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RE: Tongue Weights weighed

Truth is 350lb is with in the capacity rating to not need a WDH. You would only need a WDH once you get past 500lb if you have a 1500 series truck. Most 1500 series trucks have a 500lb weight carrying limit on the hitch. So once you get past 500lb of tongue weight, you are not only unloading the front axle, you are over stressing the hitch itself. at that point you need a wdh. Of course the weight at which you need a WDH is based on the weight carrying capacity of your receiver hitch. 2500 series, and 3500 many have a higher weight carrying capacity. My F150 has a weight carrying capacity of 500lb on the receiver, and a WDH tongue weight capacity of 1050lb.
Terryallan 05/14/21 01:00pm Towing
RE: Plastic trim piece ???

Any RV dealer has it. Installation hint. Get a 5 GAL bucket of hot water, and coil the trim into it. get it pretty hot, and it will easily fit into the channel. Don't try to slide it in from the end. Just hook it on the bottom side, and take a flat head screw driver, and slide it along the top edge and it will slip right in.
Terryallan 05/08/21 08:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

So here is the way I look at it. My Dad was a truck driver, and i drove with him for a while.. But after I stopped. he came by the house one day while we were gone, and left some of that good Texas produce on the steps. I called him when we got home and saw it. He told me he had to go out on a trip, and we would get together and do whatever when he got back. Well he came back in a box. He died in a rest area in Nebraska. Not from an accident. He truly was the best driver you could ever meet. Had 20 save driving awards. So when I say I learned from the best. I really did. He died from a ruptured hernia. Now every since that day. If my kids wanted to do something, or my wife wanted to do some thing. IF I could I made it happen. We bought a TT because we could go places and camp, we never could afford to go and stay in a motel. And yes , we struggled to pay for the TT as well. but it gave us the freedom to do things we wanted to do. My point is. I decided we would live. We would do the things we wanted to do. We may not have been able to go first class all the time. But we lived, and are living. Now because of it. I may not have a lot of money saved up, and there are times we still struggle because of how we lived. But the key word in. We live. and i wouldn't trade all the money in the world for the memories we made in those "entry level" popups, and TTs. Because you know what. You may not be here in the morning, and money ain't worth nothing unless you spend it. It's only paper. It won't keep you warm at night, and it won't sit beside you going down the road. And it won't talk to you about the adventures you had, or sadly. Didn't have. So live dude. You might not be here in the morning either. and all that worrying you do over money won't mean a thing. Except of course to Mama and her new traveling companion.
Terryallan 05/08/21 08:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

I would wait. The pandemic got a lot of people buying RV’s, the industry is sold out, prices are inflated, inventory is nonexistent. Wait another year or two and there is going to be a lot of people going back to their old ways and there is going to be a lot of inventory both new and used at very reasonable prices. Hate to put it this way. But, what if he doesn't have another year or two? Not every one does. Shoot, I may not either.
Terryallan 05/08/21 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

I've been wanting a TC for a number of years and finally retired so now is the time, right? Of course the pandemic hits, stock market tanks, we start a major remodel on our home, can't shop for either a truck or camper in person so I've been sitting on the sidelines watching prices go up and availability go down. I did throughly research virtually every type of RV and most TC brands and the components of TCs. Now if I order a Hallmark TC it'll probably be next year for delivery. My estimation of the economic effect of the pandemic on my personal situation was drastically wrong (thankfully); guess I'm a bit pessimistic or conservative financially. I've found over the years, for me, it's a better strategy to get what I want rather than making do and then "trade up" later. My point being a truck and camper is going to be the most expensive thing I've ever bought (outside of my kid's education) that wasn't a house. I think it's the right product so I can hunt, tow my boat and stay a couple nights at the lake, and bring my wife boondocking to some places she's never been. I hate hotels and eating out. She's ok w the purchase since I won't be paying w "our" money. We're in our early 60's but now too old to sleep on the ground anymore. LOL Just throwing the topic out to get an idea of how you guys convince yourselves to get off the fence or any other comments or thoughts. So here is the thing. you aren't getting any younger. And honestly. You are not promised tomorrow. If you want it, get it while you can still enjoy it. Because YOU MIGHT WAKE UP ONE DAY AND SUDDENLY be unable to use it. I know you think you have plenty of time, we all do. But do you? You just don't know. I retired 2 years ago. Fit as a fiddle, and ready for anything. Now I am having health problems and using the camper is a chore. Don't wait. Go for it. Enjoy your life. Life is too short to to miss out on. And if you wait. You just might wait too long. After all. It's only money, and you can't take it with you. It is worth nothing if you don't use it. So use it, enjoy life as long as you can. Just the thoughts of a old man who knows how short life can be.
Terryallan 05/07/21 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

