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RE: Is Ram Ditching Aisin Tranmissions

^^^Have you seen a 2020 GM? All of your complaints are addressed in the 2020. But you like your Ram, so by all means it must be the best. I think most everyone has a truck manufacturer they like best and it is easy to find what is wrong with other trucks when you like the one you drive... On a side note, I like the location of the DEF in the engine compartment, I can lay a towel down and insure I don't spill it. I would not want to spill DEF on the paint of a vehicle. I always hear good things about the RAM especially when it comes to comfort.
Thermoguy 02/23/20 12:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pickup truck advice

B&W has a great source for finding the towing and payload of most any truck. Here is the link:
Thermoguy 02/23/20 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford Raptor towing

Good call - I don't think you want to mess with the shocks and suspension on a Raptor. Kind of defeats the purpose.
Thermoguy 02/23/20 10:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying an RV with patched water leak

Here is my experience. We purchased our RV used, mostly because we wanted to see if we would use it enough to justify the expense. We found one about 10 years old at a great price. I should have had it inspected by a professional but I have experience finding water damages in homes so I thought I knew what I was doing. A moisture meter really does not work in an RV, the walls are too thin and the meter doesn't get a good read. It is better than nothing, but not great. The trailer we bought had a leak that I did not find. It presented itself within the first fall and good rainy season. I have had it fixed and then fixed again as these things are hard to trace to the actual source sometimes, it was coming from the roof vent for the fridge. Anyway, no water damage and after 2 years, no additional water intrusion. So, if it is fixed and dry and no damage, it will be OK. If someone finds the leak and takes care of it, then there is no reason it will come back. However the older the rig, the more likely another leak can occur. I keep mine covered all winter to help any future problems. I also check it constantly to make sure if anything else happens I fix it ASAP. So far, all good. Happy Camping:)
Thermoguy 02/23/20 10:46am Beginning RVing
RE: Charge for each pet ??? your thoughts

I don't like it. I believe one of the reason you are camping is to bring your dogs and kids. I agree that everyone should clean up after their pet, I hate doing it but don't want others to see my dogs mess. But, if the overall rate is Ok then I would stay, or I would find a different park. I did recently stay at a hotel that had an $80 per night charge for dogs and a size limit. So, hopefully RV parks don't decide to do that.
Thermoguy 02/10/20 01:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pickup truck roof racks?

That's one reason I just don't understand why pick up manufacturers build such a short bed. 6' should be the minimum and even that is too short for many items. If you had a 10' ladder or 8' sheet of plywood, think how much would stick out past the truck...
Thermoguy 02/10/20 12:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Multimeter Calibration?

I knew that when I posted it. Just a good meter for around $100. But, there are others, I have a $400 meter so I'm not going to spend the time to find a link to a cost effective good brand meter that measures DC current. By all means, if you have one, please post for others.
Thermoguy 02/09/20 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter Calibration?

All meters, thermometers, etc have an accuracy rating. A good meter is +/- 1% or +/-2% of the reading. If you take 2 meters and read the same thing and both are accurate to +/- 2% you can now be off by as much as 4%, so best to not compare 2 meters. The best reading is one that is consistent, meaning if I am reading something and come back tomorrow to read the same measurement, it is within that accuracy rating. Another point is that all of these meters, Fluke, anyone, are made in China. Better companies use the better manufacturers over there and have better QC. So, it makes sense to buy a better meter if you want better accuracy. A $25 meter is going to give you what you paid for, a cheap meter reading. You should buy a better meter. You can get a descent quality meter for less money than you think. Just search around for it. Stick with a company that makes meters and measuring devices and not some brand that has there label put on a Chinese POS. This is a great Fluke meter used by lots of electricians at only $100... There are other good manufacturers of meters that are comparable and probably a little less expensive.
Thermoguy 02/08/20 10:14am Tech Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel Prep

