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RE: Reese dual cam… driver side seems to have more tension.

Of course having the trailer and tow veh both equally level is one thought, but I would check the hitch head for being slightly off level, or twist in shank or box. Our head is slightly off level, and one side (right in our case) is slightly different on tension, but not much so I don't worry aboot. No major difference in wear on the bars or cams. Also, when you pull up one side, the other side WILL have slightly less tension when lifting bar.
TUCQUALA 06/13/21 11:41am Towing
RE: Question about max 5th wheel size in Apgar, Glacier NP

Or a pup tent!!!!!
TUCQUALA 05/08/21 12:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Northeast Oregon

To answer your question aboot the Joseph to Hells Canyon drive, most of it is paved. There are a few miles of uphill gravel/dirt on the NF road heading south from Joseph, otherwise almost all pretty much good pavement (but curvy!!). There are a few, nice NF campgrounds along the way, but really all are dry camping Woodhead Park on the Snake is a very nice CG, water & elec with dump station. But would be out of your way if coming in from I84 to Halfway.
TUCQUALA 03/01/21 10:38am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Level Mate Pro

How have you leveled in the past, with slide out or in??? Use past experience to set up the Level Mate. If you did it before with the slide in, level like before, and when slide is out, recheck the device for difference. You'll get a good feeling for the best setting after a bit of use. Perfect level is almost impossible to achieve if you're a purist!!! FYI, I level with slide in, with a bit of an offset to accommodate the slide when extended. Also still use bubble levels to verify. And they're not perfect either!!!
TUCQUALA 02/26/21 10:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vortex II fans

"will the Vortec II move enough air to be worth while?" You betcha!! If going in the bath, it will vent the black tank quite well if pedal held down!!!
TUCQUALA 02/20/21 11:40am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Occupied RV Fire

If heater was a low priced coil or wire style, it still could have been pretty hot, and depending on what it was sitting on, could easily start a fire.
TUCQUALA 02/17/21 02:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slide topper noise dampening

Flapping noise, flapping noise!! So many make such a big deal about toppers and wind noise. Yes it can happen, mostly on very large slides. Big deal!! No damage, just a bit of noise!! If it's that windy, you'll be hearing the wind and other sounds outside of the rv anyway!! Our main slide topper is 169" long, and, yes, it does "flap" occasionally. Doesn't bother us, and it sure doesn't bother the woodland creatures!! So many noise "police" out there in their rvs! Sorry for the rant, but had to let off steam!! Any slide topper topic always has the NOISE'rs come out of their shells.
TUCQUALA 01/20/21 09:25pm General RVing Issues

There is no dump station at Bakers Hole. There is a fresh water fill spigot on the entrance/exit road. Water spigots are also located in various spots within the loops. You probably know that there are also about half of the sites with power and water, located near the highway.
TUCQUALA 01/16/21 05:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mora CG or Kalaloch CG -- Olympia NP Length?????

TenOC, have you driven 101 in WA state along with the loggers??? I guarantee that you won't have a comfortable drive over that bridge with a fully loaded log truck hanging on the centerline at aboot 65 mph coming at you!! Just trying to help out!!!
TUCQUALA 01/07/21 03:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mora CG or Kalaloch CG -- Olympia NP Length?????

Check out this site if you haven't done already. Pretty informative. We stayed in Kalaloch in E12 with our 34ft trailer and EX, aboot 53ft oal. But needed to park truck at angle to stay off road. Water and facilities right next to the site, but not a problem. Pretty quiet when we were there. Dump station is good and on road into the north section. Didn't spend time in the lower (S) sites, they were closed when we were there. Be aware of narrow bridge on 101 crossing the Hoh River. Don't want to meet a log truck on the bridge!!!
TUCQUALA 01/06/21 10:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ideal RV space size for new park?

You'll never please everybody with everything!! Consider utilities placed within the 2/3 front - 1/3 rear so there is a compromise for all the different RVs out there. LEVEL!! Everybody's happy when leveling is quick and easy. As to the suggestion aboot dump station (or even sites) being sloped toward the sewer fitting, not all RVs have side outlet tanks. AND all tanks are built with a bit of a slope to the outlet for full drainage. Only when the site or road is crowned or sloped severely, will there be the chance of not emptying completely. I vote for a mix of pull-thrus and back-ins. You could put the pull-thrus oon the outer rim like a passing lane!! Uses more room, but larger personal usage sites. Stagger the back-ins so they don't look at each others stern!!! If you want to "discriminate", make the pull-thrus the premium, larger sites with good privacy as needed. One way only, no center services. Pain in the A**!! Road corners as wide as reasonably possible, if treed, cut back or planted with room to prevent RV damage.
TUCQUALA 12/27/20 12:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Almost the same as Bobbo, but used 1/4" bungie cord from sports/outdoor store. Tight on racks, easy to do!! Most vehicles with an external radio antenna have a corkscrew shape to the antenna shaft to disrupt air flow and lower or eliminate noise. Made a big difference on our square bars!!!
TUCQUALA 12/26/20 10:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Green Valve Stem Covers

So if I put air into my freshly nitrogen-ed tires, will I have 178% nitro in them?? Is that legal?? Inquiring minds need to know!! Wink, Wink, Wink!!!
TUCQUALA 12/22/20 10:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Entry Stairs - Replacement ???

