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RE: Observations from the road

We are out and about for the first time since the outbreak of Covid. There seems to be double the number of trucks on the road. Those truckers have a lot of places to shut it down for the night fuel and eat. They need more places to rest for the night or to just take a break. Campgrounds are plentiful but reservations are best even if made just a few hours before arrival. People are not wearing masks and are not practicing safe distances. The price of fuel is up. This is a beautiful country. Truth is. People have learned. Masks really do nothing, and the vax is hit and miss. I just got out of the hospital with a sever case of covid, and yes I was fully vaxed. It did no good. Absolutely NO GOOD. Here is how it is. If you are going to get it, you are going to get it, and there is nothing you can do about it. A person needs to do what ever they think will help them stay safe. Take the vax if you think it will help, wear a mask if you think it will help. Do what YOU "think" is best for you. But be advised. The hospitals are full of fully vaxed covid victims. I know I was one. not only did I have the vaccine, but also the infusion. Now I face MONTHS of recovery. So do what you think you need to do. But realize you still have the same chance of getting covid, as you did before you did anything. Best thing to do. Get out, and live your life. Don't sit home and hide from something that no one has any control over. All you do is waste what time you have here. God is the only protection you really have.
Terryallan 10/26/21 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Truthfully. the trailer brakes should engage as soon as you pull the lever. That's actually not how they work. - For trailer drum brakes, once the magnet is energized, the tire needs to roll a bit before the brakes actually engage. Going down the road at 60mph, it's a tiny fraction of a second. It's beyond the ability of the average human to detect the lag. Backing at 1mph, it's not instantaneous and as the driver, you can recognize it. - Brake controllers are designed primarily around road driving conditions. They don't want to lock up the trailer brakes at the first light tap of the brake pedal during high speed maneuvers. But at 5mph, the truck brakes are typically sufficient to stop even fairly large trailers, so it's not critical to design them for maneuvering in a campground. But as others have said, if you chock the wheels, it's a non-issue for the OP's question. Actually it is how they work. When you pull the manual lever all the way. the controler instantly sends full braking power to the trailer brakes. Thats how you set the power. true for them to work with the pedal, they have to be turning. But NOT with the manual lever. It fully charges them as soon as you pull the lever. Now I'm late i know. But I been sick.
Terryallan 10/20/21 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Truthfully. the trailer brakes should engage as soon as you pull the lever.
Terryallan 09/19/21 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 5er accidents

I'm always amazed at how fast people tow. Like in an area with 70mph speed limit for cars, and 60mph for trucks+trailers, I regularly see people towing RV's (both 5th wheel and bumper tow) at 75mph+, keeping up with the car traffic. I don't tow, but when I drive my Class C, I generally stick with the truck speed limit... not only is it safer, but the gas mileage is better too. Just because you *can* drive at 75mph, doesn't mean you *should*, or that you can do so safely. Unless there is weather or other conditions coming into play...on a clear dry day, keeping up with traffic is generally safer on freeways. Truck speed limits are put forth by politicians not traffic engineers. Now if it's a lightly traveled rural freeway, doing 60-65 isn't a big problem but as traffic builds keeping up so you don't create a rolling road block is safest. But I'm with the other post asking what data is there that a lot of 5th wheel crashes are happening? I've seen far more bumper pulls in crashes over the years. Only data I have is the news. And it tells me all the RV accidents in the past month in this area have been 5ers. My only reason for posting is to remind people that even though a 5er does tow pretty good. You are still towing. As for those advocating that you "keep up with traffic flow" remember as well. that unless you have replaced your ST tires. They are rated for 65 mph. Not realy safe to run them at 80.
Terryallan 09/10/21 04:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er accidents

What’s the difference between a video of a truck moving silly large load or a chyron of a truck moving a silly large load? I’m old enough to remember an advertisement for a front wheel drive car that was towing a boat on a trailer with the back wheels of the car removed. Any reasonably bright persons learns by about the age of 3 that commercials exaggerate and are to be taken with a large grain of salt. I remember that commercial, and use it as an example of what a WDH can do when I set up some one's trailer.
Terryallan 09/10/21 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er accidents

