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RE: 12 v to 12 v trickle charger

Drok dc to dc converter width=640This is a buck converter. What is needed is a boost converter. A typical buck or boost converter needs a two volt differential, meaning for 12 volts in a buck converter will have a maximum output of 10 volts. For boost the minimum output will be 14 volts. Or you could get a buck/boost converter which will function as either with no voltage differential.
Tom_M 01/17/20 04:36am Tech Issues
RE: 12 v to 12 v trickle charger

Expanding on MrWizard's DC-to-DC converter idea, you could make your own charger by using a boost converter connected to a cheap solar charge controller. height=100 150 watt boost converter from Amazon height=120 7 amp solar charge controller from Amazon Set the boost converter output to about 20 volts and the charge controller will prevent overcharging the battery. Connect the battery to be charged first then apply power to the converter.
Tom_M 01/15/20 05:35am Tech Issues
RE: Sylvania Microwave Oven - SC-11100

Here's the manual: SC-11100 manual
Tom_M 01/12/20 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Winegard Wingman

EDIT--now that I have played with putting the Jack on and off, I think you can just put the batwing with Wingman on the other way around so the Wingman sticks out the other side.The Batwing can not be turned around. When I installed my Batwing there was no room to stow it to the rear so I mounted it so it stows to the side. It has been this way for 9 years and have had no problems. The Winegard Sensar IV aka Batwing is considered the best RV antenna. It has the best VHF performance of the lot. About 25% of US TV stations are now broadcasting on the VHF band. Because of its small size the Jack does a poor job of receiving VHF. Here's a link to an extensive test that SCVJeff did a few years ago: The Sensar Pro is a great improvement over the basic wall plate but is not required. It has an adjustable amplifier that can give you 10 db more gain and also has a display for signal level which allows you to find the best direction for the antenna.
Tom_M 01/08/20 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Heave-Ho

The OP never stated that the propane fridge did not work. It would make no sense at all to go through the work to reinstall a non working fridge.
Tom_M 12/30/19 02:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Phone as Hot Spot

The battery can not be removed from the ZTE R2 (at least not easily). I have had the R2 since June and the only time it's not charging is when it's in my pocket. So far no problems.
Tom_M 12/23/19 02:08am Technology Corner
RE: Flip Phone

The issue is not about flip phones or who sells flip phones, the issue is that Verizon is terminating their older 1-3G networks and non HD portions of their 4G and LTE networks.The OP's present flip phone is a Kyocera Cadence LTE which is 4G LTE.
Tom_M 12/21/19 01:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

If this is a permanent install you don't need connectors. Just wire direct from panel junction box to combiner box. Any connector will add a bit more resistance to your run. If connectors are needed, I would suggest using Anderson Powerpull SB50 connectors. The contacts can be crimped or soldered. height=200
Tom_M 12/06/19 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: digital photo storage

For those that need definition -- SSD is a hard drive, but Solid State Drive, nothing to fail, no internal fans or moving parts.I've had more solid state devices (SSD, USB thumb drives, SD cards) fail then mechanical hard drives. Nothing is 100%.
Tom_M 12/04/19 07:24am Around the Campfire
RE: My generac diesel generator only runs with prime button

Since the generator runs while the prime button is pushed, this pretty much rules out a fuel problem. The following is info for a 75D model: Engine starts then shuts down when Start/Stop switch is released. I assume that the Prime button ties in with Start/Stop Engine oil level is low. Defective Low Oil Pressure Switch. Defective Coolant Temperature Switch. Defective Control Module circuit board. Coolant Level is Low. Defective Low Coolant Level Switch. Defective Start/Stop switch. No A.C. output. Defective engine control board. If no A.C output: Reset main line circuit breaker. Generator internal failure. Generac discontinued manufacturing RV generators several years ago, so servicing and obtaining parts will be a challenge.
Tom_M 12/04/19 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: Jayco TV antenna

So when I turn on the booster and get a few pixalated pictures and 2 stations nothing else to do but get a satellite.You most likely need a better antenna. The Winegard Sensar IV is considered the best RV TV antenna. You will have to drill a hole through your roof to install it. The instructions say to install it so that the antenna stows to the rear. This would not work for my installation so I positioned it so that the antenna stows to the side.
Tom_M 12/04/19 05:48am Tech Issues
RE: Mobile hot spots

Does anyone know if you can have more than four members join your party?Party Pay can have no more than four members. This brings the monthly payment down to $25 which includes all taxes and fees. I've been on the plan for a month. Your account remains private. Anybody can join the plan. Visible Party Pay Here's a site where people post Party Pay spots: Visible is a Verizon owned company and uses Verizon towers.
Tom_M 12/04/19 05:26am Technology Corner
RE: flexvision tv problems

According to the manual for an LCM1502TV the default parental password is 1111.
Tom_M 11/28/19 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: 50" - 55" TV... Uses 55 watts or less.

Usually the labeled watt rating is a peak value. The average would be less. About the only way to know the typical wattage is to plug the TV into a meter like a Kill-A-Watt.
Tom_M 11/26/19 06:30am Technology Corner
RE: Will solid state batteries change the world?

The biggest problem is "refueling". You can fill up a gas powered car in a few minutes. It will probably take a few hours to top up a battery powered car.
Tom_M 11/19/19 05:58am Tech Issues
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

Tractor Supply is typically the lowest price. To see if there is a store near you, click the link below, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Find in Stores": Tractor Supply with propane
Tom_M 11/07/19 07:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Mobile hot spots

Visible has started a service called "Party Pay". This can bring monthly service down to $25. Visible Party Pay
Tom_M 11/06/19 09:16am Technology Corner
RE: Loose tow bar in receiver

Here's a link to to which has several solutions.
Tom_M 11/01/19 04:30am Tech Issues
RE: weak antenna signal

To clarify this a bit, the government recently auctioned off the 600 Mhz TV band leaving only channels 14 thru 34 in the UHF band. Nothing changed with the VHF band. Back in the old days of analog you could not have adjacent channels in the same market. For instance, you could not have channels 2 and 3. But wait, you say there are channels 4 and 5 or 6 and 7 in your city. Turns out there is a frequency gap between these channels. This basically cuts the number of channels available in half. Now with the advent of digital, adjacent channels are allowed, so the impact of the frequency auctions are not as drastic as appears. Most of these channel reassignments are within the UHF band, so most of the TV broadcasts will remain UHF. Before the repack about 25% of TV stations were broadcasting on the VHF band. I don't know what the percentage will be after the final repack.
Tom_M 10/30/19 10:54am Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

Try Visible. $40/month unlimited phone, text, and data. You can use your existing phone if it is compatible, or purchase an Android phone for $19. With the Visible R2 phone you can connect to the phone hot spot.
Tom_M 10/29/19 11:58am Technology Corner
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