Have a gooseneck hitch installed then go with a system that uses that such as the B&W Companion or Anderson, I'm sure there are others. Then when you take the hitch out, you have just a ball or turnover ball in my case. You also have the advantage of being able to haul a gooseneck trailer if you ever need to. I have the B&W Companion and it does come out in pieces, but it is heavy. Takes 2 people for the base.
Thermoguy 02/02/20 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Thank you for posting this question. I have a 2015 Silverado 2500HD and had a similar experience when I purchased our 5th wheel. We have been towing a 3 horse gooseneck with no issues, then got the 5th wheel and wow, what an awful tow. I honestly think it is the short bed of the 2500 that causes the chucking especially with the larger trailer. Your's is much longer than mine so probably much worst. I looked at the Anderson hitch for the light weight and ease of taking it in and out of the truck but want to try one before buying. My concern is the lack of positions it can be moved to. I believe you can move it up and down but not forward and back. I might be wrong, but that is what it looked like to me. I have the B&W companion and at first I put it as far back as possible and tried to level the trailer with the positioning of the hitch. That was awful for the chucking. During a trip to Yellowstone, every night I moved the hitch to find a better position for the best ride. I had to move it forward quite a bit and my trailer is not perfectly level but not bad. I also found that if my fresh water tank is full, it rides better. Probably pulling some weight off the hitch. It is definitely a balancing act as it is not perfect, but I would guess it is the trade off of having a short bed and short wheelbase truck. Good Luck, I'm sure you can find the balance without buying a lot of hardware to mask the chucking.
Thermoguy 02/02/20 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Bunkhouse Under 32'

I have a Forest River Sierra bunkhouse right at 32'. Mine is a little older I found used. There are a lot of models right around that 32' range, so you should be able to find some. Just start looking for bunk house models and you should be good to go. I have also seen bunkhouse models with double slides so, 4 beds in the bunkhouse. Very common. Just search Craigslist and other site for trailer sales. Search both Bunk House and Bunkhouse...
Thermoguy 01/24/20 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel tire question

Rear trailer tires will run slightly warmer than fronts that get direct air flow. Driving East of West the sunny side tires will be warmer that the shaded side. However a strong wind against the sunny side can make the shaded side tires carry more load and be warmer. I saw this for Phoenix to Palm Springs with 40 MPH wind out of the South on the 6 hour run. Fold up stairs right in front of the door side tires can cause them to run slightly warmer. FWIW, sunny side tires on both my FWs tended to run 10-15 hotter than shaded side. Same on my truck. When towing out here in the SW, in the summer, load charts are out the window. I want them to full cold psi to help dissipate the heat. I've seen nearly 150 on the sunny side tires towing across I-8 to San Diego. My old Komfort, with 860 lbs more GVW than my KZ, would always run in the 140's after 1-2 hours. E tires at 80 psi, 60-65 mph. Lyle So based on that, what do you consider to be hot or out of norm? seems like every time you stop they could be a different temp. Also, checking hubs and rotors can give you very poor temps. You can't check temperature on a shiny metal with a non contact temp device. Now, rusty or crudded up with road grime, will work well.
Thermoguy 01/02/20 02:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel tire question

For those of you using a temp gun. What are you looking for? What is a normal temp? Are you looking at the tire, the brake drum or something else? I would imagine the temp of the road surface of the tire is much different than the sidewall. Just curious, I have a temp gun that shows a picture, but I have never used it on one of my tires when on a trip. thanks
Thermoguy 12/31/19 02:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thoughts on studded tires

I have a 2016 Ford Explorer AWD. However, the 4 wheel drive system, AWD, is awful. We don't get much snow, but the first winter, in 2017, I got stuck twice trying to drive up a hill. When the wheels started to slip, the vehicle basically stopped regardless of how much I pushed on the gas peddle. Basically with AWD, the vehicle only gives power to the wheels with traction. With the stock tires, low profile summer tires, no traction on snow or ice. I ran out and purchased Hancook studded winter tires on wheels 18" in size, since they don't make winter tires for the stock tire size that comes on the vehicle. I drive all over the NW and over mountain passes and have driven in lots of snow since that first winter. The studded tires make it usable but it is still not a good AWD system and I find the vehicle slipping a lot if I'm not careful. There are different AWD modes and some allow you to spin the tires if you get stuck, like mud mode. This is necessary to drive on snow and ice as the AWD standard mode is basically front wheel drive and not good if you start to slip. My comment to others is just because a vehicle is AWD or 4WD doesn't mean you are good to go with winter weather. If the vehicle has low profile tires, it's going to be bad on snow and ice. Get winter tires. My next set will be studless winter tires. Right now we can drive with studs but in the future they will be outlawed. On the coast, you don't know when winter will hit, but when it does, you better be prepared.
Thermoguy 12/07/19 12:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying a used diesel

