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RE: tire time

I'm running a Goodyear Wrangler LT tire - 235/85 16. Have the same tire on 2 trailers, very happy with them. No issues with weight for me as I'm under 9K on the tires. LT tires are tested, ST tires are not. Asked lots of questions at tire dealers before making this decision. If your weight is low enough, a good LT tire is a great choice.
Thermoguy 09/25/22 10:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recommendations? Good value inexpensive travel trailers.

Quality doesn't vary significantly across the price ranges. The higher ranges are usually about image and bling...and fancy bling tends to mean more stuff to break. - If you buy new, expect to have bugs to work out initially. - If you buy used, someone might have worked the bugs out or might have let it rot (and that rot can happen quick with abuse). Without experience, good luck telling the difference. - Then there is ongoing maintenance. Every time you travel it's like taking a house thru a combined hurricane and an hours long 7.0 earthquake simultaneously. If you don't keep up on maintenance, expect things to fail. If you are expecting automotive type quality control, where you just drive it for 100-200k miles without issue, I suggest picking a different hobby. PS: Go on youtube and search for RV repairs...put in the high end brands like will still find plenty of expensive repairs. This is a good answer to the OP's question IMO. I don't have a lot of experience only owning 1 RV in my life, but reading, it seems it's hard to have different quality when everyone is using the same parts. When I was shopping, weight seemed to equate to quality, the nicer something was put together, used thicker interior walls, nicer hardware, it was heavier. But, that's just my opinion. I also think Airstream has a reputation for higher quality, less issues, but that is not from experience. I have a friend with one, and he loves it. Not sure about your weight restrictions. Have you thought of something like a Sprinter class B series van? that would use a lot of the car like materials such as roof, siding, etc, but then have RV materials inside. Small but seems nice. People that have them like them.
Thermoguy 09/18/22 12:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

I calculate it this way: 6340-2840=3500lbs. This is your rear axle limit 3500-200=3300lbs. Subtract 200lbs for the hitch 12000 X 0.25=3000. Guesstimated pin weight if the 12,000lb trailer is loaded to the max 3300-3000=300. You have 300lb margin on your rear axle. I thought the pin weight was taken at 20% of gross weight not 25%. 12000 x .20= 2400 3300-2400=900 My 5ver has similar specs to this one. My 2500 has a rear rating of 6200. Weighing my unit fully loaded for camp, it was at 5142, over 1000 lbs of capacity left over. I think you will be fine as long as you bring what you need and not a lot of junk. I keep a lot of camp stuff in the trailer and have yet to have any weight issues. As far as the hitch, I have a short bed, no slider hitch, my trailer is a little older so it does not have rounded corners. I did pop my window the first year I had the trailer backing at home. I learned a lesson, I just don't back as sharp. It hasn't kept me from camping where I want to. It's not an issue going forward, only backing. Just be careful and watch the corners when you back. Do not go with a gooseneck adapter. Some are OK, but best to follow the lessons learned on this site. I have a friend that has a bent frame due to a gooseneck adapter. I have a companion hitch since I have both a gooseneck and 5th wheel trailer. Good Luck with your decisions.
Thermoguy 09/18/22 10:25am Towing
RE: Recommendations? Good value inexpensive travel trailers.

If inexpensive is a $40k trailer, thats fine. I'm just not wanting to spend more than necessary. I'm not sure I understand your question. You want a inexpensive, under $40K trailer with good build quality? If you can't find what your looking for new, look for used. A used trailer will have all the kinks worked out. Older trailers typically had higher build quality than the units that were rushed to put together over the last couple years. A good deal is what you decide a good deal is, not the market. Right now prices are all over the board. People who purchased during COVID want to get their money back even though they purchased at super inflated prices. My unit is worth more now than when I bought it according to NADA. When I bought it, used, I thought I got a good deal. I might not consider paying that same price 6 years later a good deal, but someone else might. If you really want a good deal, start shopping now, wait for the economy to tank, then pick up something someone has to sell quick just to get out of the payments they can't afford.
Thermoguy 09/18/22 10:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Lithium crossing the acceptance threshold…