With the fact that many get covid and never show symptoms ( a symptomatic) one cannot claim with certainty that they never had covid. Well you can be pretty sure. Especially if I never got sick, and no one around me ever got sick. Pretty sure I didn't have it.. Closest I got was after the second shot. I ran a fever for several hours.
Terryallan 04/26/21 07:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

Never did never will. Im glad you understand my point. I've never infected anybody with anything. I couldn't even give Mono away. And I've never had covid to infect any one with.
Terryallan 04/22/21 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: toilet bowl water

I never let the bowl go dry...... with water always in it my seals never get dry, which maintains their ability to seal. Agree. Especially when winterizing. I always put pink in the bowl to keep the seals wet, and lubed Strange that this works for seals but not for dolphins... :D I guess because Dolphins don't ever leave the water. You won't see them laying around on the sand.:S
Terryallan 04/22/21 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: toilet bowl water

I never let the bowl go dry...... with water always in it my seals never get dry, which maintains their ability to seal. Agree. Especially when winterizing. I always put pink in the bowl to keep the seals wet, and lubed
Terryallan 04/19/21 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

I've lost my freedom to infect others with a deadly virus and im ok with it. Life will return to normal one day and all the rv parks will be wide open. When did you ever have the freedom to infect anyone? Cause I never had that.
Terryallan 04/19/21 09:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

Because people over 65 are sometimes financially stressed for funds and a little special offer is appreciated. It gets them off the couch and into nature. They have earned a little respect and this is a great way for their nation to show it. The pass is not a "little" special offer. For $10, you got a lifetime of free access and 1/2 off camping. That's a MAJOR special offer. Some folks have been enjoying the perks of that pass for 20+ years of yearly visits to multiple parks, plus stays at other federal campgrounds. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't take it, but lets face it - that is way beyond the average senior discount offerings out there. Even now with the higher cost of $80 for the pass, it's still a MAJOR deal. You can recoup that cost in one week's camping trip. So again, be glad you got that "freebie" - it's one h3ll of a deal. But do remember. the Seniors have been paying for the National Parks for more than 50 years. They / we deserve a break on price. plus most of us go during the week when younger folks are at work. Let me tell you a little history. When We started camping on the Blue ridge Parkway. Campsites were $3.00 per night. I think a senior pass was like $1.00. What is it now? like $30.00. So even at half price, it is 15 times more expensive. And you still don't get power, and water, or showers. Primitive camping at it's finest.
Terryallan 04/16/21 05:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cybertruck has a yoke

Somebody worked overtime to make that thing as ugly as it is. Must have hired some GM designers. As it sits. You couldn't pay me to drive it. I have standards.
Terryallan 04/16/21 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with Auto Leveling

Murphs, it’s not the same. Checked owners manual for the ‘17 and it actually only talks about the old school way just like the 2021 manual but the 2021 calls for putting in service mode and adjusting the wdh then letting the bags pump up again. This is NOT fundamentally the right way. Wdh works on load. Auto air leveling Suspension is exactly what it states. It works only on ride height with height sensors. If you drop the air, let the trailer squish the rear suspension, do the measure the front height thing, when you’re done, the trailer WITH weight being pulled off the rear axle is still compressing the rear springs loading the ride height some amount. When you air back up, the auto ride takes over, pumps up the rear suspension and by way of doing that, changes the geometry of the wdh connection. Effectively putting “more” load on the bars. Opposite reaction of adjusting the trailer jack height to make attaching the bars easier. Except now you’ve changed the load the bars are seeing and how much weight it’s transferring. Think about it from a purely geometric and statics standpoint. You want the auto ride height where it is leveling the vehicle when you setup the weight dist. because it will always compensate for load and maintain the same geometry. Those that don’t understand these systems and how wdhs affect the forces on the vehicle and how these 2 systems need to consider how each other works and how that is different than just a simple spring suspension. The nuances may not be great with a lighter tongue weight, but the heavier the tongue weight, the more important this becomes. I realize mine was a Ford. But after you unhooked, and let the TV level itself. Then shut off the air ride BEFORE it lowered the vehicle. It held the level position. Then you could adjust the hitch just as if it did not have air ride. Then when done. you just turned it back on. But you say GM air rides don't work that way?
Terryallan 04/16/21 04:46pm Towing
RE: Towing with Auto Leveling

