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RE: Campspreading

:B I did not read through this one . . . Yeah, it shows ;)
TechWriter 07/14/19 11:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Campspreading

I've got a different version of camp spreading. It was at a USFS campground. The people pulled into the site. Immediately, they got out a pole saw and started cutting branches off trees. Then they got out a weed wacker and started mowing down vegetation that wasn't tree sized. I'm not talking just grass, but vegetation that was waist to shoulder height. Probably doubled the open area of the camp site. This was a forested campground with lots of vegetation between sites (which we prefer so as not to be a big open area). Of course, there was a site and trailer for a campground host, but he/she was not there the entire time we stayed at the campground. The camper must have been somewhat local, because he came back and started unloading firewood at his site and stacking it between trees. He probably had a full rick of wood stacked up before he was done. Fortunately, we were leaving the next day, so we didn't have to contend with whatever other modifications or actions he took on. Best of Thread Award
TechWriter 07/13/19 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Hopper 3

Thanks! I’m having the DPH 42 switch installed in a couple weeks. I just wasn’t sure Dish would allow changing the service address. It will be nice to have an updated receiver. If your installer wants to install the DPH42 switch on your RV roof, I'd suggest having him install the switch inside instead. Though it's easier to put the DPH42 on the roof because only a single coax has to run into your RV (instead of three), I think you'll shorten the life span of the switch if it's on your roof. That said, you'll love your H3. I've had a Hopper 3 in my RV for three years. However, I strongly suggest unplugging your Hopper 3 while traveling and also before powering up your Travler.
TechWriter 07/12/19 09:49pm Technology Corner

Today I experienced my first obvious example of "camp spreading" . . . where the people at a campsite keep expanding the space they occupy. On the first day it was just a travel trailer, mom pop and kid with a couple of lawn chairs. Later in the day more adults and kids, a dog or two, more cars, more lawn chairs, and a canopy tent. Next, games like bean bag toss were set up. On day two, the lawn chairs and games moved outward. By the end of the day the bean bag toss game was about 100 feet away from the camp site and they were playing catch across sites. It was fun to watch. Anyone with similar stories?
TechWriter 07/12/19 09:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need Sling TV while traveling. What's the best way?

I just called Sling and we already have the cloud DVR service because it comes with the extra football channels. That will help if we don't have good wifi where we are at during game time. I don't think so. If I'm not mistaken, you need good WiFi on both ends.
TechWriter 07/12/19 07:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

Since the age of about 6 I have been around firearms. Had a single shot Springfield .22, my Uncle's, that was constant companion around Grand Ma's . . . Cue the Deliverance banjo scene.
TechWriter 07/09/19 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

Wow! Some of you guys are freakin scary! Pull out a shotgun? Wave a .45? Ask me again why some want to take away firearms? I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 any day. You want to pick a fight, come armed. Me and a multitude of others being armed, is why 90% of the people are polite. You don't want to be confronted with fire arms, don't pict a fight, most are willing to teach you a lesson. I've carried for well over 70 years, never once had to use it. I never would start a fight, but I'll sure. as hell end one. Any of you anti gunners willing to place a sign on your house saying this house is not armed? If not you are simply hiding behind my guns. How's the manifesto coming?
TechWriter 07/09/19 05:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

When the jury has to decide the identity of the idiot, do not make it a multiple choice test for them. Good one!
TechWriter 07/08/19 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

Was it a cop or a civilian? Civilian
TechWriter 07/08/19 08:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

Sounds like the same guy who hassled us in the same area about a week ago. We were traveling up the coast in our Class A DP and pulled off the road into one of the rare turnout -- which, by the way, was unmarked. After 10 minutes or so, a pickup truck also pulls into the turnout. Then a guy gets out and knocks on our door. The wife takes this "call" as I'm in the John. The Mrs said he starts railing about how he has to get to work and not everyone can take the time to sight see, etc, etc. The Mrs was uber apologetic -- Thank god! -- as he sounded like he was just this side of road rage. I would not have been that cool. (I wondered ,though, if he was in such a hurry, how did he have time to stop and chit chat?) We've driven thousands of miles on ALL kinds of roads, and there was no way we'd drive at speed on some sections of that coastal highway. We're not locals who know every inch of the road. Finally, CA marks highway turnouts much better than OR and WA.
TechWriter 07/08/19 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

We'd discussed adding a small amount of chlorine (bleach) to the tank to try and clean things a bit . . . Instead of adding 1/4 cup of bleach per 15 gal water (as previously mentioned), use 1/2 cup of bleach per 15 gal. Then let it sit for an hour and flush with water. Make sure the bleach/water solution gets into all your RV's plumbing and the water heater.
TechWriter 07/05/19 10:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

I agree with the bleaching, but be aware that the bleach . . . will or can harm the sewer valve rubber gasket rings. Nope. Unless your RV was built in the 1990's with polybutylene (PB) plumbing, bleach will not harm those "gaskets" (or "seals") because they're made of beach-resistant Santoprene -- not natural rubber.
TechWriter 07/05/19 10:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: A New Campground WiFi Record

Remember?No. Ah, that's right, you were once bitten by a link. Well then, don't click on this one.
TechWriter 07/01/19 04:29pm Technology Corner
RE: A New Campground WiFi Record

TechWriter 07/01/19 01:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Roof fan

Just replaced my old Fantastic with a new Fantastic.
TechWriter 06/30/19 08:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: A New Campground WiFi Record

I'm old school I guess. I used to listen to radio plays from BBC at 1/4 dial up speeds on an analog cell phone. That's no longer possible. And oh by the way--it was unlimited data and never throttled! About 30 years ago I wrote a "cutting edge" terminal program for my Commodore 64. (All in 6502 machine language no less.) It became quite popular for accessing all the online Bulletin Boards (think Text-Based Internet) of the era . . The max speed back then was 1200 baud (1.2 kbps). When I got the first ISDN connection in our block at 64 kbps, it was superb! But that was then. Once in a while I do get nostalgic for those times (414 was my area code too), but in no way is the pull to the past strong enough for me to want slow or slower Internet speeds. Been there, really been there . . . once was enough, Don. On the other hand, the C64 is coming back.
TechWriter 06/30/19 06:47pm Technology Corner
RE: A New Campground WiFi Record

Campground WiFi is rarely more than 5 MBs and often slower. In the past 21 campgrounds I've stayed, WiFi was available in 13 of the 21 campgrounds. In 6 of those 13, the speeds were 5 Mbps or greater. That's about 30% with speeds > 5 Mbps. More than rarely.
TechWriter 06/30/19 06:20pm Technology Corner
A New Campground WiFi Record

>200 Mbps download speed . . . yesterday afternoon it was only hovering around 100 Mbps. Anyone else seeing speeds like these?
TechWriter 06/29/19 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Benefits of registration in SD

To register for a new resident SD it does require you to be physically present, have proof, a reciept, from a lodging establishment for a recent overnight stay. You could fly in rent a room even if you did not stay the night and qualify. This may satisfy SD residency requirements, but not OP's actual home state. Check with a lawyer.
TechWriter 06/26/19 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Anywhere Data Usage

See the bottom of this post -- DISH Anywhere. I think my data reading was on the "conservative" side.
TechWriter 06/23/19 07:17pm Technology Corner
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