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RE: TIP problems

There were considerable problems last season with on line permits that seemed to coincide with the change in government. I too have seen reports of people being refused permits with 1 tons this season. All i can suggest is printing out the SAT regulations and pointing out page 22 where it states cargo capacity and maybe print out the page off the banjercito site where it also states that (The spanish version (the English version mistakingly states GVW) All theses documents are available at If you can take your truck empty to a scale, preferably an official one and get it weighed empty which will usually come in at less than 7710 lbs or 3500 kg, it is not a bad idea. Any official piece of paper showing weights can help.
Tequila 10/14/19 08:00am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Travel to Guadalajara

HI infogeek. I am associated with a Caravan ocmpany. there are 2 pages on their site that may help you with information on a lot of your concerns. Just filter out the caravan related stuff and there is a lot there that will help out. Laredo to the guadalajara area is not difficult, its about 1.5 days travel. and
Tequila 09/28/19 10:38am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: AT&T just came out with a deal on cells that work in mexico

A few weeks ago I was shopping for a phone plan that would work in Mexico and AT&T’s plan required that more than 50% of the months calls must originate in the U.S. or they will terminate the service. Since we will be in Mexico for 4 months and 100% of our calls would be from there the manager of the AT&T store we were at said their plans wouldn’t work for us. Is this a new plan without the requirement that 50% of the monthly calls originate from the U.S.? I have been using it for a year and hardly any of my calls originate in the US.
Tequila 09/08/19 12:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
AT&T just came out with a deal on cells that work in mexico

AT&T has just come out with a limited offer for its US-Canada-Mexico cell plans with 8 gig of data. $300 US if you prepay for one year. That is $25 a month. It is the same plan I am on at $50 a month ($40 actually as I prepay). I am assuming its a one shot deal. I am trying to take advantage of this, but I think I have to get a new number which I don't want to do.
Tequila 09/07/19 09:31am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

True, but that was not my original premise. First i was confused if Japanese made vehiclkes could even get a 180 day TIP.I was not planning to import the vehicle in permanent, although the thought has occured to me if I get resident status. Easier to buy a car in Mexico, however.
Tequila 09/02/19 05:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

intersting, she has seemed helpful. Advice taken
Tequila 09/01/19 02:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

If I get perm then I can still drive vehicles my wife brings in. If she goes temporal in 4 years that is 8 years total. I will be 78. Probably fly and rent by then
Tequila 08/20/19 08:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

permanently importing and putting mexican plates on it
Tequila 08/19/19 10:03pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

Or you could buy a Made in America Honda or Toyota and have no worries. I have a 2008 I bought new with only 60K mile son it, I would be crazy to get rid of it.
Tequila 08/19/19 09:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

i have actually done that, emailed them on saturday. I intend to go to mexico in late october. I am flying home in early december and back in January. I may go to see them in october and take in the paperwork then do the formalities in December
Tequila 08/19/19 09:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

That works for me
Tequila 08/19/19 07:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

Hopefully this information is current, the only date given is in 2013. I hate to be the skeptic, but we've learned a lot since we have moved here. Since you are planning to get your temporary residency, why don't you just buy a vehicle here? They are significantly less expensive than they are in the US, and tend to have very low mileage, depending upon where you buy them. We are on our second vehicle. The first was purchased to pull our 8 foot cargo trailer *Mexico plated) to the US and back, and the second when we realized that the Durango was way too big for town and sucked gas. Love our Escape and the dogs fit nicely. Just things to consider. I intend to get either temporal 0r permanente, but I wont have it til later in the season, have to go to the consulate in Vancouver do the pre approval, then fly back in Jan. My intention is to tow my honda in my wifes name, leave the motorhome in storage down there and use the car to drive home. Since it is on a dolly, I may have to add the dolly to its TIP and tow it home empty. I can delay my wife getting resindente for aocuple of years, that will give us at least 6 years we can leave the motorhome down there. I am hoping I may be able to get my wife under my IMSS, but I doubt it. However she is 6 years younger and the travel insurance not so insurmountable as mine. Eventually we will either nationlaize the motorhome or just fly and rent.
Tequila 08/19/19 07:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Japanese cars in Mexico

You can tow in anything you like. You can't nationalize anything more than 9 years old and it must be a NAFTA vehicle. Actually they have reciently change they rules you cna now nationalize 2000 to 2016 years according to Sonai Diaz website
Tequila 08/19/19 04:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Permanent Resident and bringing in a Motorhome

I have been stopped in Sonara on hwy 15 and had my permits examined. This is why I wont attempt this unless I have something firm from SAT. The insurance issue is another matter.
Tequila 08/19/19 03:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Japanese cars in Mexico

Ok, I am now being told you cannot bring a Car that has a "J" in its VIN into mexico as it was made in Japan. Like the honda I plan to tow in next year. I believe this refers to nationizing a car. Has anyone towed a japanese made car (Vin starts with J) into Mexico and obtained a TIP on it?
Tequila 08/19/19 03:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Permanent Resident and bringing in a Motorhome

The diference is a motorhome or trailer, etc is issued a 10 year permit, a car or truck 180 day. The reason for the restriction is to stop people from selling foreign plated vehicles in Mexico. Possibly they do not consider RV's a threat for that. After all, there is no deposit on them. Anyway I am going to check on it. These people say their immigration lawyer told them it was OK. With all the computer integration these days, he may be right. I want it straight from SAT before I attempt it. I am also betting that even if you can, you would not be able to obtain a 10 year after getting residente. It is interesting that the SAT regs do not mention the restriction under Casa Rodantes, just the restrictions on who can drive it.
Tequila 08/19/19 09:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
Permanent Resident and bringing in a Motorhome

This may actually be legal. I have always known that you cannot take a car or truck in if you have residente permanente, but this MAY NOT apply to motorhomes. The SAT REGS mention the restriction for automobiles/trucks, but in the Casa Rodantes section, no mention at all. I have now come across one couple, both with permanente who are driving a Class A in and out annually with no probems (so far). They obtained them last year. I am not sure if they obtained them directly or converted from temporal. At least the computer systems did not bring up an issue. I am wondering if you already have a 10 year permit on an RV, if this is maybe allowed (for the life of the permit anyway). I am going to have my Mexican Partner contact SAT and try to find out. I want to get residente status this season myself (so I can buy a Mexican car and access IMSS) and I want to leave my motorhome in Mexico. I can do it on temporal, but I would rather go the whole hog. Besides temporal is only good for 4 years If you understand Spanish here are the 2 SAT sections on each type of vehicle: Cars Motorhomes Anyone here in this situation?
Tequila 08/19/19 08:51am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tow dolly question

i am worried about insurance issues if I dont put it on the permit and something happens. Although I'd prefer to leave it down there, I could tow it home, making sure its on the car permit, not the motorhome. i am going to contact banjercito and see if they would add it to a 10 year permit or not. Maybe because its just a car dolly. they will.
Tequila 08/14/19 02:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Tow dolly question

I wnat to leave my motorhiome in mexico and tow a car dowen this year to drive back. Issue is it is on a dolly. Anyone know if I have to add the dolly to the TIP. THat is an issue if its the motorhome as I need a 10 year permit. I would like to leave it down there, but I am thinking I may have tio get a bumper hitch for my Honda Fit and add it to that 180 day and tow it home. Unloaded, it should tow OK. I am wondering if I should simply not mention it. I was going to do the vehicles on line anyway. Anyone have any experience?
Tequila 08/14/19 01:52pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Anything new on Mexican Diesel ULSD?

Accordign to Ted white they are
Tequila 08/14/19 01:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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