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RE: hate to be a donnie downer...

I have seen plenty this season. most are on the road in early Jan & mid to late march. We curently have about 70 rigs in mexico on our caravans. about 35 english & 35 french. If you see a convoy of 15 airstreams they are ours. The french are stationary in Lo de Marcos, there are 3 english groups on the move. 2 in the northern interior and one in Chiapas.
Tequila 02/27/20 04:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Need advice on TIP

No province will ever change the registratipn. The vin shows up as a truck To call it a motorhome you have to show papers where it was an unfinished vehicle and more papers where it was converted. Lots of red tape. Nothing with governments is that easy. I got away with it once BC plates and jacks removed from camper, convinced the aduana it ewas a single unit. Technically illegal.
Tequila 02/27/20 04:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Need advice on TIP

Actually you will have an issue. The truck needs a 180 and so does the tracker. You are not allowed to have 2. If you have a spouse its easy, single, you have a problem. Only possible way to maybe get away with it is remove the jacks off the camper and try and register the truck & camper as an RV. Some have managed it. You may be able to do it on line.
Tequila 02/27/20 04:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel Fuel

Actually as far as Mazatlan most fuel is ULSD. Try to use Arco where possible, all of theirs is. We asked the pemex just past the san miguel toll booth just north of los mochis and he said his is ULSD.
Tequila 02/27/20 04:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Shooting in Manzanillo Colima

stay away from Surrey, BC, LOL
Tequila 02/27/20 04:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

If i put it in my brothers name, i will still be on the registration, in this province you can have more than one name on the registration. That rule about the other party being in the vehicle is only under the vehicle rules, it appears nowhere under the casa rodante rules.
Tequila 12/30/19 10:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

Moisheh is incorrect about a residente permanente being able to drive a foreign plated vehicle registered to a spouse. If the spouse is not residente permanente, you can drive it IF it is a spouse, brother sister, parents or kids. You can drive any foreign plated vehicle that is not a close relative if they are in there with you. It's all in the SAT regulations. A mexican citizen may drive your foreing plated vehicle if you are in there as well. Th SAT regs have no restictions when it comes to Casa rodantes. Th esection on those do mention status of theperson at all. See IN english the paragraph reads " Motor homes may be driven or transported in the national territory by the importer, spouse, their parents, children or siblings provided they are permanent residents abroad or by any other person when the importer travels on board. This is why I suspect immigration lawyers are telling me the rules do not apply to 10 year permit holders. Provided you have not renounced your resident status in the uS or Canada.
Tequila 12/30/19 08:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

importing permanently is not something I want to do at this time in case I want to take it back in 4 years. You cannot take a mexican plated vehicle into Canada. If not, I am not sure what the rules would be about improting it, it would be 14 years old at that point.
Tequila 12/29/19 09:21am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

not necesarily. Insurance is separate, you can specify drivers. Either way I dont have to worry for 4 years. may just let the wifes temopral lapse and re-apply, the motorhome permit is in her name.
Tequila 12/28/19 11:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

according to the lawyer it only is valid IF you already have the TIP when you obtain residente. This is what Spencers in Chapala have told me and also Yucatan Expatriate services. You would be unable to renew it. Since I am approaching 71, 10 years works for me. Now, if you can't, I see no reason you cannot cancel the TIP, & put a siblings name on the registation. Have them get a new 10 year TIP in their name (On line even, I don't think they would even have to cross the border). You could sit in the Sonara free zone while all of that is done. As a sibling, you are allowed to drive it without them being in the rig and your name is also on the registration.
Tequila 12/28/19 10:04am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

My wife's pension is a lot larger than mine (university tenure) but she just retired this month so could not go for permanente as it is based on retirement income. I may see if its worth letting our temporal expire then reapply for permanente as a couple if we qualify. That would save one renewal. I could also plan to withdraw a monthly amount from my RRSP (401K) for 6 months to jack up my income.
Tequila 12/27/19 04:28pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

I have now had 2 immigration lawyers tell me that you can still drive an RV with a 10 year TIP after you are Residente Permanente as long as you obtained it when you had a tourist visa or Residente Temporal. I know one couple, both with permanente, who are driving a motorhome in each year with no issues. You certainly cannot have a foreign plated car. I have looked at the SAT regs and they are vague when it comes to this. I would sure like to find someone who got a Casa Rodante permit when they were Residente Temporal and whether they gave them a 10 year TIP or tied it to the expiry of their residente Temporal card. If this is true, I would like to cancel my TIP before my residente temporal expires and then bring it back in under a new 10 year.
Tequila 12/27/19 04:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

