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RE: Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

Hi Daniel, I have acquired a somewhat extreme retirement hobby, I restore old wet campers. Get them cheap, and make a project out of it. I'm very selective about they ones I want to do, as I'm not wanting to get into 100% restoring. I can build one from the ground up easier when they are totally gone. A camper that old, been outside untouched for the last 6 years, there are leaks in places you cannot see yet, beyond the rear wall issue. There are ways and tools to inspect the camper more to find them, but in your case, you may not want to even go there. Everything in that vintage camper is rebuildable, cost and time aside. Your first issue, you do not have the ability to do the work yourself. To hire this work out it not cost practical. You will easily overrun the $15K you paid for it 18 years ago and that is without the parts. I found this link at the Jayco site, is this your 22U, a 2003? I am currently restoring a 21 footer, aluminum sided, different floor plan, but it had been leaking in the back corner for several years before I acquired it cheap. The water goes down inside the walls, stops at the waterproof membrane on the bottom and starts taking out the floor. And that was only the back wall leaks. As of today, I have 658 work hours into it and I will be a little over $5,500 in parts by the time I am done. I am about 90% done now. The only way this can may any kind of practical sense to do is, you do the work yourself and you enjoy doing it. Hope this helps John John - didn't see your reply from a few days ago until just now. Thanks for those great insights - and yes that is the 22U I have. Yeah - I just don't have the chops or the time to do it myself - I wish I did! It must be tremendously satisfying to do the kind of restoration you do as a hobby! Thanks again. Daniel.
Taffy.C 04/07/21 08:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

Great advice - thanks a bunch
Taffy.C 04/01/21 02:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

The next question would be - how do you dispose of a travel trailer? I'm headed to google now...
Taffy.C 04/01/21 10:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

Thanks everyone. Thats what I suspected - just wanted to get some second opinions...
Taffy.C 04/01/21 10:31am Travel Trailers
Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

Hi There, Trailer has been in continuous outdoor storage 250 miles away for 6 years. I drove up yesterday to do some repairs prior to transporting to my current location. I found that there is water damage - the roof seal has opened up pretty badly in the rear corner, and to a lesser extent across the back. There is visible bulging in the roof in those sections. Down the side (outside) there is a dry lichen-like growth - looks like where the water flowed down the inside. The fiberglass is also bulging slightly away from the frame there. Inside there is visible damage directly underneath the location of the broken roof seal that extends across to the center line. Quite likely there is mold in there. This is an 18 y/o trailer that I paid $15K for back then. Other than this, everything seems to be in good shape. But I think this is going to be a very costly repair job, and I can't be sure there aren't other areas of damage as well. Just looking for opinions - is it time for a new trailer? Is this worth spending more money on? Its not something I can do myself. Link to photos: Appreciate thoughts. Daniel.
Taffy.C 04/01/21 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning Fresh water tank and water heater

Thanks for those answers. One more question - Is it best to drain the water heater after the sanitization, or is it ok just to leave the faucet open and pump fresh water through until the bleach smell goes away?
Taffy.C 03/11/21 10:22am Travel Trailers
Cleaning Fresh water tank and water heater

Hi There. Its a while since I've sanitized my freshwater tank and water heater (been in storage for a while) and can't remember exactly the procedure. I remember that I used to dilute bleach with water and add to the water tank and then open the valve into the water heater. But I don't remember the right ratio of bleach to water or how long to leave it for. Appreciate help. Thanks,
Taffy.C 03/10/21 08:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Problems with 7 Pin Connector

Thanks for the replies. Pretty sure the wiring is fine so I guess I'll start with the screwdriver and WD40. Hopefully its that simple:)
Taffy.C 02/20/21 06:02pm Travel Trailers
Problems with 7 Pin Connector

Hi There, Having issues with the 7 Pin trailer connection between my trailer and TV. I can't seem to get all contacts connecting at once - I I jiggle the connection slightly I can get brakes connected but I lose one or more light connections and vice-versa. I've tried using a very find grade wet/dry sandpaper to clean the contacts but that only brought minor improvements. I'm thinking that maybe the connections are too sloppy and maybe I need to replace the trailer connector plug. The trailer is 18 years old. I'd welcome any suggestions on this - not sure how difficult it is to replace the connector too. Also, because I have a hensley hitch that added a few inches to the trailer length, I don't have any room to lose length on the electrical cable (which I figure might happen when I replace the connector plug). If anything I need to make it longer. Any help much appreciated, Daniel.
Taffy.C 02/20/21 03:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Gdetrailer - excellent thoughts - much appreciated.
Taffy.C 01/11/21 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Good chance that all that is needed is an ADJUSTMENT of the brakes folks, not the replacement of the axles brakes and drums.. Definitely isn't the adjustment because I've checked that and its good on all 4 wheels. I'm rechecking the tow vehicle and controller first and will then check for voltage and buzz on the wheels with voltage applied. Worst case I figure I'm looking at replacing the brake assemblies and the posts in this thread have had a few good links. I also found a good vid on etrailer showing the replacement procedure.
Taffy.C 01/10/21 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Really appreciate this help! Thanks very much to all.
Taffy.C 01/10/21 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Can I ask why you are replacing the drum? Are they worn down? Brakes were not engaging with much resistance last time I used the trailer ( a few years ago - and they were adjusted correctly) and I'm having some connectivity issues now as well. I'm fairly confident that it isn't in the controller/tow vehicle, although I still have a couple of checks to do there. Also, I've never had the drums opened/inspected in the life of the trailer - only had them adjusted. I just figured it was probably simpler to replace, since I don't have a lot of time to spend on it.
Taffy.C 01/10/21 08:46am Travel Trailers
How difficult to install new brake drums

My TT is 17 years old and I've never had work done on the brakes. It's been in storage for a few years and I'm about to bring it out, replace the tires, and do some surface restoration. My question - I figure its probably a good idea to replace the brake drums at this stage and I'm wondering how difficult that is? I'm fairly practical and can use a wrench, but I've never done any significant mechanical repairs on cars or trailers. It seems like I'll save a LOT by doing it myself too. Any thoughts on how difficult? Any special tools required? Maybe some pointers "how to" posts or videos? I believe that I have 3,500 lb Dexter axles with 10" drums. I'd prefer to go with self adjusting - current ones are manual. Also, is it simpler to replace the whole hub/drum assembly vs just the brake kit assembly? Appreciate thoughts/help. Daniel.
Taffy.C 01/10/21 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Comparing New Tires for trailer

Thanks for the advice - very helpful. The good year's don't seem to be available in my size so I'll go for the Carlisle HDs. Don't really want to up the wheel size at present as I'm trying to keep the cost down.
Taffy.C 01/04/21 08:21pm Travel Trailers
Comparing New Tires for trailer

Hi There. I'm replacing the ST185/80/13 tires on my trailer and have the option of either Carlisle or Power King Towmax brands. I'd welcome any advice on how these brands compare? Thanks, Daniel.
Taffy.C 01/04/21 05:10pm Travel Trailers
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