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RE: Denver and surrounding areas

Since you want to be close to Centennial, start with H E R E - CO State Parks , scroll down and input Cherry Creek and Chatfield SP. These are both close to Centennial without having to drive far. Both are excellent state parks, with full hookups and/or electric only. I'm pretty sure there is a 2 week limit, but you could stay at one and then move over to the other, if you're going to be here more than 2 weeks. There is a 180 day/6 month booking window so if you have dates in mind watch the booking window very closely as they both book really fast during the height of the season. There's a lot more info om the CPW website.
Thom02099 09/26/23 07:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hard sided campers under 1500lbs with 6' int ht spreadsheet.

I don't have the expertise to know if your theory on vehicle height/trailer height is correct.I do have experience towing at or near maximum ratings. It's, generally, not pleasant. ^^^^ This. Been there/done that, didn't win the t-shirt. I guess a question would be where do you want to go? Where do you want to tow? If you're going to stay in primarily flat states or do you want to be adventurous? Pushing the limits in a flat state is one thing. It becomes very unpleasant bordering on panic inducing in a more mountainous state. If the Aliner meets your needs, it's low profile may be benefical. But I've towed pop ups with under powered vehicles (before I found forums like this) and it can be terrifying.
Thom02099 09/14/23 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Survey: impact of weather and fires

Not this season, but a few seasons back, the Cameron Peak fire (the largest ever in Colorado), changed our plans for the latter part of the season since it burned in and around several favourite USFS campgrounds, and routes. It was a massive fire and the burn scars are a permanent part of the landscape of the Poudre Canyon northwest of Fort Collins. We had a reservation at a campground on the eastern plains of Colorado, around Fort Morgan, about 75 miles from the closest part of the fire. Even that far out, there was a very heavy, eerie smoke in the campground (at Jackson Lake SP). It was so ominous to experience that forest fire that far away. A new respect of what mother nature can throw at you.
Thom02099 08/28/23 08:16pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Grand Canyon to Denver, 16ft Penske truck + car carrier

Blanco is on 64 so just follow it to Chama. Then 17 to Antonito 285 to Alamosa 160 Walsenburg I-25 North, just as google suggests. Easy pass between Chama and Antonito as is La Vita on 160 east bound. ^^^ This. There's 2 passes on CO 17 at the state line and just north -- Cumbres Pass and LaManga Pass. Not difficult at all, and when you drop down from LaManga there's a beautiful drive down a valley to where it opens up towards Antonito. If you time it right, you can get some great pictures of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad and train as it passes through Cumbres Pass. If you're talking about Cave of the Winds, that's outside Colorado Springs on US 24 near Manitou Springs. You could stay on US 285 to Alamosa, go EAST through town and pick up CO 17 again, which goes north and picks up with US 285 before you get to Poncha Pass, continue north on US 285 past Salida and pick up US 24 east of Johnson Village (Buena Vista area). Another relatively easy drive, there's a climb outside of Johnson Village but it's not a bad climb. US 24 splits off US 285 at Antero Junction and goes all the way to Colorado Springs. Cave of the Winds and Manitou Cliff Dwellings are close together so you could do both. We enjoyed both when we were in the area.
Thom02099 08/06/23 04:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hot weather towing

'22 GMC Sierra 2500HD, 6000lb trailer. Will be heading to Denver Co from Vancouver BC in a week or so. Have towed this route a number of times in the past, mostly in spring or fall, so the temperatures were less than current. Usually have done the Interstates through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, then either I80 or down to I70 from Salt Lake City, but have done I90 east then south down I25 as well. Regardless, mountain ascents are encountered (although I70 is significant). Appears this heat is affecting every state in the south/southwest. Due to schedule, we will be travelling about 8-10 hours a day both ways, and only early morning/late night is not feasible. For those pulling in this heat, any issues encountered or any suggested changes to routine? Marv Might want to consider weather forecast to determine route. For the last 2 weeks of July and first 2 weeks of August, the extended forecast for Denver and northern Colorado is for low 90s/mid to upper 80s, so a decent forecast for here. Wyoming is somewhat similar. Perhaps consider the I-90 to I-25 route as being the flattest all the way through. Probability of keeping truck and trailer cooler (as well as their tires) in a more cruise worthy route.
Thom02099 07/19/23 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: What the heck?……..

