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RE: Covid-19 in Guerrero

Here in Zihuatanejo as of last night we have 11 confirmed cases. All 11 have recovered. However the last three cases were community contagion so it is here. The state of Guerrero announced yesterday that the Stay at Home and closure of hotels, restaurants, beaches and all non essential businesses will not be lifted on June 1 as previously announced. A reopening date has not been released.
Talleyho69 05/28/20 10:43am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Toll Roads

Don't you wish that right now you were here in Mexico instead of Pennsylvania??? This is sent with a big smile!
Talleyho69 05/27/20 06:45pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Toll Roads

I think that he is just making a quick dash to the US driving a Class C that needs to be returned for one reason or another. Toll roads are faster, and it helps to have an idea as to what the tolls are so the people he is driving it for are sure they can pay it.
Talleyho69 05/27/20 04:36pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Toll Roads

Two axle bus rate mostly on the West coast, but occasionally the two axle truck rate.
Talleyho69 05/27/20 11:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CPAP and CBD oil

Where in Mexico are you?
Talleyho69 05/26/20 10:29am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: New Rv park cuidad obregon

Incredibly cool!!! Places to stop close to the main highway are in great need, and fishing, well, what more can you say?
Talleyho69 05/19/20 07:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Covid-19 in Guerrero

This information comes from both Meganoticias and Despertar de la Costa, both on line newspapers. It is intended to provide information, NOT be an argument or an attempt to stir the fire, just answer questions that people may have. In Mexico testing is being handled differently than in some other countries. If you think you have symptoms of Covid 19, you call a phone number. You are interviewed, and if necessary, staff comes to you and tests you. In the state of Guerrero as of yesterday there were 805 confirmed cases (accumulated), 292 active (with symptoms in the last 14 days), 401 recovered persons and 112 deceased persons carrying Covid-19. Likewise, of the 2,226 studies that have been performed, 1,242 have been negative. In the municipality of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo there have been 6 cases to date. Out of the 81 municipalities in Guerrero, 12 are considered to be part of La Esperanza. To be one of these not only could you not have any cases in the last 28 days, you cannot share a border with a municipality that has had any cases in the last 28 days. Why 28 days?? Hugo López - Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion said, "Conventionally, in applied epidemiology, two incubation periods or the clinical course of the disease are considered as an interval that would allow one to recognize that there is no transmission of the disease," he said. He emphasized that the health sector used 4 incubation periods, since this is 7 days. "We want to do it in the most extreme way with 28 days and as we see the response of this change in the mitigation modality, if we see that it is safe at a given moment, we do not have a date, we could see if there is a positive response and then consider other entities." The Federal government has stated that these municipalities may resume activities on May 18, but that the final decision was up to the state governors. "The governors of the states with relevant municipalities could start operating on Monday, if they decide not to, they are exercising their powers as a state health authority and if they say no, there is no lawsuit with the federal government, this resumption includes the school activity in these municipalities, ”he said. The Guerrero state governor has decided not to allow the resumption of normal activities in the La Esperanza municipalities at this time. OK, so what does this all mean? The beaches, and anything non essential is closed until at least June 1. It could be longer. In an interview last week, on Meganoticias, the governor made a comments about opening the beaches at the end of July. There are a couple of flights in and out of the airport every week. It's an interesting time. It's incredibly quiet and a great time for enjoying the things we often miss-animals, sounds, flowers, cooking, reading, whatever makes you happy, AT HOME!!!
Talleyho69 05/18/20 11:22am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Crossing to Mexico with Truck Camper & Dually F350

Can you verify that with a link please?
Talleyho69 05/13/20 07:45pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: The Reality

Here in Guerrero, and maybe for the rest of Mexico, if you think you have "it" you call a phone number. After questions, if they think it is necessary, they come to you to test you. No massive testing, everyone is expected to be responsible enough that if you think you have it, you make it known without exposing others unnecessarily.
Talleyho69 05/12/20 12:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: The Reality

