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RE: propane tank storage in truck bed

I use one to power my generator. I have a 5th wheel so I put it in the front storage, but just use a box - the size of a milk crate - works great and was free...
Thermoguy 05/17/21 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rent a Truck to tow a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck

Thanks - I will have to call them, I only see 1/2 ton trucks on their website. Looks like about $1000 per week.
Thermoguy 05/15/21 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TV tire life

Oh goody, another tire thread. The only way it could be better is if they're on an EV. EV's don't have tires - isn't there petroleum products in tires? EV's are green, therefore no petroleum or anything that could harm the environment...
Thermoguy 05/15/21 09:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: TV tire life

Currently running OEM Goodyear tires on my 2500. Thought this year would be the time to change them out. Talked to the tire guy about new tires, he told me the tires are good and to keep driving - almost 70K miles on the truck. No reason to change if good tread and regular driving, even if not a lot of driving. The last few years the truck only gets 5-7K per year.
Thermoguy 05/13/21 08:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gasoline/Diesel Shortages

No shortages in the NW, but prices are through the roof - saw $3.79 for premium. Diesel is up to about $3.59 but still less than regular. Prices are increasing daily. The important part here is to not make this like the TP shortage. If people stock up, get extra supply, etc, then others follow and no one has it. If people react as normal, then the supply chain can keep up as normal. So, don't go buy a bunch of gas cans and fill them up, just plan ahead, stop when you need gas (or a little sooner) and stay diligent.
Thermoguy 05/12/21 01:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rent a Truck to tow a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck

Check around you might be able to find one to rent. I assume you are talking about the Safety Hitch - you need to replace your standard hitch with a 3 receiver hitch - wouldn't be easy to rent.
Thermoguy 05/12/21 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rent a Truck to tow a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck

Enterprise has trucks available for towing. Clicky Weight limit of trailer - 6000 lbs - hitch only, no gooseneck or 5th wheel.
Thermoguy 05/12/21 01:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rent a Truck to tow a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck

Interesting solution for a problem I didn't know existed. Kind of cool, now you can tow a heavier trailer or a 5th wheel from a lifted truck, etc. But at $10K, not a solution for my situation. I'm looking to spend a couple hundred bucks to rent a truck, not buy another truck... Might be a good solution for that guy with a 3/4 ton truck that wants to pull a 30K lb trailer but doesn't want to buy a dually.
Thermoguy 05/12/21 01:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Converter / Charger Question

Thank you for the help. In searching for those 12v breakers, which are behind my battery, I found this bad connection. Also found the negative side is about the same, can pull the wire right out. Need to get a new connector then I can fix it. I'm still not sure what is causing my low power when on shore power. I will have to spend more time with that. But, for now hopefully my 12v power issue is solved - thanks for the help.
Thermoguy 05/11/21 06:02pm Tech Issues
Rent a Truck to tow a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck

Does anyone know of a rental company that would rent a truck to tow a 5th wheel? We are traveling to an event in June in OR. Almost all hotels are booked due to the Olympic trials at the same time. We need to take both our trailers but only have 1 truck. Too far to do a double trip which I just did this last weekend (closer to home). Any thoughts on national rentals or where to look? One trailer is a 5th wheel and one is a gooseneck. Thanks
Thermoguy 05/11/21 01:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Converter / Charger Question

Thank you for the comments - about the other fuse - I'm searching high and low, no clue. Any suggestions where that might be?
Thermoguy 05/11/21 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter / Charger Question

1. You do not have an Inverter 2. You have a CONVERTER which is what is in the Pic you posted. 3. Space Heaters are 120 volt, so ANY 12 volt problem will not cause 120 Heaters to malfunction. If the battery 12 volt system is DEAD, your 120 heaters will still work 4. ALL a 12 volt Converter does is take 120 volts ac and converts to 12 volt DC and also sends a charge to your coach batteries 5. Your battery NOT connected to shore power fully charged and after sitting for 1 hour should have a 12.6 or higher voltage with nothing ON in the RV. If you do not have that voltage your batteries are probably bad and need tested. 6. With batteries at 13.0 volts you stated you do NOT have 12 volts in the RV not connected to shore power? If so, that points to a tripped 12 volt circuit Breaker or fuse, BUT, if so, the Converter would not be charging the batteries. Doug Thanks Doug - appreciate the correction. I do not have a battery problem, batteries stay charged and do not discharge if sitting not on charger. Also, before my trip I ran off DC power for a couple days without any loss of battery power, new batteries this past August. I have checked all my fuses and all good. Could there be a fuse not shown in the picture? I can not find fuses anywhere else.
Thermoguy 05/11/21 10:17am Tech Issues
Converter / Charger Question