I am glad to be rid of the toxic lead. LOL - that funny... On the plus side, there is technology coming that is recyclable, has similar charge, discharge properties to Lithium and doesn't use a chemical reaction to work. Tesla is even investing in this not so new, but emerging battery technologies.
Thermoguy 09/14/22 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter not charging the battery

You should also get a meter and check your batteries or battery. This is helpful when troubleshooting battery issues. You can also take them to be tested, if you overcharged them, or depleted them, then you could have a bad cell and they need to be replaced. There is lots of good info on this site and the web on living on 12v power. You should take the time to look into that. It seems lots of people don't understand the battery is not a continuous source of power and using it until it stops working is bad for the unit and can take a battery that could last 5 years to one that lasts less than a year. A battery that is very corrosive, could be a sign of improper use or charging.
Thermoguy 09/13/22 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: current diesel fuel pricing

Traveled to eastern WA this weekend - Diesel was $5.39 - Drove a couple miles into OR, $4.71. Filled up, now back on the west side, $5.59. Gas is about $1 cheaper than Diesel. What I see is that diesel moves up and down slower than gas. It should be cheaper than gas and was when gas prices started to go up, but then it went up higher. Slower to go back down. Hopefully gas prices stay down regardless of who's in the white house.
Thermoguy 09/12/22 07:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Purchasing a Jackery or something similar....need help....

I should have been more specific of what we have and what we plan on doing. Our travel trailer is a 2022 Microlite 21FBRS. It came with a 190 watt solar panel on the roof with a 1000 watt inverter. We plan on spending January and February in Arizona and expect to do dry camping some of the time, especially at Quartzsite. My main concern is to keep my refrig running. It is a residential 12 volt rated at 11 Amps. How many watts of portable solar panels do I need in addition to the 190 Watts panel on my roof? the trailer has a solar panel plug so it it ready for additional solar panels. And I will use the stove to make my coffee so I wont need power for that. Maybe a little TV watching and interior 12 volt lights. The using those overpriced portable battery packs are the wrong way of going about this. Jackery 1,000 has about 40Ahr worth of battery, that's it. You cannot directly hook the jackery (or any other portable battery/inverter) to your existing 12V battery. They have power limited 12V cig ports to max of 8A. Some back of the napkin figuring.. To get any sort of "value" from those devices you must use the built in inverter. The downside to this is the inverter eats up 15% of your portable battery capacity bringing that 40Ah down to 34Ahr.. Now you have 120V but you can't plug that 120V directly to your 12V battery.. So, now we must consider the power loss of your converter.. That is another 15%.. So now your 40Ahr portable battery/inverter now becomes a 28Ahr "generator" and 28Ahr isn't going to get you squat for added camping time. So, $1000 for 28Ahr portable battery or add some extra batteries and solar to your rig? $1,000 can buy you a lot of 12V battery and solar capacity. Cheapest option is adding two GC2 6V batteries (wired in series to get 12V) nets you 210Ahr for $180, granted You don't want to 100% drain the GC2s but you can draw as much as 80% and not take much of a cut in battery life giving you 168Ahr of capacity to work with. More expensive option is Lithium batteries, they are still a bit on the experimental side of life and expensive but they can pack a lot of energy in that package.. $260 can buy you one 100Ahr Lithium battery (gives you 4 times more capacity than the portable device) and the claim to fame is you can use all of the battery capacity.. Solar panels you can get 100W panels for $90 now days.. As far as battery capacity goes, I use a 10 cu ft residential fridge in my TT and one pair of 6V GCs (wired in series for 12V) gives 210 Ahr and that setup easily powers my fridge plus lights plus furnace overnight for 20hrs-24hrs before needing to recharge.. I do not have any solar.. Those portable battery/inverter things simply do not have enough battery capacity to make a meaningful difference and add in an inverter you didn't need since you already have an inverter. The manufacturers of those portable battery/inverters have done a very good job appealing to the masses using terms like "generator" or "quiet power" "quiet generator" "clean power" Clean generator" while hiding the downsides like the more power you draw, the less time you get power, all the while beating you over the head with severely over inflated prices.. Wish I had though of that a couple of yrs ago, I could have been a billionaire by now by feeding off folks wishful thinking :M Don't get me wrong, they can be somewhat useful, sort of like if you need some 120V power for a short time and don't wish to run 250ft of extension cords to get it to you.. This is the best answer on this tread - full of useful information. The most important point to the OP or anyone looking at a portable battery, power source, your trailer already has that portable power source. The battery system, solar system, generator, or whatever you use is the same or better than something like a Jackery - so, why waste the money, invest to make your current system better. I don't care what the neighbors think, I run a generator, just long enough to charge my batteries or watch a movie. With 2 6V GC batteries, if I wanted more power storage, I would add 2 more 6v batteries. LiFePO4 would be better if I was a serious boondocker.
Thermoguy 09/05/22 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel vs. Gooseneck

