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RE: Waves in the fiberglass - what are they?

It is delamination of the wall. It could be water intrusion which caused damage to the Luann material in the wall. Or it could be that the glue simply let loose. There really is not a repair for the issue. The laminated wall is part of the structural integrity of the trailer. If you plan to keep the trailer, the best thing to do is to thoroughly check the roof and all side wall penetrations, such as windows, door, lockers, etc. for leaks. Reseal the trailer and get the leaks stopped. Ken
TXiceman 10/19/22 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quality control?

When I was referring to high end, I was referencing what the industry considers high end at $100K+ 5th wheels. That is a big laugh. High End has shifted to considerable higher in price. To truly get high end you need to be in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. $100,000 is now a upper-medium cost 5th wheel. And having been in sales, I found you had to know as much about your competitor's equipment as you did your own in order to do your job. Ken
TXiceman 10/18/22 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

Heavier tires will have such a small effect if any on fuel mileage, it is not worth the effort to run the test. You will see more difference with way under inflated tires. Ken
TXiceman 10/13/22 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: mounting the tireminder booster under a fifth wheel triler

Ours is a TST system and the signal booster is mounted beside the pin box and wired to the power from the breakaway switch with a simple plug to disconnect the power. Been that way for 9 years and no issues. Ken
TXiceman 10/13/22 07:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailersavor vs Anderson Ultimate

No doubt the BD3 is an awesome hitch and has some articulation. The drawbacks are that it weighs 160 lbs, is over $2k and you need to be pretty level and straight with the trailer to hook-unhook. With the Anderson you can be un level and at 90 deg to your trailer and still hook - unhook with ease. It also rides great going down the road with no airbags to deal with. Extremely simple, easy to use and easy to remove. Sounds like salesman chatter. I have been using the TS3 for 8 years and it does a great job. It uses the same Holland-Binkley hitch head as the BD5. It is not hard to hitch, and you do not have to be straight or on level ground as you falsely believe. I have hitched and unhitched at nearly 90 degrees to the trailer. I have had to help several people get their trailer unhitched when the ball is jammed in the receiver. You wind up putting blocks under the front jacks so that you can lift the ball and pin clear of the hitch and then beating the ball and pin until it releases. As for the weight and price, you get what you pay for. No way would I consider pulling my trailer with the Anderson hitch. Ken
TXiceman 10/04/22 07:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Thermoguy, the average half ton truck you find on the dealer's lot is not suitable to tow a 5th wheel. What the dealers order are generally good as mulch and grocery haulers. You can order a half ton truck that will be much better suited to tow a small 5th wheel. Even with a special ordered half ton, you are severely limited with the payload capacity and never order one with the short bed. Ken
TXiceman 10/01/22 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Worth repairing?

It can be repaired. The front cap may need removal and part of the sidewall. You are probably looking at $5000 or so for the repair. Ken
TXiceman 09/18/22 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Now that that's settled. Could someone please tell me if I can tow a 36'Keystone TT with a 1929 Duesenberg? Afraid not on the 1929 model Duesenberg, unless it is a late model manufacturer date. It will need the dual spare option as well. Ken
TXiceman 09/18/22 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solitude leaning to one side.

To Fj12ryder : "Oh Bosh" doesn't make you right and me wrong. I bought a brand new Montana fifth-wheel. I took it from Buffalo NY to Florida and back and I also took it from Buffalo to California and back. On the way home it was dog tracking so badly I stopped to see if something was broken. I brought it home and had a local manufacturer make a new axle of 250 thousandths wall thickness. The original was a Dexter 188 thousandths thick. At same time I put brass bushings and wet bolt kits. I took it to Florida and with a high pressure grease gun couldn't get grease into them and that axle was bent. At that point I made an appointment with Mor/yde and had the problem corrected properly and installed Disc brakes. I will change my wording . Everything prior to Mor/yde was a band-aid and pissing into the wind. PS:I also had an extra leaf added to each left spring and it still didn't sit right. AGAIN Mor/ydeYeah, you found it worked for you, but I have no desire to go that route. There are choices, thank you very much. Yours isn't the only one that works. If you are going to use the RV very much, the Mor/Ryde IS is money well spent rather than the Band-Aids on the spring suspension system. Ken
TXiceman 09/12/22 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel vs. Gooseneck

