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RE: Anyone dribble their gray ?

I attended an event this summer in a town where all the hotels were booked. A bunch of people rented TT's from a local shop. They set all the RV's up with the Grey (shower) cracked open. I'm sure it was so they wouldn't fill up over the 4 days we were there. I closed the one next to me as you could definitely smell the soapy water. I have had to open mine a few times depending on where we are and how long we are there. I always wait until it is full first, then find a way to drain off enough to get through the stay. I have a hose, so I connect my garden hose to it and drain it either under the trailer or off to some shrubs. I don't like doing it and can definitely smell it, but sometimes you need more space. I am discreet when I do it.
Thermoguy 10/19/21 08:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing New Trailer King RST+ : Only Option Is Carlisle??

Is discount tire the only place you can buy tires? You might look around - what is the weight of your trailer? Just because a couple people report a bad batch of Sailun tires, doesn't mean all Sailun tires are now bad. I think the consensus is that that is the best G rated tire for the money. The other option being Good Year. I believe that Carlisles are on the OK list, but you can probably get a better tire.
Thermoguy 10/19/21 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tonneau Cover

I have a metal roll up cover. Although it takes up some room in the bed, with a 5th wheel it works great. Can even roll the cover closed and lock to protect anyone from stealing the hitch. We use our truck as a truck, hauling all kinds of things and although you lose the front of the bed, its better in my opinion than the tri fold covers that block the back window. It does remove, but haven't had a reason to since we got it. It was better at keeping things dry when it was new, right now the side gaskets are worn, but they are replaceable.
Thermoguy 10/10/21 02:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires again

We currently have Samson tires on our trailer that could be up to 7 years old. The 5er is a 2014, we bought it in 2018 so we don't know for sure how old the tires are. We have traveled about 15,000 miles with these tires. I have always kept the tires aired up to 110 lbs. Now I'm wondering if we should just put the same tires back on. The blow out did put a hole in the sidewall about the diameter of a baseball. But is it possible that these current tires are at the end of their useful life span? Tires have a date code - Look that up and decide. Most think about 5 years is all a trailer tire can handle. A cheaper brand, less than that. Really consider what tires you put on it. A quality brand is not much more expensive than a non quality brand. But having the correct weight rating is the most important and some go up a rating just to be safe.
Thermoguy 10/09/21 10:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires again

There are good Chinese tires and bad Chinese tires. Carlisle and Hercules are good Chinese brands - probably better for your spare than your main tires. If you want a tire that you can trust driving down the road, for your trailer weight, buy the G rated GoodYear or Sailun tire as many have expressed very good results with both. I have heard that Walmart usually has good prices on the Sailun tires, I had priced them at a "tire" shop and they were way over priced, they wanted me to buy their Chinese brand tire... I have GoodYear tires on my 5th wheel, but my weights are not as high as yours. If I needed G rated, I would have purchased Sailun tires.
Thermoguy 10/08/21 07:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: roof replace or coat?

I think you need more details to get an accurate response. Do you have leaks or are you just trying to make it look better, bring back the white? Maybe add a picture...
Thermoguy 09/17/21 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

Interesting comments. I surf other forums and dielectric grease was always recommended as the solution for this problem. I can tell you only from my experience, since using the grease, I have this error less than I did using a dry connection. I will continue to use it even if it is the wrong product, only because it works. Thanks for the definitions and experience from electricians and electronic techs.
Thermoguy 09/16/21 06:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

Thanks for the replies. What happens is . . . I'm traveling down the road, pulling my camper I and get: ding, ding, ding and a message saying "Trailer Connected". I dismiss the message and a little while later it does it again. It gets annoying after a while. My battery is fine no corrosion there and it doesn't look real corroded inside the plug. I was hoping there was "magic" spray with baking soda or something. I'm guessing you have a GM Truck of some sort... I have seen that message. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in. Sometimes works for the rest of the trip. Dielectric grease has been the best fix, but not always. I have also had to have the steering stabilizer sensor changed out twice now. That was the most recent fix. Nothing else worked and it is a real PIA... Also, when that happens, you lose your trailer brakes, so drive carefully.
Thermoguy 09/16/21 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: flex tape