Even though I have a TV in the trailer, it's seldom used. I much prefer the rather eclectic collection of CD's and enjoy listening to music. Yes, I'm one of those who listens to the entire CD, that way I get to hear some great deep cuts from a wide variety of artists, songs that I would not hear on any radio station.
Thom02099 07/14/23 09:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Monarch Pass WorkaroundHeading west from Poncha Springs

Heading west from Poncha Springs, US 50 looks like the best route to Montrose. Wondering if US 285 south to CO 114 is a suitable alternative. 2016 F-250 gasser pulling a 7000lb travel trailer. Looks like either way we'd have to deal with the construction on US 50. I thought I saw a post on this subject but reading back a year on Roads and Routes I cannot find it. Thanks for your comments. Trip is planned for early August. H E R E - US50 Construction is something that might help in your decision. From the looks of it, not as bad as it's been in the past. On your question about US 285 to CO 114, it's a nice drive, a bit of a different perspective. But it just gets you around Monarch Pass, which, for me, is worth going over if for no other reason than the stop at the top to take the tram up to the summit on the south side of the pass. The vistas are extraordinary there.
Thom02099 07/11/23 07:41pm Roads and Routes
RE: Colorado Route 149

Don't know about construction, but it is steep and curvy coming down into Lake City so take it slooow. Beautiful drive. +1 on steep. This is Slumgullion Pass you'll be going over, and the north side drop is the steepest paved road in Colorado with 9% grade. It drops rapidly over a relatively short distance, from 11500 ft to about 8600 feet. There's some tight curves and there's a few places to pull over if you need to cool your brakes. ETA: The construction would be on US 50 west of Gunnison, specifically between Sapinero and Cimarron with closures. Check out for more info for the times/dates you'll be driving that area.
Thom02099 07/10/23 09:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Financing New Travel Trailer - All I Should Know?

If you are also looking for honest finance company then I have had good experience with Bank of the West on a late model 2003 TT I bought in 2003 in Texas from camping world. Also Mechanics Bank of California in last 3 years for purchase of a late model Ram 1500. Interest rates were/are reasonable as I had a high credit schore and no penalty for early payoff. Never any problems. They also do business in many states. You can also check with USAA of San Antionio if you are present or former military member. Cheers from the OK Corral. +1 on Bank of the West. Very easy to work with, everything done on-line very good interest rates if your credit score is 800+. They recently became a part of BMO Harris based in Chicago, a part of the larger BMO/Bank of Montreal. I don't think much will change operationally.
Thom02099 07/08/23 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: The warnings are there for a very good reason

And also in Estes Park outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Tourons (love that term) aren't limited to Yellowstone. Don't get too close to the Elk
Thom02099 07/03/23 06:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Alternative to I-70 through Indiana needed

Does anyone have any recommendations for alternate routes to I-70 through Indiana? We just can't take the rough ride and constant bumping any longer. We like to travel from Maryland's Eastern Shore to explore various areas out west and need to find a new route to get past Indianapolis. We love to travel on US 36 through Missouri and Kansas and would like to find an equivalent road east of the Mississippi, or any other road that won't beat us and our truck and fifth wheel to death. We don't mind going some extra distance for a calmer ride. We have taken I-40 before but don't always want to go that far south. Please let us know your favorite roads for crossing this beautiful country of ours. Thanks. Depends on where west of Indy you want to go. If you want to do the US 36 thing again, here's a suggestion. In travels to/from CO to Fort Wayne IN, I've done the US 36 route thru KS and MO, crossed into IL at Hannibal,and then took I-72 to Champaign, then I-57 up to Gilman. There I got US 24 all the way over to Fort Wayne. It's a much better drive than I-70 for sure. If you're willing to go that far north, it's a pretty drive, interesting towns along the way. If you're coming I-70WB from eastern IN, you could take US 35 from Richmond up and around Muncie, and on to the east side of Kokomo, staying on US 35 up to Logansport where you can grab US 24 and do the above route in reverse, if you wanted to go back thru MO and KS. Happy travels whatever you decide!
Thom02099 06/29/23 05:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving COLORADO heading to Tennessee

US 36 is a much better road than I-70. D'oh! Yes,US 36 instead of US 34. I took US 34 to Nebraska and at Hagler took KS 27 south to US 36.
Thom02099 06/29/23 07:04am Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving COLORADO heading to Tennessee

Is 76 a better highway than 70 to take leaving Denver area. I know it will be longer but are the pots holes less on 76. 70 is horrible in a lot of sections Thanks Instead of the I's you could take US 34 from where ever you want to pick it up and take it into Kansas all the way to Belleville then take US 81 south to the Salina area and take I-135 south, then on to whatever your preferred route to TN would be. Used to take that route many times when going to Alabama. US 34 is a really good drive, small towns about 30-40 miles apart, but don't slow you down too much when going thru them.
Thom02099 06/27/23 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Seating Recommendations?

seats on the shady side would give some relief from the heat. good luck getting tickets this late in the day. The CFD Grandstand sits pointing to the northwest, and both side have a cover. so the larger seating area is on the west side. The sun will be blocked for the afternoon rodeo events if on the west side. The better seats are in the center section, the side sections have some obstructed views from the columns that cover the grandstand. If you go to any of the concerts in the evening, be aware of the possibility of storms/thunderstorms. Also, the concerts are usually very loud so take some ear protection. I saw Florida Georgia Line a few years back and they were incredibly amplified to the point of being painful to listen to.
Thom02099 06/23/23 06:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV decision