Goose neck trailers are specifically built to be pulled by a goose neck ball. Adding an after-market adapter to a 5th wheel trailer does not make it suitable to tow from a goose neck ball. Ken Reese Goosebox The GooseBox is nothing more than a glorified adapter with an air bag. I would not put on my RV even though Lippert guarantees it. Lippert now owns Reese. Ken
TXiceman 09/08/22 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer sway issies

You have to remember that Ram in their great wisdom, went to coil springs on the back of the 2500 like they did on the 1500. So far, the coil springs do not handle weight as well as the leaf springs. Ken
TXiceman 09/07/22 12:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel vs. Gooseneck

Goose neck trailers are specifically built to be pulled by a goose neck ball. Adding an after-market adapter to a 5th wheel trailer does not make it suitable to tow from a goose neck ball. Ken
TXiceman 09/06/22 03:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solitude leaning to one side.

My suspicions are weak springs on one side. You can get new spring packs with a higher rating or as suggested, get the Mor/Ryde IS system installed. Ken
TXiceman 09/06/22 03:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer sway milestone 377mb

"Have you weighed the truck and trailer when loaded for travel" I'm guessing that OP has not responded to any of the questions about the weight that weight is in fact the problem. I am thinking he does not want to know how bad off he really is on the truck. But ignoring the issue does not make it any better. We have all seen people posting that keep looking for someone to tell them that all is fine, just add air bags and truck on. Ken
TXiceman 09/06/22 03:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mini Split A.C. in their fiver There are now ceiling cassettes which may be a better option for you. Above is a Google search with many options. Ken
TXiceman 09/06/22 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer sway milestone 377mb

Have you weighed the truck and trailer when loaded for travel to see where you are on weights and weight limits. With this information, make sure the truck and trailer are level and tire pressures are correct for the loads. Without this information, everyone is shooting in the wind in the dark. Ken
TXiceman 09/06/22 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer sway issies

I addition to being under trucked, that model Ram 2500 has rear coil springs. This is known to be less stable than a leaf string truck. That model trailer has a rear basement (under the living area). If this is loaded too heavily, it will lighten the pin weight which can lead to poor handling. Ken
TXiceman 09/03/22 07:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer sway issies

UVW1 14200 lbs Hitch Weight1 2900 lbs GVWR 16800 lbs Length2 41' 4" I think you do not have enough horse to pull that trailer per the above numbers. A loaded camper of 16,800 lbs will have a loaded pin weight of roughly 3400#. Forget the unloaded weights unless you never plan to add anything to the trailer including food, clothes, water or propane. But I have yet to see a camper that does not bring along clothes, food, propane, pets, wife and kids. Ken
TXiceman 09/03/22 01:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need your help Pinnacle Vs Redwood?

I just read that the Redwood is the number 1 seller of luxury fifth wheels. Depends on what article you read. Ken
TXiceman 08/31/22 06:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Of course they ALL recommend a pull test. A pull test is no divergent than a visual test, it's a test! My wife double checks me every time as she fully understands how the hitch works. Kinda like "did you put the butt plug in the boat" as she asks me every time before a launch. I really don't care if people do a pull test or not. I think people should do what they feel comfortable with. Lot's of damage can be done not doing a pull test correctly. Expand on the damage that can be done if a pull test is not done correctly. If the front jacks are not raised enough, they can drag and bend. If they are raised too much and the hitch does not hold, the drop can damage the jacks as possibly the bed. I clear my jacks about 1/2 to 1 inch from the ground. Ken
TXiceman 08/31/22 06:08pm Fifth-Wheels
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