I tried to use Flex Seal on a rubber pool last summer. Didn't work, wouldn't stick to the rubber pool material. Watched all kinds of youtube videos of people showing it working, didn't work for me.
Thermoguy 09/13/21 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

I think I read on here that any ball lock can be bypassed, the best way to insure no once can steel it, use a thick chain and chain the 2 wheels together. Then it can't be moved because the wheels won't turn... Remove the tires and replace. Now it can be moved. Very simple. Or just use a battery operated cutting wheel. Nothing is fool proof. If someone has a cutting wheel and 2 extra tires with the right lug pattern, I think they should get the trailer and an award for being the most prepared. Many thefts are that of opportunity vs well planned out events... Just my thought. The person that originally posted did repossessions of RV's. Said that is the most difficult to reposes. If the OP could lock it in his back yard, park a car in front of it, or otherwise store it in a safe place, would he have asked the question? I'm guessing it's at a storage lot and he is concerned someone could hook up and drive off with it. It the lot owner doesn't see a guy changing tires, due to a chain through them, then you might need to chose a different lot...
Thermoguy 09/10/21 12:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

I think I read on here that any ball lock can be bypassed, the best way to insure no once can steel it, use a thick chain and chain the 2 wheels together. Then it can't be moved because the wheels won't turn...
Thermoguy 09/10/21 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: 2022 HD trucks delivery date

For people that want chips made in the US - some are, look at Intel in OR, AZ and other states. The auto manufacturers have tried other chips but have had major failures. It's not that easy to just "make" the chips somewhere else. I am sure that many manufacturers are looking for other sources of chips and some could be US, but the volume that they get makes it difficult to get in the US. US environmental regulations have reduced the number of companies that can make chips, circuit boards, and other electronics in the US - also competition from Chinese facilities has made it difficult. With the US minimum wage going up, it will make it even harder to source low cost products in the US. Also, realize that most of these chips are designed in the US but production is in China or elsewhere. So, the companies that make these have facilities all over the world. Really the issue is COVID. Once we can get past this, things could get back to normal, or a new normal... When will trucks hit $100K? $200K?
Thermoguy 09/07/21 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 HD trucks delivery date

No one knows when the supply shortage and chip shortage will end. Production in China is all over the board and even the big auto manufacturers can not get chips. If anyone has a crystal ball and knows when these things will get back on track, I'm all ears... But, it could be months or years, we just don't know. When Covid is no longer a world wide treat, then I think manufacturing will start to get back on track. I think the real question is will prices adjust back down or will manufacturers see this as an opportunity to keep prices / margins high... In my business (technology) we are getting new prices from manufactures weekly and all are increasing. We have to adjust with them to keep our margins profitable for the owner.
Thermoguy 09/05/21 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery size question

To the OP - you never say how old your batteries are other than a couple years. If they are still good, why replace them just to get something you can lift? Just disconnect and leave in the trailer - or is there a reason that is not an option? If your batteries are not very old but not charging properly anymore, why? Have you used battery power to a point where you are damaging the battery and not getting proper life out of them? If this is the case, going to a single battery will be harder on that 1 battery and damage it quicker, also possibly leaving you without power if you drain the battery to a lower state. Something to think about before you switch to a single battery. But, with the battery you are choosing, you can always add a 2nd. I went the route of 2 6v, but I like to boondock vs apartment complex camping.
Thermoguy 09/02/21 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Long Beach, WA to Spokane

If you want a scenic drive and avoid stop and go traffic, go White Pass, but plan for a scenic drive with winding roads, a pretty good incline and good hill going down the pass. This is my choice if I don't want to sit in stop and go. This is also our newest destination for camping - but before you go, check the fires in Yakima. Not sure if any fires are effecting the roads over there. If you want the easiest drive on your vehicle, lots of freeway, truck traffic, stop and go, then go 90. Once you get to North Bend (or off 18) it is pretty good, freeway travel. This is also your fastest option, depending on how much rush hour traffic, or just plain overcrowded. If you haven't done White Pass, I would recommend that for the view and scenery. Don't go Portland to 84, unless you are trying to avoid a pass. Long boring and lots of traffic.
Thermoguy 08/29/21 02:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Does the Color of an HD Pickup Make a Difference?