Hello all, my wife and I have been kicking around the idea of buying our first RV. We have been retired for about 2 years now and this option has been on our minds. Originally we were leaning towards buying a newer travel trailer (around 25’) but after reading numerous comments and articles on the quality and reliability issues with newer travel trailers we have begun to rethink doing this. I’m a fairly good carpenter, woodworker and shade tree mechanic. So, repairing minor issues wouldn’t be a problem. Structural issues on the other hand scare me. Would a motor home be more reliable than a travel trailer or similar? Would an older travel trailer be more reliable (pre-COVID years)? Thanks for any input. In addition to the advice already posted, consider the type of camping you want to do. Are you in to USFS, State Parks, COE, etc? Or do you see staying at more of a "resort" type campground? That could be a factor in what size rig to get. In particular for USFS, there's going to be times when size matters and you won't fit into some/any of the sites available. That can also be true for some State Parks. I've had 25 and 28 foot trailers, and I have no problem finding a place in USFS and State Park campgrounds, which are my preference. A good USFS with electric is my ideal campground, but am fine with no hookups since I have a good battery pack and generator if needed. For the resort or full service/full hookup camppgrounds, it's not going to be as much an issue as far as size, but the age of the rig could be. There are some that have a "10 year old" rule, no rigs older than 10 years. These have no appeal to me, but the do have appeal to others.
Thom02099 06/04/23 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Denver to Lusk, SD to Rapid City

How is US 85 from Cheyenne up to Rapid City? Towing 28’ travel trailer. As others have said, the road is fine, nothing out of the ordinary as to condition. It is, however, very lonely and open drive, with no cell service to speak of except in the very few actual towns. Lots of ranch/grazing land along the route, coming out of Cheyenne to Torrington, and on up through Lusk to Newcastle. Fuel in Torrington and Lingle, fuel in Lusk, and fuel in Edgemont (if you go east) or Newcastle if you continue north. Lingle up to Newcastle is generally flat/rolling countryside like from Cheyenne to Torrington; if you take US 18 to Edgemont, there's a goodly climb from the intersection with US 85 heading east, up to Edgemont. It's a pretty drive once you get to Edgemont and head on to Custer, if you're inclined to go that way.
Thom02099 05/20/23 09:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best campground in Colorado

Is it free? I don't need hook ups. It's not free. Commercial campground. Best is always subjective.
Thom02099 05/07/23 04:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AT&T at Manatee Springs State park

I certainly believe you guys but how is that even possible in today's world? Because the various cell tower providers are not truthful in their advertising. They want you to believe in "nationwide" coverage and the red map vs the purple map. Anyone who's driven across Kansas and Nebraska, both very flat states, know that it ain't so. Florida another very flat ain't so. Don't even get me started on Colorado and Wyoming!
Thom02099 04/24/23 07:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: road surface going through Denver?

Years ago when I went through Denver on the interstate hwy, the road surface, particularly in the right lane where I need to be, was just awful. Can anyone say what it is like now? Thanks I've been on various sections of I-25 and for the most part, particularly for the right lane that you inquired about, it's not been bad. I've used I-25 to get down to Cherry Creek SP and didn't note anything particularly bad. The places that have been bad in the past have been repaired, especially in the downtown area and approaching the south junction with I-225. In the north Metro area, there's been a lot of previous construction now completed from downtown north and it's vastly improved, but still just a few spots that still need attention, particularly around the flyovers for E-470 intersection with I-25. You've got 3 lanes north and they are all pretty decent all the way up where it goes from 3 to 2 lanes near the Mead exit. Then the roadway deteriorates significantly, particularly the right lane. AND...that's about where the construction starts all the way north to the Fort Collins area. Lots of lane shifts and narrow lanes with very heavy traffic. H E R E - is the road condition website for Colorado if you need more real time info. Happy Travels!
Thom02099 04/20/23 07:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2010 Keystone Outback 210RS- can't find slideout switch!

The manual slide models have external tracks with braces that you install before you pull the slide out. There are also external latches that hold the slide in. If you don't have those it must be power. Also, for the manual slide trailer, there are 2 brackets on the bumper to support the slide out braces that hold the manual slide out. There are also 2 handles on the rear of the slide out to grasp and pull the slide out. H E R E - slide out is a video showing where the slide out switch is located, at the 4:57 mark on the video for a power slide out and H E R E - manual slide out is a video of the trailer with the manual slide out at the 0:19 marker and again at the 3:02 marker is the controller for the MANUAL slide out, where you will notice there is NO button for the slide out, since it a manual slide out. For the power slide out there are no support brackets that attach to the bumper. Some time between 2007 ahd 2010 Outback transitioned from manual slide to power slide and there was some overlap where both were available. It's a great floor plan, I had a slightly larger model at one time that had a side power slide out for the couch and a manual rear slide out. The button for the side slide was at the location in the first video above.
Thom02099 04/12/23 04:24pm Travel Trailers
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