Here in Zihuatanejo, a town where the vast majority of the income is earned from tourism, things are tough. April 3 the schools closed, the beaches were closed. May 1, restaurants were strictly limited to take out or delivery only. Needless to say, with no tourists, and take out only most restaurants are completely closed. The hotels are closed. The international airport still has twice a week flights to Mexico City. However Alaska is scheduling flights from Los Angeles starting the first week in June. Other airlines are also taking reservations for June. As of today, we are still scheduled to have school restart June 1, and the world open up completely. Yes, the date can be changed. The use of masks is encouraged and they are readily available in many colors and fabrics very inexpensively. It's become a cottage industry. The last two RV's left last week, one Monday, one Tuesday heading for Minnesota and Manitoba. The parks are still open with a few permanents. Any business selling food or other essential items can be and is open. The Mercado has limited access and hand sanitizer is being placed in everyone's hands. Food is being distributed in huge amounts, but food alone isn't enough. Our local water district has announced that they will NOT shut off the water for anyone who has not paid their bill. CFE, the national electric company, has not yet publicly made that statement, but have said that no one would enter the DAC, or high usage rate during this time. There are two health checks on Hwy 200 in Northern Guerrero. One at the bottom of the mountain, where 37D joins 200. They are checking temperatures and reminding people that every beach in Guerrero is closed completely as are the hotels. The southern check point is just south of Petatlan on 200, where the same is being done. Here in the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo municipality (think county) we have had 5 cases. Each one was imported, that is they visited people who had it in a known location, then came home. None have been hospitalized, but quarantined at home. We hope it stays that way.
Talleyho69 05/12/20 11:39am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

"If you cannot stay warm in your RV at minus 3 centigrade it is time for a new RV" I can't survive at those temperatures!!! I visited snow twice in my life, each time for an afternoon, and my goal now is to never see it in person again!!!
Talleyho69 04/27/20 10:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

We so treasure our very early morning walks on the beach with our dogs because of the solitude. Then, we put the dogs away (hosed, toweled and fed) and go out and swim a mile as the sun rises. It makes the current issues seem smaller. Peace is good.
Talleyho69 04/22/20 08:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gas Prices and Exchange Rates

I"m not seeing that yet. So far the few imports we see here have not gone up in price. With the situation as it is right now, at least here in a tourist town, people are struggling to buy rice, beans and masa. They are being made available by the government, but there isn't enough to feed everyone. They aren't even considering anything imported, just staying fed is the goal.
Talleyho69 04/22/20 02:23pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gas Prices and Exchange Rates

Very true, but it sure is helping the cost of our project. We also try to keep in mind that we are keeping 6 more people employed for the next four months. In these times, especially here, that is huge.
Talleyho69 04/22/20 12:50pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Gas Prices and Exchange Rates

My how things have changed!!!! We don't drive a lot here, until the Beer Flu thing we almost always rode a Combi or used a taxi, but now we drive. Last fill up of our Escape cost $51 US. Yesterday, due to the reduced gas price and the exchange rate, it cost $27 US. To show it differently, we are in the process of having our last construction project done here at the house, the lap pool, retaining walls, an upper patio, a huge project. We get our cash from the ATM at INBURSA, they have the lowest fee and allow 5,000 pesos per transaction, up to your personal daily limit. In February 5,000 pesos cost 269.37 USD including the fee. In April 5,000 pesos cost 204.26 USD including the fee. That is a huge difference! For once, it's in our favor during a major project.
Talleyho69 04/22/20 11:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

Do you mean to tell me that if I read it on the internet it could be false????? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Many people are crossing the border into the US and Canada with no problems. IF you are a legal person, meaning you have a passport or current visa, you will probably just be wished a good trip. You are legally able to cross through the US and into Canada with no hassles!!! And, we are ready to welcome you back to the US and Mexico when you feel good about it!!! Moderator
Talleyho69 04/21/20 08:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: cerr?itos fire

Thanks for the sad update. We have been basically rebuilding our house here in Zihuatanejo. Our first New Years Eve a Chinese Lantern type thing, q paper balloon with a candle inside, landed on a palapa roof in one of the very high end areas on the water. The damage was amazing. We no longer see them flown here, and we replaced our one piece of palapa roof with the asbestos tile looking surface to prevent the same thing happening to us.
Talleyho69 04/16/20 12:14pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexican gell for the cabin fever

1000 ml. A bit more than a quart, 33.8 ounces versus 32 ounces.
Talleyho69 04/15/20 08:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: cerr?itos fire

I've been watching the papers in Mazatlan and haven't seen any follow up. The one article I did see right after the fire said that only 3 or 4 RV's were damaged. That would be good news, but hard to believe after seeing the videos. Palapa roofs are scary. Hopefully someone will know something and it will be good news.
Talleyho69 04/14/20 12:51pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Extraterrestrials

Here in Zihuatanejo where normally during this time it is absolutely nuts, we don't have a single bus. Unfortunately there are a very few people here, hotel occupancy is supposedly 3.5%, and the beaches are closed up tight. It was just announced that the inside windows of banks, at least here in Guerrero, will only be open on Tuesday and Thursday.
Talleyho69 04/11/20 02:45pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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