After using our 5th wheel this weekend I have a question – do I have a bad Converter / Charger? A couple times over the weekend, especially in the morning, having space heaters running, the lights would get very dim then the CO alarm would sound. If I turned off the heaters, the alarm would stop and the lights would come back up. Kind of a low power issue. After unplugging from shore power and hooking up the truck, I tried to run the water pump and realized I had no 12v power. However, my slide and jack power still works. Just no lights, pump, or fridge. After getting home I am checking things out. I have 12.75v at the 6v batteries in series not plugged in to shore power. After plugging in and waiting a little, I had over 13v at the inverter leads and over 13v at the batteries. No DC power when not plugged in to shore – everything works when plugged in, however, if I try to use too many items, my power gets low. I checked and have only 6-7v at the DC leads when plugged in and AC running like a space heater. I do not know what inverter I have or how to replace – or if I can replace with something of higher quality. My 5th wheel is a 2006 Forest River Sierra. Here is a couple pictures – thanks for any help you can give me.
Thermoguy 05/11/21 09:56am Tech Issues
RE: New Mattress

The one I purchased is the 8 1/2" Latex Mattress. Using the camper this weekend, great night sleep last night.
Thermoguy 05/07/21 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Cell Phone App

In addition to our phones and excellent Garmin navigator, when traveling in the Western U.S. we always try to carry along several of these to cover each state we might wind-up in. They are excellent - and well worth the money: I'm curious ... my phone has a huge storage memory (256GB) and as I understand it ... full GPS capability. When is SOMEONE going to come out with a super great navigation phone app (doesn't have to be free), that can hold an entire U.S. roads updateable database (updates don't have to be free) in phones with large storage capacity ... that DOES NOT need to have Internet access in order to navigate? It seems like many of today's modern phones could be programmed and otherwise equipped to on demand perform just like (or better than) a non-Internet-connected navigation unit. :h Your phone has GPS and uses the GPS to navigate when you don't have cell service. I use Wayze a lot when traveling and travel over mountain passes with no cell, the GPS keeps the location on the map up to date, but nothing else updates like police, incidents, etc. I also have a map app on my dash cam app, kind of cool as it also shows you the road ahead. But Wayze is my go to.
Thermoguy 05/04/21 08:12am Beginning RVing
RE: BAttery replacement.

Do you have a meter? Test them - charge them, then check every few days with no load to see if they are depleting. Then if that is good, put a small load on them and check to see if they are depleting too fast. If they are not holding a good charge, you should replace them if you want them to be reliable. You boondock, do you have a generator?
Thermoguy 05/03/21 01:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Mattress

Lots of ways to buy an RV Mattress online. We bought one from mattress insider. Their customer service was the best. Got their top of the line memory foam mattress but it was too soft, donated it to a local charity and got their latex mattress. Much more firm. Lots of people talk about memory foam or adding a topper, but to me that just makes them too soft. I need firmness due to my aging back. My point, any reputable company will offer a sleep guarantee and money back so look for that in your search.
Thermoguy 05/02/21 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

I'm confused... I thought the shot was free for anyone in the US. Who's going to AK to get a free shot. And, its the first shot. What about the 2nd? How about they throw in free airfare, then I would go just to get the shot and maybe stay a couple weeks...
Thermoguy 04/28/21 07:50pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tire life

I had to pull my back left tire from my 5th wheel, bad valve stem, and noticed more wear on inside of tire. Can they be aligned or is rotation the only thing I can do? I'm pretty sure you can not align trailer tires, only balance. You should also have metal stems, so have those changed if you want to do something preventative. Both of my trailers have metal valve stems.
Thermoguy 04/24/21 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stupid question about tires

Depends on the shop - some are free, some charge a couple bucks. I think I paid $5 a tire a number of years back, but have never paid since as other places are free. Although I have only done it twice and the last was Costco which was included with the tires. But the tires were cheaper at Costco vs Discount Tire.
Thermoguy 04/23/21 01:24pm General RVing Issues
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