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RE: Highway 24 near Goodland, Indiana...detour question

Our favorite way to get avoid Chicago on the way to Michigan is to exit in Gilman, IL and travel east on Highway 24. Google Maps shows me that there is bridge work and the highway will be closed just past Goodland until the end of August. Has anyone traveled on Highway 24 recently or know if the detour is pretty far out of the way? I can't tell if we could just detour a couple of blocks away or not. We will be trying to get to US 31. Have another route planned out (Route B!) but sure would like to use Highway 24 instead. Heading that way as well, next week, also planning to use US 24. Checking the INDOT website, looks like the road is closed from west of Goodland to Remington. Detour route posted is to take IN 55 north from US 24 to IN 16 east to the intersection with US 231, then south to Remington to get back on US 24 in Remington. Doesn't look to be overly inconvenient. Will take a closer look at Google maps, appears there may be some County Roads that will work as well, and not have to go as far north to head east to US 231.
Thom02099 07/16/19 01:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Routes north from Denver

The Boulder-Denver Turnpike (Rt 36) will not be the road to take for a while until they get THAT new problem resolved :S THAT problem may be with us a while...:E Besides, it runs northwest...
Thom02099 07/16/19 12:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Routes north from Denver

Entering and exiting Denver has become a nightmare of late, especially I25 north. Does anyone have any secrets for maintaining one's sanity when entering or exiting the city's north side? Depends on how far north you want to go. If it's just to the FTC/LOV area, County Line Road from Lafayette north to Berthoud is an alternative. Some traffic lights at some of the highway crossings, but all in all, not a bad way to go. If you want to go REALLY far north, you can head EAST to CO 71, and take that South Dakota. Keeps the same road number through WY and in to SD, to Hot Springs. Can jump off at I-80 for Cheyenne or east to NE.
Thom02099 07/16/19 12:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

BLM considering restrictions on dispersed camping on fragile lands in Utah "This is why some animals eat their young..." -- Roseanne Barr
Thom02099 07/14/19 01:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Gas TV for a year long trip

I've never towed in the Rockies so have no experience to help with that decision. From what I've read, gas can do it, it's just slower, louder, and descents are more "fun" A lot depends on how much time you plan to spend in the Rockies, and where. If you're going to be in Colorado for an extended period of time, a gas engine will not be very happy at higher elevations and you can lose a lot of power. We have many passes out here that are in the 10000-12000 ft range. Other states in the Rockies, not so high, but still can be steep inclined/declines. Grades will be another thing that a gas engine will not be happy with. There are plenty of grades in Colorado that are in the 6-12% and more range. Pulling upward at length on a 12% grade with a gas engine, you'll be "maybe" 20-25mph and you'll just watch your fuel gauge plunge. Traffic will line up behind you and you'll be looking for the slow vehicle pulloffs frequently. Going downhill is not fun...not fun at all...with a gas engine. In the flats/lowlander/plains areas, you'll still get better fuel economy with a diesel. Having driven across the Great Plains and down to the Deep South with a gas engine and 6000lb trailer, I only managed maybe 9mpg, and had to stop every 200miles or so for fuel. With the diesel I now have, on a trip through the desert of northern Arizona, I was still able to get ~12mpg. Leaving for another trip across the Great Plains soon, and I'm anticipating getting 12+mpg with the diesel. Personally, I would never go back to a gas engine for any sort of towing that might remotely be in the mountains or a sparsely populated area. And keep in mind that, with a gas engine and your projected trip to Alaska, fuel is going to be harder to find along the way, unless you've got an aux tank.
Thom02099 07/12/19 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Was rear ended on the highway

If you haven't already, take pictures. Lots of pictures, of everything you can think of, relative to the damage to your truck and trailer. Get a copy of the police report. Make sure you have the investigating officer(s) name(s) and badge numbers. Make sure you have the name of the officer's supervisor who signed off on his/her report. Find out if the state in which this happened is a no-fault state or a tort state. It can make a difference as to the degree of responsibility. Even though the officer said it was 100% the other driver's fault, if he hires an attorney, he could try to blindside you. Make sure that the police report says that it was 100% the other driver's fault. Consult your own attorney (as mentioned previously) to know your rights in that state. It may differ from your home state (if this did not occur in your home state). Do not sign anything until you consult an attorney. Do not waive any of your rights. You don't have to tell anyone you're consulting an attorney, but do so...immediately. Your future could depend on it.
Thom02099 07/11/19 03:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Montrose to Ouray

