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RE: water at base of toilet - temp fix good idea or bad?

Cant say that I am happy posting. You guys are supposed to tell me everything is OK, caulk away, yay!! So I will get this fixed ASAP. It is only a very small amount of water sheen at the base of the toilet, but as has been noted, maybe more is going somewhere unknown. Thanks for the info!
Timeking 09/11/23 03:16pm Tech Issues
water at base of toilet - temp fix good idea or bad?

There is a little bit of water at base of toilet, with all indications being failing flange seal. I tightened the mounting bolts a bit, but still leaks ... some. I am traveling and unless I pay to have this fixed by mobile RV guy$$ somewhere, my intention is to put a small seam of DAP Kwik Seal Ultra around the bottom and let it cure overnight. So am I going to regret this? Will this cause the floor to rot out? I won't get home until November something. Caulk or not to caulk, that is the question?
Timeking 09/11/23 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: generator damages AC, other electornics

My suggestion was when low fuel is detected, DISCONNECT THE POWER FEED, and THEN shut the engine down. Two phases.
Timeking 07/28/23 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: generator damages AC, other electornics

As regards "Pay attention to how much fuel you have" would require having some way to check fuel level ... there is no fuel gauge on the Champion nor the Honda. There is on the Yamaha. In any case, adding fuel to a running generator is a real good way to fire, explosion, and/or death. As regards "how would the generator do a “smart shutdown”?" ... It does not seem difficult for any manufacturer to implement a fuel level sensor, and when the sensor detects "Low Fuel" a relay disconnects the power, and then shuts down the generator. !!!! I can't believe these engineers haven't thought of that, and how that easily accomplished feature would be a sales boon. I think I will write to Champion, Honda, and Yamaha.............
Timeking 07/28/23 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: generator damages AC, other electornics

That is what I am thinking, that the Champions are poor copies, and I should have gotten a Honda or Yamaha. ??? Seems stupid that the same technologies used in one unit would not be used in another. Perhaps I was fooled by the cheaper price? Not really sure how to test the Champion, to see whether the manufacturer 'knows' what they are talking about, or perhaps risking $$$ to find out they were correct. I hate this stuff. Many things to worry about rather than the gen, believe me.
Timeking 07/27/23 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: generator damages AC, other electornics

It is an inverter gen. It even says in the owner's manual "Turn off and unplug all electrical loads. Never start or stop the generator with electrical devices plugged in or turned on." It is not possible, or feasible, to check on fuel/oil level when running to make sure stuff doesn't get damaged. It is hard for me to believe that the thing does not (or maybe does) have a 'smart' disconnect feature. I posted this because I figure someone had a gen run out of fuel/oil and stop with the AC running ... and can provide assurance that this is all BS.
Timeking 07/27/23 01:48pm Tech Issues
generator damages AC, other electornics

I have a Champion dual-fuel 3400 gen. I contacted the manufacturer and asked what happens when/if it runs out of fuel. Answer was that both the gen and everything electronic connected could/would be damaged. Huh?!? If this is so, I intend to sell the gen and get something that has 'intelligent' shut-down, i.e., if is is going to run out of fuel or turn off because of low oil, shut down the power BEFORE the motor shuts down. Duh!! Is any of this nonsense accurate?
Timeking 07/27/23 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: campsite availability from FL to NY/MI mid to end of August

Wanderingbob You must be luckiest man alive! buy a lotto ticket and split the winnings with me?
Timeking 07/14/23 09:43am General RVing Issues
campsite availability from FL to NY/MI mid to end of August

Are all the campgrounds worth staying at ... now in 2023 post covid ... booked up so much we can't rely on getting a site? For summer and fall? It seems so. So basically RVing is ruined now? We have been camping several months a year since 2011, but are now afraid many times we will be facing Walmart-ing in a travel trailer that we can't get to bedroom with the slides in.
Timeking 07/02/23 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: time to replace brakes?

Tired of worrying. Ordered new nev-r-adjust brakes. there was something ground into one of the pads that cut grooves in the hub. Will have the hub turned or buy a new hub (btw ALL "new" hubs are out of round, as in ALL have to be turned).
Timeking 01/21/23 01:08pm Tech Issues
RE: time to replace brakes?

Not to say something noone wants to hear, but right now a right/left set of Dexter SAdjust are $185, I buy a lot of stuff from Etrailer, but they seem to want $60 more for same things.
Timeking 01/20/23 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: time to replace brakes?

Well I sure am glad I posted before dropping $$$$$. My pads are 1/8 inch thick at thinnest spot. So ... using the right numbers 1/8 (=2/16 duh) is halfway between 3/16 and 1/16 (duh #2). So I have ~15,500 miles (or so) on those brakes, enough to go on our trip. BTW my brakes are $185 a pair, so $370. And yes, I admit, my math sucks!!!!!
Timeking 01/19/23 01:35pm Tech Issues
time to replace brakes?

These are Dexter self-adjust that I have dragged 15,500 miles. At zero miles (i.e., new) the pads are 0.18 inch (9/32) and after 15,500 they are 0.08 inch (1/8). So I am figuring that the pads are losing 0.01 inch every 1550 miles. If you are supposed to replace the brakes at 0.04 inch (1/16), I only have 6200 more miles until worn. I figure (My brain hurts!!) that if we are planning to go from Florida east coast to California and up to Canada, I need to go ahead and do this thankless job. I've done this before on previous trailer. All that said, I wanted to see if I am figuring this right or not. In advance Thanks
Timeking 01/19/23 11:28am Tech Issues
loose Alpha TPO roof beside fridge vent on roof

I just finished re-sealing the roof with Alpha 1010 sealant, and noticed that between the refrigerator vent and edge of roof, the TPO membrane seems to not be glued down. All other areas seem fine, except there. Any ideas what I should do? Bury it in sealant? Layer it with Eternabond from good area across this area? Or maybe its not a problem and I should forgetaboutit.
Timeking 01/02/23 12:54pm Tech Issues
RE: re-caulking roof

Thanks JBarca for your insight! It is Alpha system roof, so only Dicor's "Ultra" is compatible (per Dicor, not the regular Dicor), or use the Alpha caulk.
Timeking 12/08/22 04:41am Tech Issues
re-caulking roof

Question: About how many tubes of caulk should I order to do all of the old cracking caulk on a 28 ft TT? I figure someone on here had done this job, and would know 'about' how much self-leveling goo is required. The quote to have someone do this for me was $660. Wow! Thanks in advance.
Timeking 12/07/22 11:58am Tech Issues
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