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RE: Best RV trip planner

I use RV Trip Wizard. Works great for me. Only caveat is that it is not free. X4 Wonderful program. I've been using it for a couple of years now. The annual price is very reasonable. x5. Used RV Trip Wizard to plan last year's 45-campground trip: height=613 width=463
TechWriter 02/24/20 01:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How about Adobe Illustrator alternatives for mac

I have Parallels Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on my iMac which allows me to run Windows software. I use these Windows versions to run Illustrator, Photoshop, and Framemaker. So don't confine your search to just Mac software.
TechWriter 02/22/20 11:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Moderators - unfortunately might be time to shut this one down. There are jerks across the spectrum in America, just like there are good, kind people across the spectrum. I would love our country to be kinder and more empathetic, but don’t think we should tolerate intolerance. People that “love to piss others off” are hurting our country regardless of where they are on the socioeconomic ladder. Yep, this thread was bad from the get go. However, more sympathetic posts than usual for nasty General RVing Issues threads. There's hope.
TechWriter 02/22/20 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: wifiranger Converge - Do you like it?

I am considering the WifiRanger Converge line-up of upgradeable rooftop boosters with an indoor wifi router. Has anyone here used one of these setups? OP, don't you love it. Not one responder actually had any Convergence experience, but did it stop them from responding? Try the MIRC Forums. You'll have to become a paying member to join, but you get what you pay for.
TechWriter 02/06/20 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Best charge controllers..

EPsolar... ( EPever and ACCOPOWER or such same company?) I see what looks like 3 different designs all called Tracer series. EPsolar 3210AN $132 Saw a video where it was opened up. Seemed Decent quallity. Sealed/Gel/flooded MPPT 30A EPsolar Tracer 3215BN. $138 Sealed/flooded/gel/user MPPT 30A This seems similar to above, but has cast aluminum case with fins Tracer 5210BPL. $80? 46v/15A Sealed/gel/flood/Li/user Ah, the race to the bottom.
TechWriter 02/06/20 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: How best to upgrade Microsoft Office 2010?

Apache OpenOffice
TechWriter 02/05/20 11:54am Technology Corner
RE: Best charge controllers..

MidNite Solar -- Classic or Kid.
TechWriter 02/05/20 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: Maximum length rig considerations

TechWriter, reservations work for the weekend warrior or the limited time vacationer. He knows where he will be, what day he will be there & what time he will get there. I've been doing this as long as you have, and times have changed. I full time and would like to wander. However, there is much more competition for campsites now than when I started. If you have a big rig like I do, planning is now a must.
TechWriter 01/28/20 10:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maximum length rig considerations

Doesn't really mean much. Define 40'+. Is that the parking pad length? How much is plus worth? I go to lots of ACOE parks in the mid atlantic, that have sites our 40' 5r will fit in, but I can not get to them because . . . Define "lots of ACOE parks" -- let's say you went to 1000 different sites. Since by my reckoning, there are over 40,000 sites that are 40 feet or greater, you would have gone to 2.5% of them. Those are some interesting statistics TechWriter but they don't help much when you roll into a CG with your 40'plus triple axle bunkhouse, 2 bath rolling townhouse & all of the few sites that can accommodate it are occupied by somebody in a pickup with a doghouse in the bed or people in conversion vans. Reservations?
TechWriter 01/28/20 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maximum length rig considerations

For National Parks 30' is pretty much the limit especially in the dry camping areas. A few have some larger sites with hookups that accept longer. Quite often it is the road accessibility as much as the site size that creates the length limit. Not true at all.
TechWriter 01/27/20 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

I bought a 30A Champion for our AZ park model. Since the gen isn't rain proof, I boxed it. I've only used propane so far, but so far so good. Keep in mind that using propane will decrease gen power output by about 10%.
TechWriter 01/26/20 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Trip Wizard

Ask RVTripWizard Forum.
TechWriter 01/24/20 09:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: DirecTV or Dish

Perhaps one of you Dish users can confirm that Dish Anywhere will allow me to see anything on my home DVR from any location. That is to say that if I am in Florida, I can watch something recorded on my DVR in Missouri as long as I have an internet connection. Yes you can. However, both your home DVR (aka a Hopper) and your RV iPad or whatever must be connected to fast Internet connections . . . and this connection with burn up a ton of data. BTW, when your home Hopper and your receiving device are both on the same WiFi network, then no broadband data is used.
TechWriter 01/21/20 07:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Yellowstone Trip

We stayed at the Yellowstone West Entrance last September. You'll love it. Suggest you sign up for a Yellowstone tour and let someone else do the driving as it's a huge park.
TechWriter 01/12/20 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar and Inverter combo question