...Seems like now isn't the best time to buy a new truck and plan to make money when you sell it in a year or so. I always thought the idea was to buy low and sell high, not vice versa. :) I have the opportunity to buy low. I do not think prices will drop in the next year. Vehicle prices are at an all time high due to the chip shortage. People are selling used trucks for more than they paid for them 2-3 years ago. Unless this chip shortage lasts another year, all those new trucks sitting waiting for chips will flood the market and dealers will go back to dealing vs selling at 2nd sticker plus. Good luck with resale. Plan to take a hit, on this and the trailer.
Thermoguy 08/29/21 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best resale value toy hauler or tt

One of the things you have to think about is what is it worth to you. Right now the RV market is at is highest levels ever. People are selling junk RV's for top dollar. My unit is worth more now than it was when I bought it 5 years ago. So, buying at the top of the market, then trying to sell in a couple years when the market crashes, might be a great way to lose lots of money. So, there is not a good choice in this RV market, just good or bad timing. Since the RV market is going crazy and people are realizing they can only use there RV's mid week and all the campgrounds are booked months in advance. Wait until people go to book next summers trips and they are all booked up by September or October. Then they try to store them over the winter and storage lots are full or charging more than they thought, then the used RV's will start to flood the market.
Thermoguy 08/29/21 01:52pm Toy Haulers
RE: Do They Make 5th Wheels Like This Anymore??

Have you looked at any Class C converted to 4WD? Or does the camper need to be removable? Yes, that’s the idea. The camper should be removable so I can replace either of the components when one or the other breaks or ages out. Essentially, a bigger truck camper using a commercial truck. A class c doesn’t look great to me and it’s not too handy that the power/drive base is permanently attached to the RV part and typically is a gasoline powered van body. I’m trying to use a diesel truck. A company I worked for in the past had traveling demo units. We had a couple class A RV's that were converted, but we also did a Renegade. Freightliner front end Super C RV. However we purchased it completely empty, Then retrofitted the inside for our needs. When they were done with it, they sold it dirt cheap to an employee who turned it into an RV. My point, maybe you can find a diesel Super C you can buy as a shell then create what you want. I think a new Super C drive train and engine will outlast the RV part.
Thermoguy 08/28/21 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do They Make 5th Wheels Like This Anymore??

How about something like a horse trailer - check Featherlite, Sundowner, or I think the ATC line of trailers have a lower front for the fifthwheel or gooseneck.
Thermoguy 08/27/21 11:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

The Pros for built in Nav are that it is satellite based and not cellular based, so it works everywhere unlike cellular. I live on the west coast and no cellular in the mountains, my Nav system works but my Verizon cell does not. I do use Waze more than anything when traveling or needing to know where traffic is, but for general nav, I use the vehicle nav. When towing if I don't know where I am going I use the truck Nav. The other problem with a cellular nav, if you are using the phone for something else, you lose the nav to some extent. It used to be with Verizon data stopped when you were using the phone, but now that has changed so a map does continue to update, but it wasn't always that way and may or may not be with your cell service, and the area you are in. The other main pro is resale value, an XLT is worth more than $5K more than an XL on resale given all other factors are the same. The upgrade is more than just Nav typically, upgraded radio, maybe leather, etc. As for subscriptions, I have had XM radios in 2 of my 3 cars since 2011. I have never paid more than $50-$100 per year. I travel a lot in my work car and XM is great as I can listen to the same radio station regardless of where I am. In my 3rd car I just use the app to stream to the car radio, if I have cell service, sucks when we go to the mountains and I have to listen to the old songs I have saved on my phone. I have a Chev so I stopped paying for OnStar a long time ago.
Thermoguy 08/26/21 08:46am Tow Vehicles
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