We will be driving a 32' Class C with a dinghy. What is 550 like from Montrose to Ouray? We plan to camp in Ouray and then use our CR-V to continue on 550 to see other beautiful sights. Absolutely no challenge at all. Wide 2 lanes, with a frontage road. Relatively flat most of the way, through farm country; you're in a valley for most of the trip, some minor ups and downs (hills not mountains) but certainly doable. The fun begins in Ouray south!
Thom02099 07/11/19 11:35am Roads and Routes
RE: Go 5 miles over in Indiana and foreit your vehicle

I hope that soon civil asset forfeiture will join communism on the dung heap of history. Its not constitutional in the slightest. Will not happen as long as it is only applied to people that are powerless. If we would use it for trickle down law enforcement I think it could be quite effective. For example, you want to stop illegal immigration? On Wed. go thru a plant, hotel, construction site, and check everybody's papers. Spend Thursday and Friday learning who owns the business, and what else they own. Friday night, a SWAT team comes in the house setting off flash bangs, and waving automatic weapons around the family. Wife and kids, dressed in cheap jumpsuits, out on the street, owner dressed in chains, go to cage. All accounts and other assets now belong to state, unless you can prove that no part of them was paid for by the profits of illegal workers. This happen once, and reported in WSJ, where other business owners can read, by the next Wednesday no undocumented would be working anywhere in the country. Your Papers, Bitte Sehr...
Thom02099 07/10/19 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Go 5 miles over in Indiana and foreit your vehicle

First, consider the original link website and their political leanings. Second, read the very last line of the article: "But the idea that just 5 miles over the speed limit could result in a loss of your vehicle, is just extreme." Third, SCOTUS has shot this down already. And will likely continue to shoot it down. Fourth, it is a supposition. It is not a statement of fact that it is happening now, or will happen in the future. And the case cited was for a drug offense. Fifth, if you're obeying the speed limit, there's no issue.
Thom02099 07/09/19 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rocky Mountains camping

Hello, We are going to Rocky Mountains National Park this September. We have never been there before and in researching campgrounds it seems like the only option is private campgrounds. I was hoping for something more "National Park" style campgrounds. Are there any or is there just private ones? Would love to know your favorite campgrounds in the area and why you like it. Would also love to know your favorite hikes and things to see. We are in our early 50's and in good shape for not to difficult hikes. Our RV is a 26' Winnebago class C. Thanks!!! There are 4 CG inside RMNP; Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, and Aspenglen are all on the east side outside of Estes Park. Timber Creek is on the west side outside of Grand Lake. The problem is that September is a very popular time to be in Rocky and will have been fully reserved by now. AND...Glacier Basin closes right after Labor Day, so it's not available for most of the month. Timber Creek on the west side would be the best bet as it is all first come/first served; reservations not accepted. And your class C is small enough for most of the sites there. It was originally built in a forest area with some size limits, but the trees have been cut down due to beetle kill a number of years ago. There are some USFS CG outside of Estes Park to the south along CO 7/72, known as the Peak to Peak Highway. Might be able to find a reservation in one of those, but keep in mind that they start to close about mid-September. Olive Ridge, Peaceful Valley, and Camp Dick are all CG to consider depending on when in September you plan to be out here. The commercial RV parks/CG will likely be fully reserved or close to it, for September. Look into Estes Park Campground at Mary's Lake; it is operated by the Town of Estes Park Recreation and Parks Department and is the lowest priced of all of the commercial CG in the area ($47/night for FHU). There's also W/E sites there as well as dry camping. Common water and a dump station there as well. Over on the west side by Grand Lake, there's 3-4 USFS CG in the area that may work for you. They are Stillwater, Green Ridge, Sunset Point and Arapaho Bay around the lakes in the area. There's also a few commercial CG/RV Parks on the west side as well.
Thom02099 07/09/19 11:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Verizon Cell Service at Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

My experience was not the same as noted above with Verizon. I was in the middle of the park, Row G, on the end near the permanent residences and the Verizon service was spotty -- sometimes had service, other times, none. Found the same to be true throughout the South Rim area of GCNP. This was in contrast to the North Rim CG where I had excellent service, as there was a Verizon tower very near the CG.
Thom02099 07/09/19 10:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sequoia Can't Really Tow Anything (Family of 6). Am I Right?