Mimimum wage is to go up 20% and income requirements for residency is based on the minimum wage. It will now take a pension income of about $3600 a month US to qualify for permanente and about $1900 US for temporal. You can convert from temporal to permanente after 4 years with no income requirements. They are quite sticky, the income has to be monthly. When i applied in December I had issues for permanente (had to go temporal) 1) I have more tax taken off than I need to as I am never home at tax time. Even though I had 4 years of tax rebates they would not factor those in 2) I take withdrawals from my RRSP (like 401k) 3 or 4 times a year. they would not average those as monthly income. It means a bit more hassle & expense as I have to renew temproal in a year then switch to permanente in 4 years. That means i have to be in Mexico 30 days before the temporal anniversary.
Tequila 12/26/19 06:22am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Great News, Pumping Real Diesel for 5 More Years

From Ed White: Good Morning Paul, I haven't checked lately, but Chevron Mexico's website used to carry the message that their diesel fuel is DUBA. (Note Arco is all DUBA) In any case, at this stage: 1. Nobody has reported to me a single verifiable case of sulfur-in-fuel problems since April of 2018. 2. The three or four third party reports I have received related to emissions light warnings over the past 18 months have all resolved themselves, except for one, which suggests that fuel was not the issue. In the case which did not resolve itself, I managed to communicate with the owner. The problem turned out to be a faulty NOX sensor. 3. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) was first introduced NINE YEARS AGO, and those nine year old trucks are beginning to experience NOX sensor failures and intermittent misbehavior simply due to aging, not the fuel. So, it would be helpful to note the model year of vehicles exhibiting emissions system warnings when trying to determine what caused the problem. The older the truck, the more likely it is a component failure. 4. The lack of proven fuel related problems since April of 2018 suggests to me that Pemex is diverting most or all of it's LSD to shipping, electrical plants, and bulk purchase industrial customers, not the retail automotive segment of their market. 5. The entire Baja appears to be continuing to receive exclusively DUBA. There are a LOT of Snowbirds down here with late model diesels, including me, and there is no sign of any issues. The last samples I took, admittedly a year ago, were DUBA for both northern and southern Baja. 6. One way to determine whether a station is receiving DUBA is to get a look at the delivery manifest documentation, if they will show it to you. The document WILL list the diesel type delivered on the last top up. Regards Ted
Tequila 12/26/19 06:08am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: leaving car in Mexico

I was told a foreign plated vehicle is no issue with temporal, only permanente
Tequila 12/15/19 05:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
leaving car in Mexico

I sucessfully flew out of PV last week, leaving my 180 day TIP car in Mexico. They never asked. I am re-entering with a residente temporal visa, it is only good for 30 days while I exchaneg it for a residente temporal card. I still just plan to drive the car out of mexico within the original 180 days. I figure the worst that will happen is I may lose the $400 depsoit.
Tequila 12/14/19 04:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: cell phone in Mexico

I have a Moto G5 dual sim, both my Telcel sim and AT&T sim work in Mexico, the uS and Canada.
Tequila 12/14/19 04:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving.

I have bought 2 dogs from Mexico to Canada so far. just make sure they have the shots and have a vet backdate the certificate so they show asa 30 days ago if needed. Its actually easier to bring back a mexican dog than a mexican person.
Tequila 12/14/19 04:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
A good Pemex incident from my Partner:

We just arrived to Mission West RV Resort in order to pickup our next caravan. On our way from Monterrey to Mission, Texas, France and I stopped to fuel at "Los Ahijados" Pemex station and resting area, I paid my bill and went to the convenience store to get my official invoice, then I went back to our RV and continued our way. It was 20 minutes later when I wanted to pay at the next toll booth that I realized that I had lost my wallet with $ 8,000 MXN ( about $ 400 USD ), so, we immediately went back to the place where I knew I had used my wallet for the last time, hoping that I could find it along with my ID and other cards... Maybe it is hard to believe but as soon as I showed up, the young man who operated my fuel pump 45 minutes before met me and asked me: - You lost your wallet? - Yes, I did - I said. - Don't worry sir, I found it on the floor. Come along. So, he took me to an office, open a desk drawer took my wallet and gave it back to me. It was intact. I did what Mexican people do in these cases, give a token of appreciation called "albricias" so, we show how we appreciate the honest action of returning what does not belong to us. As in any other part in the world, you will find many honest people in Mexico, too.
Tequila 11/27/19 09:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
PV cuota

anyone know if the new cuota form compostela to las varas is open as it was supposed to be this month?
Tequila 11/18/19 06:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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