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iPad for Gaia maps?

Thinking of switching to a Gaia maps on an iPad for primary use in the RV. I am tired of the clumsy nav system that came from the factory. I'll also use it for ATVing and Jeeping. iPhone is not an option since maps app only works where there is a signal. I know that an iPhone can run Gaia maps but the screen is too small. I've done some research already. I know the iPad has to be cellular enabled with the internal GPS to use where there is no cell signal. Don't want to spend big bucks on an iPad just for Gaia maps. Also don't want a huge screen since I'll use it in the UTV. An older/refurb iPad is ok since it will only be used for Gaia maps. Suggestions?
Thunder Mountain 10/06/21 06:47am Technology Corner
RE: interstate 40 from New York to Las Vegas

I can only speak of recent experience on the stretch between Flagstaff and Amarillo. Expect numerous construction zones and lane closures. The road is in pretty bad condition especially the right lane. Often you will see more 18 wheelers than cars. The big rig drivers are for the most part professionals trying to make a living. The problem with them arises on the steep hills when they slow down and stack up. A faster driving big rig or RV slowly passing others will cause some real slowdowns. You often have to drive with your eyes focused a half mile ahead so you don't get pinned in the right lane. The most dangerous thing on the road are the cars driven by impatient jack rabbits weaving in and out of traffic and the idiots that don't know how to use a turn signal. Make sure you are driving rested and alert. Good luck and be safe!
Thunder Mountain 09/30/21 07:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Splendide wdc7100xc Washer/Dryer

Call Westland Sales. 800-356-0766. What he said!
Thunder Mountain 09/28/21 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Which old motorhome to buy

Have you ever driven an old school bus? Back 35 years ago I drove one for the local school district. Sometimes I did multi hour activity bus trips. Believe me when I say school buses are not built for ride comfort instead they are built for durability and safety. Do yourself a favor and buy an older class A.
Thunder Mountain 09/28/21 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Figuring Mileages

I use map quest on the computer, maps app on the iphone and my nav. If I'm going somewhere I've never been before, I use Google Earth to scope out fuel stops etc. Then there is always the paper map.
Thunder Mountain 09/27/21 06:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Navigation options

It's actually a simple answer... Up to date paper map, cell phone app and a GPS. Sometimes you will still find yourself cussing all three. I usually try to also preview my route/destinations using Google Earth and print a copy if it looks sketchy.
Thunder Mountain 09/19/21 07:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuel mileage

If you worry about your mpg with any RV you should have done your research before your bought it. Now, that I flamed you. MPG really sucks with gassers towing anything or not. Our 2016 Journey DP averages about 8 mpg dragging anything or not behind it. Slow down especially with headwinds. You have to find your unit's sweet spot. It might not be fast enough for your schedule but it does help the mpg. In our 2016 Winnebago Journey the spot is about 68 mph. In the mountains all bets are off. Sometimes I'm happy to see 7 mpg on a tank.
Thunder Mountain 09/19/21 07:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used Tow Bar Values

We just purchased a Blue Ox Alpha II with safety cables, 8" Blue Ox hitch lift, and 7 to 4 pin cable for $500 on Craigs List. It came with original purchase receipts. It was obviously very lightly used as advertised. So, we were in it for a bit over 40% of original cost. Also bought a Brake Buddy II unused in the box for $500. Again that is under 50% of the original price.
Thunder Mountain 09/15/21 05:45pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Snow Birding

We snowbirded in AZ for five winters before moving to Wickenburg last year. We reversed our lifestyle so we could stay put in the winter and travel north in the summer. You didn't tell us what your interests or activity level was so I'll just give you what we did for five winters staying anywhere from a week to a month in various places. Lazy Days KOA in Tucson is over the top nice. Lots of amenities. Lousy part of town but safe and gated. Tucson has Mexican restaurants on every corner. Museums of every description. Titan Missal Museum, Saguaro Desert Museum, Pima Air and Space. Copper Mine tour, Tumacacori National Historic ParK, Wisdom's Cafe, San Xavier del bac (Sistine Chapel of the west) on the Papago Reservation. Apache Junction has too many RV parks to list. Gold Canyon is over the top for social geezers and just a nice park. Lost Dutchman State Park is over the top if you like to hike. Most AJ is just a big ugly busy suburb of Phoenix. Yuma is a great place. We stayed at the Palms which is another snowbird heaven with full amenities. If you have Jeep or ATV there is at least a 1,000 miles of trails in the area. Go across the boarder for cheap teeth cleaning, drugs and glasses. Don't miss the museum at the Proving Grounds and watching the parachute jumpers at the jump school. McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Fountain Hills is one of the nicest places we have stayed especially if you have a mountain bike or like to hike. We settled in Wickenburg because we are avid UTV drivers. The first year we drove over 1,500 miles in four weeks. A Jeep will get you many places as well. Several RV parks but pretty limited. We stayed at Desert Cyprus. If you like to boonedock it is over the top. Huge winter snowbird population and the cowboy team roping capital of Arizona. If you following any of our suggested tracks you should make your reservations now if you can. If you wait until later many places will already be full for prime winter time.
Thunder Mountain 09/09/21 06:07pm Snowbirds
Question about 12V charging on Jeep JL while flat towing

