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RE: Winter 2022/2023 trip plans changed!

Maybe you can just fly to Florida for the event, and still have some time and money left for a Baja trip. When we relocated to Mexico permanently our families got told that we welcomed them to come stay for up to a week, we have a separate apartment at the house, but that we wouldn't be returning to the US for visits. Some thought it cruel, but it's realistic for us. Five years later, two friends come annually to visit, not a single family member!
Talleyho69 07/03/22 12:10pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: BYO camper to South America - Pros and Cons?

Yes, Please! We have always intended to make the trek to Tierra del Fuego and just haven't. Kind of, but not sure that we won't. Do it and post everything, please!
Talleyho69 06/25/22 07:38pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Winter 2022/2023 trip plans changed!

OK, come on. Post it all here and maybe more will be involved!!!!
Talleyho69 06/25/22 07:36pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RV's in Zihuatanejo

OK, I'm missing something. Maybe things are different other places in Mexico. I just checked our records and the price of gas here in Zihuatanejo has only varied 2.1 pesos over the last 5 years. Up and down. Currently it is 22.1 for a liter of regular. That is way cheaper than California.
Talleyho69 06/13/22 12:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RV's in Zihuatanejo

El Manglar RV park in Zihuatanejo is still a great place. Same owners, different manager, same great condition and location. I suspect it will fill up fast this year and stay that way. Gas prices here in Mexico haven't changed significantly in years. California??? We are watching where we used to live and the cheap gas station, cash only, was up to $6.70 per gallon for regular yesterday.
Talleyho69 06/12/22 10:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hurricane season is here

Here in Zihuatanejo things have been pretty much normal except for the ocean conditions. Starting in January we had weeks of red tide, murky water that was cold. It finally became warm and clear again mid-May. We had our first rain May 29, .16 inches and again last night, .95 inches. We are out of the area being affected by Agatha, fortunately.
Talleyho69 05/30/22 11:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Best route

We went to check on plates this morning, and were told sometime after May 15. I read somewhere that they gave all of us a July 31 date before we need to worry about not having plates. We live next door to LOOT, so you drive by us regularly. You probably see us paddling and swimming most mornings, too.
Talleyho69 04/20/22 12:03pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Best route

The plates for your vehicle???? IF you have Mexico driver's licenses and the paper we printed out on line and the receipt of payment for your new plates, you will be fine. We never had to show our driver's licenses, but felt very confident with them in hand!
Talleyho69 04/19/22 07:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Best route

Thank you both for your kind words, but it would be too much like real work! We get great pleasure sharing our loves with others! When we had to go back to the states to sell everything we had, the RV, our collectors car, our home of 38 years and get back soon, we bought a Durango here in Guerrero, and an 8 foot enclosed cargo trailer also, eventually, Guerrero plated. We decided that our kitchen, our art and other important things would fit in the trailer, and if not, they weren't important. It has turned out to be a great decision for us. We will have been here for 4 years on June 22. This is not the place to worry about bothering people, it's a place for information. Thanks to Covid, it's been dead, but we hope things and interest in traveling here pick up! When you get back to our paradise, we live on Playa la Ropa and we can meet for a beverage, if you would like.
Talleyho69 04/19/22 07:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Best route