Curious where all these accidents for FW's are in NC. And how is it more than the rest of the US per state? Do you have some data? And you seem to be making some bold assumption of drivers towing FW's as to the causes of the accidents. There could be a million reasons for accidents completely outside the responsibility of the drivers. I just find the post completely presumptuous. Sorry, they were not all in NC. Some were in SC. Surprised you didn't read about them in Wilmington. You aren't that far from 544.
Terryallan 09/10/21 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Failure

What? Four years old and a couple years past time for replacement?! actually his tires were 5 to 6 years old. Trailer was a 2017. More than likely built in 2016. Probably sat on the lot for a year probably had 2016, or 2015 tires on it. 2021 -2017 = 5 years. 2021- 2016 = 6 years. and yes. That is a couple years past time for replacement. Those tires were just looking for a place to blow out. No matter how well they were taken care of.Did you see the date code on the tires? You're just speculating with no data. The trailer could actually have been a late year trailer, and the tires sourced earlier that same year. That would make them 4 years old. Don't be so quick to chastise someone without determining in advance you're working with facts. No chastizing. Just stating fact. They were overdue to be replaced. I stand by that, and I would bet the TT was built in 2016. By May, and June of the year. They are already putting the next year trailers on the lot. I bought my 2013 in June of 2012, It had been on the lot for 2 months. That tells me the new model year starts long before the year for which they are named.
Terryallan 09/10/21 03:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Failure

What? Four years old and a couple years past time for replacement?! actually his tires were 5 to 6 years old. Trailer was a 2017. More than likely built in 2016. Probably sat on the lot for a year probably had 2016, or 2015 tires on it. 2021 -2017 = 5 years. 2021- 2016 = 6 years. and yes. That is a couple years past time for replacement. Those tires were just looking for a place to blow out. No matter how well they were taken care of.
Terryallan 09/08/21 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: 5er accidents

Preaching to the choir? Even the choir needs some truth every now and then. Remember. They are just part of the congregation.
Terryallan 09/08/21 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Failure

Well in truth. they were a couple years past the time for replacement. You are very lucky they lasted this long.
Terryallan 09/07/21 06:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow capabilities

My 2009 GMG Yukon XL Denali (with factory tow package) is rated for 7900 lbs. If I adhere to weight restrictions and weight distribution upgrades, can I safely tow a trailer with a 7,038 lbs. dry weight? Thanks No
Terryallan 09/07/21 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
5er accidents

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30278198
Terryallan 09/07/21 06:18pm General RVing Issues
5er accidents

seems like the last few weeks have been really bad for 5ers here in NC. Why? My opinion. Many have been sold that story about how 5ers tow so good that you don't even know there are there, and that is how they drive. Like it is not there, and they get themselves into situations they don't have to skills to get out of, or don't have the Tv to get them out of it. Also many don't appear to have a 5th wheel capable TV. As in. I'll just put airbags on it, and it will be fine. WRONG. Airbags do not increase it capacity of your TV. Bottom line. Yes a 5er may or may not tow better than a tag along. But it is still a trailer hanging off the back of your truck, and it is still heavy, and it still moves the TV around some. Especially in the wind, and if your TV is not capable enough., and especially if you are tow really fast, and ignoring the trailer. You wouldn't believe the number of 5th wheels that pass me on the highway running 80, and 85 MPH. That folks is too fast. Even the big trucks don't run that fast as a rule. So don't fall for the myth that "you won't even feel it" You will, and if you aren't being careful. It may feel you right off the road. Drive like you are towing a trailer, because you are. You can't change lanes as fast, you can't accelerate as fast, and you can't stop as fast. You can't do anything like you can with out a trailer behind you. Drive accordingly. I'm tired of seeing campers scattered out all over the road. And yes. That goes for the tag alongs as well. But it just seems the 5ers are being driven with less caution than needed.
Terryallan 09/07/21 06:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: On top

Actually it depends on your RV. "most" but not all, are designed to be walked on.. Especially the ones with a factory ladder. If you are in doubt. Call the manufacturer of your camper. They will tell you in just a minute.
Terryallan 08/28/21 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Reflection 150 260RD - Running fridge while on the road

