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RE: Happy Campers no longer available in CA?

Both black and grey tanks SMELL BAD by default if no other action is taken. Then use bleach.
TechWriter 03/09/22 10:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Circuit breaker or fuse?

So. I’ll be installing a 3000W inverter and with that, what is better? A 300A circuit breaker or an ANL fuse? I like the circuit breaker so I don’t have to keep spare fuses and a circuit breaker will be easier to just reset. Are you talking about the fusing between the battery bank and the inverter? If so, then I suggest a 300A Class T fuse followed by a battery disconnect switch. Like in this schematic. Yes that is the plan. I will have a shut off switch as well. And I plan on a fuse. What inverter are you using?
TechWriter 03/07/22 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Circuit breaker or fuse?

So. I’ll be installing a 3000W inverter and with that, what is better? A 300A circuit breaker or an ANL fuse? I like the circuit breaker so I don’t have to keep spare fuses and a circuit breaker will be easier to just reset. Are you talking about the fusing between the battery bank and the inverter? If so, then I suggest a 300A Class T fuse followed by a battery disconnect switch. Like in this schematic.
TechWriter 03/06/22 11:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Internet & satellite tv for full time 5er

Looking for suggestions for internet, we have Verizon mifi which slows WAY down after 15 GBs of data usage. Anything else out there? We use the Verizon "Pro" plan (100 GB/mon). For a non-Verizon customer, it's $90/mon. Since we already had a Verizon unlimited plan, it only cost us $60/mon. I'd also look into a similar AT&T data plan. Here's the Verizon poop . . . height=263 width=748
TechWriter 02/20/22 11:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Clear2o RV Water Filter

Around here in MN or Northern Iowa all public water supplies are tested and regulated good. No need to filter that water again. Minnesota Tap Water Contamination Widespread Iowa Tap Water Pollution
TechWriter 02/16/22 06:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Clear2o RV Water Filter

Has anyone used one of these? How do they compare to the "Blue" filter? The Blue one filters at 100 microns and this one filters down to 1 micron. Does it reduce water flow? Clear2o Not a good idea. Here's a quote from the Clear2O website: Due to our superior one micron filtration solid carbon block some areas with high sediment and particulates may require a pre-filter to prevent low flow rates and clogging. While 1 micron filtration is great, you typically put a sediment filter in front of a carbon filter so that the carbon filter doesn't get clogged.
TechWriter 02/15/22 12:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Reservations at federal parks

Most CA beachfront campgrounds are state beach campgrounds. Less than 1% of California State Parks campgrounds have heookups of any kind, mostly W/E only. The very few that have full hookups are booked up months ahead of time. The few state beach campgrounds with full hookups are gone in mere seconds, months ahead of time. What's new? Months in advance - it's been that way for as long as I remember Gave up on a CA full hookup beach campground, but found an OR full hookup beach site instead. Was able to get a CA beachfront site with electric hookup. Inconvenient, but enough for me as it's location, location, location . . . height=500 width=925
TechWriter 02/11/22 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reservations at federal parks

It’s tough to get get choice sites but there are, as TechWriter said, scores, possibly hundreds of others doing the exact same thing. Bingo! Been trying to book a few CA beach front camp sites with hookups. Nearly impossible. I was able to get one campground just from repeatedly click-click-clicking at the magic turnover time. Did the same for a full hookup Oregon beachfront campground. Luck and persistence. Been doing this since 2004 for WI state parks . . . it hasn't changed.
TechWriter 02/10/22 12:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reservations at federal parks

Priority for federal park reservation system is that they are unable to solve the problem of insiders who block the choicest campsites for their friends. How do you know this? I was booking a good campsite in the Village at Yosemite NP seconds after it's opening for the next calendar cycle. And lo and behold, by a stroke of incredible miracle, it's all already booked solid. Are you new to booking hard-to-get campsites? Those few "seconds" are all it takes for popular sites to disappear. Scores, possibly hundreds, of people could be right there at the same time with you trying to get those choice spots. I hate it too. I was tempted to sign up to Campnab, but it's too pricey. My solution is to book as far in advance as possible (typically months or even years) and wait for the exact "rollover" date and time -- down to the minute. It can work (see my Booking Banff 2019 blog entry). Recently, using this technique I scored sites in popular Oregon & California campgrounds.
TechWriter 02/07/22 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: House Toilet Cleaners Ok for Rv Toilets.

Do rv toilets have to be cleaned with specially made cleaners for rv’s. Is it harmful to the rv pipes, gaskets and connections to use Clorox Bleach. Must the cleaner be rv friendly. No. RV waste plumbing is ABS and the waste valve seals are Santoprene. Both ABS and Santoprene are not affected by bleach. However, in the 90's and early 00's, polybutylene (PB) plumbing was used in houses and RVs. It was a disaster as bleach disintegrated PB (see Spencer Class action lawsuit). So unless you have one of these old RVs, don't worry.
TechWriter 02/02/22 12:15am Tech Issues
RE: Best solutions for internet - REAL solutions please! :)