My truck has a B&W turn over ball - essentially a gooseneck hitch. To haul my 5th wheel, I have a B&W companion, that uses the gooseneck hitch to attach to the truck. So, depending on the conversation - did you say you wanted a hitch without rails or to keep your bed clean when not using? What is your truck?
Thermoguy 09/05/22 09:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W fail or Operator Error?

Looks like the tailgate took all the damage to the truck - he got really lucky. Too bad we can't see if the jaws are open or closed. With the B&W the action of backing in closes the jaws. If you then open the handle, they will come open once force is on them, like driving away. This is part of the disconnect process. If he opened the jaws, then closed them, I suspect they would open. Even if you put the pin in, I think it might open. I don't plan to test this, but that might be where he went wrong.
Thermoguy 08/27/22 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Any one have any experience with the Anderson gooseneck ultimate fifth wheel hitch? I saw a couple of articles that claim there was some failures. Do yourself a favor and go look at the images on Amazon for the Anderson hitch. I really wanted one due to the weight and that we have both a 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer. I mentioned this to my wife, she went to Amazon, showed me the pictures, said she would never ride in the truck if I used that hitch. That said, we do have friends that have a trailer larger than ours, they have one and love it. They also tow more than we do. Anyway, I guess its great, until it isn't... I like my B&W Companion...
Thermoguy 08/25/22 01:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tow vehicle parts shortage

The recession we are diving into head first will create a correction. And like the last time, many people will be screaming why did they let me buy at over value, it's there fault, not mine. Just like when people bought houses over market value, interest only loans. The market will crash - oh, wait, it is crashing...
Thermoguy 08/25/22 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Unbraked trailer, towing limitations

Just for anyone that thinks there vehicle can't stop the trailer behind them. If you own a GM (maybe others, I have a chev so not sure of the others) if you get the dreaded steering stabilizer warning or check trailer wiring warning, the first thing you lose is your trailer brakes. The system just stops working if you get those warnings. I have driven half way across the state with that warning popping on and off towing a 12000 lb 5th wheel. Yes, my brakes had to work harder, but I stopped in aprox the same distance with or without. One can argue, larger truck, larger brakes, but I didn't have an issue stopping. I recently towed a medium sized Uhaul with my Explorer, also no brakes. It wasn't loaded too heavy, but never thought about the trailer brakes or stopping. Small trailer, small tow vehicle, no issues.
Thermoguy 08/25/22 01:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

^Think about the validity of that last statement and tell me it’s not just a sales pitch. That’s absolutely ridiculous and of zero benefit to the power company. Seriously. In other threads, how many people say that the grid can't keep up with the demand, then when a solution to the problem of energy storage says they have a plan to use EV's to sell back to the grid when there is high energy demand, you say it's ridiculous? Really? Its brilliant. Here's the link: The group benefiting the most is the power distribution companies, like Duke Energy - buying low, selling high!!
Thermoguy 08/25/22 01:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