That is what it is designed to do. Exactly. and we have done it for 20 years. It actually cools better on the road as the bumping, and bouncing helps the cooling liquid tp circulate
Terryallan 08/28/21 03:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Vax Passports

An incredibly slippery slope for something of dubious value. If what we are being told about vaccinations is correct, the primary threat is to the unvaccinated. In the US, vaccines are widely available and cost free. The only people over the age of 12 who are unvaccinated are that way by choice. So they have put themselves in harms way. Furthermore, recent studies have tended to show that vaccinated people can carry and spread a viral load equal to the unvaccinated. That means that the threat a vaccinated person creates in spreading the virus is equal to that of the unvaccinated. Therefore, being vaccinated only benefits that individual, not others around them. The vaccinated are much less likely to catch covid. So if everyone is vaxxed those with compromised immune systems are much safer. Last update. You are still at risk to catch, and spread covid as if you were not vaccinated. Per the CDC.
Terryallan 08/28/21 03:02pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

yikes I got to ask more questions concerning the Navigation, ford said there was no monthy charge for the independent touch screen Navigation but I will check into this. We have an very old, lower cost Verizon plan with unlimited data (no plans to ever give up the plan) so I am still on the fence on a direction to go concerning the XL vs XLT Navigation Thanks Mike and still researching trucks :C Mike No there is no monthly charge for the indash GPS. You just upgrade it with a "Sim card" every year or so. $35.00 on line. Well worth it.
Terryallan 08/28/21 03:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

I have never paid for a navigation subscription in any of my trucks?? Neither have I. Google maps comes free on my phone, so why would I? All I know is GM wanted $9 a month or something like that for Nav, and I had to subscribe to a data plan above and beyond that. Maybe Ford is different, but I have my doubts. No corporation worth its salt gives away anything they can charge for. Most likely they incorporated the nav subscription into your monthly payment and you have no idea you're paying for it. If that's the case, says a lot about Ford and their business practices. no subscription needed to use Ford's indash GPS. Just update it every few years. Thing is If you lose cell service. Your phone can't tell you how far it is to your exit, because it doesn't know. Satellites always know.
Terryallan 08/26/21 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

I have never paid for a navigation subscription in any of my trucks?? Neither have I. You don't need a subscription to use the in dash GPS in my Ford Taurus. All you have to do is up date it every few years. Just order a new sim card. $35.00 off amazon. Bam instant up date, and you NEVER lose satellite signal, like you do cell service. Which happened to me at Cherry grove just 4 weeks ago. PLUS, and this is big for me. the in dash GPS shows me a picture of the exit, and which lane to use to get off the interstate. The phone does not.
Terryallan 08/26/21 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

Hello everyone, Now looking more into the 250 I was looking into the independent touch screen Navigation that comes with the XLT Pkg. Also with the Pkg comes camera pro trailer backup camera. Getting the pkg along with a few other minor things would set me back almost another 5K. No monthly cost from ford for the navigation. Now on the XL and 5k less I was told the Navigation screen will work off my phone GPS via bluetooth any pro's & con's on the 2 navigations? Truck I'm looking at now would have a 6' bed or 148" wheel base. I did a online search, says for 148" wheel base truck, trailer should be no more than a 30'. I'm looking at now is a 25' trailer but in future wondering would be an acceptable max trailer length Thank you for your replies/opinions Mike From what I am seeing. the 7.3 gas engine. They call it Godzilla. Is a monster. Every test I see the truck guys do. The 7.3 shins like the sun. As for that 30' trailer mythical rule of thumb. Not really true. the tow capacities say nothing about trailer length. and with a 250. 30' would be nothing. It much more depends on the rear over hang than the Wheel base. Meaning how far the hitch point is from the rear axle. In truth there are many more things to consider than just the Wheelbase. Like how well the TT is balanced, and how well the WDH is setup. I towed a 31' TT with a 145"WB F150. Absolutely 0 sway. As for the navigation working off the phone. Remember the phone navigation works off cell towers, and not satellite. If you get into an area with poor cell service. you will lose your navigation. In other words. The cell phone navigation has a poor chance of working in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and many areas around the NC, and SC coast. Anywhere, where there are few cell towers, it will be challenged.
Terryallan 08/25/21 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
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