I did not see a resolution. Did you get this corrected? The responders seemed to imply there were programming adjustments to be made on the solar controller. The solution is in my last post in that thread.
TechWriter 01/10/20 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Solar and Inverter combo question

Multiple charging sources are not an issue. You can run all at the same time plus run down the road with your alternator charging. No issues, none. It's possible to get "dueling chargers". That's what happened between my Classic 150 solar controller and my Magnum 2000 inverter/charger. From a 7-year-old MidNite Solar Forum Thread.
TechWriter 01/09/20 12:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Best/easiest internet setup for working remote/full time

Questions - your ATT Mobley - is that a plan or a device? Would this be the same as an ATT hostpot on my existing unlimited plan? The AT&T Mobley was a mobile auto hotspot that is no longer offered. It sounds like your hotspot is similar. The hughesnet - I am assuming this requires some sort of a dome or dish, the former being self orienting and the latter being a manually positioned dish? Either seems like a costly investment. We only plan on full timing or 6 mos to a year, so I'd rather keep costs down. If I were to sell the house and FT forever, I can see where the cost is justified. I had Hughesnet years ago for Sat internet when we lived in a remote area. Latency was horrible. I ended up with a VZ hotspot and although signal was weak, it was bounds better than the HN. This was years ago and I am told things are much better now. A friend of mine is an engineer at HN, tells me things are night and day different than my old setup. I think the biggest issue with SAT is cost. But it also provides coverage where nothing else works. Would it be smarter to forego a hotspot altogether and just rely on SAT 100% or is there a line of sight issue that can make it unusable? Looks like their packages are pricey. HughesNet Gen 5 is really a full timer (12 months a year) option. A portable HughesNet Gen 5 system will set you back about $1500 and a HughesNet Gen 5 automatic rooftop system can cost over $6000. However, in your case I recommend just picking up a Verizon hotspot like Visible. The current HughesNet Gen 5 is much better than the HughesNet of years ago. While I've seldom seen the 25 Mbps download speeds advertised by HughesNet, I did find consistently good speeds. Here's my latest HughesNet Gen 5 evaluation. Are you advising against a booster altogether? I've found them pretty worthless, but YMMV.
TechWriter 01/06/20 11:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Best/easiest internet setup for working remote/full time

I recently switched my phones from AT&T to Verizon's Visible service. I also purchased a Visible "hotspot", but did not switch over entirely because I've heard horror stories from people who had switched over both their voice and data to Visible. I use Visible for data only. Though it's an "unlimited" data plan, Visible has a few gotchas . . . it's only 1 line, so you can't share it. Visible is capped at 5 Mbps. However, it's an ok standby plan.
TechWriter 01/06/20 10:45am Technology Corner
RE: Best/easiest internet setup for working remote/full time

Over the next year we are looking to go full time . . . (1) My internet demands aren't unusual so "normal" internet will suffice. (2) We also plan on continuing to use our streaming devices for TV etc. (3) My work provides a corporate account via ATT and I have truly unlimited internet - provided it's via an ATT supported device. (4) But I think I need something a little more bullet proof than just a hot spot. (5) We are touring the US, but logistics to maintain connectivity are a condition of planning. (6) But what I do need is to ensure I have a pretty easy setup, to provide reliable internet. Your "normal" Internet needs became much greater with (2) - streaming. To me, that means a reliable 5 Mbps connection. This can be an issue. First, I've been a full timer for several years. Here is my Internet setup -- AT&T Mobley (unlimited), Verizon data plan (40 GB/mon), HughesNet Gen 5 satellite Internet. With these I was never without Internet last year. See my Campground Internet Report 2 (43 campgrounds). With AT&T and Verizon coverage (+ campground WiFi), you should have "usable" Internet most of the time. Though I've tried several, I typically don't rely on WiFi "boosters" because if you don't have a signal, then no amount of boosting will help. My HughesNet Gen 5 setup gets me out of those no signal situations because if you travel a lot, you'll find areas with very weak or no cell coverage. I suggest you check out the Mobile Internet Resource Center.
TechWriter 01/06/20 10:36am Technology Corner
RE: Tv mount in basement compartment

We saw a MH with a tv mounted in the basement. They opened the door and the tray rolled out a bit and then the TV was on some kind of bracket that raised up and tilted. Any idea where I could find something like this? Mine doesn't roll out. The mount (and TV) are squeezed into a 6-inch or so space in a basement compartment . . .
TechWriter 12/23/19 08:15pm Technology Corner
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