. I just run the USB temp reading software on the PC before we leave and log in with teamviewer on my phone and check on them that way. If I can't log on, the power could be off or the WiFi is down. I'd go back and check. I also always set the temp way down too. You're main problems with A/C (other than a power failure) are at start up. I stick it on 60 and leave. I don't think it ever shuts off. It gives them a "jump" on the heat it the power was to fail. Might be a little cold but they're dogs and cold is better than dead. Search E-bay for USB temp sensor. Teamviewer is free at the app store. Load it on PC and phone. Another thing I do is stick a digital thermometer in the front window and ask some nice neighbor to glance at it if the wouldn't mind. Then we give them our number. People are mostly animal lovers and don't mind. Last time we camped, a nice lady would text us the temp about every hour. Overkill but very nice of her. Amazon sells a 12 volt alarm that closes a built in relay that you wire up and program. I have one hooked to a buzzer that's mounted under the font grill. Might pizz off a few campers it they had to listen to it for a while but might also save my dogs. I can always say "sorry" ;) Amazon link
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 02:51am Technology Corner
How come?

How come I always come down with some nasty bug at the beginning of every trip and spend at least two days in the bed watchin' Gunsmoke reruns? I hate being sick but it's just stinkin' worse at the RV park. You know if your coughing, everyone can hear you and wonders when you're goina' die and shut up. I feel like I almost need to plan in those first 2 days as sick days, park at the far corner of a Walmart, do my time and "let her rip". Do you think the altitude change and traveling just flips the switch on or is it a Poltergeist? Sick in the RV just plain sucks and my Doc can't call in anything when I'm out of state. That made me have to ride a 250 mile round trip on the motorcycle back to my Doc for a "Z" pack, with a fever, stopped up nose along for the trip. Is was either that or pack up everything and drive the class A. The "out of network" local walk in joint wanted 500 bucks and that would be a coin toss on my results. The last time I went to one of those places, I had a sore throat. All the Doc kept talking about was at my age, I should get a colonoscopy. Seemed like the long way to go for a sore throat to me but I haven't been to medical school! We're bringing water from home so that ain't it. Anyway,,, Do you find that you get sick more when on a trip or is this just my curse alone?
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 02:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: Bugs...

We had a millipede invasion last month at home and in the garage. I used a wet dry vac in the garage. I'd suck up 100 or so then go out a hour later and get another 50. Lasted a couple of weeks. Now my wet dry vac is never coming back into the house. Even after a massive pressure washing (motor and all) it still stinks. The 300 MPH crash into the vacuum just implanted the smell but they lost. Home Depot won. I need a new vac.
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 01:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with glass

My 2 cents given free: Every one of those glass products went down a conveyor line at the bottling plant doing close to the speed of sound. Then put on a train car, jolted down some rusty old train track, transferred to the back of a semi truck, beat up by every bump in the road that no "underpaid by the mile" driver ever slows down for. It got thrown on a pallet jack, bounced up on a loading dock. Slung around the store and finally up on the shelf for you to buy. That final destination happened somewhere around midnight, compliments of some purple haired kid, who didn't give rats behind whether it broke or not, this job was just temporary anyway, he's goina' "bounce this town" and be a tattoo artist someday. All he needs is the funds to bail out his "Babies Momma" and he's gone! So,,,, as I see it, it's been well tested, you ain't goina break it and sadly,,, most of this is true. ;)
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 01:12am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Fatality in Oklahoma

People die every day on the roadways for a wide variety of reasons; speeding, alcohol, texting, road rage, etc. While tragic, what makes this one so special? Do we need to set up a new forum "road deaths" so everyone can read about all the traffic incidents? *** No one is forcing you to read posts such as this, or any other post. GM Don't be so sure. Maybe a fat and psychopathic wife will trash him within inches of his life if he doesn't read the forum. You never know. It's a crazy world out there!
TNGW1500SE 09/09/19 12:32am General RVing Issues
Great tool

I bought one of these a year or so ago and it has came in really handy in the RV. It's called a molly bolt tool.
TNGW1500SE 08/15/19 10:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need Flat Panel TV mounting advice

Get a "full motion" mount. They go anywhere you want them, even up and down. Here's a link but that seems high for one. I didn't pay that much. Try for a better price than this one: LINK$mdmain$ height=400 I put a wire between the top two holes so when we travel, it hangs on a hook. When we use it, we lower it right down over the bed. When we're done it swings up and to the side. Love it!
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 08:58pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Window AC in the Fridge compartment That's kind of what I did years ago on a Toyota motorhome we had. There was a hatch back there so I built a box around a window unit that blew out the rear hatch opening. I ducted the inlet air so it didn't mix. Worked well but it would freeze your feet off since it blew out under the dinette. I built a pan under is and drained it under the RV. Look at the portable units they sell now. Lowes and Home Depot sell them. They are made to be ducted and must have some sort of way to handle the condensation. height=400
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 08:52pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

Interesting solve, glad you found something. I'm assuming you want to keep Connectivity installed on the PC which is why you aren't deleting it. Funny (morbidly) thought on your system in the event of an untimely demise. I've had the same thoughts about me and my system and even went so far as to draft RTF documents (in case word isn't available but want pictures) in appropriately named folders. But truth be told, if something happens to me, my brother who was a network engineer for years would probably just rip it all out and re-flash one router to serve wifi and connect to the cable modem. The rest of the stuff would go right in the trash. It's like nobody appreciates the care and coolness that we build at home. LOL! My son knows how to do electrical so all my switches, addressable LED's, sonoffs and networks would be thrown away. Comcast would bring in their modem / router and she could search all she wanted to.
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 05:22pm Technology Corner
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