I've flat towed a Jeep a TJ and a JK behind the MH with zero problems. Now I'm getting ready to flat tow my 2018 JL Jeep Rubicon. It is a whole new beast as far as the electrical system goes with it infamous stop/start system and two batteries. I'm using the Cooltech wiring harness and a Brake Buddy II braking system. I'll power the Brake Buddy from the 12V outlet in the back cargo area since it is live all the time. So, here is the question. Do I need an axillary charging system to keep the battery up for the Brake Buddy on the JL? Cooltech is pushing their charger. Is it a real need or just revenue enhancement? On the TJ and JK I never worried about the Brake Buddy draining the battery on a one day tow. If I towed for two or more days, I would just let the engine idle for ten minutes or so first thing in the morning to top off the battery. __________________
Thunder Mountain 09/09/21 05:36pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Florida to Arizona Trip

Sorry, Live Oak FL to Grand Canyon. I think google said it is 2000 miles Fifty miles per hour average is at the bottom end. You might squeeze 55mph average. Some days on long Interstate runs we will average almost 60. That is driving the MH around 71 or 72mph. Remember that that includes gas and food stops. We usually travel around 350 miles per day and rarely exceeding 400 miles. That is comfortable for us and the furballs. We never stop for a sit down lunch. We either pack one or grab a Subway. Trying to drive an RV 8 hours a day will just wipe you out. You would be a hazard to yourself and others. Since you are new to the cross country dash. You probably should figure on 40 hours drive time. You would be looking at 6 long days. I would allow 7 days.
Thunder Mountain 08/14/21 05:35pm Roads and Routes
RE: Jackson,WY

Have you checked into the prices at Fireside? Be prepared for sticker shock! Where ever you are planning to stay you should make reservations as soon as they will take them for next summer. If you wait until February or later you will not get a space for prime time.
Thunder Mountain 08/13/21 05:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trailering after a stroke

Hope you have a quick and full recovery, but you are asking the question to a bunch of civilians. You've received some good responses. You might try to go see a doctor who does FAA pilot certifications. They have some very strict protocols. To me, driving or towing a RV is not much different than flying a small airplane. You can kill or injure a bunch of people including you and your significant other.
Thunder Mountain 07/24/21 05:21pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RockJock baseplate on Wrangler JL with factory steel bumper?

Is anybody using the RockJock CE-9033JLS tow bar baseplate on their Wrangler JL with the factory steel bumper? After reading the instructions, installation looks very straightforward. Comments only on this product please.
Thunder Mountain 07/21/21 08:29am Dinghy Towing
Towing 2018 Jeep JL Unlimited with dolly?

We're not new to the dinghy world having towed several JK Jeeps four down. Have 2018 Rubicon that I would like to tow two down because I found a really good deal on a dolly with brakes, lights and correct capacity. Would cost much less that base plate, tow bar, lights and brake for four down. Book says not to tow four down. Debate on the Internet over this question has inconclusive answers. Anybody here towing a Jeep JL Unlimited with automatic using a dolly?
Thunder Mountain 07/11/21 06:28am Dinghy Towing
RE: Connecting Winegard Traveler to Dish Hopper

Do a search on using a Dish Hopper3 in an RV. Start by reading this:
Thunder Mountain 07/06/21 03:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Death Wobble Continues ....

This is an all too common problem with some Jeeps especially lifted, modified Wranglers but also stock models. Not sure about Cherokees. Also, a big problem is some older Ram trucks. Go to for an information overload.
Thunder Mountain 05/29/21 07:26am Dinghy Towing
RE: New Montana purchase

Is it common for camping world to want you to do a walk through and hook up to the rig before knowing what your payment, interest rate, bank information is going to be? That's what they did to us. I didn't want to hook up and do a walk through in case we didn't agree on the terms kinda seemed like putting the cart before the horse. They looked at me like I was crazy and said that's how they always do it and nobody's ever asked to know that info first. I think they want you to feel like it's yours before you sit down with finance to get the particulars. That's not how I do business!! Could never get a finance guy to call me to talk numbers after the first meeting with the salesman. Ignored me for 2 weeks, and 5 messages. Meet sales class 101. Get the customer to put their hands on it or as they want to hook it to your truck. It makes it almost psychologically impossible for the buyer to unhook it. Nothing wrong with a full walk through before setting down at the table. If the finance guy won't talk numbers with you then just walk. This is just plain sleazy sales tactics. We've given CW a couple of tries at selling us an RV over almost 20 years. Had to walk both times for seller trying to deal off the bottom of the deck. Wouldn't suggest buying from CW. Did you call your Credit Union or look at other finance options before walking in the door? You didn't say what brand or model you were looking at. Do some research and find reputable sellers. Take a cruise through RV Trader on the net searching for your model. There are some very big volume dealers on that site. The wife bought our first diesel pusher via the internet from De Martini. We drove from Colorado to Iowa and got a great deal on a eight month old used unit that had 2300 miles on it.
Thunder Mountain 05/10/21 08:09pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Honda EU2000i at high altitude

I lived in Colorado at 8200' for 30 years and used a pair of Honda generators for various uses since for more than 15 years. Since you are only going to charge a 12v battery at 7000', don't worry about it. When you get to around 10,000' and above, even a pair of them in parallel they will get "breathless" trying to run the A/C, a toaster oven, TV, lights, etc. Like I said not to worry about changing jets.
Thunder Mountain 05/09/21 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Park Reviews

I have found Good Sam reviews sometimes reliable but all too often not. We've stay in some GS parks rated a 10 that I would have not given a 5 to at best. I have found this forum and more reliable than Good Sam when planning trips.
Thunder Mountain 04/16/21 07:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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