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RE: Fifth wheel Jerking with gas truck... not as noticeable

Is the trailer chucking? Does it do this on all road surfaces? Have you weighed the rig to see if your loaded pin weight is about 20% of the loaded trailer weight? Too light on the pin can accentuate the chucking or jerking. Ken
TXiceman 05/24/23 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: One of the few Australian manufacrurers of 5vers

I noticed no roof AC, would they use a heat pump? A heat pump is just a reverse cycle air conditioner. I like the looks of these trailers. More sensible and less glitz. Ken
TXiceman 05/22/23 08:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to 5th wheeling

I agree that you need to practice turns and backing in a large parking lot before you hit the road. The road is never a good place to learn. I had my wife driving out 19,000#, 40' 5er in a church parking lot on several Saturdays until she felt comfortable to get on a street with it. She passed her Texas class A exempt license with no problems. I also do not see the purpose of changing to a GooseBox. If you are after a clean bed get the B&W companion slider. Truckers do not use a ball hitch for their rigs. They use a 5th wheel hitch. Ken
TXiceman 05/19/23 02:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: keystone Sprinter quality??

Keystone sprinter is an entry level trailer and on a Lippert frame. It will be close on tire and axle capacity. The spring and spring hangers are minimal. First hire you own professional inspector to go over the unit and see that all systems are working and there is no water intrusion present or past. A 2017 trailer may have tires that are aged out so check the DOT date codes for all tires. Typically trailer tires are replaced at 5 to 6 years. Do not accept cheap Chines tires. Insist on AMerican made tires. Ken
TXiceman 05/12/23 11:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Considering a fifth wheel

The only way to know your true height is to get the trailer hooked to YOUR truck on level ground and measure the high point on the trailer. You cannot believe the brochures. If you are a little nose high or nose low, the unit may tip enough to change the actual A/C unit height. Ken
TXiceman 05/12/23 11:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire pressures

65 psi was for a D rated tire. The new tires are E rated and 80 PSI. Run the new tires At 80 cold. As temperatures warm, you may need to adjust the cold PSI. You need to weigh the RV and adjust the tire pressure to match the manufacturers weight loading chart. Add 5 psig to the rated pressures. Also watch tire wear patterns for center or should wear which would indicate over or under pressure. Operating the tire at maximum pressure could cause excessive center wear and an excessively rough ride. And you do not adjust pressures as the tires warm during the day. Tire pressures are set according to pressure after the rig has set for 4 hours and no direct sun on the tires. I usually set my pressures first thing in the morning. As the seasons warm or cool, you will need to make seasonal adjustments of your starting air pressure. Ken
TXiceman 05/08/23 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2003 Komfort 29 Schematic

I doubt if the solar was factory on a 20-year-old entry level trailer. Your best bet is to google the model number of the various appliances and start tracing wires. If is a crying shame what some people do to an RV in the name of customization. They need to stick to coloring in a coloring book. Ken
TXiceman 04/12/23 07:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires

Not only do tire age and deteriorate due to UV damage, ozone causes tire deterioration. Ozone is in the air and can get to the spare even under the trailer. Ken
TXiceman 04/04/23 06:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Closet door mirrors

Unless you post the model trailer, photos and someone has the exact same model. it would not be a trusted size. Ken
TXiceman 03/19/23 12:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Creak when reversing the fifth wheel

The first thing to do is to check all bolts and nuts on the hitch, the hitch attachment to the truck frame and the pin box on the trailer. These are connections that should be checked annually. Ken
TXiceman 03/18/23 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GVWR versus GAWR

Part of the GVWR number of 13,995# is carried by the pin, so the axles do not see the pin weight. The loaded trailer will have approximately 20% of the GVWR on the pin or 2799#. This leaves 11,196 for the axles which is under the 12,000# for the two axles. The manufactures like to go cheap and give you the monimum. Ken
TXiceman 02/27/23 09:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exterior Stairs

Our daughter has the solid LCI steps that fold to the inside of the trailer. The one thing she does not like is fact that you have to clean off the steps before you fold them as they dump all the debris into the trailer. The other problem is if you are parked in storage with another RV close, you cannot fold down the stairs to access you trailer. Ken
TXiceman 02/12/23 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Calc. Turn Radius w/Truck + 35' 5er

Remember that all of the sites having a calculation method for large trailer rigs are based on commercial tractors and commercial 5th wheel trailers. These 5ers have the trailer axles at the very rear of the trailer and will behave differently than a typical RV 5er with the axles closer to 60% of the trailer length. Ken
TXiceman 02/09/23 07:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black tank repair

Any mobile tech should be able to handle the checking. However, some will opt out of anything related to waste tanks. Most of the time, a cracked black tank cannot be successfully repaired although some have done a plastic welding to repair the problem. Good luck and hopefully it is just a small leak at a pipe joint that can be easily repaired. The belly pan will most like have to be dropped to get to the area. Ken
TXiceman 01/29/23 04:38pm Fifth-Wheels

OK. I ran the new Carlisle CSL 16s 550 miles at about 70-75 mph I aired them up to the max 110 and they heated up and stayed under 120 psi for the whole trip. No issues. No wobble. I had two VERY tight turns where the trailer tires were just almost pivoting and there was no issue. I am going to put about 1,000 miles on them in a week or so. Hopefully nothing to report again!!! So far very pleased... Wow! You =really= must not like having money by towing that fast. Slow down to 65, or less, and you'll likely pick up 2-4 mpg. Slowing from 65 to 60 (old tires) picked me up almost 2 mpg with my old Komfort. Lyle Yes I saw a SIGNIFICANT difference in mileage on my first trip at 65ish to my second at 70-75. I think I got 11 mpg driving 65 and 9 mpg driving 70-75. Slowing down will have the greatest effect on the fuel mileage towing. You probably cannot measure the difference in fuel economy of tire a at 55 vas 75 MPH. In my opinion, 75 mph is just too fast o be towing a 5th wheel. Ken
TXiceman 01/25/23 10:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: VanleighRe-sealing the nose of a fifth wheel

Sorry, but to really do any good on trying to get the leak fixed, someone needs to get up on top and check the roof to cap seal as the clearance lights. Water will run downhill to the lowest point to become apparent. So, your leak can be some distance away from the indication. Ken
TXiceman 01/25/23 09:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unable to identify model of trailer

As you see, it is a Citation brand, probably made by Thor. From the looks of it, this trailer has sat a long time with no care or maintenance. It is most likely a wood frame trailer and there are obvious signs of water intrusion. This means rotten wood. Personally, I would not invest the time or money to do much of a restoration. It will be a money pit. Krn
TXiceman 01/23/23 07:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Riverstone price

Vendors have gone nuts.... Look at the price of entry level RVs as well. Ken
TXiceman 01/18/23 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Another heated water hose question

… I really don’t think it will be cold enough long enough to be a problem ,but around here it’s hard to tell this far out.what if it went down to 20 at night with a high of 30 during the day, for a week? That’s certainly possible. We simply fill the freshwater tank, drain the waste tanks and store the water and sewer hoses. If I need to refill the water or drain a waste tank, I get out the required hosed and after use, store them again. And yes, the stinky slinky can freeze and then you do have a mess to deal with. Ken
TXiceman 01/16/23 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing 5th with an Andersen Hitch in Short Bed Truck

Magnuson-Moss Act Federal law is there to protect the consumer from companies like Lippert, BUT you have to have deep pockets to go after a large conglomerate like Lippert. They can keep their lawyers busy filing all sorts of papers and dragging the mess out for years. The little guy does not stand a chance. Ken
TXiceman 01/15/23 08:58am Fifth-Wheels
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