Hello! I would appreciate it if someone could advise me on our situation. I have been doing a lot of research but want to make sure that I am not mistaken. We thought that we would be able to pull a lightweight trailer with our Toyota Sequoia, but it looks like we were wrong. -We are a family of 2 adults and 4 teens/preteens and a Golden Retriever. All of us combined weigh about 1015 pounds. -We are hoping to buy a hybrid trailer with a dry weight of 3000 lbs. and a GVWR of 5900 lbs. -Our tow vehicle is a 2004 Toyota Sequoia 2WD with a towing capacity of 6500 pounds and a payload capacity of 1430 pounds. So, the payload of 1430 pounds minus our 1015 pounds of weight only leaves 415 pounds of capacity for the weight of the trailer tongue and hitch and any cargo in the car. If the tongue weight is 12% of the trailer's weight, then we could only pull a trailer with a loaded weight of 3458 pounds. A WDH would help the setup tow better but wouldn't fix the payload capacity problem and might just decrease the available payload even more because of its own weight? I don't think that there are any trailers that would sleep 6 people and weigh less than 3458 pounds, are there? I think that we are going to have to stick with tent camping! Or we would have to drive two vehicles... Are there any other options? Does anyone have any other insights? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for your help and knowledge! Your assessment appears to be pretty spot on. A possible solution would be a pop up camper. Had 2 of them early on and they can be deceiving as to the number of people that can be accommodated. Easily had 6 in StarCraft popup that I had back in the day. Get one with a screen room attachment for some extra space outside. Another solution would be a different tow vehicle. Given your family size, a full sized 2500/3500 van may fit the bill for you and your family.
Thom02099 07/03/19 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I-70 west

I agree with Rt 36. It is better than I 70 and there are 2 nice Missouri State Parks along the way. We stayed at Pershing State Park 3 years ago. Paid $22 a night with electric. ...and in Kansas, there are 2 State Parks of interest along US 36. There's Lovewell Lake SP about 18 miles north of the highway near Mankato KS, and Prairie Dog SP is outside of Norton, KS to the south of US 36. I'm planning on staying at Lovewell heading east, and will likely stay at Prairie Dog coming back west.
Thom02099 07/02/19 03:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Estes Park CO to Grand Lake CO

Excellent! Thanks for the advice. I’m going to Estes Park because I go to RMNP to hike, and the east side has more good trails, imo. Same advice for hiking as for driving - get up early (and go for long hikes) and crowds aren’t much of a problem! If you haven't tried them already, there's some good hiking trails at the Wild Basin entrance to Rocky, near Allenspark along CO 7.
Thom02099 07/02/19 10:52am Roads and Routes
RE: I-70 west

Getting ready for trip from Pa to Colorado and would like any info on road condition of I-70,especially thru Indiana.Last trip 2 years ago I never was on a worst road than in I-70 Indiana.I took I-80 on return trip and it was almost as bad.Would Rt 36 be a better option,towing a 40 foot 5th wheel? I can give you some pointers for the bulk of your trip, as I'm doing it in reverse in about 3 weeks. Get yourself to Fort Wayne, IN from PA by whatever route works for you. From Fort Wayne, take US 24 west to I-57. South on I-57 to I-72. I-72 west becomes US 36 at Hannibal, MO. US 36 across MO is 4 lane all the way across and is a very good roadway. When you get to St. Joseph, MO, you'll continue on US 36, but it becomes 2 lanes at that point. Not to worry, it's a good 2 lane roadway, with small towns every 30-40 miles; further in between as you get further west. Stay on US 36 all the way in to Colorado where it merges with I-70 in the Bennett area outside of Denver. I-70 is not bad at this point; however, as you get into Denver, there's major construction going on in the area as it approaches I-25. May not be a problem, depending on your destination.
Thom02099 07/01/19 03:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Estes Park CO to Grand Lake CO