I would recommend staying away from the first year of any truck design change if that included an engine or transmission change. I would also recommend staying away from the first year that DEF was added to a diesel truck. Specifically, I would stay away from the 2011 GM trucks. Lots of issues with the DEF system in general. You might find those around cheaper, but I would stay away even if the system has been replaced. Spend more for a 2012 or go back to an older year just to get better reliability. Finally, based on your weight. Do yourself a favor and get a 1 ton. A 3/4 ton can do it, but you would be on the edge and thinking about upgrading your suspension. Just buy the right truck from the beginning. I have a 2015 3/4 ton Chev and love it. It pulls my trailer great, but at 12K or so, it is heavy and I wouldn't want to pull heavier without upgrading my suspension. Wish I would have purchased a 1 ton long bed from the start. We bought the newer model Chev due to how quiet the engine was. My wife used it at the time as a daily driver and was not going to drive a noise diesel. We test drove all 3 brands and the GM was the quietest with the Ford being close. The Ram was very loud and she got in it and said no way... I was ok with the Ram as I know the Cummins engine is a good engine, but the Duramax Allison combination is also a great engine transmission combination.
Thermoguy 11/27/19 10:00am Tow Vehicles
Wrong Equipment?

Saw this at a rest area in Oregon yesterday. Never saw the owner, hopefully he went to get a different truck...
Thermoguy 11/24/19 12:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dirt

Just a comment on wood vs tile. My dog gets so much dirt and grime in the grout. Impossible to clean. I steam clean the tile, but have to scrub the grout once a year. Best to have no grout and place the times up to one another. Our grout is light in color so it shows all the dirt. just saying...
Thermoguy 11/12/19 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: best 5th wheel hitch for std. bed 2500HD Chevy

I have a B&W Companion non slider. But I do have and need a goose-neck hitch so I use both. I will say the B&W is a very sturdy well built hitch, but also very heavy. Takes 2 people get the base out of the truck. I have a short bed Chev, 2015, and do not have a slider. I would guess it maters most what the front of the trailer looks like. I did pop my window once on a very tight backing up in my driveway. Won't do that again, but also not really an issue in most situations and not an issue if you have a second person helping you. Definitely, not an issue going forward, just for tight backup situations. If I was to do it over again, I would look at the Anderson hitch. Lots of negatives on some sites over the Anderson, but I have a friend with one that likes it and there is also lots of positive posts from people that have them. For me, it's only about the weight. I would like to try one to see what I thought before passing judgement, but would look at it if I was buying over again. Outside of that, the B&W is built like a tank. American made steel:)
Thermoguy 11/11/19 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear Hitch Bike Rack for Travel Trailer

I purchased the Yakima rack specifically for use on the back of a trailer. We have a 5th wheel and I know the back bounces a large amount. We have put up to 4 bikes on the rack and driven about 1000 miles on one trip with no issues other than the bikes rubbing. Pool Noodles are your friend. The Yakima rack has a solid joint where normal bike racks fold to allow access to an SUV or Tailgate. The solid joint is why it works well. It does fit in a 2" receiver and has a locking nut so it doesn't bounce in the hitch. I have another rack that bounces in the hitch which would be bad on the back of the RV. I would suggest upgrading your hitch to a 2" receiver and buying one of the units that are designed for RV's. I also looked at putting a hitch on the front of my truck and buying a rack for that hitch, but the RV hitch works fine and I haven't had any issues, the bikes are on the rack solid. I do tie them together with straps that come with the hitch.
Thermoguy 11/09/19 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

you really need to post pictures if you want to get solid advice. Without that it is just speculations...
Thermoguy 11/08/19 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
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