Refer to your owner's manual for the process of setting up your hitch with the auto level. I had one, and the instructions went as followed. Take it to a level parking lot. Uh hook. Leave the vehicle running and let it level itself. Then before it can lower itself. Turn the auto leveling OFF. The vehicle should stay level, and not lower. Then adjust the hitch as you normally would. I use the tape measure method. I get the front end back down to where it was unhooked. That will put any lost weight back on the front axle. after you get the hitch setup with the leveling off. Turn it back on. It should not raise the rear high enough to change the weight transfer. If it does. the front will be high again. That was my instructions, and it worked well.
Terryallan 04/13/21 10:18am Towing
RE: Myrtle Beach with Large 5th Wheel

Thanks all, we have a weekend at Pirateland booked for mid-May. We’ve been there once, but many years ago with a much smaller camper. I do believe, especially after looking at photos online that Pirateland has larger sites than Ocean Lakes. Again, thanks you all! Craig Absolutly do in the beach area
Terryallan 04/13/21 10:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Myrtle Beach with Large 5th Wheel

Honestly. All of the privately owned CGs can handle Big rigs. You just have to tell them what you have, and you will be put on a site that will accommodate you. For us, we like PirateLand. We have found the sites on the beach to be much larger than the others. The only one I would caution you about is Apache. Some of the roads there make backing difficult. OL has long sites, and all pull through, but they are not very wide. Holiday Travel Park has mostly pull through as well. But not as wide as PL.
Terryallan 04/08/21 07:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Changing flat tires?

Ffor those of you saying to use a block to run the good tire on to raise the bad tire. Remember, that doesn't work on ALL axles. My las t TT had floating axles, and you could raise the good tire 18 inches, and the bad tire would still be firmly on the ground. So doing a dry run is a great idea to see if raising the good tire will actually raise the bad tire. That's why I carry a bottle jack, and use links levelers to put it on. Interesting! Please show what axles you have that give 18" suspension travel. They were on my 2004 Fleetwood Pioneer. And raising either wheel would not raise the other. As I remember, they were floating axles. I haven't tried it on the TT I have now. I just go ahead and use the jack.
Terryallan 04/08/21 06:55pm Towing
RE: Changing flat tires?

Ffor those of you saying to use a block to run the good tire on to raise the bad tire. Remember, that doesn't work on ALL axles. My las t TT had floating axles, and you could raise the good tire 18 inches, and the bad tire would still be firmly on the ground. So doing a dry run is a great idea to see if raising the good tire will actually raise the bad tire. That's why I carry a bottle jack, and use links levelers to put it on.
Terryallan 03/29/21 01:35pm Towing
RE: Changing flat tires?

Changing your own is all well and good....and I (as I'm sure others have), have had the thrilling experience of changing a shredded tire along the highway...but that was passenger side....we're often on roads with minimal shoulder or no shoulder at all....not sure I'd be comfortable changing a driver-side flat on a trailer alongside a secondary body exposed to any idiot who happens to be texting or drunk or whatever...might, if ever faced with that, consider some sort of roadside and my family safe and out of the way I just keep a four-way and a small hydraulic floor jack under the kitchen table Would be better to limp along until you find a wide spot, or parking lot, so that you won't be exposed to traffic. But while you are at it change both of them, because with only one carrying the load. It will be damaged, and can blow at any time.. That is why I carry 2. Yes I have has schredded tires on both sides. All three in their fourth year. Never again will I run a Trailer tire into its 4th year. The come off at the beginning of the fourth year, before the first trip.
Terryallan 03/25/21 03:48pm Towing
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

I don't think he means no WDH, but maybe saying that a very expensive model, like the Pro pride or Hensley may not be needed. I agree, OP may not need those expensive upper end types. Jerry I'll agree with that. But it does need a WDH.
Terryallan 02/24/21 09:31am Travel Trailers
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