Early this fall, we replaced our steps with the Lippert unit. Liked the wider upper step for more stable feel. Install wasn't without some mods. Had to cut down the raised strip on the threshold plate for the step to fully drop down on top of the threshold. Also had to remove a bit from the screen door bottom and the "brush" sweep so doors close fully. Not really bad to do, don't know if the Moryde unit would have to have any mods, probably (??). Usage is great, very solid feel, no bouncing or sagging under body weight. Setting the legs is somewhat of a hit and miss operation, each camp spot is different as to the trailer level. Not terrible, but need to get used to. One big thing is to have trailer level front to back before lowering steps, and NOT to do that with steps down. Can jam legs and bend step assy if done. As to clearance problems when stopping for short time, like rest area, or store, we have not had a problem putting the steps out with some vehicle next to trailer, but can happen!! A unit with 2 doors wouldn't have any problem, if main door blocked. Also, with steps up, not easy to put stuff in through door opening, minor problem!! Dirt and water, well, just put a little time into sweeping steps off and lay down a used towel or such before closing!!! We did this due to the trailer step frame cracking from flexing of old steps under load. These will not do that, and we love them.
TUCQUALA 12/08/20 10:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who uses a pop-up canopy?

We had a "Clam", got rid of it!!! For us, it was not easy to set up, very heavy compared to a 10 ft canopy, and very long when folded. Hard to handle, in my opinion. Didn't fit into our trailer front storage well, and definitely didn't fit in back of Excursion without taking out rear seat each time!! Very awkward! Yes, it will flop down in higher winds, you'll love that when your inside it!!! And it better be pinned down or it will become a low flying kite!! Again, just my opinion as a former owner!!! We pin our 10X10 (straight leg) canopies everytime we use them, no big deal, just another part of setting up and breaking down. Never have had a hard enough wind to take them out, sure they'll shake and flap, but never have flown. Always slide the walls up the legs if windy overnight. Use "ball bungees" to attach walls to legs and to tie legs together if doubled.
TUCQUALA 12/02/20 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Who uses a pop-up canopy?

We have 3 of them!!! Talk about gluttony! Actually carry 2 in the trailer, set up with walls, usually behind the trailer, and put our propane firepit inside when cool or cold. Gets nice and toasty inside!! We usually only use one or both when in a dispersed spot for at least 3-4 days, otherwise, don't bother with. Not a major job to set up and take down, but extra work for 1 or 2 nights. Our 3rd one we use on our back deck in the summer, shades the deck and entry, much cooler in family room when in use. Where we live, we do have to be aware of wind, have lost one to the "wayward wind"!!!
TUCQUALA 12/01/20 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lake Louise trailer park or Icefield parking lot.

We were there late Sept '15. Only one loop was open, the largest one to the south of the parkway. Campsite number was in the 90's!! Don't remember exact number, maybe 95 or 97. Good length, large site. Only negative was the loop is nearest the rail tracks, but wasn't that bad!! That loop was pretty easy to navigate, only one tight spot where trees on opposite sides of road needed to be watched closely. Good dump station, water. Campground info site states 27ft, but we didn't get any flack or comments from the attendants entering or during 2 day stay. Canyon is a wonderful hike, even in a cold rain!!!
TUCQUALA 11/30/20 01:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lake Louise trailer park or Icefield parking lot.

Went in and camped in a 34+ ft travel trailer. Didn't have any problems, except snow!!
TUCQUALA 11/29/20 11:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lake Louise trailer park or Icefield parking lot.

A nice spot but south of Lake Louise, is Johnston Canyon. Along the Bow Valley Parkway.
TUCQUALA 11/29/20 05:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Have You Installed Your Own Slide Topper?

A bit of overhang on the wall ends is good!! Sides of slide and windows can stay drier and cleaner. I would probably go with the 8 ft, but either would be ok. Wouldn't go longer, understood that you didn't ask about longer sizes.
TUCQUALA 11/23/20 05:43pm General RVing Issues
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