I THINK I SOLVED IT!!! Fingers are still crosses but I found I have a program called connectify on my PC in the house. It allows connections to the PC as an access point. It was set to start with windows so when the PC boots up, that program starts. It sees the WiFi adapter is disabled and it turns the adapter on. Then that PC would log onto the non-VPN router. I think "forgetting" those WiFi networks will solve the issue. It must have grabbed an IP off that dot 1 router. Thanks for the help!!!! PS: I have a love / hate relationship with my PC's!!!
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 04:11pm Technology Corner
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

This is foreign to me as I live where a long driveway is maybe 50' My gate is about half way down my driveway so it's about 500 foot from the garage. To far for Ethernet but a router mounted on the side of the garage can reach it with WiFi. There is a cat5 ran down there already. I buried it. It's used for a analog camera (through baluns) and one of the twisted pairs is used to open the gate from the house. Another set signals the house if a car is detected. The video quality isn't great. That's one reason I want WiFi down there. There is 110 volt A/C power down at the gate so power isn't a problem. I've tried powerline Ethernet and it didn't work. Not sure why. I tried it on both bars in the panel. No luck. I'd really like a 1080 network camera down there.
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 02:55pm Technology Corner
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

I would suggest router 3 have a static IP address of Router 2 could issue a IP of See the conflict? Richard If I switch that to a 3, wouldn't I be disconnecting attached PC(s)from the homegroup? That router is mainly for the PC in the RV. I download videos to it's harddrive from the house when surfing at home. It's set as an access only so I'd think it can't assign IP's.
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 02:36pm Technology Corner
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

Routers "Dot 1 & 2": TP-link AC1750 running the latest factory firmware. Both have WiFi's (2.4 & 5) on but 4 different SSID's. Garage (router 3) is a ASUS RT-N12 N300 (firmware never updated). Set as access point only. IP set to & that address is reserved in Dot 2. No wired devices in garage. Just a cat 5e feed into LAN port. It's mainly for my RV PC to use to get on the network. I load videos to the RV PC harddrive from the house. That way when we go someplace we have videos to watch. WIRING: Cable Modem cat 7 to router "Dot 1" WAN Router 2 "VPN router" uses Cat7 from it's WAN to LAN port on dot 1. Router 3 (Access point) uses cat 5e from one of its LAN port to switch then to on to router 2's LAN port from unmanaged switch Today, I've turned the power off again as a test. Everything booted right up the way I expected it to. I don't know what happened the last time when the power failed due to a storm. Maybe I had one of the WiFi adapters enabled and a PC grabbed a IP from Dot 1. I've went into network settings and "forgot" all the passwords to the WiFi's on dot 1. That way even if the WiFi adapter gets enabled somehow, those PC's can't get on to dot 1 without a password. Might be nice if dot 2 would wait for dot 1 to boot up before doing so itself. I could put a delay relay on the low voltage line powering dot 2 but what I'm doing is already over most peoples head. If something happens to me, my wife will have to marry a computer geek so she can get on facebook. :)
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 02:30pm Technology Corner
RE: 3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

.......If rebooting the affected devices restores them to the 2.1 subnet, then yeah your only answer is in going through the logs of the various routers and see who assigned the IP. A reboot is what fixed it. After reboot, everybody got their dot 2 back. I found the problem by doing a cmd ipconfig. The PC I did that on is hooked to the switch and not the garage. That PC has the WiFi adapter disabled too. I'm wondering if this will always be an issue if power fails. Maybe routers 2 & 3 would be happier if router one was up and running before they booted. I could power router one off the battery backup to keep it alive.
TNGW1500SE 08/06/19 06:40am Technology Corner
3 routers / 1 switch. I have questions

I have 3 routers. #1 router: Hooked to the cable modem, IP Has some devices hooked to it like my google phone & My Verizon extender, Amazon Firestick. Just my devices that I don't care if they are behind a VPN or those that can't be (like the firestick). I call this my "Dot 1" router. #2 router: This is my VPN router. Hooks to router one LAN port with Cat 7 cable. Router IP is set to ("dot 2"). All my VPN devices get a IP from this router like 192.168.2."whatever". I call this my "dot 2" router. Then a 8 port non-POE network switch plugs into router 2 and all the wired PC's plug into it so everything gets a "dot 2" VPN address. Router #3: Just hooks to the switch and is an access point in my garage. It has a IP of so I can find it on the network. All devices are on it (including WiFi) are on the VPN network. It all worked great until the power went off yesterday. Then some of my PC's that are plugged into the switch got a IP of 192.168.1.whatever. That's my non-VPN router address. Could the network switch assign that address? I don't understand how it happened. The WIFi cards in those PC's are disabled so those machines didn't hook to the WiFi on the "dot 1" router. No roueter broadcasts the same SSID. How could I end up getting those "Dot 1" IP's assigned when those machines are all pluged into a "dot 2" network? There's no router set in bridge mode. Any ideas? PS: Adding a 4th soon so I have WiFi down at my gate for a wireless IP camera. It will hook to the Garage access point router and be a wired connection 100 feet away from the garage. Then it can WiFi the rest of the way to the gate. I hope! It's a long way. To far for a Ethernet cable.
TNGW1500SE 08/05/19 05:40pm Technology Corner
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