I'm having a lot of trouble traveling because I can't get a "decent" connection. I must have one for part time work. Decent means 10mbps . . . 3) How is starlink? Very good for a stationary location. I've had it for about a year and DL speeds are almost always 100+ Mbps. Starlink has become very stable over time. However, for mobile use, I don't think it's there yet. Starlink service is not guaranteed in all areas. 4) How is any other satellite internet? I used a portable HughesNet Gen 5 dish for two years and it was bullet proof. DL speeds averaged to 10+ Mbps. And service was available as long as you could see the Echostar 19 sat. However, HughesNet Gen 5 is expensive and klunky. The equipment you need for a portable system (dish, tripod, modem, etc) costs about $1500. Then you must purchase a data plan (which you can change every month in you want) which range from 2 GB/mon ($40) to 1 TB/mon ($2000). We opted for the 50 GB/mon data plan for $120/mon. FYI -- this is Business HughesNet Gen 5, not Residential. In short, it means you use a bigger sat dish and have more data plan choices AND you can move it around.
TechWriter 01/30/22 05:26pm Technology Corner
RE: I have no 12V power to my toad signal and brake lights.

If you're unable to track down the fault, try the Tekonsha Modulite ZCI.
TechWriter 01/24/22 03:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New RV USB plugs, what amperage are they?

The only problem with those is you have to have 120v power or you have no 5v power. For people who boondock, it is not an answer. OP didn't mention anything about boondocking.
TechWriter 01/22/22 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: New RV USB plugs, what amperage are they?

Many new(ish) devices require the higher powered, 2.1-amp USB plugs. On the flip side, most of the plugs I've seen in RVs I believe are under an amp. Anybody knowledgeable on this subject? Is the RV industry keeping up with technology? Well, it looks like nobody knows (including me), but if you need more USB outlet power look to updating your AC outlets.
TechWriter 01/22/22 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Reserve California website question?

The campsites are skewed completely off the road . . . In the almost 20 years I've used online sites, including Reserve California, to book campgrounds, I've always used the reservation service campground maps as "suggestions". I rely on city/county/state/federal maps and/or Google Maps.
TechWriter 01/18/22 12:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Victron MultiPlus II Inverter/Charger

Anyone install the MultiPlus II? As to the multi-plus I’m signing up with PT :) (assuming my ProSine 2.0 ever goes south??), but would opt for the 3000…You might also check at Youtube. Yep. That's the bad boy I'm talking about. Discovered the MultiPlus II from one of the videos on the All About RVs YouTube Site. Two months later he followed up with an install video. I also like Chad Heiser's stuff. He confirmed that the MultiPlus II can be wired directly to a 50A electrical panel. Nope, but it is on my shortlist should I have a failure of the inverter/charger. The other one I'd consider is Outback. Does the Outback allow direct connection to the main electrical panel?
TechWriter 01/11/22 10:45pm Tech Issues
Victron MultiPlus II Inverter/Charger

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30308901
TechWriter 01/11/22 05:05pm Technology Corner
Victron MultiPlus II Inverter/Charger

Anyone install the MultiPlus II?
TechWriter 01/11/22 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Wifi options

I am thinking that if I want anything it would have to be a satellite type setup. Besides cell data service, there are a number of satellite data services: Ones That You Can't Afford Ones That You Might Afford -- Starlink, HughesNet (Ku band), HughesNet Gen 5 (Ka band) (see below) STARLINK Cost: $500 for dish. $99 monthly fee. Speed:100 to 200+ Mbps (my average) Mobility: Kinda sorta. You can move your Starlink dish by changing your Service Address. However, the area you're moving into may not have Starlink service. Also, when you may not be able to return to your "home" service. Notes: Expect a 6-month to 1-year wait time to get your equipment. You'll need a clear view of the sky like my roof setup. Don't hold your breath for a truly mobile version of Starlink. Check Starlink Reddit for more info. HUGHESNET (KU BAND) Cost: Way too much for what you get. Speed: 1 - 3 Mbps (at best) Mobility: Ku-Band HughesNet ("your father's HughesNet") was made for RVing. Lots of Rvs had that dish with the blue light on their RV roof. Notes: Ku-Band HughesNet is still available and service is typically supplied by iDirect. HUGHESNET (KA BAND) -- Business Service, NOT Home Service Cost: $1500 for equipment (dish, tripod, etc). Data Plans from $40 to $600/month. Speed: 10 Mbps (my average speed) Mobility: My .98M HughesNet Gen5 dish was a PITA to set up, but it was easy to aim, and ultimately always performed well. Rooftop automatic HughesNet Gen5 systems are available. Notes: To reaffirm, this is the Business version of HughesNet Gen5, not the home version. FYI - the home version uses a .74M (29 in) dish while the Business HughesNet Gen 5 uses .90M (35 in) to 1.2M (47 in) dish. In this case, size does matter. Finally, you're locked into a 2-year commitment.
TechWriter 01/05/22 12:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Wifi options

Here's a member's forum post suggesting "We have Starlink and travel extensively with it...". It appears to violate Starlink's current TOS . . . I don't think so. According to the Starlink Reddit, people just change their Service Address and then move the dish. However, two gotchas: - There may not be Starlink service in the area you're moving to. - If you return to your "home" base, there may not be an available spot for service. In other words, you could lose your Starlink home service.
TechWriter 01/05/22 11:47am Technology Corner
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