I have a 36’ class A diesel motor home pulling a Honda CRV. I will be staying in Estes Park, CO in August, then moving to Grand Lake on the other side of RMNP. How would you recommend I get to Grand Lake? It looks like Trail Ridge Rd through the park is the most straightforward way to go, but I’m not so sure it’s the best way with my motorhome/toad. Thanks! You don't mention your mountain driving experience. Let your comfort level be your guide. You will have had to go up a canyon (US 34 or US 36) or on the Peak to Peak highway to get to Estes Park. From Estes Park and the Beaver Meadows Entrance, you'll be in the trees up to about the 2 mile altitude sign (about 12 miles up from the Beaver Meadows entrance), then you'll be in the tundra area for about 14 miles. This is a shelf road with no guardrails and sheer drop offs. The drop offs of concern are between Many Parks Curve and the Canyon Overlook parking lots. The good news is that for a goodly portion of this drive heading east to west, the embankment is on YOUR right side, so you don't have to deal with the dropoffs that much, once you get past the Canyon Overlook parking lot. On the west side there are 5 hairpin curves going down, but you're in the trees below the tundra. They are all blind curves. You'll know when you're down on the west side and it levels out. Colorado River headwaters are along this drive and it's worth it for the beauty of the valley there. Don't expect to pull off and see the sights while crossing...there's no place to accommodate your rig and toad. Even the Alpine Visitor's Center will difficult to get in with that combo. And you really need to head out as early as possible. Lines start to form prior to 8am and can stretch for a mile or more for the Beaver Meadows entrance. There is an express lane, however, if you have a Senior or Annual Pass for National Parks. Just swipe and you're in.
Thom02099 07/01/19 11:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Trail Ridge Road - Will It Be Open...

Has the dirt Trail Ridge (one way to the visitors center) opened yet - and how much damage was done to the surface during the winter? That is an interesting drive if one has an afternoon. That's the Old Fall River Road. It's not open. They shoot for getting it open for the 4th of July weekend, this year being the 5th/6th/7th. That's the one that may not open on time; could be mid-July before it's open. Trail Ridge Road is now re-opened, hopefully for good for the summer season.
Thom02099 06/26/19 05:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Trail Ridge Road - Will It Be Open...

Trail Ridge Road/US 34 is again, and has been closed, due to snow. The weekend of 06.21.19-06.23.19 was abnormally cool at lower elevations with heavy snow at higher elevations. As of 4pm 06.24.19 Trail Ridge Road remains closed due to snow and icy conditions. News reports indicated there were 5 foot drifts from the snow over this weekend. It's closed at Milner Pass on the west side, and at Rainbow Curve on the east side. For up-to-the-minute information, visitors can call 970-586-1222 for recorded information. The good news is that the forecast for this week at lower elevations is for upper 80s to 90s, which likely means in the 60s to near 70 up top. Needless to say, the chances of Old Fall River Road opening over the 4th of July holiday appear to be pretty slim. Best guess is that it will likely be mid-July before it opens.
Thom02099 06/24/19 04:04pm Roads and Routes

Take US 36 all the way into Colorado. At Last Chance, CO, head south on CO 71 to Limon, where you'll pick up US 24 to Colorado Springs. Completely avoids interstates. Doing that trip in reverse in July, but leaving from northern Colorado to north of Fort Wayne. Planning on taking US 34 east to KS 27 south to US 36, then all the way across to I-72 in Illinois, then I-57 north to US 24 to go in to Fort Wayne. I've done this route before and it's the easiest drive IMO. Already found places along the way to stop, planning on 3 days to do it.
Thom02099 06/09/19 08:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Big falling rock CO 145 closed

One of the rocks will not be moved, or blasted. They're going to name it -- actually already have -- Memorial Rock. It's bigger than a 2 story house. CDOT is going to reroute the highway around the rock. Build a whole new road surface around it.
Thom02099 06/08/19 04:20pm Roads and Routes
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