I recently read where Portland OR will ban the sale of Diesel gas at all stations within the city limits by 2025. There is a push to change peoples attitude and driving habits. In Portland, if your not riding your bike, you are killing the trees... I also read a promising story that a new battery technology is on the horizon with aluminum as its base - lighter, more power and faster charging vs Lithium, now to see if they can make it a reality. I also read where Duke Energy is giving incentives for F150 Lightning owners a discount on their vehicle lease to sell power back to the grid during the day when power rates are higher. As mentioned before, EV's are the new power bank for the modern energy grid...
Thermoguy 08/25/22 09:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cost of EV Batteries

The usual FUDsters are bored w life no doubt so come here to troll nonsense again :B Tesla batts are guranteed for milion miles,how long is any truck or car powered w ICE good for ? :B :B Check Reporterfy media travel chanel or Living in China to see what our media never tell you about that country. Richard Augilar chanel is also good. The New Atlas chanel and Jimmy Dore has good info on Ukr. Rusia will win without a doubt. Not sure where you get your information but according to Tesla's own website their batteries are guaranteed for 8 years or 100k miles. I can't make sense of the rest of your post. I'm not sure what Tesla website you read, but the one I read said 300,000 miles with about 15% degradation to the battery, not necessarily needing replacing, but not having the same capacity as a new battery. I have read a typical Hybrid gets about 8 years to a battery but never heard a mileage statement with that. The most important point of an EV is not the LiIon battery, that will change in the near future. The concept of not relying on a standard gas station to refill your vehicle is the win for EV. Charging at home, charging at work, Charging while waiting at a red light or driving a charged road, that's what's coming. I think they have a solar road in Norway or somewhere similar.
Thermoguy 08/23/22 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mattresses, what’s your recommendation and why?

Wow expected a lot more reply's than this.Thanks to those who replied custom made is not the route I wanted to take, I was hoping to get some info on off the shelf mattresses. Wilderness, Brooklyn Bedding, etc.... The reason your not getting many replies is there are so many threads on the subject and each response is subjective to the person that writes it. For one who loves a memory foam, someone else hates them. Same with Costco, Bed in a Box, etc. You name it for some they are great and for others they are not. My only recommendation is buy from a source you can return or donate for full refund. Get one that you can try for 60 days without commitment. Then if you like it, great, if not get rid of it and try again. We went with Mattress Insider for this reason only. We got the one with Latex, which is firmer than the memory foam (our first choice we ended up donating for refund). Each person is different so see what works for you.
Thermoguy 08/23/22 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: New to fifth wheels - help with trailer weight

I have a 3/4 ton Chev a few years older. After doing some research on Toy Haulers, or at least what I would want with a rear garage, I quickly came to the decision I would need a new truck. Preferably a 1 ton dually. Adding air bags, suspension upgrades, etc, doesn't solve the problem. By the time you spend thousands upgrading, you could just upgrade to a new truck. You might still want air bags and other upgrades on the 1 ton...
Thermoguy 08/23/22 01:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cost of EV Batteries

One point to consider is once we get deeply into EV’s with all the batteries, is the rare earth minerals required to make the batteries comes from a) China and b) Ukraine. That's not accurate, you might want to do your homework. The materials ship to China and they make the batteries, but much of the materials comes from Australia and Chile, then China and Argentina.
Thermoguy 08/20/22 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Norcold 12cu Drains Battery on LP

Please get a volt meter - one better than the $15 one... Or get one of these: LCD Display Or both... I forgot to turn my fridge off last week and it has been running for 7 days on propane. My batteries are lower than I like, but not too low, and we had lights on, slide in and out a couple times, jacks down then back up, moved to my parking spot and now plugged in. But, point is, I can run for days on propane and not even think about the batteries or my propane tank.
Thermoguy 08/14/22 01:59pm Tech Issues
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