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RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

...The original factory is not producing any motor homes but the last I knew, pontoons for pontoon boats were being made there...I traveled through Humboldt last August. My Born Free was home sick. Sadly the place is completely vacant.
Tom_M 07/02/20 05:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

Kim is male. I met Kim a couple of times back when Born Free had annual factory rallies. He's a great guy and was the greatest support person. A great loss for Born Free owners. I purchased my '05 Born Free in 2010. It is my first and only motorhome and has been great. My only major problems have been Ford related.
Tom_M 07/01/20 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Question: Truck Battery Bank for Shore Power

From the Samlex website FAQ page: "In some inverters designed for portable use, the two current carrying conductors connected to the "Line/Live/Hot" slot and the "Neutral / Return / Cold" slot of the receptacle ( for example, 15 A NEMA5-15R) are isolated from the metal chassis of the inverter. In these inverters, none of the two poles can be called Neutral as both these poles are isolated from the chassis of the inverter. Both the Line and Neutral slots of the receptacle will be at an elevated voltage with respect to the chassis - normally around 60 VAC (Half of the voltage between the two current carrying conductors). Hence, do not touch the neutral slot of the receptacle! These types of inverters are designed to be connected directly to the AC loads. These are not designed to be permanently installed into household or recreational vehicle AC distribution wiring. As this type of connection / installation can not be classified as a permanent installation, the NEC requirement of grounded distribution system doesn't strictly apply." Try the cheater plug just to check if you have a neutral/ground bonding issue.
Tom_M 06/30/20 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Question: Truck Battery Bank for Shore Power

Some inverters do weird things with the neutral and ground. Try a two prong adapter like the one below: width=200
Tom_M 06/30/20 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: Over the air antenna

Cheaper too than the Winegard I always get beat up by the techies, The debate will go on and on, but I know what works best for me,in the real world.You are comparing the Jack replacement head to a complete Winegard antenna assembly. Here's the complete Jack assembly: Jack complete antenna assembly
Tom_M 06/26/20 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Over the air antenna

Not the bat wing. All it does is get rattled in the wind. The new TV channels just need a small antenna. The wing does no good but that the little part on it does. I use the Jack antenna. Get many stations!Not 100% true.. Not far from me is WJBK TV-2 Detroit. they broadcast on carrier channel 7 VHF high band.. Dang near the exact length of the Batwings. Now Channel 7.. They moved up to a UHF carrier (The shorter antennas work best on UHF) In independent lab tests done by a fellow forum member a few years back the Winegard Sensar III outperformed the JACK on all frequencies and he did not. as I recall have the wingman installed.Here's a link to SCVJeff's test: Batwing vs. Jack shoot-out It's not a lab test but he did use a lab grade spectrum analyzer. About 25% of the TV stations in the US are now broadcasting on the VHF band. The newest Sensar IV (aka Batwing) includes the added UHF elements. The Batwing excels for the VHF channels because of the wide wings. The Jack does poorly for the VHF channels because it lacks the wide elements needed for good VHF reception. If you hang out where all the channels are UHF the Jack will work well.
Tom_M 06/25/20 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing stovetop

When my cooktop started giving me grief I replaced it with a small residential one. The burner tops and grates will dance around on rough roads so I stretch a couple of bungee cords across the top to hold them in place. The original cooktop had the knobs in front so I had to fill the front of the countertop. I made a shallow drawer to fill the gap. As mentioned, the igniters need 120VAC. I have an inverter in my coach so that is not a problem. You can light the burners with a match or lighter. Here's the outcome: width=480
Tom_M 06/20/20 08:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Deer jumps between truck and trailer

It did some major hurt to the trailer. Grabbed a frame from the video:
Tom_M 06/12/20 06:34am Towing
RE: Lightweight Generator From Israel

Here's a couple of YouTube videos showing the concept for "free piston engine linear generator":
Tom_M 06/12/20 03:34am Tech Issues
RE: Good Wi Fi for RV: Is it Possible?

Check out Visible. $40/month for unlimited everything including hotspot. This can be reduced to $25/month if join a Party Pay plan.
Tom_M 05/30/20 08:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Lagun Table Mount

Nice job. I like the table top. I did the same thing but it's not a genuine Lagun but a Chinese knock-off. It's fairly well made except for the plastic bushings which self destructed in short order. I made some using copper pipe couplings. I salvaged the top from a folding table. width=350 width=350
Tom_M 05/20/20 09:05am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Calling Computer Video Buffs..

I use DVD Flick available here: Another program is Simple DVD Creator. I have not tried this but is highly rated: VideoHelp web site is an excellent source for anything video related.
Tom_M 04/22/20 04:10am Technology Corner
RE: Lazy man wants inverter disconnect switch INSIDE trailer

Another option would be to connect a pair of wires to the inverter's on/off switch and connect the wires to a remote switch. The current that flows through the on/off switch is very low. CAUTION: This would require opening up the inverter to gain access to the back of the switch and most likely voiding the warranty.
Tom_M 04/18/20 06:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Using Xantrex solar max flexible panels as portables?

DOKIO makes some lightweight folding panels. Here's some available on Amazon: DOKIO portable panels
Tom_M 04/17/20 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: No Corona

Florida started statewide stay-at-home today. Among the list of essential businesses are liquor stores.
Tom_M 04/03/20 05:14am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Winegard SensarPro wall plate problem

Try disconnecting the power to the SensorPro for about a minute then reconnect. If it does the same it may be toast.
Tom_M 03/24/20 07:44am Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

According to the manual for the OP's TV, "Watch Free" is for streaming services. The OP needs to somehow get to the "Channels" menu and do another channel scan. For some reason the input source for Antenna/Cable is missing. Another approach would be to do a "Factory Reset" and go thru the initial setup again. I have a fairly recent Vizio and to do a factory reset on mine do Menu > System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults. Prior to any of this, make sure the sat receiver is turned on and the coax cable is connected.
Tom_M 03/19/20 07:06am Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Cloud Dancer, does your sat receiver have an HDMI output? If it does you should use that. Here's a picture of a basic DirecTV receiver. The coax connects to the "OUT TO TV" connector from the receiver and goes to the coax connector on your TV. Once this is connected make sure the receiver is one and do a channel scan on the TV. Your TV will find only one channel, either channel 3 or 4. This is an analog TV signal. This scan will probably take a long time because typical TVs will scan for both analog and digital channels,so wait until the scan is completely finished. It does not scan channels on your cable box which is hooked to the HDMI.
Tom_M 03/18/20 04:15am Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

If the OP is using the RF out from the receiver it will be an analog NTSC TV signal, most likely channel 3. QAM is for digital cable so does not apply.
Tom_M 03/17/20 04:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Tv while traveling

Well Damon put this Winegard Thing on my roof. I upgraded it and up till late last year when I "Oopsed" and forgot to lower it it worked great. SO I put a new Sensar IV head up there and it works even Greater. zap 2 it dot com (obvious mods) lists shows you can get I do subscribe to an electronic TV guide (Same database as the free Zap2it but that is so I can do all those things "Only our over priced hyper expensive service lets you do" Including pause, fast forward, jump forward/backward download to mobile device. start in one room finish in another. and so on.The OP asked about receiving HULU. What you are saying is not relative. You will never receive HULU with your antenna.
Tom_M 03/11/20 05:39pm Technology Corner
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