Easy drive. You should seriously consider taking longer than you plan so you can see some of the great sights along the way. Head north toward Lazaro Cardenes and take the toll road heading inland. If you stay on it, you will buy pass everything including Morelia. Remember that all tolls are cash and only pesos. Get to Hwy 15D also a toll road and head north. Watch for the bypass for Guadalajara, it is a lifesaver. All of these bypasses will be shown on online maps. We drove down 4 years ago and stopped for just two nights also. Tepic is a great city to stop at, if you do, don't take the bypass. The main road circles around town and isn't bad. Hotels are easy with the dogs, we were traveling with two large dogs and a cat. You want a nice "no tell motel." These are fairly easy to spot, they are NICE, and have both an entrance and an exit drive. Garages have nice doors or curtains. They don't care if you bring in farm animals as long as the room is in good condition when you leave. The parking is very secure, the ones we have used are very clean and often have interesting extras, like a sex chair, porno flicks, a sex toy menu to name a few. They also often have food delivery services. They will quote you a rate for a few hours usually, but will give you a price for more. We hit the road at 6am each day, and as we were walking out the door the phone rang to remind us it was time. We highly recommend them. They are often found on the edges of towns. In Tepic we made the mistake of not asking for AC and wish we had. Back on Hwy 15D head north, always taking the bypasses around towns. There will be gas stations along the way, all taking credit cards, misc restaurants and snacks in the stations. We loaded an ice chest so that all we really needed was ice and liquids. There are always places to pee the dogs at toll booths, and ususally restrooms. All toll roads have the letter D. We spent our second night in Navajoa at a spectacular "no tell motel." It had a large planter in the open roof garage area so all we had to do is clean up after the dogs in the morning and all was well. It was a great break for the three of them. Stay on the toll roads until Santa Ana where you take the turn toward Sonoyta. Most of that route is also toll road and the desert scenery is fabulous. When you get near the border you will see where visitors turn in their vehicle permits. Hopefully someone will jump in and say exactly where that is now, it moves. Take in your residency cards and passport and they will stamp you out. Make sure they stamp you for exit, not enter. Repeat the same on the way back. It would be easy to just blow it off and exit and reenter without doing this, but if someone decided to check you, you'll have a problem. All the dogs need is a rabies certificate, and only if they ask for it. Check out the stickies above, especially the Border Crossing Tips. Sonoyta is a very quiet border crossing except on Sunday's when the world leaves Puerto Penasco and heads back to the US. Otherwise, you can expect to just drive up to the border and be in the US in a couple of minutes. Watch your speeds on the roads, there will be speed traps all along the way. We made a point of changing drivers about every 3 hours and getting out and stretching ourselves and the dogs. We were glad we did because we made it through easily. We know we could have done longer stints, but that made it easy. Reentering with the dogs is incredibly easy. The health certificates the airlines require is simply their policy. All you need legally is the rabies. When you do return to Mexico, all you need to do is to get your passport restamped entry, let them look at your residency card, and you are on your way. With Guerrero plates, no one will look at your vehicle or even you. If you didn't legally have to stop and check in and out of country you wouldn't even have to slow down upon entry. We spent 2 months in California four years ago. We never were stopped with our Guerrero plated vehicle and entering the US was simply handing them our passports, having them scanned and being sent on our way. Amazing. Even more amazing was that our Qualitas insurance covered us in the US! I'm sure that others will have more great information to add.
Talleyho69 04/19/22 02:44pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel shortages??

LOADS of luck being sent your way! Have a great trip, see new things, visit friends and family if you choose and be safe. Keep us posted along the way.
Talleyho69 04/03/22 07:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel shortages??

We wouldn't worry about using our credit card in that kind of situation. But, obviously keep the printed receipt. There could have been many reasons for only wanting a credit card, including not wanting cash on the premises at night, the cash being counted for the day, (that happens here in Zihuatanejo once or twice a day) or some other reason that would escape reasoning for the minds of non Mexicans! We have always used our credit cards for gas in Mexico and have not had any issues. It is our payment of choice in gas stations and grocery stores.
Talleyho69 04/01/22 08:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel shortages??

How about a link, please.
Talleyho69 03/29/22 11:45am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Valle De Juarez Open For Business

So nice to hear!!!!!
Talleyho69 03/06/22 07:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RV's in Zihuatanejo

Finally cruised over to El Manglar, the most popular of the two RV parks here in Zihuatanejo. As of today, there were 7 vehicles in the park, ranging from a truck camper to a large Class A to a very large 5th wheel trailer. It has a capacity of 15 rigs. What motivated us to check? We had a Class C drive past our home yesterday from Quebec. The day before we were in town and passed a Class C from British Columbia. Obviously there are visitors from points north to Zihuatanejo, and we are not close to the US border. SO NICE TO SEE!!!! Then, Playaboy arrived in town and is staying at one of the just retired parks, Costa Bella. It has been fun spending time with him and we hope to spend more!
Talleyho69 02/22/22 07:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Road from PV to Barra de Navidad

OK, this is sad, and says something about how few people are traveling in Mexico. Up until 4 winters ago, we could vouch for this road. Even without knowing how the road is today, it has to be WAY better than driving up to Guad and then down. If no one chimes in to give road current road conditions, my advice is to leave early, plan on it taking "a while" and be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised as to the quality of the road. It sure seems as though road quality here in Mexico has improved dramatically. Please post what you experience!
Talleyho69 02/05/22 07:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Covid tests needed when returning to the US?

I'm sure you are correct, but supposedly the rules change January 22. I have visions of the border agents using a hand held skin reading thermometer on the forehead of everyone in every vehicle that enters the US, then if the numbers aren't perfect, sending them to the CDC tent where they are given a handout suggesting they self isolate at home and how to do it. Sounds terribly efficient.
Talleyho69 01/31/22 06:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Covid tests needed when returning to the US?

US Citizens do not have to do anything to return to the US. Non US Citizens have to provide proof of Covid vaccination, but not a booster to enter. This is as of January 22, 2022
Talleyho69 01/29/22 07:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

Don't you just love finding a new place, exploring it and finding what you need, and don't need but do? Love Mexico!
Talleyho69 01/29/22 07:14pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Truck Weight Limits for TIP update.

It sounds like they might possibly be figuring it out! Let's hope that this will be consistent at all of the border crossings.
Talleyho69 01/08/22 08:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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